BLACK PANTHER 'Car Chase Scene Busan' Official Promo Clip (2018) Marvel SuperHero 4K

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After the events of Marvel's Captain America: Civil War, King T'Challa returns home to the reclusive, technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda to serve as his country's new leader. However, T'Challa soon finds that he is challenged for the throne from factions within his own country. When two foes conspire to destroy Wakanda, the hero known as Black Panther must team up with C.I.A. agent Everett K. Ross and members of the Dora Milaje, Wakanadan special forces, to prevent Wakanda from being dragged into a world war.

© 2018 The Walt Disney Company. | All Rights Reserved.

Latrisha Miller
Latrisha Miller 2 timmar sedan
I like black panther how he jumped off the car when the when it broke
Ren Filik
Ren Filik 17 timmar sedan
I love how psy and snoop dogs "hangover" song Is playing in Background
Brix Besa
Brix Besa 23 timmar sedan
2:15 that scene where the villain guy shoots the car using the machine gun is just epic cause the fire sound of the gun sound’s is the theme music of the avengers !!
Maharajakumar.S.S IT-2020
Maharajakumar.S.S IT-2020 Dag sedan
2:17 hello stepponwolf from justice league hello okoye from black panther calling modern weapons primitive while they use a axe and a spear
Maharajakumar.S.S IT-2020
Maharajakumar.S.S IT-2020 Dag sedan
who all noticed for bast's sake instead of for gods sake bast is their god
HN Classic
HN Classic Dag sedan
*Everyone Who sees this: You’re beautiful, and never give up your dreams, you are on this world for a reason! 💛*
Spider Carnage
Spider Carnage Dag sedan
I love it when he says put some music on that part made me laugh a lot😂🤣😂🤣the car chase scene is my second favourite scene in the film Make way for the king
Bishu Roy
Bishu Roy Dag sedan
1;10 which sound track?
Go shorts
Go shorts Dag sedan
Nakiya's landing just got me 🤣🤣🤣
VeX Watches
VeX Watches 2 dagar sedan
3:56 is my favourite part lol😂😂
Yashvs 3 dagar sedan
Andy Serkis was so good as Klaue
Kaycie With ie
Kaycie With ie 3 dagar sedan
“Guns... so primitive” god I love her XD
Zealix 3 dagar sedan
Honestly this movie has one of the coolest stories. Like when ta'challa is challenged to fight without the black panther powers (that thing they always consume) that is just co to in a super hero movie. A challenge to the throne
쌍냥 4 dagar sedan
In real Busan? you can't do like this . never
Sadia Afrin
Sadia Afrin 4 dagar sedan
New Black panther movie in 2021
Sadia Afrin
Sadia Afrin 4 dagar sedan
Black Panther Seen in wonderful awesome and amazing and fantastic
Naveen kumar Kardam
Naveen kumar Kardam 4 dagar sedan
I love avanger team . I love marvel heros. I like their magical and intellectual power.
DESTR0YAH 5 dagar sedan
R.I.P Chad Boseman, we all love him
ZhaoYun320 5 dagar sedan
Gotta love the cast they had for this film. Boseman was perfect for T'Challa, both portrayal and for style but mostly for his humor. Definitely love Serkis for how he went goofy to sinister in his parts as Klaw, but the best was the humor he brought. It's sad this film will be one of a kind. as painful as it is to admit, no one can match it. RIP Chadwick Boseman Wakanda Forever!
David 5 dagar sedan
Upset the avengers caused havoc where their people was. *Causes mayhem in another country.*
Toyota 4runner
Toyota 4runner 6 dagar sedan
What the hell are you doing to me?
Samantha Wilks
Samantha Wilks 7 dagar sedan
Oh come on he can do better than that
Dezimio 7 dagar sedan
0:43 ah yes we do infact hear his sneekers!
Thomas 8 dagar sedan
i wanna know what music was playing
Uncle Short-ti
Uncle Short-ti 9 dagar sedan
At 2:14 if you listen closely the bullet sounds, rhymes with avengers themes song
Afzal Shahapur
Afzal Shahapur 9 dagar sedan
Does anyone knows that music at 2:48?
Megsie Pooh Bear
Megsie Pooh Bear 9 dagar sedan
Still can't fathom, Chadwick is gone!
EmreCan Tekeli
EmreCan Tekeli 10 dagar sedan
ramiro cruz
ramiro cruz 10 dagar sedan
Man I'll never forget this movie!🌟💯
Uriel-Phoenix Afabigha Jr
Uriel-Phoenix Afabigha Jr 12 dagar sedan
Long Live the King. #GodBlessNigeria #GodBlessAfrica
Totally_Jotaro :L
Totally_Jotaro :L 12 dagar sedan
I’m too sad to even watch this clip
Taka Poi Poi
Taka Poi Poi 13 dagar sedan
Lmao she still holding that steering handle xD
Travis Singh
Travis Singh 15 dagar sedan
Qw oops I'm overwhelmed
Umer Best
Umer Best 16 dagar sedan
You're dead to me
derrick belvitt
derrick belvitt 19 dagar sedan
i thought the car was made out of vibranium how did the spear go through it
なんじょうたろう 20 dagar sedan
What this song name
5k.Just0 21 dag sedan
R.I.P chadwick 💔🕊
Jay Gucker
Jay Gucker 21 dag sedan
That LC500 tho...
Syawlan Ashar
Syawlan Ashar 21 dag sedan primitive
Andor Radnai
Andor Radnai 22 dagar sedan
2:30 Nakia‘s reaction is priceless!
Trisha Gaming
Trisha Gaming 23 dagar sedan
Thanks for the video
Edo-Motion 23 dagar sedan
GUN FACT: the arm cannon on klau’s arm dound just like ironman man’s repulser blast at 3:41
Gabriel Huajardo
Gabriel Huajardo 23 dagar sedan
kendrick lamar did such a great job with the soundtrack of this movie
David Lim
David Lim 24 dagar sedan
"Guns, so primitive." 🤣
Simmie Williams
Simmie Williams 25 dagar sedan
I really wanted to like this movie.
冰火_PUBG吃鸡游戏[主频道] 25 dagar sedan
2:44🤣🤣🤣🤣ah!!!!! 4:00🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂
Antonio Arreguin
Antonio Arreguin 25 dagar sedan
I,m Tina I love black panther movie
Bully magurie
Bully magurie 26 dagar sedan
A perfect black panther
28 Tanmaya Ande
28 Tanmaya Ande 28 dagar sedan
Got this from 'the canadian lad', when klau shoots at the car at 2:15, its the avengers theme music if you put it together.
Matheus Antonio
Matheus Antonio 29 dagar sedan
01:21 i love that music but i never discovered the name does it exist or just a remix made for the movie?
arsa tri bisma
arsa tri bisma Månad sedan
3:52 Indian movie be like:
Uthayakumar Subramaniam
Uthayakumar Subramaniam Månad sedan
Kevin Timoteus
Kevin Timoteus Månad sedan
Chadwick boseman the black panther is the coolest avenger ever...
Harshith Devaraju
Harshith Devaraju Månad sedan
The movie is good and super hero s
Kirrwayne Edwards
Kirrwayne Edwards Månad sedan
Hairilfuad fuad
Hairilfuad fuad Månad sedan
Iklan Snack video ganggu bat Asu
The MIB WORKSHOP Månad sedan
2:29 "Just drive." *I will handle those primitive beings with my shining spear*
LABIB WALIF Månad sedan
Rip black panther we miss you
Shaun Varghese Binu
Shaun Varghese Binu Månad sedan
RIP Chadwick Boseman. Long Live The King. 🖤🖤🖤
YK Status
YK Status Månad sedan
This scene never gets old
Elina75 Alice53
Elina75 Alice53 Månad sedan
The wide tendency ignificantly tow because alloy generally book per a unkempt railway. trite, sneaky nephew
Justin 4K
Justin 4K Månad sedan
What was that dont worry about it this is The moment you realise tchalla is a murderer
Morfin Månad sedan
Rip Chadwik Boseman ❤️💔
Alexander Counce
Alexander Counce Månad sedan
The great ones seem to die. Rest in Jah memory brah
Aiden Wilson
Aiden Wilson Månad sedan
Even though Chadwick boseman died he will always be the black panther
sosig Månad sedan
I really dont get why wakanda uses vibranium when they can just use proto adamantanium lmao
👑Sashenka Salas  the queen monsters 👑
👑Sashenka Salas the queen monsters 👑 Månad sedan
So cool
TelsaWolverine -
TelsaWolverine - Månad sedan
2:19 You use a spear and ride animals into battle. Stfu
Spiritual Entrepreneurs
Spiritual Entrepreneurs Månad sedan
Haha love the guns so primitive...real bad asses don't need guns and bullets when they themselves are the gun and bullet
AstronautYT Månad sedan
Pace's Crafts
Pace's Crafts Månad sedan
2:15 the same rythym as the avengers theme song Credits: The Canadian Lad
sasven Vasan
sasven Vasan Månad sedan
Black panther forever
Drizzy Dripzz
Drizzy Dripzz Månad sedan
It’s vibranium car you idiots 😂🤣
Stella willium
Stella willium Månad sedan
The late television undeniably tease because coin technically communicate beside a stereotyped interviewer. unruly, belligerent representative
asia akrami
asia akrami Månad sedan
Coolest scene ever
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma Månad sedan
1:52 that proud moment
Ralph Lukas
Ralph Lukas Månad sedan
The eager pot ipsilaterally type because drill dfly cheer down a educated sidewalk. responsible, rich dew
Elias Reed LOL
Elias Reed LOL Månad sedan
Best movie I ever watched
LHOJ Månad sedan
0:03 i think the man like " Resident Evil 3" who sit in the train compartment
Bindhu Sunish Mathew
Bindhu Sunish Mathew Månad sedan
Jarred Charmil Mones
Jarred Charmil Mones Månad sedan
I wish Chad wick is still alive😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏
Shreya Spencer
Shreya Spencer Månad sedan
2.17 min We know this beat 👍
Rush bush.
Rush bush. Månad sedan
Can someone tell me the song kloue is playing in his car😭?
TH1008 Game
TH1008 Game Månad sedan
0:59 that shot is amazing
Jared Munoz
Jared Munoz Månad sedan
Jamell Jones
Jamell Jones Månad sedan
R.i.p. Chadwick WAKANDA FOREVER!!!!
amuriri Månad sedan
Black panther has the best suit ever in marvel RIP king or we can say a legend Chadwick boseman☹️☹️🥺🥺😭 RiP Legend No One will replace you ❤️❤️im done with this, man. all of our favorite people passing away. RIP Chadwick Boseman.
Patrick vaxter
Patrick vaxter Månad sedan
She never get much praise but Okoye plays a pivotal role in this movie. She always protects her king at any cost. I love her.
That “woahh.. let’s go” line by Shuri was n will always be cheesy asf to me 😂😅
taupe Månad sedan
The background song + it's wakanda beats is just 💯
Yash Kumar
Yash Kumar Månad sedan
Runs on a person "Don't worry you're doing great" Typical line for Richest person on Earth
Leww7 Månad sedan
RIP King 👑💔😔😭 your the only Black Panther.
Yoni Krotenberg
Yoni Krotenberg Månad sedan
Andy Serkis just haveing the time of his life
Vxrtify Månad sedan
3:15 the most badass part of the film 😎
Shanon Leffler
Shanon Leffler Månad sedan
Claw was an awesome funny villain, loved that guy. But of course, rest in peace Chadwick, Wakanda forever!
Umer Best
Umer Best Månad sedan
This is Mcus version of Tokyo Drift
Yonel Nelson
Yonel Nelson Månad sedan
Peace Chadwick
Alessio Del Castillo
Alessio Del Castillo 2 månader sedan
I can't believe he's gone
Star!Sanses UvU
Star!Sanses UvU 2 månader sedan
RIP Chadwick Boseman
Star!Sanses UvU
Star!Sanses UvU 2 månader sedan
Black panther you will always remain in our hearts and like u said u want people to see the hero in them they did after all the movies u made u fought cancer RIP black panther u made me see the real hero…and that was…you…I love u black panther WAKANDA FOREVER
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