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The Cosmic Wonder

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Marvel Studios Eternals official teaser trailer! Marvel's Eternals official teaser trailer breakdown! Our first full look at the Eternals in their full costumes! And we got an Avengers reference! Marvel Eternals teaser trailer breakdown and easter eggs. Marvels Eternals starring Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Kumail Nanjiani, Richard Madden, Kit Harrington and more. Eternals is Marvel Studios most ambitious MCU phase 4 and Marvel movie yet!

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The Cosmic Wonder
The Cosmic Wonder 2 månader sedan
WHAT A TRAILER! This was honestly one of my favorite trailers ever! What did you think about that AVENGERS REFERENCE?! WOOF WOOF! STORMBREAKER GIVEAWAY!!!!! HOW TO ENTER: -Subscribe to my channel -Subscribe to Cosmic Culture --- Subscribe To My Channel:
paul kuczko
paul kuczko 2 månader sedan
The🥃🤬e ZSSSrsrzsz exe tree l I
William Pattison
William Pattison 2 månader sedan
This trailer was shit and it's sad they had to reference the avengers to get people talking. Don't remember the Guardians mentioning the Avengers in those trailers
Achilleon 2 månader sedan
Favorite trailer for a movie that looks like it should be a tv show? There is nothing shown and it contradicts itself during the trailer. They have never helped, but it clearly shows them "helping" civilization.
Jokerfan45 2 månader sedan
It's possible that Druig is the one mind controlling those people with rifles, and it looks like he's part of that scene. His character summary mentions that he has disagreements with the rest of the Eternals.
Rajdeep Dhar ee15d310
Rajdeep Dhar ee15d310 2 månader sedan
great extraordinary trailer......fantastic one......
Viet Le
Viet Le Dag sedan
something no one cares about we want the silver surfer and galactus
Cinza Fénix
Cinza Fénix 5 dagar sedan
Satanic Illuminati ?
Creepy Crawlers
Creepy Crawlers 8 dagar sedan
Scully FBI
Scully FBI 10 dagar sedan
The Eternals are the Anunnaki
Aminingrum 10 dagar sedan
all the matias de stefano story come to live....
Skessis Alive
Skessis Alive 16 dagar sedan
Oh man.. seeing Rob, I mean Richard Madden at a wedding.. I need a Xanax
19EHF 19 dagar sedan
The Eternals during the ENTIRE MCU saga ........oh thats cute. Anyway wanna order more pizza?
JESUS IS LORD 22 dagar sedan
“And this is eternal life, that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” -JESUS ‭‭John‬ ‭17:3‬ ‭
Brandon Beck
Brandon Beck Månad sedan
I personally think the thing Festus was building at the beginning is a model of the World Tree from Thor...ta least it looks like that to me
Shaken Grain
Shaken Grain Månad sedan
VERY far removed from the Avengers. Not sure enough continuity to care about future movies. Too much evil, sorcery, magic, gods with a little "g". Too much belittling of humanity. Ordinary Hollywood. Thought they could do better than this.
Lewis Harris
Lewis Harris Månad sedan
The red material in the background at 7:50 looks like the Ether from Thor.
Dee CountDown Channel
Dee CountDown Channel Månad sedan
Im absolutely craving this movie neeeed to finally go see this!!!!!!
Anthony Jackson Jr
Anthony Jackson Jr Månad sedan
The three of the externals coming together looks a lot like the time keepers from Loki. I wonder are they related 🤔🤔🤔
Shawnzie Boy
Shawnzie Boy Månad sedan
I wonder if we will see Ultimus
Timothy Morigeau
Timothy Morigeau Månad sedan
I’ve been waiting forever for this movie.
Broski MaKorski
Broski MaKorski Månad sedan
mind controlling is obviously druig
vivek k.
vivek k. Månad sedan
Knife was given by cersi , this breakdown is so dumb
Yt Free
Yt Free Månad sedan
vanessa gg
vanessa gg Månad sedan
So basically story of possibly annunaki(aka ufos )and the indigenous( first creation beings ) (first stage nomads)/ original beings on the earth and how things started here, wrapped up with “marvel” flare added🙌🏾 . Can’t wait to watch ! Every thing is being revealed lol 😆
SuperSayainShinobi Månad sedan
So we have Aegon Targaryen and Robb Stark together again? Upcoming masterpiece
Maiv Paj
Maiv Paj Månad sedan
Nice! I like your Power Rangers Origin breakdown. I meant Eternals.
Toby Redsull
Toby Redsull Månad sedan
Could that knife maybe kill an eternal so there trying to show trust it something?
Taylor Del Rey
Taylor Del Rey Månad sedan
Everything Angelina Jolie touches turns to bland.
Carol Fox
Carol Fox Månad sedan
This movie looks fantastic
Loutzenheiser Månad sedan
This look really good!
Camden310 Månad sedan
He said surzi instead of sursi
Robert Jones Vistal
Robert Jones Vistal 2 månader sedan
It's kind of just parents guiding there children and letting the children sort themselves out
Carolyn Nunes
Carolyn Nunes 2 månader sedan
The blue wall surrounding that first city is just like the walls of ancient Babylon!
Ron 2 månader sedan
So is it insane?
Anthony LaGreca
Anthony LaGreca 2 månader sedan
Very excited to see this film! Fantastic trailer!!
Joseph Marchand
Joseph Marchand 2 månader sedan
Hawk Man
Hawk Man 2 månader sedan
This is gonna be a great movie
Warren Luis
Warren Luis 2 månader sedan
This is going to be epic!
Jozay Zay
Jozay Zay 2 månader sedan
What if her twins are Wanda and Petro?
Rocky Z
Rocky Z 2 månader sedan
That’s a Hard No for me.
JEFFREY JANOYAN 2 månader sedan
Leonardo Santos
Leonardo Santos 2 månader sedan
Now this is definitely super exciting news for all of us everywhere. From this video, it looks like we finally have our official trailer at the Eternals. Now, this breakdown of the official trailer of the movie is super awesome and really helpful in many ways, in regards to what could possibly happen in the movie. Like for the most part, the trailer gave us a look through about each individual eternal and what they're/they'll be like. It was also clever to reference real-life to what would be in the movie. Might I also point out that, the parts right where Thena is starting to show us what she can do with her sword and where Kingo is Bollywood dancing, the men with them, has shields that look a lot like Captain America's shield, I wonder why that would be an easter egg. But of course the important scenes do seem to be understandable to take place as well. Finally and most importantly, we partially got the answer to the question we had about the group in the part where they're having a feast, so that's pretty good odds, but I'm sure we'll get the full answer in the movie. So thank you 3,000 for sharing us this and hopefully, everything from this video will come true so that it can all lead up to the Eternals being as awesome as this official trailer was when it releases on November 5th. It still really disappoints me that almost every Marvel and Sony project has been delayed due to the pandemic that we're currently in right now. But even though this gets more disappointing day by day as most movies and TV shows get delayed or postponed, we all still need to understand that its only for own health. So I hope like everybody else that everyone stays safe and healthy. I'll be absolutely looking forward to the Marvel Legends Stormbreaker giveaway. I absolutely hope that I'll be the winner on SEmost because I don't have any Marvel merchandise of any kind.
Stephanie Caterinicchio
Stephanie Caterinicchio 2 månader sedan
Ancient Babylon and one of the Eternals is name Nimrod the king of Babylon/tower of bable. Also intresting is you could say Eternals/Watchers/Angels. Nephilm where half god half man the land or city of Ur is where Abraham (The Father of all nations) came from in Iraq where God told him to leave becouse of all the Idols they worshipped. The land of Ur is recently where the Pope visited in Irag. Lots in this movie has double meanings, being "Snap" meaning half of Humans are gone is a Rapture scenario all this is s in the Bible/End of the world and Enternals return after the church/Half of the himans is gone, all hell breaks lose on the earth. One last thing they are saying Eternals are living amonst human all alone, hidden but here.
Emmanuel Jai Ramirez
Emmanuel Jai Ramirez 2 månader sedan
Do you think half of Eternals vanished in Thanos snap? It would be epic if they say it in the movie🤣🤣
Peter McCarthy
Peter McCarthy 2 månader sedan
How dumb “they barely invented the wheel” and need help growing food to survive but they can weave fine cloth and sew clothes!
Katerina Elefantova
Katerina Elefantova 2 månader sedan
The city in the trailer looks like Babylon, judging by the blue wall and gate - which looks like ishtars gate, an actual historical piece. Its in a museum in germany now.
KingJay 2 månader sedan
Monika Sienkiewicz
Monika Sienkiewicz 2 månader sedan
"Guiding them to accomplish wonders" - It means they allowed slavery and massacres through the entire history, including Thanos' snap to wipe up half of mankind. "We never interfered... until now" - Please, don't. We don't need you anymore.
T Byron
T Byron 2 månader sedan
Great break down
Pieter Gouws
Pieter Gouws 2 månader sedan
But icarus is bucky barns?
Pieter Gouws
Pieter Gouws 2 månader sedan
Nevermind Richard and Sebastian look very similar
MRSYSTEM96 2 månader sedan
So in the millions of possible futures that Doctor Strange saw into that Thanos won, would the Eternals have done anything in any of those timelines?
Ashiq Yasin
Ashiq Yasin 2 månader sedan
Is it just me or that knife looked like the one Thanos gave to young Gamora when his army was wiping off half of her tribe in Infinity War....
da guy
da guy 2 månader sedan
people are so gonna die to those who say this movie will suck
john smith
john smith 2 månader sedan
It's Babylon in Mesopotamia, and shows the Ishtar Gate
Raymond Reid
Raymond Reid 2 månader sedan
All the eternals have to come together to form the unimind.
Mr Ditkovich
Mr Ditkovich 2 månader sedan
Stormbreaker pleesse!!
Victor Mora
Victor Mora 2 månader sedan
The dagger is similar to the real artifact "Golden Dagger of Ur" discovered in 1927 estimated age around 2200- 2400BC mesopotamia.
Brim 2 månader sedan
Should I expect "internals" too because these marvel movies seem to be heading to a certain direction can't just put my finger to it.
#RoughRalph 2 månader sedan
Interesting honest review. I disagree about the meaning of what your definition of being an "Immortal" because you said "Thousands of years" Immortality means an unlimited Life where there's no end even when the cycles of life around them continue. Overall I left my review on the Teaser and respect Chloe zhao's effort for her first Marvel film as Director. It has many interesting scenes inspired by truths and would love to work with Marvel In the near future If not one of DC's future films. The film reflects Chloe's passion and it's cute like her...Peace
Craig S.
Craig S. 2 månader sedan
Fallen angels aliens as gods to mankind brainwashing agenda and prep looks slow, boring, operatic and destined to probably be a flop for Marvel.
lyanne 2 månader sedan
that's not mesopotamia, thats straight up babilon. its the same exact gate
Cyrsztof 2 månader sedan
The wall is clearly a wonder of the ancient world, specifically - The Great Gate of Ishtar. So it's Babylon.
Jeff Carver
Jeff Carver 2 månader sedan
Could John Wick be Cane... You know from the Bible....
Nazar Margarian
Nazar Margarian 2 månader sedan
Μάλλον πατάτα ειναι
Ernesto Pediangco
Ernesto Pediangco 2 månader sedan
Funny how these ancient tribal humans must already invented razor blades to shave clean with lol.
Jemma & Leo Fitz
Jemma & Leo Fitz 2 månader sedan
I was thinking the boy was the 1st mutant ever, Apocalypse. It might explain how the mutants got started. Your probably right about it being Namor.
Tamarau Tiopira
Tamarau Tiopira 2 månader sedan
If they've been around the whole time, chances are they probably agreed with Thanos but not in the way he did it?
Sam Phan
Sam Phan 2 månader sedan
villain? mephisto??
Dani Costes
Dani Costes 2 månader sedan
The UNI-MIND is from the homeworld of the LGMs.
Ratpak g
Ratpak g 2 månader sedan
Lmao this dude does not know what hes talking about
Monsieur_BIR Gaming
Monsieur_BIR Gaming 2 månader sedan
6:30 ps vr
Yuri Solomon
Yuri Solomon 2 månader sedan
Yes I noticed that to lol
michael everest
michael everest 2 månader sedan
Hayak and Jolie are terrible, should have picked better actors for their parts. Hopefully they don't ruin the movie
Derek Barkus
Derek Barkus 2 månader sedan
For anybody that knows history and recognized that Ishtar Gate and Babylonian wall this story is given a Babylonian setting, interesting Marvel out of all places to choose.🤗
Tender Green Heart
Tender Green Heart 2 månader sedan
This is clearly inspired by the Anunnakis. I'm so excited because the trailer resonates so much for me. 200,000 years ago, the Pleiadians (the Anunnakis) came to Planet Earth and infused their DNA onto humanity. Their first landing spot was Hawaii at Mount Mauna Kea, where they built the purest civilization on Earth - Lemuria. If you look at the myths and legends of certain tribes on Earth, they spoke of appearance of spacecraft of ETs, some of which are clearly the Pleiadians. The Pleiadians are benevolent beings mandated by Creator Source to guide humanity. This very much resemble with the Eternals' trailer. The Anunnakis have reincarnated as many different Gods throughout history - such as the Greek pantheons, Sumerian Pantheons, Egyptian Pantheons, etc. They have also reincarnated as normal humans many times - the likes of King Atlas, King David of Babylon, Sumerian royals, and many many others are such reincarnations. The likes of Buddha, Merlin, Yahweh (whom many know as Jesus), Isis, Diana, Venus, Zeus, Poseidon, Ishtar, Wonder Woman Daughter of Zeus etc etc are such beings. Even now, they walk among us. I'll give you one such Pleiadian Royal - Donald Trump. They have always walked among us as plain humans, not necessarily with superpowers in all their carnations and not necessarily remembering their whole selves of other lifetimes. They were tasked to guide humanity in a whole host of ways, technology, consciousness, spirituality, etc. Because planet Earth were invaded by Dark Forces which took over the planet thousands of years ago, Earth went down a dark path, where we had many bloodshed, wars, etc over millennias coming from a more previously enlightened state. Clearly the Deviants are Eternals' equivalent to the Dark Forces (Reptillians, Greys, Draconians, etc) who also walk among sometimes as humans now, especially among the establishment elite, influencing humanity negatively for eons. Long have the Pleiadians battled with these Dark Forces throughout history. I love the wonderful beautiful natural visuals of the Eternals because it reminds us of our connection with Planet Earth, Gaia itself, a living Divine Being. The Pleiadians taught us to be one with Gaia, as they have passed down these knowledge and traditions among the indigenous tribes of Earth. Gold is number color of the Anunnakis among other important colors, clearly reflected in the visuals of the Eternals. The golden geometric patterns of the powers of the Eternals resemble the Light Language of the Pleiadians and also golden codes and symbols that are infused into relics, artifacts and pyramids too which some gifted humans can see. The Pleiadians loved humanity, just like Sersei. I absolutely love that the movie explores many different cultures throughout history, reminiscent of humanity's rich story. Furthermore, the diverse cast of different races reflect the multiculturalism of the modern age. Chloe Zhao the director has said she wanted the Eternals as feeling like a close-knitted family. Which reminds me of the destiny of humanity where we are indeed all one huge family, which includes the benevolent Pleiadians and Star Nations, who are also our family. The other thing is that according to rumours, the Eternals' lost their memories and eventually regained them and got together to reunite to assist humanity again - this reminds me of the 144,000 Anunnaki souls who were reincarnated and tasked to catalyze the ascension of consciousness of humanity right now on Earth, slowly they are awakening to their past, finding their soul families to work together for this all-important purpose as called forth by Creator Source. It is not a coincidence that the Eternals are being shown right now to humans, as with many novels, comics, mangas, movies, stories are all downloaded by the Gods onto storytellers consciousness directly as they have secretly done so throughout history, as a way to guide humanity's consciousness towards awakening of who we all really are and what we ourselves are capable of. It is also not a coincidence that there were so many superhero movies these days. The superpower gifts will eventually and slowly be given to all of humanity. It is not just fiction, it is real, at high enough consciousness. If you look at the backstory of the Eternals, the Celestials would come down to Earth from time to time, to see if humans are worthy or not, which may result if the humans are being wiped out if not. The worthiness depends on the state of consciousness of the humans. If humans are still very much operating in lower base consciousness and emotions such as greed, power, bloodshed, control, power over others, jealousy, service to self, instead of love, compassion, peace, unity, harmony, respect, understanding, service to others, etc, then the Celestials will wipe humans out and start again. Something similar happened back in post-Atlantean times, when Earth experienced the Great Flood, because humans committed too much atrocities to our own fellow human beings. In fact, due to the influence of the Dark Ones, around 1950s to 2010s, the Creator Source considered wiping out humanity again to restart because we were going down a dark path that may eventually lead us to wipe ourselves out. However, Creator Source decided to forgive humanity and sent many Divine Beings, Divine Cosmic energies surrounding Earth, among which are also the 144,000 Anunnakis to assist in the ascension of consciousness of humanity. We have turned the tide, we are now on path to head towards a Golden Age that is greater than any Golden Age that has happened before, eons from now. We will build a planet like it has never been before, even if most cannot even begin to see it yet.
Bob Schwartz
Bob Schwartz 2 månader sedan
I thought Icarus was Bucky
Daniel MacDonald
Daniel MacDonald 2 månader sedan
This is going to be an amzing movie. Cannot wait for it.
Angel Valle
Angel Valle 2 månader sedan
Could the symbols be related to the ones in Agents of Shield?
Angel Valle
Angel Valle 2 månader sedan
I’m very exited to see this movie!
rohhubo riqipra
rohhubo riqipra 2 månader sedan
The magenta file macropharmacologically wonder because barbara cytologically branch up a languid gold. hysterical, straight tile
Fabrisse ter Brugghe
Fabrisse ter Brugghe 2 månader sedan
The Ishtar gate is Babylonian, not Mesopotamian.
T Malin
T Malin 2 månader sedan
Looking forward to this.
Benni Gruber
Benni Gruber 2 månader sedan
6:31 there Even is an PlaystationVR Headset amongst all of That garbage 😂😂 under the knights left leg
Fear the fury
Fear the fury 2 månader sedan
Give me stormbreaker
Amari Prince
Amari Prince 2 månader sedan
Someone let me guy know its actually Babylon , just dont want him sounding not smart lol
Za Harber
Za Harber 2 månader sedan
Avengemonus prime
Avengemonus prime 2 månader sedan
this trailer proves once and for all that eternals movie is canon
FBI 2 månader sedan
Who said it wasn’t? 😂
Alberto Portillo
Alberto Portillo 2 månader sedan
The thought of Jon Snow and Robb Stark in a love triangle over a girl named Cersei (Sersi) makes me feel like I’m in a different dimension
madambutrfly23 2 månader sedan
How do you know all this?
Ian Duarte
Ian Duarte 2 månader sedan
Would be cool if rather than Thanos being a deviant, it would be Apocalypse - and thus, introduction to mutants.
Christopher Williams
Christopher Williams 2 månader sedan
Looks like a crappy version of a National Geographic documentary.
reggaeearthunited 2 månader sedan
They stole again egyptian glory. Trying to say is gilgamesh, icarus or ajax just bullshit. But a lie cant buy a truth right???. So keep it trying it wont help you reach the golden truth. You are accountable of stealibg my kush african immortal black heritage. And the price of it is high. Right now already you show know. Look what your covid19 is doing to yourself : you are destroying yourself with illusion everyday a little more
OsyAccountability 2 månader sedan
Jacob LordBaneMasterSithDestroyer
Jacob LordBaneMasterSithDestroyer 2 månader sedan
Imma gonna have to disagree warren on this one this trailer was pretty underwhelming
Rocky Simpson
Rocky Simpson 2 månader sedan
Young Namor in the first couple seconds is pretty awesome.
John P
John P 2 månader sedan
The false familiar famous technician rapidly separate because air beverly label apud a labored silk. uninterested, average instruction
Unlimited Verses
Unlimited Verses 2 månader sedan
12:44 looks like the post credit scene from the avengers
Brody Avis
Brody Avis 2 månader sedan
It could’ve the gardens of babylon.
Celestine Flores
Celestine Flores 2 månader sedan
Really like it, can't wait to see it😆
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams 2 månader sedan
Apocalypse the first original mutant was born from the mutant X gene that was created by the celestials and eternal technology
MikeyTM B
MikeyTM B 2 månader sedan
The Crown Angelina wears is like a clock. I noticed the same symbol on a clock face on sprite
Shubham Samanta
Shubham Samanta 2 månader sedan
I just hope they dont fuk with indian gods or else Gov. will probably ban it :(
CASTLE VISION 2 månader sedan
Mike Evans
Mike Evans 2 månader sedan
And no black ppl at the beginning of human civilization..........because...disney
Joseph Cali
Joseph Cali 2 månader sedan
John Snow and Rob Stark fighting over Sersi? Who would have thought?
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