HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5

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Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!

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WARNING: for horse!

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HELLUVA BOSS MERCH AVAILABLE ► sharkrobot.com/vivziepop Pilot Episode ► semost.info/award/gqCYmrCipMmcuGs/video.html Episode One ► semost.info/award/mKCWgqWYf8x_s28/video.html Episode Two ► semost.info/award/nqSlqbSXapxtq4g/video.html Episode Three ► semost.info/award/hZufpcmbkrGayZ4/video.html Episode Four ► semost.info/award/ZI59pceJiNOgpqI/video.html
Braxton Forbes
Braxton Forbes 6 dagar sedan
Is there gonna be anymore episodes?
Random Fan
Random Fan 11 dagar sedan
Hellhound _17
Hellhound _17 25 dagar sedan
It’s A Norman Reedus No it’s a Darrel NO ITS STRIKER
Pokemaniac Månad sedan
Just wanted to say you are doing awesome with the animation
Sage Månad sedan
Nick Evil Loqd
Nick Evil Loqd 50 minuter sedan
i looked for the truth, found it, didnt like it, wish to hell i could forget it, alex mercer...this channel suffered for his mistakes for what he did to scott cawthon...and whoever he was - thats a part of me when i close my eyes, i hear the screamers of a thousand animatronics, moments i'll relive forever, whats scott has become? something less than human. But also something more... semost.info/award/n3p_kdV8p86Xt4g/video.html
Luckilycharming Timme sedan
That’s what she said - Luna 2021
Lana Nahapetian
Lana Nahapetian Timme sedan
I would like to point out the parallels in 1:22 and 14:35 with Stolas and Striker, the lighting difference and the atmosphere.
Dalilah the roach Time
Dalilah the roach Time Timme sedan
I love your videos and I’m kind of a little I’m a kid so doesn’t know that word I do like your videos
Angel Ramirez
Angel Ramirez 2 timmar sedan
Can we all just wish for helluva boss funko pops
Henry Baxendale
Henry Baxendale 3 timmar sedan
7:29 I’ve how blitzo (the o is silent) dose not get the that what she said joke
Даниил Сирадзе
Даниил Сирадзе 3 timmar sedan
Вивзипоп где 6 серия????
ITS YA BOY HARRY casey 4 timmar sedan
Syahmin Aitisha
Syahmin Aitisha 5 timmar sedan
Holy shit the transition is getting one helluva boss
Itztatertot 5 timmar sedan
özgür ruh
özgür ruh 2 timmar sedan
They said that epsiode six is really important for the story so they needed more time
server closed
server closed 5 timmar sedan
Moxxie:"you gonna finish that fuckin word"
server closed
server closed 6 timmar sedan
"You are great moxxie!" (Why him say that but Moxxie is fail?)
server closed
server closed 6 timmar sedan
"My bad *heh* iam so sorry"
Gage Johnson
Gage Johnson 6 timmar sedan
Harrled dam it
Annabeth Orellana
Annabeth Orellana 7 timmar sedan
Sweet like Honey
Sweet like Honey 6 timmar sedan
Annabeth Orellana
Annabeth Orellana 7 timmar sedan
Team Scott!!!!!!
Annabeth Orellana
Annabeth Orellana 7 timmar sedan
Tema Scott!!!!
Annabeth Orellana
Annabeth Orellana 7 timmar sedan
Q mal que está serie sea creada por una mente cerrada en la cual critica a personas por su opiniones o posturas políticas las cuales forman parte de un odio impresionante e idiota
EllioPlay 7 timmar sedan
Pero qué diablos le pasa a Scott, eres mayor de edad y tienes el cerebro tan cerrado que me sorprende tan hipócrita y de criterio común que tiene el creador de esta serie, simplemente repugnante.
EllioPlay 7 timmar sedan
But what the hell is wrong with Scott, you are of legal age and have such a closed brain that it surprises me so hypocrites and of common criteria has the creator of this series, simply disgusting.
özgür ruh
özgür ruh 2 timmar sedan
ジョージ 7 timmar sedan
Gabby Harper
Gabby Harper 7 timmar sedan
AURELIO VOLTAIRE WOULD LIKE TO VOICE A CHARACTER!! (Just came from his stream, he really said that! 💜💜💜)
SiniyRus 7 timmar sedan
what happend to hazbin hotel? is it helluva boss? did the story change? i have so many questions
SiniyRus 5 timmar sedan
@Black Stickman oh ok
Black Stickman
Black Stickman 5 timmar sedan
Hazbin hotel is on progress in making it actual show
Alex Catalan
Alex Catalan 8 timmar sedan
That cowboy demon’s eyes looking like sonic fleetway
Ry G
Ry G 9 timmar sedan
Ok I absolutely love this but it's been a month please make more
☹︎ 9 timmar sedan
Im Waiting For Someone To Use His Demon Tail As A Knife
*Bøbå_gįrł* 9 timmar sedan
Am I too young bc I’m 7-
Extra gaming
Extra gaming 2 timmar sedan
@Bacon Man why
Bowen Hibberd
Bowen Hibberd 7 timmar sedan
Yes definitely I'm 14
Bacon Man
Bacon Man 8 timmar sedan
Meh I watch idle hands when I was 3
TheRedGamerFPV 8 timmar sedan
yeah, for sure
Paphon Issarapisit
Paphon Issarapisit 8 timmar sedan
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 10 timmar sedan
Anyone noticing Norman Reedus is voicing Striker?
Andy Animates
Andy Animates 10 timmar sedan
4:47 Alabama:our family business
Andy Animates
Andy Animates 10 timmar sedan
Wait how did moxie get to hell
özgür ruh
özgür ruh 2 timmar sedan
@Andy Animates yes
Andy Animates
Andy Animates 9 timmar sedan
@Lulu_remz yeah maybe
Lulu_remz 9 timmar sedan
@Andy Animates I know but that doesn't mean your stupid! :)
Andy Animates
Andy Animates 9 timmar sedan
@Lulu_remz well they did just say they he was born here in the video
Lulu_remz 9 timmar sedan
@Andy Animates No dude you aren't stupid!
Dragonyxa A
Dragonyxa A 11 timmar sedan
I have realized striker is like rattlesnake Jake
Amy Featherstone
Amy Featherstone 12 timmar sedan
The start when theya are in bed I'm like wait who are you XD
Lulu_remz 9 timmar sedan
Tbh I was wondering why Millie had a knife right next to her-
Some.random.person 12 timmar sedan
Where is episode 6!?
Reese 11 timmar sedan
they said that episode 6 is the longest of this season so it's gonna take more time.,
Lulu_remz 12 timmar sedan
Striker: STOP STOP STOP! WHAT?!? WHY THE FUCK WOULD PEOPLE SHIP ME AND MOXXIE? HE HAS A WIFE! ARE YOU CRAZY? Moxxie: Trust me friend. This is not the worst thing that fans of our show do. I saw.
Nerak 12 timmar sedan
I just need to know one single thing… is Stolas wearing tight pants or is he free balling?
Ednecia Fernander
Ednecia Fernander 13 timmar sedan
When is the next episode brooooo💓💓💓💓💓😆😆😆☺️
Texan Cowboy Cheese
Texan Cowboy Cheese 13 timmar sedan
@Vivziepop i heard you were doxxed I am so sorry it must be scary i havent been doxxed before but i hope your okay
paulstarr 14 timmar sedan
i doxxed you on twitter (Chacaleros Del Trapicheo/ @sgtpepperslhcb2)
paulstarr 10 minuter sedan
@Andres felipe Moncaleano arciniegas cry about it
Andres felipe Moncaleano arciniegas
Andres felipe Moncaleano arciniegas 25 minuter sedan
@paulstarr oh is the only argument,then **reverse card**
paulstarr 33 minuter sedan
@Andres felipe Moncaleano arciniegas cry about it
Andres felipe Moncaleano arciniegas
Andres felipe Moncaleano arciniegas 49 minuter sedan
@paulstarr You really behave to a like the ones who canceled it
Andres felipe Moncaleano arciniegas
Andres felipe Moncaleano arciniegas 55 minuter sedan
@Bacon Man You are correct
S&T gaming games
S&T gaming games 14 timmar sedan
Where be the next
Lulu_remz 13 timmar sedan
The next episode?
Un Jordan Cualquiera
Un Jordan Cualquiera 14 timmar sedan
One stupid more, vivziepop.
Smil3 More it looks good on you
Smil3 More it looks good on you 12 timmar sedan
Smil3 More it looks good on you
Smil3 More it looks good on you 12 timmar sedan
Sergio Flores
Sergio Flores 14 timmar sedan
Hahaha fucken Luna!
wu he
wu he 14 timmar sedan
Helluva boss should meet Hazbin Hotel
Alana Muller Commenting
Alana Muller Commenting 14 timmar sedan
I’m simping for Striker
ikillzombys1 15 timmar sedan
A month later can't wait for episode 6.
Lulu_remz 14 timmar sedan
Henry Essie (English vampire in NYC)
Henry Essie (English vampire in NYC) 15 timmar sedan
Norman Ree... NORMAN REEDUS!
Spook trap
Spook trap 15 timmar sedan
im sure everyone can agree we all need more of millies sister
SomeOddUsername 15 timmar sedan
Can't believe no one is talking about the excellent bait and switch where you go from assuming that Millie cant play because of sexism to learning she can't play because shes too good
Smil3 More it looks good on you
Smil3 More it looks good on you 9 timmar sedan
@Theo oh well u cought me (・∀・)
Theo 9 timmar sedan
@Smil3 More it looks good on you you literally commented on a bunch of different peoples comments just to piss on vivsies animations. Bruh
Smil3 More it looks good on you
Smil3 More it looks good on you 9 timmar sedan
@Theo I'm not I'm just saying it's not special
Theo 9 timmar sedan
@Smil3 More it looks good on you why are you so pressed abou this series?
Smil3 More it looks good on you
Smil3 More it looks good on you 12 timmar sedan
That's literally the most overused trope I literally don't understand why everyone praises every little thing she does
pan uwun't
pan uwun't 15 timmar sedan
Vivienne, eres buena artista pero me decepcionaste con lo de Scott Cawthon.
Voirbaby 2
Voirbaby 2 16 timmar sedan
Luke Combs Fanboy
Luke Combs Fanboy 16 timmar sedan
Feel like millys dad needs more detail on his clothes
Luke Combs Fanboy
Luke Combs Fanboy Timme sedan
Thanks for liking
osO rM
osO rM 16 timmar sedan
osO rM
osO rM 11 timmar sedan
@Reese Read well what I told you
Reese 11 timmar sedan
@osO rM no where in her tweets did she say she supported those attacking Scott.
osO rM
osO rM 15 timmar sedan
@pan uwun't ok gracias
pan uwun't
pan uwun't 15 timmar sedan
@osO rM Concuerdo contigo, pero te sugiero cambiar "found" por "cancel" ya que la palabra "funar" que es una jerga del español, no se puede traducir a inglés
osO rM
osO rM 16 timmar sedan
@Reese she made an obvious hint, and supported the people who wanted to cancel Scott, and by doing that she was supporting what they doxed and harassed him a lot
Aurora lunar
Aurora lunar 16 timmar sedan
Como pudiste...y te hablo a ti vivpzi En ves de escuchar a un extraño y creerlo porque no esperas la opinión de otros...? No vere tus capitulos asta que se me pase mi enojo, no vemos
Chopstick Cunt
Chopstick Cunt 17 timmar sedan
That was pretty cool.
Natalia Sanz (Kara)
Natalia Sanz (Kara) 17 timmar sedan
Que asco que la creadora solo sea una hipócrita xdd
Andres felipe Moncaleano arciniegas
Andres felipe Moncaleano arciniegas 11 timmar sedan
@Agustín guerra como está el mundo pues ...... Na pero no recordemos a Scott por una polémica, recordemoslo por aquel que nos dió aventuras y Miles de teorias
Agustín guerra
Agustín guerra 11 timmar sedan
@Andres felipe Moncaleano arciniegas si espero que no le hagan bullying a los hijos de escott solamente porque su padre apoya Donal Trump
Andres felipe Moncaleano arciniegas
Andres felipe Moncaleano arciniegas 11 timmar sedan
Bueno lo único bueno es que el está descansando con sus 6 hijos y no solo yo, toda la comunidad lo recibiremos con los brazos abiertos cuando vuelva
Andres felipe Moncaleano arciniegas
Andres felipe Moncaleano arciniegas 11 timmar sedan
@Agustín guerra y cuando todo se le cayó encima no tuvo nada que decir nada más que ERA BAIT BRO
Agustín guerra
Agustín guerra 12 timmar sedan
@Andres felipe Moncaleano arciniegas x2
chunky boi
chunky boi 17 timmar sedan
i love millie's accent so fkn much
ILNUR 18 timmar sedan
Кто меня поймёт то его комент я лайкну
ILNUR 18 timmar sedan
•Zombie Squad•
•Zombie Squad• 18 timmar sedan
Sire fire
Sire fire 18 timmar sedan
They are working very hard hazbin hotel however this has a greater effort and these people are working hard to continue these series
Your Mom
Your Mom 19 timmar sedan
Will we ever get a Hazbin Hotel episode 2
IronAmerica9000 16 timmar sedan
Yes, the reason it’s taking longer is because unlike Helluva Boss, it got picked up by an actual tv channel, so it has to go through all those steps now!
It Was Burnt
It Was Burnt 19 timmar sedan
Is no one going to talk about this clip?- 11:44 ? No? Okay-
Ceron Merino Evan
Ceron Merino Evan 19 timmar sedan
As a veteran from fnaf I declare the war to vivziepop!
AirSoftEdo 19 timmar sedan
Miss Vivien? If I may ask, could you tell us when you are going to launch the hazbin hotel eppisods?
Dagg3r 20 timmar sedan
This show should be on Hulu
Band  Team.
Band Team. 20 timmar sedan
Can't wait for the sixth episode
Meca Williams
Meca Williams 20 timmar sedan
Agent Ghost Midas
Agent Ghost Midas 21 timme sedan
12:27 suspicious bag of potatoes
Lulu_remz 21 timme sedan
Really lmao-
Raian Adaleeann
Raian Adaleeann 21 timme sedan
blitzo: words of encouragement Me: starts laughing
brolledge trollderson
brolledge trollderson 22 timmar sedan
amazing! keep up the good work!
Sam Wuffpaws
Sam Wuffpaws 23 timmar sedan
Never once thought I'd unsubscribe from you, transphobe. Your hateful rhetoric is gross and negligent. Karma's out there sweetheart.
JULIO RAMIREZ 19 timmar sedan
@Rowland Falode bruh it happen like 3 days ago
Sam Wuffpaws
Sam Wuffpaws 22 timmar sedan
Won't be replying to anyone's hate :)
Sam Wuffpaws
Sam Wuffpaws 22 timmar sedan
@Rowland Falode you mean recently? She drew fanart for bigots lol
Rowland Falode
Rowland Falode 23 timmar sedan
Oh your those type of people who get angry at someone who said something like 9 years ago
Tobi K
Tobi K 23 timmar sedan
It’s been over a month Why No new episode
Miso Hoshi
Miso Hoshi 19 timmar sedan
@Tobi K Ok first of all go take some grammar lessons. And second, I think the answer to your question should be obvious..
Tobi K
Tobi K 22 timmar sedan
@Miso Hoshi okay okay i were just asking
Miso Hoshi
Miso Hoshi 23 timmar sedan
The one thing you shouldn't rush is animation. The simplest of animations takes so long, so to have a tv show level of animation in around 15+ minutes, we're lucky it doesn't take around 4 or more months
Lulu_remz 23 timmar sedan
It's because vivzie said that the episode 6 is gonna be longer so we have to wait another month or so
流星太無情了 Dag sedan
1:56 Aowwww!Adorable!!!!
Lenny Ramon
Lenny Ramon Dag sedan
These caracters are just adorable! The voice actors and artists did a wonderfull job. Everything is in place..
Adam Williams
Adam Williams Dag sedan
Millie's family reminds me heavily of that to my girlfriend and her family, with Sally Mae for sure being her older brother with the amount of sass and almost self centered confidence. Ironically enough we actually both agreed before episode 2 dropped that "Shes the Millie to my Moxie" as I said, I just didn't expect this level of symbolic accuracy
Lisa Ramos
Lisa Ramos Dag sedan
Make episode 6
Julia Gómez
Julia Gómez 21 timme sedan
Bruh. She and her team are still working on it.
Miso Hoshi
Miso Hoshi 23 timmar sedan
Bruh dont rush animators
Lucifier Zakai
Lucifier Zakai Dag sedan
Striker: "I failed to kill the target" *Stella Literally face to face with Said target* Stella: "you don't fucking say"
FAN4IT Dag sedan
Why did they jump her at 9:48? I know she tried to get up on stage with Stricker but still.
Nijah Foster
Nijah Foster 21 timme sedan
Nijah Foster
Nijah Foster 21 timme sedan
She landed in their oily boyfriends arms is what happened
sheeza jaffery
sheeza jaffery Dag sedan
tis fun show logic. isn't it great?
CaptainGoose Dag sedan
Cause she made physical contact with him and the other girls got jealous? I guess?
Kiimi Dag sedan
I just love the way Stella said "I don't care who you have to go through"
Giddy Dag sedan
Can you work on episode 6 or episode 2 of hazbin hotel?
Miso Hoshi
Miso Hoshi 23 timmar sedan
Lol got ratio-ed
CaptainGoose Dag sedan
I'm assuming you're young but; animation takes time. And Hazbin is on an official contract so they can't work on it as freely as they can with Helluva
dina_kits Dag sedan
Me 12 year old wathing dis
CaptainGoose Dag sedan
You're literally too young to even have a SEmost account. Please don't admit you're younger than the preferred age, things like that get people in trouble.
Ryan Takashi
Ryan Takashi Dag sedan
Is there going to be more episodes
Ryan Takashi
Ryan Takashi 8 timmar sedan
@Kiimi ok thank you
Kiimi Dag sedan
yes but it'll take a long time
DnkKmi 07
DnkKmi 07 Dag sedan
“DoEsNt CoUnT iF yOu DoNt FiNd ThE bOdY” This. This lives in my head rent free.
Dean Simmons
Dean Simmons Dag sedan
I love the dynamics between these characters. 😎🌎❤️
Serenity Miyazaki
Serenity Miyazaki Dag sedan
I just noticed that Striker is Norman Reedus. As if you couldn't get any more fucking awesome, Vivzie. Good shit.
ItzWilbie_ Dag sedan
I wanna see this on netflix :O
Benjamin Mason
Benjamin Mason Dag sedan
Striker sounds a little bit like Norman reedus
Julia Gómez
Julia Gómez 21 timme sedan
Kiimi Dag sedan
because norman reedus is his voice actor
Uku Kaaren Narits
Uku Kaaren Narits Dag sedan
Mason Mitchell
Mason Mitchell Dag sedan
this sounds like vanossgaming saying I'm in
SR2 Turoka-1
SR2 Turoka-1 Dag sedan
Do you know if we are ever going to get an origin story or at least more backstory on Loona and how blitz met and adopted her. I’m curious about how she has syphillis (sorry about spelling), like was it something she had caught before she was adopted, or maybe was it from some one night stand or something? Also, why can’t she come around to call blitz dad?
Kiimi Dag sedan
you can find the screen when Loona talking with Tex in their human form in the beach in episode 3
Kiimi Dag sedan
she has a problem with syphilis because as you can see, blitz do the thing with Stolas right? If you try to search what syphilis is. you may understand. Loona was clearly disgusted by what blitz do with Stolas. Why Loona don't want to call Blitz dad is because he adopted her when she was 17 now she's almost 18 so it still early for her to accept him as her new dad.
Autumn Garcia
Autumn Garcia Dag sedan
I just noticed that the revolver Striker has in at the end has a tiny cross and seraphim wings on it omg! I love the tiny details and just how many other angelic weapons does this dude have?!
Texpelt 88
Texpelt 88 Dag sedan
Hold on, @1:28 "Buy Fizzarolli Bot TODAY" Ad? Yikes...
Laura linneth Estrada
Laura linneth Estrada Dag sedan
no me cansó de verlo me encanta el capítulo 🥰😍🤩 ❤❤❤❤ su trabajo es precioso 🤩 amo las voces que le dan a cada personaje, los admiro mucho a todos los que participan para realizar todos los capítulos, saludos
El Arbusto Cosmio XD
El Arbusto Cosmio XD Dag sedan
I love you but i hate you
sondergame27 16 timmar sedan
@Reese it was necesary to do that to Scott?
Reese 16 timmar sedan
@Mijailos are you people happy? SHE. GOT. FUCKING. DOXXED. for a bad take that she ACKNOLEDGED was bad. you're doing the very same thing people did to Scott.
Bacon Man
Bacon Man Dag sedan
Hey did you know she actually made part of a fnaf song from a different channel years ago.
Mijailos Dag sedan
Same it's sad what they have done to Scott
Nochirasu Dag sedan
Jaja intento funar a Scott y recibió una funa xD
Sebastian rojas 2B
Sebastian rojas 2B Dag sedan
Pobre Scott :(
YEEYEEBOI4 Dag sedan
This episode the animations looks a little framey but might just be me
Anonymous Dag sedan
Are you seriously not able to accept that there are people who think differently from you? You seriously believe that your thinking is correct or superior to that of others. Where is the tolerance and freedom of expression that everyone asks for?
Reese 16 timmar sedan
@Npc I'm knot *She didn't fucking attack him. You didn't even read her tweets.*
sheeza jaffery
sheeza jaffery Dag sedan
while I feel you should be able to express ur opinion, it shouldn't be on a space like this. this is a place for those who are here to enjoy the show, which btw is completely separate from the show. and putting ur anger here isn't gonna do anything bc they won't see it, likely. go to twitter or smth idk. don't ruin it for the people here.
Russell_Amnesia Dag sedan
@Lulu_remz Nope
Mijailos Dag sedan
@Lulu_remz I think not, also they made him quit his job because his pregnant wife was having difficulties with the pregnancy because of the fear that they were provoking them
Npc I'm knot
Npc I'm knot Dag sedan
@Lulu_remz this artist went on the attack of the creator of five nights at freddys.. being a hypocrite
ashton graugnard
ashton graugnard Dag sedan
Amazing you should make more episodes
Kiimi Dag sedan
it's in process. It takes a very long time you know. They have to draw every second of the episode
Bacon Man
Bacon Man Dag sedan
Hey is this the girl that is being a hypocrite, and attacking Scott and his family? That is messed up right there.
Reese 16 timmar sedan
@Npc I'm knot and she acknowledged that she fucked up, deleted the tweets, and most likely apologized to him in private. i'm not happy that he donated to anti-LGBT things or that he's pro-life, but she NEVER wished harm upon him. she said her piece, realized it was bad, and is going to fix it.
Mijailos 22 timmar sedan
@Kiimi that mistake made a succesfull man retire because of the fear of been cancelled
Kiimi Dag sedan
I'm disappointed that people only remember someone because of the mistake they made and not the success thing they did in life
@Reese yes she did shhhh
Mijailos Dag sedan
@Reese she did
God Dag sedan
Thanks for keeping me up to date on what’s happening down there.
sondergame27 16 timmar sedan
Hi God
Salvatore Polo
Salvatore Polo Dag sedan
Does it burn you to see opinions different from yours? Te quema ver opiniones diferentes a la tuya ?
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