Team Iron Man vs Team Cap - Airport Battle Scene - Captain America: Civil War - Movie CLIP HD

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Airport Battle Scene - Team Cap (Hawkeye, Falcon, Bucky Barnes, Ant-Man, Scarlet Witch) vs Team Iron Man (War Machine, Black Widow, Black Panther, The Vision, Spider-Man) - Spiderman vs Captain America - Captain America: Civil War (2016) Movie CLIP HD [1080p]

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kotyba al hmaede
kotyba al hmaede 15 minuter sedan
Aalia Prince
Aalia Prince 3 timmar sedan
Super hits
Not Bob
Not Bob 6 timmar sedan
I don’t get it. Why are they fighting each other? Aren’t they all superheroes and shit? Is this an adaptation from a fan fiction?
Malayali Mask
Malayali Mask 8 timmar sedan
Vision didn't do anything. If he was on fight team cap wouldn't leave there
ATF06 8 timmar sedan
Imagine how one sided this could be if Pietro had stayed alive. This fight scene would have ended much faster.
Liam Brown
Liam Brown 10 timmar sedan
Anyone else wonder what would've have happened if thor and hulk joined the battle.
Team Lando Norris
Team Lando Norris 10 timmar sedan
I heard rumors that Drax was actually in this scene along with Peacemaker.
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 13 timmar sedan
Cap and wanda carried
Sid Tom
Sid Tom 14 timmar sedan
The real losers are the janitors who had to spend hours scraping off the web!
Sid Tom
Sid Tom 14 timmar sedan
Screw the destruction of the airport, but imagine how painful it must’ve been to have to clean up all that web fluid!
B. Ran
B. Ran 14 timmar sedan
Vision didn’t do shit the whole fight except shoot his own teammate War Machine at the end smh
Raheem Gulabe
Raheem Gulabe 17 timmar sedan
Captain America is like 100 years old.
RAKESH RANJAN 20 timmar sedan
I. Love Iron man
INMAX TV 22 timmar sedan
my favorit
Alphara HAROLD ツ
Alphara HAROLD ツ 23 timmar sedan
Tbh, I really disappointed of this fighting scene 😣 I'm a big fan of Marvel tho but here, I've no idea what they're doing. I swear they could do more than this. Y'all know how powerful Wanda is. I've no idea why she just throwing cars and people instead of using chaos magic and hypnotize them. Vision is also op. He could do much with his fighting skills like in Wanda Vision and the sense where he tried to stop Clint in that movie. Iron Man and War Machine ? C'mon, they just destroyed a lot of robots and villains. Where's their cool technologies and weapons ?? Duh 😒 And giant ant man, I swear he could do more than standing and busy with the spider. I'm not talking about killing each other. But I feel like they really didn't use so much powers and abilities that they possess. The script is low key in there.
Madison Johnson
Madison Johnson Dag sedan
*THE GIRLS:18+ ARE* VISITSME.UNO SEmost: THIS ID FINE SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK'' SEmost: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #такой #рыбачков ..u #垃圾
mikel peter
mikel peter 5 timmar sedan
Rubel. H+D
Rubel. H+D Dag sedan
28 Tanmaya Ande
28 Tanmaya Ande Dag sedan
3:17 I've never seen this panic on Tonys face. Because, in Iron man 3, he's always moving around, when he has a panic attack
Uncle_Pepe Dag sedan
Fun fact: Talking like adults actually led to this
Isaac Lee
Isaac Lee Dag sedan
Ironmans team mvp: Spiderman 3 knockdowns. Caps team mvp: Scarlet witch 3 knockdowns and 2 saves.
Soslan Razmadze
Soslan Razmadze Dag sedan
. ჺ
Babu Sudha
Babu Sudha Dag sedan
RootySauce Dag sedan
I love how its “team iron man” and “team cap” when in actuality its a fight because of the sokovia accords. I guess they forgot all about that and focused on just the fighting and snappy remarks to eachother. Loved it when it came out, but looking how the story is pretty much a back up and extremely subtle in the fact that its basically ignored over the fighting. Also useless side conversations that honestly just promote the actor more than the story.
dipsan parajuli
dipsan parajuli Dag sedan
dipsan parajuli
dipsan parajuli Dag sedan
Kenji Wa
Kenji Wa Dag sedan
Dear, oh dear. Some plusses: Black Panther, excellent from the voice to the moves. Spidey, decent. Iron Man, great suit. But... Clunky dialogue (compared to the comic, way more intelligent and complex in terms of plot and lines) Wrong casting for some (Steve Rogers, really? Too young, and already used as the former Johnny Storm, Scarlett Johansson who thinks frowning like a baby waiting for a bottle equates to acting, plus not the right temperament or accent for Natasha), Lame characters (in the comics, you had the Fantastic Four, Daredevil, the X-Men, the Punisher and so on. here you get meh second raters like Hawkeye-zzzzz) Spidey sounding like Daniel-san with his insufferable "Mr Stark" BS. Parker is as clever as Stark. NO need to make him his groupie. In the comic, you had the whole Marvel universe tearing itself apart and fighting in two camps. Here, you get 6 characters running like playground bozos at half a dozen drongos. The action is decent as mindless entertainment but what a superficial and ultimately inferior result to the Comic.
Tom Holland
Tom Holland Dag sedan
I was saying jokes im always saying jokes
Tom Holland
Tom Holland Dag sedan
I wish i win
salim N.s
salim N.s Dag sedan
Where you gonna met spider-man from another multiverse
salim N.s
salim N.s Dag sedan
HEY peter
Kevin Nigins
Kevin Nigins Dag sedan
Idc what anyone says, this will always be the best mcu movie
Jania Andrew
Jania Andrew Dag sedan
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Naeem Alalwani
Naeem Alalwani Dag sedan
bwilcox4313 Dag sedan
We all know who carried here. The second the laugh track begins, you're fucked.
peace walker
peace walker Dag sedan
Most dumbest battle in mcu
3zeez Ibrahim
3zeez Ibrahim Dag sedan
Linda L.
Linda L. Dag sedan
*Black Panther: Wy r u running?*
Lamia Jahan
Lamia Jahan Dag sedan
Scarlett are the best fighter in MCU
かっクイ君 2 dagar sedan
T'Challa: "Then why did you run?" me: uhh, if a guy in black cat suit came after me with murder intention in full super human speed. Oh yes, i'd press the run button.
DentEater 2 dagar sedan
Notice how at 0:03 everyone in Tony’s lineup is focused and locked in on the enemy, except Black widow. She’s looking at Tony, and this may be (maybe accidental) foreshadowing that she isn’t 100% devoted to his cause.
Kraze 2 dagar sedan
Murica movie lol
MASHED UP MADLY 2 dagar sedan
Ant man has an option to become giant man while he was inside Tony...!
Dmoney Stop-Motion Studios
Dmoney Stop-Motion Studios 2 dagar sedan
Something I’m surprised not a lot of people talk about is the music of this scene, It doesn’t feel like those awesome clash musical moments like the clash in endgame, Instead it’s almost like a defeated theme which makes sense as this is where the bad guy finally won…….making friends into enemies
Ania Ivanova
Ania Ivanova 2 dagar sedan
Maybe this has already been referenced but is no one going to talk about that fact that Hawkeye...I repeat...Hawkeye... ran into melee range with the rest of them to fire his bow?
unopunto8 2 dagar sedan
Cheater Soulzz1
Cheater Soulzz1 2 dagar sedan
What i don’t get is that black panther can barely take Bucky but Spider-Man beat falcon and Bucky without trying
JAMANA BHARATH 2 dagar sedan
"Let's imagine if THOR & HULK were part of this battle ..... " Oh wait , "There would be no airport left 😬...."
JAMANA BHARATH 3 timmar sedan
@Caleb Donaldson rgt 😄
Caleb Donaldson
Caleb Donaldson 9 timmar sedan
We'd have a few busted skulls and bones lying around... O.O
Jon 2 dagar sedan
Ironman, WM, vision, spiderman, each of them can solo the cap team minus wanda by themselves.
EK 2 dagar sedan
"We´re still friends, right?" "Depends on how hard you hit me" Me and my siblings in a nutshell
joker patan
joker patan 2 dagar sedan
Joker paten
King KJW
King KJW 2 dagar sedan
To see them all standing against each other YOU CAN’T SAY THAT’S NOT COOL🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Jemi James
Jemi James 2 dagar sedan
Billy Korando
Billy Korando 2 dagar sedan
Cap wildly misjudges Spidey's strength/resilience and ends up crushing him to death when he knocks down the jetway.
Mr P
Mr P 2 dagar sedan
I'm surprised they didn't make a Moba game based of this scene
Psycho J
Psycho J 2 dagar sedan
This is one of my favorite movies. But it seems nobody likes war machine, because he's took a brutal beat down by the opposing team and from one of his teammates to the point where he needed enhance machinery to walk again.
The Dark World
The Dark World 2 dagar sedan
Did spider man win
James Brennan
James Brennan 2 dagar sedan
If Thor was against Wanda she’d get clapped
Jameswater Water
Jameswater Water 2 dagar sedan
Team Iron Man!!!
1SLUGGO1 2 dagar sedan
uh, why'd it cut off? that was not the end of the fight.
Thomas Topkas
Thomas Topkas 2 dagar sedan
Archangel Stormrider
Archangel Stormrider 2 dagar sedan
Awesome scene. Love this movie
Babs Grayson
Babs Grayson 3 dagar sedan
Lmao do they choose who they wanna fight beforehand? Like what if they run and 3 people gang up on one person at once.
Filip Miszczu
Filip Miszczu 3 dagar sedan
Sabriye ÜNLÜ
Sabriye ÜNLÜ 3 dagar sedan
Han H
Han H 3 dagar sedan
2:50 Just realized other than this interaction, Steve and Peter never really properly hang out or work together :( I feel like Steve could definitely be a great role model or mentor, especially in a battle situation.
Han H
Han H 2 dagar sedan
@1SLUGGO1 Totally agree and I have nothing against the Tony/Peter dynamic. I'm just sad that, given the current circumstance of Cap in the MCU, kinda wish Spider-man and Captain America have more time together on screen. Maybe them training together, a 16-year-old and a war vet, at Avengers HQ, having an on screen Spider-man/Captain America team-up attack/move (like Ironman blasting Cap's shield to create a reflective beam blast move in the first Avengers, a nod to the Marvel Ultimate Alliance game). Or maybe they could spend time together in New York as Steve Rogers and Peter Parker, a man from Brooklyn and a kid from Queens. Idk.
1SLUGGO1 2 dagar sedan
Well, they were forcing the idea that Tony could be a role model after he repeatedly basically proves through most of his movies that he isn't at all. Considering his comic version is a depressed alcoholic, it was a bit of a twist. Also, since they are both geniuses it makes a little sense, as even though Steve is a role model, they don't really have anything in common other than having muscle.
STER Gaming
STER Gaming 3 dagar sedan
Fun fact: Hawkeye actually has Antman as his Level 3 super in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Tesar7060 3 dagar sedan
My question is, why did they fight? like ik they had a disagreement but in what?
Billy Presley
Billy Presley 3 dagar sedan
This movie is like having the best desserts in one serving
hyperion 3 dagar sedan
Izaiah Clayton
Izaiah Clayton 3 dagar sedan
No Iron Man's team is cooler😉💯🔥🔥
Jason Obrien
Jason Obrien 3 dagar sedan
The heavenly heavy hellish grill admittedly post because deadline jointly depend following a obeisant canada. painstaking, able cement
Punisher 3 dagar sedan
Where's captain deadpool
hyperion 3 dagar sedan
:( we want ya so bad and ghost rider too
Punisher 3 dagar sedan
Where's me
Sha 3 dagar sedan
Good team
Monkey_Trouble 3 dagar sedan
Sigh, another one of this old, idiotic joke
Ingrid Mambru
Ingrid Mambru 3 dagar sedan
Salkimo pro gamer
Salkimo pro gamer 3 dagar sedan
Nice fight
Salkimo pro gamer
Salkimo pro gamer 3 dagar sedan
Nice fight
Anasko İsko
Anasko İsko 3 dagar sedan
Bsxjdnjf fkc
Anasko İsko
Anasko İsko 3 dagar sedan
feodor max
feodor max 3 dagar sedan
I like spider man and ant man
feodor max
feodor max 3 dagar sedan
I love it
Jesse Mihayo
Jesse Mihayo 3 dagar sedan
I think the most awesome part was when 2 New-Yorkers introduced each other...
TAMIM TTT KING 3 dagar sedan
lorde's purse
lorde's purse 3 dagar sedan
the security watching this: 👁️👄👁️
hyperion 3 dagar sedan
Scarlet witch is OP
Jon 4 dagar sedan
Let's be serious, this "fight" shouldn't have lasted longer than 10 seconds.
Alphara HAROLD ツ
Alphara HAROLD ツ 23 timmar sedan
Wanda could just hypnotize all of them, duh 😣
atif Dag sedan
@Kevin Nigins well they're adults, they could have done it verbally instead
Kevin Nigins
Kevin Nigins Dag sedan
@atif explain please, how it could’ve been avoided. I’d love to know.
atif Dag sedan
and wasn't even necessary
Princewill Nwannah
Princewill Nwannah 4 dagar sedan
Rip wakanda
Roshan Rai
Roshan Rai 4 dagar sedan
Meanwhile Thor and hulk
Nikhil Raj
Nikhil Raj 4 dagar sedan
And they think DC is best, lol
hyperion 3 dagar sedan
What's good about this? Jokes bad cinematography Also mcu is better than mcu till now (added that so ya won't start calling me dc nerd)
imrane jabri
imrane jabri 4 dagar sedan
Jacen The Vessel
Jacen The Vessel 4 dagar sedan
2:46 Are we just gonna ignore the fact that Cap was literally about to crush a kid.
archna Sinha
archna Sinha 4 dagar sedan
Op iron Man
joe mathews
joe mathews 4 dagar sedan
Why this school kids are fighting 😁
All Kindz
All Kindz 4 dagar sedan
Somewhere out there, Red Guardian just chilling in prison. Lol
Leonardo 4 dagar sedan
Team captain Ohio
ACE FREHLEY 4 dagar sedan
Godtuber Trunks
Godtuber Trunks 4 dagar sedan
Imagine if there was deadpool
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