Japanese Home Appliances Most Advanced Technology

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Paolo fromTOKYO

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These are latest Home Appliances and most advanced Technology in Japan. They are also my favorite Japanese gadgets for the home. I've been doing a lot of research these days, to see what are the best Japanese home appliances and these japanese electronic products made it to the top of my list. In order for me to show you these Japan home electronics, I visited one of the largest Home Electronic Stores in Japan, Nojima. We review a Japanese Refrigerator, Japanese washing machine, Japanese microwave oven, Japanese rice cooker and a Japanese air purifier.
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Japanese Home Appliance Most Advanced Technology Links
0:00 - Intro
1:01 - Washing Machine - Panasonic NA-VX900BL/R
2:52 - Refrigerator - Mitsubishi MR-MXD50G
5:35 - Microwave Oven - SHARP AX-XA10-R Healsio
7:15 - Rice Cooker - Mitsubishi NJ-AWB10 Kamado
10:39 - Air Purifier - Sharp KI-NP100
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Paolo fromTOKYO
Paolo fromTOKYO 21 dag sedan
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Cooper Malmstrom
Cooper Malmstrom 4 dagar sedan
arh3733 15 dagar sedan
Thank you for the interesting videos. Question: does Tokyo allow empty storefronts to remain when a business closes? I see a LOT of this in California, where a storefront will remain empty and blighted for years.
Dawi O
Dawi O 15 dagar sedan
May 25 is when I was born
Maurice Preston
Maurice Preston 17 dagar sedan
@Tereasa Ivel Trying it out now. Seems to be working.
Berserk Lain
Berserk Lain 17 dagar sedan
Ya no hay substitulos :( F
José Vicente
José Vicente Timme sedan
Interesting appliances. Japan always at the front in what concerns inovations. It would be interesting to produce more content like this.
crismsr1 17 timmar sedan
Adrian Neuen
Adrian Neuen 21 timme sedan
The air purifiers with the automatic filter cleaner looks good for people with pets, but it's only available in Japan. Sigh. I can never get good stuff in Australia. :(
twisterwiper Dag sedan
Is Japanese home appliance sticker collection a thing? Seems you could fill a binder by just buying one appliance 😂
Jerico Dag sedan
In Philippines we have CDR King. It is very nice because all items are disposable.
iana eight
iana eight Dag sedan
Details, details....details everywhere in japan, printed papersss..., infosssss....imagesssss.... wow!
Hafiz Razid
Hafiz Razid Dag sedan
Hi Paolo, im looking forward for your videos. my 2 cents, could you put subtiltle to everything you say? it make us easier to watch in quite areas
Luis Enrique Chero
Luis Enrique Chero 2 dagar sedan
I used to like high tech machines. As for laundry, we need robust machines without gimmicks, so a GE or WWH is more appropriate.
uyu ysu
uyu ysu 2 dagar sedan
What about cameras laptops TVs I was looking forward to those things and may toys
N20 Games
N20 Games 2 dagar sedan
I need that microwave.
no name
no name 3 dagar sedan
Japan has about the same large as Germany, but the reason it feels small is that there are only 30% of the habitable land due to the large number of mountains. There are 120 million people living there ...
Nana Nana
Nana Nana 3 dagar sedan
Where is prise 😒?
Winry 3 dagar sedan
my sharp air purifier saved my life..
agedashi dubu
agedashi dubu 3 dagar sedan
i'd like this video because of ryota and the way he politely nodded whenever paolo speaks in english honestly kinda uwu
Andrew Bosch
Andrew Bosch 3 dagar sedan
Amazing Japanese tech.
Mark Nil
Mark Nil 3 dagar sedan
All the appliances is 100% look good. The salesman look very cute and have new ai features too 😊🎐
Q 3 dagar sedan
The sales person has such dazzling eyes i was so distracted throughout the entire video had to watch it twice
TheAlchemyst77 4 dagar sedan
So cool! Love this video!!
Cooper Malmstrom
Cooper Malmstrom 4 dagar sedan
Other people: i use one of my pots for cooking rice Japanese: Im 4 parallel universes ahead of you
8bitForLife 4 dagar sedan
can the washer be turned to english? actually can you change any of the appliances to english. I can handle it but i dont think the rest of my family would catch on.
Chris Afton
Chris Afton 4 dagar sedan
I'm not from Japan but wow everything looks so cool
David Jarvis
David Jarvis 4 dagar sedan
There has to be a market for these in the U.S. Maybe I should go into the Japanese appliance import business...
Cambesa 5 dagar sedan
Technology europe can learn from
Mr.Eleganzza Inc.
Mr.Eleganzza Inc. 5 dagar sedan
I’ve Always Love 🇯🇵 .... and everytime i watch your Vlogs all i can say is WOW 🤘👌😎
Shweta Sadanshiv
Shweta Sadanshiv 5 dagar sedan
Japan is actually in doremon's 21st century 😁😁
MrSpice 6 dagar sedan
Wow technology changes so fricken fast lol. I think my favorite piece of tech was my first iphone...ahh such memories. Great job on your video!
namon2345 6 dagar sedan
Technician and DIY who want fix stuff see this vid. Ah shit,Here we go again.
14ikan11 6 dagar sedan
i want a fridge that turns into a transformer.....
Giuseppe Gigliotti
Giuseppe Gigliotti 6 dagar sedan
Those japo appliances make me jealous! Glad you’re still producing during Covid dude.
bobasaur squared
bobasaur squared 6 dagar sedan
Seems cool but half of this stuff is pseudoscience like the “cleaning ions” and “plasma clusters,” but hey, if it sells, it sells.
squad 6 dagar sedan
Japan like 20 years ahead from the rest of us lol.
F f
F f 7 dagar sedan
Their brands literally has to fight each other who has more advance technology
Riski Widyasari
Riski Widyasari 7 dagar sedan
Really love japanese appliances! Do more of these please!
denial lai
denial lai 7 dagar sedan
2:56 me wonder why Mitsubishi have a fridge 🤔🤔
Mat Vyger
Mat Vyger 7 dagar sedan
Fab tech in Japan but, boy, they like their stickers!
Dean Fennell
Dean Fennell 7 dagar sedan
Nice advertisement!
Inspirmentalist 8 dagar sedan
japan has all the cool stuff!!!! i want some of that stuff here in the US lol wonder if they can ship to the US
Mind and Soul
Mind and Soul 8 dagar sedan
Shawn Luo
Shawn Luo 8 dagar sedan
Japanese appliances are so easy and so powerful to use, compare to NZ ones, our ones are just nothing....
Nobo Jerry
Nobo Jerry 8 dagar sedan
japan is an extremely advanced country
Nitin Bisht
Nitin Bisht 8 dagar sedan
Hii paolo from Tokyo Hii love from India.. there's a organization name SGI which follows Buddhist practice. I request you to kindly make a vedio on SGI organization plz reply
John Doe
John Doe 8 dagar sedan
PS: i like how when he speaks english he sounds like he is speaking in Japanese rhythm with his words. 🤣
John Doe
John Doe 8 dagar sedan
I just need a Playstation 5. So hook me up pimp. There sold out over here in America. ✌️
Aang 9 dagar sedan
I need one of those Japanese home appliances and my food need this to!
Rob 9 dagar sedan
But how do you get rid of all the stickers
adamfox7 9 dagar sedan
At first I was like: "meh, what can be so interesting in home appliances?" Now: "I want it all!!" Thank You Paolo
m m
m m 9 dagar sedan
wow you don't need to assemble them when you get them, but it must take a long time to de-label them :-)
sun min lee
sun min lee 9 dagar sedan
[[[[[ 방사능 오염수 무단 방류국가 일본 ]]]]] 방사능 오염수를 태평양에 버리는 일본은 대한민국의 적국이다. 전세계의 적국이다. 공공의 적이다. 스가를 비롯한 일본 정부는 방사능 오염수로 포카리스웨트를 만들어 마셔야한다
Deku b
Deku b 9 dagar sedan
amazing video
Jens 9 dagar sedan
Day in the life of a yakuza when?
Cindy rose Maldo
Cindy rose Maldo 9 dagar sedan
Man! I want japanese to sell those appliances here in the philippines! In English instruction manual ofcourse!
Subhradeep Sikder
Subhradeep Sikder 10 dagar sedan
Come to India we make best quality 🍚 cooking in less than 20 USD
USEFUL PRODUCTS 10 dagar sedan
USEFUL PRODUCTS 10 dagar sedan
Sathma Jayasuriya
Sathma Jayasuriya 10 dagar sedan
Leovy Panes
Leovy Panes 10 dagar sedan
Japanese washing machine: vzx100000 stitches ripped clothes while washing Japanese Refrigerator: xhs14300 v2 artificially create mitotic reaction, make your 500g meat to 700g within 3 days! JAPAN!!!!!❤️❤️❤️ Nothing less from the creator of Voltes 5 and Godzilla.
William Mathias
William Mathias 10 dagar sedan
I live in Tokyo Japan 🇯🇵. Technology wise it’s fascinating and interesting.
EE Tech Reviews
EE Tech Reviews 10 dagar sedan
Paolo, please send me the fridge, rice cooker, and air purifier so I can review the tech :)
Ian Sandler
Ian Sandler 10 dagar sedan
can you make rent a girlfriend video??, i think it would be cool
NMRH258 10 dagar sedan
Do any of these appliances have English options? I would import stateside if they did.
Choudary Muhammad
Choudary Muhammad 11 dagar sedan
Shashidhar nag Shashi
Shashidhar nag Shashi 11 dagar sedan
Bro plz stop make videos for few day because I like ur video and corona is spreading in Japanese so much if some thing happens to u then ur fan will die
Hwang Dong
Hwang Dong 11 dagar sedan
This is just one big sales video. This isn’t interesting. Unsubscribed
Jaja Raguini
Jaja Raguini 11 dagar sedan
I love a good washing machine. Hahahha how did I become amused by watching home appliances, I'm truly getting old.
bigben1986 11 dagar sedan
Japanese Tech is super insane wowww!!!!
・ ,
・ , 11 dagar sedan
Shawn Bain
Shawn Bain 11 dagar sedan
Far superior than the appliances sold in the U.S..
Marie Lawson
Marie Lawson 11 dagar sedan
Japan is always leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to technology!!
ambergirlever 11 dagar sedan
Can we please see a fish seller/ appraiser?
jojo suantak
jojo suantak 12 dagar sedan
Washing machine having touch screen but me still washing my cloth with my hand🤣🤣
anonymous mc
anonymous mc 12 dagar sedan
How long till they legalize weed?
1changi 12 dagar sedan
Strictly for Japanese market. These featured models cannot be bought overseas as the they are for Japan domestic market. So, the rest of world can just dream on. Actually, a lot of overseas customers ended up buying Korean or Chinese products.
issecret1 12 dagar sedan
I don't trust ion appliances
Monica Doan
Monica Doan 12 dagar sedan
please do more appliances :D
Kuroo 12 dagar sedan
Paolo shows a LIT washing machine* Meanwhile my own washing machine: *_therefore I require a 3 heavy strikes to respond_*
Malcolm X
Malcolm X 12 dagar sedan
Unfortunately, Japanese electronics fell off. It's all about Chinese and Korean now.
Nick 12 dagar sedan
“ statistics recently show that there’s been a 20% increase of home appliances in Japan” Just imagine this was a hidden commercial
RIRIU 13 dagar sedan
Next Vid: A day in a life of an Appliance Center Salesman
Sa Bro
Sa Bro 13 dagar sedan
Nice jacket Paolo
bigbaba1111 13 dagar sedan
your videos are awesome content. thanks you mate. japan looks like wakanda when compared to germany. :)
Lurv Thyself
Lurv Thyself 13 dagar sedan
The thing that overwhelms me about Japanese stores is the amount of flyer advertisements stuck to everything with bold, colorful words. I am trying to remember is stores in the US have obnoxiously advertised items and if memory serves of various Targets, WalMarts, Krogers, Costcos, and electronic stores is usually one flyer in front of the item fixed to the shelf and slightly out of the way or a tiny item tag underneath the item. Nothing like this store.
IGOR TCHOURBAKOFF 13 dagar sedan
Very interesting video do you know if the Panasonic washing model NA-VX900 BL/R is distributed in Europe area ? I'm very interested in getting this model . Thanks for your work .
DJUNGELSKOG 13 dagar sedan
hey paolo, veritasium has made a video about ion producing air purifiers and found out that they produce a lot of ozone which is harmful for your health, so if possible, please refrain from using one with such functionality
nightfall22 13 dagar sedan
Damn, that’s high tech
Souradeep Sarkar W.B.
Souradeep Sarkar W.B. 13 dagar sedan
95% of Japanese home appliance models are exclusive to Japansee stores and are not available internationally, but maybe you can import.
KausThita 13 dagar sedan
That's some expensive appliances
Adam 13 dagar sedan
I'm sorry but I can't help thinking about the electricity expenditure of these appliances 💀 also, "air purifiers" are absolutely useless
Misaki Chan
Misaki Chan 13 dagar sedan
“Day in a life of a flight attendant in japan” pleaseeeeee
Misaki Chan
Misaki Chan 13 dagar sedan
I’m watching japan stuff cause I wanna leave my country 🤗
Eidolon 13 dagar sedan
You're shitting me, the Japanese have machines that are a washer, dryer, AND dry-cleaner all at once? That is fucking cool.
Kyudo Kun
Kyudo Kun 13 dagar sedan
I wonder if this guy is still interested in gaming topics. Would be great if he tour us in various game stores in Tokyo, particularly in akiba.
Mr.KiloWatt 13 dagar sedan
soo many labels on everything . why is that?
KR TV 13 dagar sedan
Wow AI
Mary Richards
Mary Richards 14 dagar sedan
Wow this is amazing! Hey does poalo have a video on what it would be like to move to Japan during COVID or a video about his experience on moving and what he had to go through to move to Japan. I am planning on moving to Japan and trying to look for a video to help me understand the process.
skypjuh 14 dagar sedan
2:38 this guy is seeing demons
Alex Lin
Alex Lin 14 dagar sedan
While the U.S. gets pretty good stuff, Japan is far ahead of technology and innovation. Thats why I love shopping in Japan. Google translate for the win!
Vertical Eos
Vertical Eos 14 dagar sedan
Can you do a video about daliy life of a mechanical engineer i would love to see that
Nabilla Shafira
Nabilla Shafira 14 dagar sedan
Your channel is the best. I watch almost all your videos!
Shruti Singh
Shruti Singh 14 dagar sedan
watch this video. get jealous. watch another video. dream about moving to japan. repeat.
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