Shady MLM Scams Getting CALLED OUT On Social Media - REACTION

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Charlotte Dobre

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Shady MLM Scams Getting CALLED OUT On Social Media - REACTION
Hey ya'll! Today on my channel we are reacting to some shady MLM scams getting called out on social media. Multi-level marketing scams are EVERYWERE and extremely annoying. Arbonne, Younique, Monat, Mary Kay, the last goes on and on. But there's an entire reddit group dedicated to exposing and calling out MLMs and we're going to laugh at the screenshots today. Enjoy :)
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Hi, I'm Charlotte Dobre. I'm an actor, reactor, singer and sometimes (not really) comedian. On this channel I do reactions, commentary and occasionally I crack a joke or two. I upload daily, usually 7 days a week, unless life gets crazy or I get lazy. Come hang out, it's a good time.
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Charlotte Dobre
Charlotte Dobre 22 dagar sedan
I think this one is gonna upset some people 😬
Lifes The Hardest Game
Lifes The Hardest Game 3 dagar sedan
Sod them!! Everyone is so desperate for money now we're all in the same boat were just on different waters... I think when you're trying to support s family you'll try Anything....
Simona Širkaitė
Simona Širkaitė 3 dagar sedan
calling out? aren't you the same? :D working from home advertising. Just marketing. Like let's be fair here. All cool tho.
Jennifer Turner
Jennifer Turner 8 dagar sedan
I’m here for it. 🥂😳🤌🏽
Potus Forus
Potus Forus 11 dagar sedan
pt 2 pls 💛
Lara Palma
Lara Palma 11 dagar sedan
@Random Ramblings or that they fell for it
Karen McDonald
Karen McDonald 6 timmar sedan
Kot Niezależny
Kot Niezależny 7 timmar sedan
Meghan Gates
Meghan Gates 7 timmar sedan
Adylaa R
Adylaa R 8 timmar sedan
Is Amway considered MLM? My mom always joined companies like amway and cosway. BUT instead of selling it my mom just enjoy the member price for herself. Sometimes shed ask friends if they want any products and buy it together at the same price (each use their own money for their stuffs) its like, enjoying better promo prices. She stop because my father hates her idea of good products.
xGhostiiex 8 timmar sedan
Eadgyt Adba
Eadgyt Adba 11 timmar sedan
TrueGrit Granny
TrueGrit Granny 13 timmar sedan
My friend sells oils, she calls her cult the oily friends, I always ask how are her greasy friends? She corrects me, I smile.
Laura Scarberry
Laura Scarberry 14 timmar sedan
Alex 18 timmar sedan
Lindsey Dominguez
Lindsey Dominguez Dag sedan
okay Charlotte, I need that shelf in the back behind you. Where do I find it? lol
Marie Fischer
Marie Fischer Dag sedan
Alia Ansari Mohamed
Alia Ansari Mohamed Dag sedan
Sandra Pitharoulis
Sandra Pitharoulis Dag sedan
Amber M
Amber M Dag sedan
random Swiftie
random Swiftie Dag sedan
Stephanie Toler
Stephanie Toler Dag sedan
Love this for you
Subatomic Kitty
Subatomic Kitty Dag sedan
I didn't join an MLM to sell or get anyone else into it. I purely did it for the discount, haha.
Stephen Dag sedan
Now i see where the female boss babe culture arose out of it...I want no part of it
Freak Tewy
Freak Tewy Dag sedan
Jessica Bay
Jessica Bay 2 dagar sedan
Omg this is hysterical.
Jessica Bay
Jessica Bay 2 dagar sedan
Part 2 please. It’s good to expose this crap. I’m so sick of it. 💛
Bo 2 dagar sedan
Portia RUReady?
Portia RUReady? 2 dagar sedan
Triflin ass heffa with the oils for dead students!!!
lindsay goode
lindsay goode 2 dagar sedan
Zana 2 dagar sedan
Andi 3 dagar sedan
BlackoutKalico Beta
BlackoutKalico Beta 3 dagar sedan
Funny thing... One of my moms friends liferally travel around the world just by selling omnilife. So it works for her. She is not an influencer or anything she just sell a fuck Ton of stuff. So I guess it can work its just very very rare. In my experience with those products they helped me to get rid of strong allergy and digestive problems. So I got lucky
Lifes The Hardest Game
Lifes The Hardest Game 3 dagar sedan
💛 personally I would have used the 💰 because of the topic of the video...
Kia McDougal
Kia McDougal 3 dagar sedan
aubrey charles
aubrey charles 3 dagar sedan
Leigh Preston
Leigh Preston 3 dagar sedan
Kenzie 3 dagar sedan
The cards are real but she clearly didnt have those funds on the card. hahaha!
TrueGrit Granny
TrueGrit Granny 3 dagar sedan
MLMs are a laugh. Barbies on steroids
Anne Dunkel
Anne Dunkel 3 dagar sedan
💛 this add breaks in this video where adds for a pyramid scheme 😳..
Heather Blair
Heather Blair 3 dagar sedan
Mimi 74
Mimi 74 3 dagar sedan
💛 I grew up with a mother who has gleefully thrown money at just about every "pyramid scheme" out there, starting in the early 80's to her current love of juice+, but of course she is her own best customer. I can smell these schemes a mile away.
Lisa Panek
Lisa Panek 3 dagar sedan
Travel Mom
Travel Mom 3 dagar sedan
It isn't that the CC from Younique was fake--it is that she didn't use it to pay the bill. The bonus card evidently didn't have enough $ on it.
Sara 3 dagar sedan
I got approached at Walmart by a girl I went to high school with, it was awkward to decline her MLM without laughing in her face
Lprkon72 3 dagar sedan
Deanna Casebeer
Deanna Casebeer 4 dagar sedan
Yes please, definitely part 2 💛
Anahi Hernandez
Anahi Hernandez 4 dagar sedan
💛 Monat is scary. I have a friend in it. I warned here it was a pyramid scheme, and she said that if I hadn't tried the products I shouldn't be saying anything. Sad
Belinda Goodwin
Belinda Goodwin 4 dagar sedan
Michelle Moreira Arquiteta
Michelle Moreira Arquiteta 4 dagar sedan
Part 2, pleaseeeee 💛
Jam5bam 4 dagar sedan
Danielle Renke
Danielle Renke 4 dagar sedan
karla Knapper
karla Knapper 4 dagar sedan
Christina 709
Christina 709 4 dagar sedan
Virginia viola
Virginia viola 4 dagar sedan
eugenia palacios
eugenia palacios 4 dagar sedan
Debbie Lynn
Debbie Lynn 4 dagar sedan
Bunkyman 4 dagar sedan
Charlotte, I love you, you're so funny! Keep exposing these idiots!
Ashley H
Ashley H 5 dagar sedan
What camera do you use?
Alicia Morales
Alicia Morales 5 dagar sedan
TheBuddha1982 5 dagar sedan
Diane L
Diane L 5 dagar sedan
LoveCeCi Cc
LoveCeCi Cc 5 dagar sedan
Your video getting boring
R L 5 dagar sedan
💛 Lol.
Mavreen Espinosa
Mavreen Espinosa 5 dagar sedan
Brittany S
Brittany S 5 dagar sedan
One of my little brothers friends brought over a pamphlet on behalf of his mother and asked us if we would buy something from her catalog. It was clearly an mlm. My mom felt bad enough she bought a $15 whisk, which I’m pretty sure was one of the cheapest things you could buy but she didn’t want to buy anything else overpriced and junky. 😬 Feel bad for both mom and kid, but not enough to buy anything... feel like I’d somehow get subscribed to every mlm email out there or something
Laura Pustika
Laura Pustika 5 dagar sedan
Samantha Michniewicz
Samantha Michniewicz 5 dagar sedan
Charmaine Flecha
Charmaine Flecha 5 dagar sedan
Norma Hough
Norma Hough 5 dagar sedan
Felicia Lundkvist Famme
Felicia Lundkvist Famme 6 dagar sedan
Davina Campbell
Davina Campbell 6 dagar sedan
Actually as of 2 months ago, in the state of Fla McDonalds pays 9.00 per hr..definitely not decent wage.
Megan Elizabeth
Megan Elizabeth 6 dagar sedan
bellou72 6 dagar sedan
Ariel Gimongala
Ariel Gimongala 6 dagar sedan
Rachel Remalante
Rachel Remalante 6 dagar sedan
Xanna Patsalides
Xanna Patsalides 6 dagar sedan
Part II us up Lady!
Kamal LB
Kamal LB 6 dagar sedan
Happened with my family. So the other family was into this bs. And they called us selfish when we declined their offers 👁️👄👁️
SciFi Bri
SciFi Bri 6 dagar sedan
a yellow heart
SciFi Bri
SciFi Bri 6 dagar sedan
Regarding the Arbonne/Monat text I did a very similar thing to a scammer. I gave the number of another scammer to a new scammer LOL!
Victoria McGuire-Rainone
Victoria McGuire-Rainone 6 dagar sedan
Samantha Clement
Samantha Clement 6 dagar sedan
Taylor Ellison
Taylor Ellison 7 dagar sedan
Ferol Halo
Ferol Halo 7 dagar sedan
Is scheme one of those words pronounced differently in Canada or are you doing this separately? Like when I order no cool wHip
Katryana OranGe
Katryana OranGe 7 dagar sedan
My roommate "sells" Monat, and I say that because she has never sold anything ONLY buys stuff for herself to try 😂 over $5,000 down the drain. I'm not kidding! Unbelievable.
Jen D
Jen D 7 dagar sedan
Sarah Hassan
Sarah Hassan 7 dagar sedan
Beverly Glover
Beverly Glover 7 dagar sedan
Oh yeah, and I need a part 2! 💛
Beverly Glover
Beverly Glover 7 dagar sedan
Brandy Morgan
Brandy Morgan 7 dagar sedan
TheX137 7 dagar sedan
Nicole Knable
Nicole Knable 7 dagar sedan
NORARARA 7 dagar sedan
I started laughing at the thumbnail.
Rachael Booher
Rachael Booher 7 dagar sedan
Katrina Christie Loynd
Katrina Christie Loynd 7 dagar sedan
Belle Black
Belle Black 7 dagar sedan
DAE love the way Charlotte says scheme?
Alex Jones
Alex Jones 7 dagar sedan
“It’s not a pyramid scheme!! It’s a ✨t r i a n g l e ✨o p p o r t u n i t y✨
Samantha 7 dagar sedan
Darla Lent
Darla Lent 8 dagar sedan
Scheme is cute. Monat is not lol. But her laugh is amazing!
Samantha Calloway
Samantha Calloway 8 dagar sedan
An ad on the video was for an mlm lmfaooo
DaMora Upchurch
DaMora Upchurch 8 dagar sedan
Antonia Torres
Antonia Torres 8 dagar sedan
Rachael Hyatt
Rachael Hyatt 8 dagar sedan
Julianne Morris
Julianne Morris 8 dagar sedan
Brittney Morrisey
Brittney Morrisey 8 dagar sedan
Pt2 pt2 pt2!
Ana Foster
Ana Foster 9 dagar sedan
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