Battlefield 4 has not been beaten... Yet.

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Battlefield really is special some times, and Battlefield 4 did so many things right. It's still one of the best game. Chaos and Epic moments in todays video plus some Jet gameplay! Can't wait for Battlefield 6! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

ItzGravel Dag sedan
I play battlefield 1 and 4 on my Xbox series x
Daniel Chamoun
Daniel Chamoun 7 dagar sedan
BF3 vs BF4
Govna Quotmo
Govna Quotmo 8 dagar sedan
CNt watch your vids normal mode sucks
UrsA BD 8 dagar sedan
Bro whenever he says "you want sum?" that just cracks me up everytime.
Riorozen 9 dagar sedan
Dude bf4 is terrible. I don’t know how you could objectively call it quality, by nearly every metric it’s ass. Like it? Good for you. But don’t pretend it’s not hot garbage. It’s horribly balanced, has terrible visual identification (soldiers are same texture as surroundings), and the maps are awful pretty generally, and it can be wildly inconsistent. No, it’s a hold over and that’s about it.
lazerfish 23
lazerfish 23 10 dagar sedan
Should I buy it, cuz it's on a great deal on PS4
Christopher John
Christopher John 12 dagar sedan
is the game still alive? multiplayer and that stuff ? because I know it was free a while back on amazon prime so is it dead?
E's for Ethan
E's for Ethan 17 dagar sedan
I desperately need to get better at aircraft piloting in Battlefield lol. This reminded me of that.
Ghost0465 18 dagar sedan
Damn, the U.S.A. Assault looks awesome as hell.
Owen Monast
Owen Monast 19 dagar sedan
Pretty sure the …yet in the title is bf 2042…
Deth roll
Deth roll 19 dagar sedan
I beat battle filed 4 in one my favorite mission is Shanghai
bone-snypa 20 dagar sedan
not that sweet guy
Adam Galindo
Adam Galindo 20 dagar sedan
Its kinda sad but crazy thinking how three games were really after bf4 and yet the game never died but now with 2042 i think we can say bf4 is counting its days till the end😪
Miguel 21 dag sedan
And never will be.
Caleb Ryan
Caleb Ryan 23 dagar sedan
Jack literally killed every way you could
Abir Brandts
Abir Brandts 24 dagar sedan
i much preffer the Battlefield 3. flying is weird in 4 and guided missile requierd only locking once and firing then you can fly away. while in 4 you have to stay locked on the target till the missile hit.
ShadowReaper2006 24 dagar sedan
The Battlefield 4 theme for the outro made you seem like TBag.
akaki axobadze
akaki axobadze 25 dagar sedan
looking at your video doing all of that in one match when i barely might do one of your moments in 25 match ☠️ sick
Mantilt 26 dagar sedan
battlefield 4 is set in 2020 so i hope you've cleaned the cockpit for corona ;D
Roofy666 26 dagar sedan
Just went back to BF4 still holds up today and still would regard it's as the best FPS to date
Sleeping Lion
Sleeping Lion 27 dagar sedan
Still worth buying battlefield 4 today for the online play? Is it still active? I may buy it
sailus gamsey
sailus gamsey 28 dagar sedan
Jet ski snipe op
Nick Schuman
Nick Schuman 29 dagar sedan
Battlefield is everything cod wishes it was
Nick Schuman
Nick Schuman 29 dagar sedan
Been playing and working on my heli piloting for BF6 🔥
Nikolas Gelasakis
Nikolas Gelasakis Månad sedan
What do you mean the first time i beat it it was 4 years ego
Old Arthur Morgan
Old Arthur Morgan 28 dagar sedan
Peter B. Parker
Peter B. Parker Månad sedan
4:50 that guy was Turkish. I took it personal. :)
Mr. Tany
Mr. Tany Månad sedan
How is your gameplay so SMOOTH ?! I mean I only do run & gun and then too I loose. How do you maintain such flow of your gameplay? It's like you are getting kills for free because your aim feels effortless.... Seriously though how do you do this...... ?
Luwispurpul Månad sedan
And some say that guy is hiding behind the rock to this day
Shrimpn Månad sedan
Mmmmmmmm.. aged like milk. Delicious!
Matthew Janke
Matthew Janke Månad sedan
You are a champ
Wiolentgrap Månad sedan
Go hardcore
Takumiinthe86 Månad sedan
ibeen palying this for afew months now and let me say the acr is not this good for me and the amount of hit markers i get are unbelievable i do not remember kill time being that long
MajorProblem Månad sedan
9:45 now THIS was sexy 😄🤙🏼
Jay Slime
Jay Slime Månad sedan
Still play this game bro it’s so good still
Jason Simnov
Jason Simnov Månad sedan
Definitely harder to set up without an advanced gearbox or electronic hammer system, but autoburst is fun with a gun. Keep holding the trigger and it'll keep shooting like in full-auto, but with breaks between certain amounts of shots. Nice when games have it available for their guns but even nicer in real life.
XxShanoShannonxX Månad sedan
If Jack ever stops saying Dice when somthing janky happens I'm given up on humanity
Zimpaz Månad sedan
Rockets disappear if you don’t watch them
Amazing video
Snaaa1189 Månad sedan
I'm the only 1 in this game that need to do predict for people 20 m away from me
I am Kwarenah
I am Kwarenah Månad sedan
Friend just bought me this on steam looks so much better than cold war
How can’t they top off bf3 ? When that game came out it was a legendary moment.
Jeffrey Haskell
Jeffrey Haskell Månad sedan
It's ~314 Mph. That's the fastest you can go in a jet before the turning radius increases.
Sameer Parekh
Sameer Parekh Månad sedan
The servers are completely empty in Origin bf4 PC ...Am i missing something here ?
Vazkeron Månad sedan
4 sure, the fuck they are full and with queues of 5 and more
Thorben Månad sedan
You want sum- Jackfrags 2021
cameron sullivan
cameron sullivan Månad sedan
Best BF period.
tristyn s
tristyn s Månad sedan
6:24 a marked enemy ran right past you and you didn't see him the the left of your screen 😆 I was like shoooot him but you didn't see him
Brent C
Brent C Månad sedan
I been playing again since the day they announced a new battlefild
Arctic Squash #1
Arctic Squash #1 Månad sedan
Well if I could finish my assignments that the game won't give me when I completed them umpteen times
malachi manville downer
malachi manville downer Månad sedan
Everyone playing bf4 since 2042 trailer and then there's me playing bf3 on x360 🤣 i
Patryk Polak
Patryk Polak Månad sedan
Actually Battlefield 4 has been beaten by any other game that is not associated with Punkbuster.
Lucas P.
Lucas P. Månad sedan
Jack frags: not very good with jets Jacks frags: “proceeds to be better than 90% of pilots”
aaronwhatson Månad sedan
BF4 is still one of the best FPS games today
Paul Walker
Paul Walker Månad sedan
BF4 was always my faz of the FPS format. I’ve not really liked any of the others since. Even pvp waz fun then. I loved jumping in the helo’s and running a muck. The single player missions were first rate and I often repeated the whole lot just for fun.
Scott A
Scott A Månad sedan
I like bf3 on ps3 the best. The handling of the aircrafts was way better and more precise
Andres Bonifacio
Andres Bonifacio Månad sedan
Most of your videos are about cod though
viktor lind
viktor lind Månad sedan
he is hacking
Austin Broadcast
Austin Broadcast Månad sedan i the only one who cant play jets without tilting my head in every turn????
Drawmaster33 Månad sedan
Always fun to watch! I love playing this version
Draco Månad sedan
Fr this was one of the few games were if I got bored I’d simply switch to a different class and have a different experience each time😂😂
MMaximuSS1975 Månad sedan
I was the guy planting C4 all over the hotel until it dropped.
Honkey Tonkee
Honkey Tonkee Månad sedan
Perfect jet turning is 314 I believe
Hoang Nam Nguyen
Hoang Nam Nguyen Månad sedan
we should go back to bf3, the best 1 ☝🏼
photocube_pk Månad sedan
Why is everyone playing it again? i cant join my fave servers without waiting 10minutes in the Queue... is it because of the new launch that is coming or what?
Cameron Jones
Cameron Jones Månad sedan
Gotta play hardcore my guy no third person in the vehicle and limited hud makes life amazing
richardthered Månad sedan
My favourite game of all time, great game.
Nikola Miladinovic
Nikola Miladinovic Månad sedan
when should we use afterburner and what does it do?
DEEP SUM Månad sedan
BF3 n 4 are the best im so dissapointed with 2042. the games gonna flop. no one wants that futuristic shit. i was excited for a Current BF3/4 instead we get a branch of stupid cod when they went futuristic with booster suits unlimited range grappling hooks. no thanks. realism for me over any of that future shit it just bores me
Kohler Wood
Kohler Wood Månad sedan
@Nave Nave ^
Nave Nave
Nave Nave Månad sedan
it's not even that futuristic most of what we see is the technology we've seen. Actually, make that everything we've seen
Paul Walsh
Paul Walsh Månad sedan
love bf4 but my favorite is bf3. you should show the difference between bf4 and b5 weapons, thats why i love bf6 back to tradition.
john heaton
john heaton Månad sedan
I miss bf4. But now I'm on xbox I can't play in 720p
KrozMcD Månad sedan
Awesome video but can't believe you didn't show the scoreboard! Got left hanging 😩😂
Alan Bolton
Alan Bolton Månad sedan
Not played in years but downloaded BF4 again last night… still so good
TheSw4rm Månad sedan
No Epic_Princes were harmed in the making of this video.
Jack Rowley
Jack Rowley Månad sedan
I put stupid hours into this game, best game I've ever player, I loved Metro
SmartFool24 Månad sedan
Oddly BF4 just didn’t really do it for me. BF2 and BF3 are my favorites so it’s strange that BF4 just didn’t feel as good to me considering how similar it was to 3.
Connor Craig
Connor Craig Månad sedan
anyone know what happened to sniper smoke trails? did they remove them? is there a setting to enable them? made sniping so nice.
SneakerheadJames Månad sedan
so glad this game is getting popular again before 2042
John Smith
John Smith Månad sedan
BF4 will only be beaten when DICE wants it to, that so happens to be 2042.
Caleb Zylstra
Caleb Zylstra Månad sedan
EpicPrince probably got so tilted
Wolfen Wings
Wolfen Wings Månad sedan
Nice see another "modern" Battlefield coming out soon.
Joseph Losi
Joseph Losi Månad sedan
Killed it on the roof sniping and took little bird out !!
War Turtle
War Turtle Månad sedan
This game is still popping off for content it's insane
Lazy Fawn
Lazy Fawn Månad sedan
Theres somthing wholesome about a full adult man who you've watch for years still having fun in a batylefield game
Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez Månad sedan
Bf4 until Bf2042 ?
Ferarri Brown
Ferarri Brown Månad sedan
After playing bf5 This game looks outdated, feels out dated. Lol. Mediocrity is incredible to most.
Nave Nave
Nave Nave Månad sedan
prolly graphics
Janimara Månad sedan
Imo BF5 has beaten Bf4 but that just my taste. I liked the WW2 setting overall.
Janimara Månad sedan
@Ryan can't see how BF5 killed the franchise.
Ryan Månad sedan
BFV killed the franchise, BF4 is a true classic.
Ape Ross
Ape Ross Månad sedan
5:13 you might of made the rocket to hit the ground when you shot it that's my only logic of what happened
Raphael Sindermann
Raphael Sindermann Månad sedan
Epicprince must feel trolled
MarineTango Månad sedan
How many times did you kill epic prince lmao
MarineTango Månad sedan
Jack: Where did that rocket go? Dice? Enemy Infantry: Yo lets head to that LAV so we ca-
Jonny Månad sedan
"Where'd my rocket go?" Lol
K D Månad sedan
Oh god, here comes the tidal wave of self interested COD players who cant play an objective
psychedelic daemon
psychedelic daemon Månad sedan
yeah I still play bf4 definitely top 5 game all time for me cuz of the memories and friends made
wu paul
wu paul Månad sedan
ui like 2042
C Cubed Miniatures
C Cubed Miniatures Månad sedan
Still play b4 before any new battlefield game
Ryan Sadauskis
Ryan Sadauskis Månad sedan
_Battlefield 2042 has entered the chat_
GianMakka Månad sedan
9:51 I was so impressed whit that shot I jumped from my chair. Good memories
nnatz- Månad sedan
Unpopular opinion: Battlefield 4 is a boring ass game
Vance Lee
Vance Lee Månad sedan
Words can’t explain the memories I have playing this.. my favorite bf game of them all.. it will for sure pass the test of time.. the visuals.. the way the weapons handle.. just feels right.. all perfect
Riorozen 9 dagar sedan
Andy Richardson
Andy Richardson Månad sedan
@Fred Krazé Yep exactly bro, I am a Cod guy also other then battlefield with my favs being bo1 and then waw and halo reach and 3 and 2 are so legendary but yes bf4 was WAYYYYY ahead of its time, I have been playing on PC and there is still a major fan base on there I love it to me fuck 2042 it looks like shit to me.
Fred Krazé
Fred Krazé Månad sedan
For 2013 I still don't understand how BF4 worked. The destruction, the map sizes, the customization, the sheer amount of stuff! It was overwhelming at first coming from COD and Halo, but in all the right ways!!!!! I remember my first few matches, I don't think I got a single kill and I didn't care, I was too blown away by what I was experiencing. Felt like a video game from the future.
Andy Richardson
Andy Richardson Månad sedan
Exactly I don't honestly even like how 2042 looks compared to bf4 or really anything about it, bf4 is just perfect.
faan87 Månad sedan
This was my first MP game ever, and im so glad I put as many hours into it as I did. Nothing comes quite close to that feeling you get from playing bf4
Daniel L
Daniel L Månad sedan
Jack is basically the Jimmy White of shooters. Not the best but still a legend.
Metroplex Månad sedan
I gotta sayBF3 is still superior to me
Christopher Nixon
Christopher Nixon Månad sedan
I keep seeing people say BF4 is still full of players, but I can never get into a game
Gamer Beginner
Gamer Beginner Månad sedan
Server browser I am joke too you