The most elegant key change in all of pop music

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Adam Neely

2 månader sedan

All By Myself features an incredible key change from G major to Cb major, let’s talk about it!
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0:00 Introduction
1:21 Part 1 - Song Analysis
7:57 Part 2 - The Key Change!!
11:33 (interlude - mom cameo)
15:27 Part 3 - Narrative and Metaphor


Scott J. Hanenberg Rock Modulation and Narrative

Andrew Huang’s very excellent Harmonic series video

Feb 2016 All By Myself Performance

Some other All By Myself Performances


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Adam Neely
Adam Neely 2 månader sedan
Watch the extended version of this video on Nebula! It features an extended interview with my mom, lol. . . (oh, and if you want the CuriosityStream/Nebula bundle, here it is! Less than $1.25 a month!)
Richard Hillier
Richard Hillier 7 timmar sedan
You are epic, my friend. Thank you.
Paul Chabot
Paul Chabot 4 dagar sedan
So I can't watch it on curiosity stream? only nebula?
Jaan is a qt
Jaan is a qt 15 dagar sedan
SeaJay Oceans
SeaJay Oceans 16 dagar sedan
0:47 I was just going to say that exact same thing . . . ;-)
Amy Burcham
Amy Burcham Månad sedan
Joined up! - great extra material. This is a fantastic video :) :) :)
gcljlamb Timme sedan
Very well done video, Adam. You mentioned David Foster and his work with CD. The man is a modulation genius. You seem a bit young, but perhaps you're familiar with the song You're The Inspiration from the band Chicago. I've never counted, but I'd feel pretty confident it would win the world record for the sheer number of modulations in a pop song hands down. I'd love your take on that sometime.
SONIC FOXX MUSIC 9 timmar sedan
An opinion on this song Adam, please. GHOSTED by The Crue.......................the singer had never sang a word or note before a Bristol, England-based producer advised him to release the song...musicians surrounded the singer(the lyricist) and off he went.
Moon Hong Bang
Moon Hong Bang 13 timmar sedan
Nice shirt from Amazon
Case B.
Case B. 14 timmar sedan
You wanna talk ritardandos in pop music then listen to Pinegrove’s love sets
Tomasz Zwoliński
Tomasz Zwoliński 21 timme sedan
I bought this Nebula and Curiosity subscription, but there's no more Glenn Gould documentary available :c YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING though. Also I read Mathieu's Harmonic Experience on Scribd! Love it!
Paul Montes
Paul Montes 22 timmar sedan
Very good video. I also like that you relate to a rumble pak as if anyone knows what those are.
Jeff Bellin
Jeff Bellin Dag sedan
Fun, Adam. Great job. (First time watching one of your videos!). I like the playfulness/humor. I was a music major in college way back when. I miss being immersed by some of this stuff. I had to be patient watching this video, listening to Celine Dion. There is a fine line between sincerity and cringe-worthiness, not to mention the aspect of audience pandering potentially entering into the picture. But hey, she gives the audience what it wants.
Dank Meme Wannabe
Dank Meme Wannabe Dag sedan
0:56 this is so true for so many things, even non-musical things, I bet you know that but it’s just interesting to think about that as someone into semantics and stuff xd
Nick Poulis
Nick Poulis Dag sedan
None expects the Just Intonation Police.
lazy jake
lazy jake Dag sedan
6:54 thought it was going to be Jojo
jara tunes
jara tunes Dag sedan
I never that song was originally by Eric Cartmen!! I didn’t even know he made music
Tabasco cat
Tabasco cat Dag sedan
Cb major. Isn't that also known as B?
Preceptor 2 timmar sedan
yes. enharmonic.
Alaester Nikolai Modern
Alaester Nikolai Modern Dag sedan
Woohoo! An Adam Ragusea reference! 3:09 😊
Charlie Parker
Charlie Parker 2 dagar sedan
Hi Adam. I have several things to mention to you and/or your audience, because you have to give credit to the right persons. First, the IV- (yes, it's not a A-7b5, but definitely a C- with or without the 6th in the bass ) was not introduce first in Tin Pan Alley songs... It is already in the old baroc music in 1650 and in Bach, and in every classical music after that... Second : forget about saying Cb major instead of B major, because if the song were in Ab major or in fact any flat key, you would have a big problem with 11, 12, or 13 flats, so it doesn't matter to call it B major when it is not a mode or one step further than the key signature (and believe me i am very annoying about the right name of notes with my students, but here it's irrelevant, otherwise, what about Giant Steps ?...). Anyway, thanks for the good ideas you have and bless you and the music.
Digdog 2 dagar sedan
I think there is/was a better way to get to that high note change. the climb sucked. Sorry just me.
Dean Hedges
Dean Hedges 2 dagar sedan
Thank you. Brilliant.
Umber Van Mil
Umber Van Mil 3 dagar sedan
13:19 fight or flight reflex.
Sg Cr
Sg Cr 3 dagar sedan
My Favorite is Micheal Jacksons "free willy" song
Lydia Sugarman
Lydia Sugarman 3 dagar sedan
Brought to tears at 23:24.
Adrian Tamburini
Adrian Tamburini 3 dagar sedan
This is a great video, thank you. Liszt did this modulation in his Petrarch Sonnets as well.
The Misadventures Of YK
The Misadventures Of YK 3 dagar sedan
Can I get voice lessons from your mom😭??
Len Gould
Len Gould 3 dagar sedan
Just gotta say, Celine's voice is as close to a perfect instrument as I've ever heard.
Caleb Griffin
Caleb Griffin 3 dagar sedan
Wow, you’re right I totally got chills when she hit that change. Geez I almost cried...
Carlos Acosta
Carlos Acosta 4 dagar sedan
Please make a video and "break down" Whitney Houston's Super Bowl XXV Star Spangled Banner. Why does it literally give physical "goosebumps" to anyone who hears it?
Martin Fiay
Martin Fiay 4 dagar sedan
Dandy Whahols & Smashing Pumpkins are good examples of key change modulation & harmonies in some of their songs
sean ferrari
sean ferrari 4 dagar sedan
dude!! that was awesome!!
Marvin Abarquez
Marvin Abarquez 4 dagar sedan
All my life I wondered why flats and sharps exist. Now I know. Thank you
saundrah 4 dagar sedan
This Jeff Buckley song that comes to mind with 'modal mixture common tone enharmonic double chromatic mediant modulation'
I Have A Plan. I Just Need Money.
I Have A Plan. I Just Need Money. 4 dagar sedan
.... nostalgia
Armouro 4 dagar sedan
I like this. I gave it a thumbs-up. My english not so good, but this video is very fucking!
LINDA YOUNG 4 dagar sedan
This guy is still talking ever since Jul 15, 2020 about Bossa nova and stuff. Hope this is important also...z.z-z-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Gordbert 4 dagar sedan
I thought Celine Dion was about to pass out from oxygen deprivation after slapping those notes like that.
Alessandro Tiberti
Alessandro Tiberti 4 dagar sedan
What the hell?! This video should win an Oscar! The content, storytelling, references, insights, professional quality, narrative, pedagogy: everything's there at very high level! What a pity I don't have the musical knowledge to nail it all but as a hobbyist singer that was at the same time a funny, interesting, captivating learning experience! Chapeau! PS: at the beginning I thought Adam must be at least 70yo to know all he knows and having connected the dots of all of it. Then his mom's arrived and I understood ;) Kudos to mom too!
RealityHurtsTooMuch 4 dagar sedan
Personally, I can't get past the fact that she sounds like she's singing with a cold and mouth full of marbles prior to the key change, then the key change she just becomes a typical shouty singer. I can't handle it, I love the music theory, but she sucks on this in my opinion...and music is subjective! One more thought, perhaps she stopped singing because she realised she couldn't carry the tune?
Hondo Trailside
Hondo Trailside 3 dagar sedan
You can hear her in a period when her diction was a lot clearer if you watch the 1997 performance at the Grammys
Hondo Trailside
Hondo Trailside 3 dagar sedan
She isn't an English speaker. She often says 'shelf" instead of "self". There is a nasalness in her these days whether it is intentional; a return to the Quebec Joual; or a specific choice she has made to adapt to nasal singing that is pretty common in US Pop. Or some other thing.
A T 5 dagar sedan
At 14:04 there is no difference between the double and the enharmonic, the last 2 chord progression??
Tranquilized Gaming
Tranquilized Gaming 5 dagar sedan
I love your videos but I would hate you in real life
Feste Platte
Feste Platte 5 dagar sedan
Celine have to stop singing? A Cleverly Disguised Tragedy...
Ebbywebby 5 dagar sedan
My god. His excessive hand gestures drive me completely bananas. Who naturally talks like that?
Mtthyman 5 dagar sedan
So here’s how I’ve always looked at music art decorates space, music decorates time
Jason Perry
Jason Perry 6 dagar sedan
Too much Celine Dion in this video...
thomas w schaller
thomas w schaller 6 dagar sedan
Thank you so much Adam for this video. So much information and knowledge shared in an incredibly compelling way
chocolate nibs
chocolate nibs 6 dagar sedan
i dont know if anyone else noticed but at 21:25 the pa ma ga chords sound just like hans zimmers sound track to man of steel
Pituquete 6 dagar sedan
Fantastic Adam 🔥🔥🔥
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas 7 dagar sedan
The short was good.
Matthew Stead
Matthew Stead 7 dagar sedan
3:40 this first phrase is also directly from Rachmaninov’s second movement
kelly the beerman
kelly the beerman 7 dagar sedan
I was playing some Billy Holiday, Sara Vaughn and saw your title, thinking “I wonder how true the content is to the title”. As a wanna-be piano player that plays mostly by ear, I was blown away by your diction, enthusiasm, production quality, humor, and of course a fascinating lesson for me. for all who tapped into this. Thank you.
Bodytribe 7 dagar sedan
When a music theory video on youtube gets you to feel thoughts. Let's learn some groovy theory... and then cry.
Justin Tyme
Justin Tyme 8 dagar sedan
" Sometimes my melodies are so dramatic .... " , gets a lot easier, when you are blatantly stealing them from the original composer. Carmen probably voted for Trump, too. :)
Hyung Kyu Lee
Hyung Kyu Lee 8 dagar sedan
repetition is comedy, repetition is comedy, repetition is comedy
fred barnes
fred barnes 8 dagar sedan
It's simply a great modulation because they set you up for it, like Mohammed Ali with his rope a dope. The whole song, every time that Eb was in a chord it resolved down to a D . Eb->D Eb-->D Eb-->D Then at the climax Eb_____hold it_______ Eb_______keep going________D#______!!! And as a listener you don't know what is going on but you like that Eb, and now you are in a different but familiar place somehow, like you went over to E flat's cousin's house, but E flat was hanging with you the whole time so it was real comfortable This is no lazy ass half step up because the verse is getting boring modulation. No sir, they sell the shit out of it, with the band coming in strong on the B major and CD doing all sorts of arm motions like a cop welcoming the new key into traffic and verifying the modulation was righteous.
Matt Gilbert
Matt Gilbert 8 dagar sedan
Weirdly, I'm also hearing something similar from that Rachmaninov piano concerto in Bowie's "Life On Mars". Probably just the flat 6? Actually, no - the verses in both songs seem to be structured much the same. It's more than just the flat 6, at least to my untrained ears. Can't stand Celine Dion's insufferable narcissism - but this channel is excellent. Mother is his voice teacher and he went to Berkeley? Yeah, the rest of us don't stand a chance.
Timmato 8 dagar sedan
i cried three times while watching this video, geeze
Snowman486 8 dagar sedan
just intonation police LOL
AmateurRemixer 8 dagar sedan
Thought the thumbnail was Abi Thorn from Philosophy Tube hahaha
Roxane Lafrance
Roxane Lafrance 8 dagar sedan
At (22:47) , i knew exactly what you were talking about : The book of John Dewey - Art as Experience (1934) - where it is cited that exteriorisation, expression and emotions are completely different notions. In the book, the author explain : ''Etymologically, an act of expression is a squeezing out, a pressing forth. Juice is expressed when grapes are crushed in the wine press; to use a more prosaic comparison, lard and oil are rendered when certain fats are subjected to heat and pressure. Nothing is pressed forth except from original raw or natural material. But it is equally true that the mere issuing forth or discharge of raw material is not expression. Through interaction with something external to it, the wine press, or the treading foot of man, juice results. Skin and seeds are separated and retained; only when the apparatus is defective are they discharged. Even in the most mechanical modes of expression there is interaction and a consequent transformation of the primitive material which stands as raw material for a product of art, in relation to what is actually pressed out. It takes the wine press as well as grapes to ex-press juice, and it takes environing and resisting objects as well as internal emotion and impulsion to constitute an expression of emotion.'' ---- Dewey: Page lw.10.70
youdbettertube 9 dagar sedan
"C flat versus B" has the same energy as "bisexual versus pansexual"
dana livi
dana livi 8 dagar sedan
functionally the same but like … in a different font
Cara Boyer
Cara Boyer 9 dagar sedan
5:57 SUS
James Garvey
James Garvey 10 dagar sedan
This video deserves a PhD. It's like a "grand unifying explanation" of all of Music.
ryuman757 10 dagar sedan
3:40 Lol the little smiley faces in the note phrases 🤣🤣🤣
Tovarisch Karno
Tovarisch Karno 10 dagar sedan
21:30 Not Adam teaching me something new about a music I've been learning for 15 years
Ian Tyrrel
Ian Tyrrel 10 dagar sedan
She had a headache!
Jazz and Blues Cultural Heritage
Jazz and Blues Cultural Heritage 10 dagar sedan
Am I hearing a bit of Auto-Tune in Céline's performance? That flat radio-announcer drone on some of those phrasings seem to be a dead give-away ... or am I all wet?
David Fryer
David Fryer 10 dagar sedan
Each of your videos is a dissertation worth defending...but I see no challengers. Well done!
David Fryer
David Fryer 10 dagar sedan
I never knew your Mom was a Music G-dess. Making you at least a demi-g-d of music. Its all falling into place form me! Her knowledge is worth 10 x all the reference books on all your shelves. This explains a whole lot. I alway suspected you were a bit more the human. Now I know why!
Chris Cassidy
Chris Cassidy 10 dagar sedan
And now she's out of baby blood
Jonathan Lima
Jonathan Lima 10 dagar sedan
kenny g sentimental tune change is also gold. It is on the climax, and go back to original when resolving the climax. Nevermind, finished the video. nothing compares.
James Barisitz
James Barisitz 10 dagar sedan
Inside you feel the emotion, outside, Celine counts the money.
Thomas Keeping
Thomas Keeping 10 dagar sedan
I cannot stand how she treats the low "self" in the choruses. Great dynamics but that vowel choice sounds like Miranda sings
John L. Rothra
John L. Rothra 10 dagar sedan
Is it me or did I miss the conversation about enharmonic? Went from common tone (8:44) to double chromatic mediant modulation (13:06). NVM. Should have watched another minute before asking. Lesson on patience.
Amanda Gleaves
Amanda Gleaves 10 dagar sedan
All I can see are smiley faces...
Jenna Young
Jenna Young 10 dagar sedan
I have played piano for 10 years and until this video I have never understood why people bother to make the distinction between notes such as E flat and D sharp. Many thanks 😁
Mark C
Mark C 10 dagar sedan
This channel is gold. I learn so much from it. Thank you.
Per Persson
Per Persson 11 dagar sedan
It is the adagio from Rachmaninovs 2 nd Piano Concerto.
Mikkel Falkenlove
Mikkel Falkenlove 11 dagar sedan
That chord is called Am74# and not Am75b, otherwise it isn't a D# but already an Eb !!!!!
Carolyn Arends
Carolyn Arends 11 dagar sedan
Brilliant. The creativity and thoughtfulness that went into this video make me think there might be hope for humanity yet!
Andrew Wiens
Andrew Wiens 11 dagar sedan
This is a great key change, but for pop music, I'm gonna nod to MJ Man in the Mirror. His key change is emphasized with a spin and JB style land on his knees when live. While there are many great key changes, for POP music, I feel MJ is slightly more exciting, and impactful.
Cara Pederson
Cara Pederson 11 dagar sedan
An amazing key change to be sure. However, Celine Dion's husband died a month before that performance. I think that had a far greater impact on her needing to take a pause during "All By Myself" than the modulation.
Aurongroove 9 dagar sedan
You need to watch the whole video, before drawing condescending and arrogant conclusions. Thanks Babes.
Self Elements
Self Elements 11 dagar sedan
11:11 Christina Aguilera Vs. Celine Dion lol.
Self Elements
Self Elements 11 dagar sedan
5:44 Nice chords: Dm6/F, Esus4, E7, Am.
Self Elements
Self Elements 11 dagar sedan
3:12 Tension and release.
Beau !
Beau ! 11 dagar sedan
I really enjoy how your videos are almost like spoken academic papers. I enjoy how you pull from other academic places to back your own argument and even point toward other creators that can help us to better understand. This was a fantastic and incredibly educational video, I’m totally subbing!!
hansschnier 12 dagar sedan
An excellent, informative, perfectly narrated and entertaining video. Your mom is great! Too bad, however, that while there are such wonderful singers and great music out there you chose Celine Dion to illustrate the subject! That's like choosing Kenny G to talk about sax players and jazz. Or André Rieu regarding classical music. Arghhh...
Barely Noticeable
Barely Noticeable 12 dagar sedan
This editing format, templates, timing though... it’s so simply effective as working for your content... It’s such a simple but still identifiably Adam video-look
D. Tysen
D. Tysen 12 dagar sedan
It's just hit me that I /need/ to start watching these videos with a keyboard to hand so I can play along. I'm listening to all this discussion of chords and I know what the terms mean, but the deeper resonance, as Adam puts it, isn't really sinking in, and I think that would make all the difference. Does anyone else do that?
Lily Sammartino
Lily Sammartino 12 dagar sedan
9:05 sans
Dad Comp
Dad Comp 12 dagar sedan
23:51 what in the holy clarinetist's hell did you just say to me?
Flynt RavenSpear
Flynt RavenSpear 13 dagar sedan
9:53 to add to this... or maybe not, because the idea that came to my mind isn't of much sustenance, but I also feel like that the enharmonic indication also relays to which direction in the melody you are going. Like, yes, the only reason that an enharmonic system exists so that we are able to differentiate keys but still hold a 7 letter system, but because sharp means "go up a half step" and flat mean "go down a half step", you're already implying that there's intended movement in the note itself. This doesn't entirely hold up when you consider that flat-ridden scales technically need to start by going up, but especially in modern composition, I feel like this is a good way to just add more meaning to your instruction via meaningful notation
Patrick Paolicelli
Patrick Paolicelli 13 dagar sedan
Love your content Mr. Neely
abccbc11 13 dagar sedan
This is the first of your videos that I found, and it remains my favorite.
jezebel324 13 dagar sedan
This video made me want to go back to music school.
Adam Knox
Adam Knox 13 dagar sedan
I did not expect to cry for Celine dion today but here I am
Craig hillrich
Craig hillrich 13 dagar sedan
So essentially there orchestration is pivoting on the note held by the singer. I am having a hard time understanding the technical difficulty of this note? Doesn't seem to be that much of a stretch for a competent vocalist, which I am not. :-)
parkersarts 13 dagar sedan
music theory is so complicated and I know nothing about it, but I am captivated by this video !!
James Michael Wilkinson
James Michael Wilkinson 13 dagar sedan
Makes me wish I had paid more attention to theory in those high school music classes that actually got me admitted to Berklee...and then I didn't go. A 55 year regret.
Red Barrows
Red Barrows 13 dagar sedan
The melody in David Bowie's Life on Mars is also partly based on Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto 2
Bob Wassell
Bob Wassell 14 dagar sedan
You've never sung live and almost passed out? #imjustsayin.
Bob Wassell
Bob Wassell 14 dagar sedan
Oh, I saw Eric Carmin live on tv on bandstand.
broox shannon
broox shannon 14 dagar sedan
Music theory is racist
DoubleStandard 14 dagar sedan
I actually failed music theory, but I am entranced with how passionate and easy you convey and breakdown everything. Like, wow...I could listen to you talk all day. You should definitely try getting a sponsorship on that sleep app Calm. I would just love listening to your voice. Also, your editing skills are amazing. Very professionally done. You got yourself a follower😊
Karl Schenk
Karl Schenk 14 dagar sedan
Thorough explanation that has stimulated my imagination. Thank you!
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