iJustine’s Unbelievably NERDY Studio House - EXPOSED!

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3 år sedan

What has a million Ethernet ports and even more Amiibos? iJustine's house!
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max 4 timmar sedan
When you watch that video and youre like im 14 and to broke to buy more than a 700 dollar gaming pc and this person has like a 1400 dollar one for nothing. It makes me so angry how could anybody do that too such tech.
smorange7 18 timmar sedan
I rewatched that intro like 10 times.
Timothy Martin
Timothy Martin 3 dagar sedan
just saw this...does the lightsabre vibrate secretly?
Dr Sanchita Shettigar
Dr Sanchita Shettigar 10 dagar sedan
When I know that iJustine was so right about smelling the book!
no name
no name 11 dagar sedan
i think justine should give those memo's to the subscribers because they need it for their videos
Mumads 17 dagar sedan
Linus digs for content so hard
Moritz Lässer
Moritz Lässer 18 dagar sedan
Those Apple books make the rtx titan seem like good value
highlander723 18 dagar sedan
it's too bad they don't get along very well... She could have easily been that step sister that line us never wanted I originally said sister but Madison takes that role now she's Linus's kid's sister.
Josh Mellon
Josh Mellon 18 dagar sedan
Dude..... the first iPhone was fucking huge lol. And it was going to be like $300 at first.
James Yeoman
James Yeoman 23 dagar sedan
Did linus really just call them "neoDYEmium drivers"?
iMac G3
iMac G3 23 dagar sedan
300 bucks Apple “designed by Apple at California” book - WTF Apple
STNB One 28 dagar sedan
Why didn't she just lift out the bee!
matejB13 29 dagar sedan
General squirrel
General squirrel 29 dagar sedan
Ethernet and coaxt mount in bathroom is asking for problems
General squirrel
General squirrel 29 dagar sedan
That book was 300 dollars. I can get it for free by using a printer
E G Månad sedan
The lonely pumpkin probably tip because talk simulteneously hang by a disagreeable keyboard. scary, redundant dimple
Kid Savvy
Kid Savvy Månad sedan
This is like my fourth time watching this.
Chris Ippolito
Chris Ippolito Månad sedan
linus's mic sounds like he is selling knives on qvc at 3am, buzzing on cocaine and 3 shots of tequila
Ty Månad sedan
This both is depressing and inspiring. I am gonna go buy a server rack now
bosso khan
bosso khan Månad sedan
The lamentable quicksand anatomically snatch because bakery utrastructurally spark notwithstanding a rare appeal. lean, insidious llama
digital subliminal messages
digital subliminal messages Månad sedan
S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S ... video / why would anybody need it in the bathroom/ // ... / Yeah baths are it//
瞅你咋地 Månad sedan
wow it would take me about 5 6life times to earn this much money
bunny kumari
bunny kumari Månad sedan
When you are that much RICH and Rich That someone comes to roast that you are rich iJustine : Suffering From Sucsess
ethanodonnell_ Månad sedan
So he just went past the Dyson at the end of the video?
EthanDaBassMan Månad sedan
THE S*** EMOJI!💩 That's my favorite part!
Big Ben Games
Big Ben Games Månad sedan
1200 dollars on 4 apple books wtf why?? Wrong kind of MacBook
Animal Awarness With Jackson the Budgie
Animal Awarness With Jackson the Budgie Månad sedan
so im not he only one with ethernet and coax in the bathroom...
xStellar ඞ
xStellar ඞ Månad sedan
She really need an actual professional organizer.
DONBUBRO Månad sedan
If she has so much wrapping paper all over the house maybe it's because she makes or recycles so many gifts .. she seems nice to me, maybe she has a big heart!
24680kong Månad sedan
0:53 Linus: "Features Neo-die-neum drivers" Excuse me?
Pouria Månad sedan
0:30 Apple fans when apple releases something even if it is a paper clip priced at 1000$
Aleksandar Skopje
Aleksandar Skopje Månad sedan
She has all but a husband 🤣🤣🤣
Dierks Vlogs
Dierks Vlogs Månad sedan
I fell bad for the mic and was the oh iPhone thicc with 2 c
Nifemi Adeyemi
Nifemi Adeyemi Månad sedan
Hello Kitty guitar iJustine is TheDooo confirmed
Sunny the Great
Sunny the Great Månad sedan
My god, she is rich beyond your wildest dreams
Sarah Blum
Sarah Blum Månad sedan
The enchanting rainbow comprehensively bathe because broker alternately yell at a unadvised wheel. horrible, null crop
Sago Månad sedan
7:16 fix it.
Daniel Månad sedan
Who the hell puts a ring in the middle of their door
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Månad sedan
this is what peak performance looks like
Paul Mohr
Paul Mohr Månad sedan
Justine is so lovely. She is Americas version of a Canadian.
Y Aakash
Y Aakash Månad sedan
He is just bear grylls with tech.
Valaris Games
Valaris Games Månad sedan
Why was he holding the lightsaber so gingerly... it's a lightsaber, dammit. A bladeless one, yes, but still a lightsaber.
Access Point Music
Access Point Music Månad sedan
Anyone watching in 2021?? When there are lockdowns happening and linus has the quarantine beard..
Pixar Månad sedan
3:13 he sure thought something else
Tobias Nielsen
Tobias Nielsen Månad sedan
3:11 I think we all know what Linus thought that light labre was.........
The A-Man42
The A-Man42 Månad sedan
What sucks is that fanboyism somehow brings out success. I know what im doing tonight
Flip The Rat
Flip The Rat Månad sedan
ijustine is one of my favs for sure. She’s dope. Keep up the good work
Netherite Månad sedan
geese linus your mic is kinda trash in this vid
Frant1c 2 månader sedan
“light reading”
SS - 07WL 923163 Aylesbury PS
SS - 07WL 923163 Aylesbury PS 2 månader sedan
the audio
Dallin Jarvis
Dallin Jarvis 2 månader sedan
Get me one we are so a like I would buy that
CodeZero1990 2 månader sedan
Do she have a RTX3090 Founders Edition? No, She Bought 4 of them...
Vidit Kharecha
Vidit Kharecha 2 månader sedan
1:55 Do you want my answer? NO
BeerdPL 2 månader sedan
2021 and i have no idea who is she, guess i have good life. :D
Phillip Turner
Phillip Turner 2 månader sedan
The helpful promotion concordingly file because feast respectively float within a quirky cellar. aspiring, cheerful judo
Discrim 2 månader sedan
she keeps a macbook in a box because she doesnt know the passowrd...
adam garland
adam garland 2 månader sedan
Just wow its 2020 and i game on a hp all in one :( and she has gaming systems hiding in or under every object lol, i would die for what she has
Certified Dumbass
Certified Dumbass 2 månader sedan
I loke how linus turns gay when he does jokes or non tech related stuff
rapadoc 2 månader sedan
That intro was gold
Cheezburger15 2 månader sedan
Rip linus’s mic
Sam Grundy
Sam Grundy 2 månader sedan
Oh ye I don't think there are any more duplicates. Me looking at the 5 sonic the hedgehogs
Zero 2 månader sedan
Justine : Do you want my answer Linus : Nooooo
rxs_02 2 månader sedan
he needs to stop snooping around ppl houses
legalboxers 2 månader sedan
5:14 - love the hair
Josh Charlebois
Josh Charlebois 2 månader sedan
“Why would you need Ethernet in your bathroom?” Says the guy that put a gaming pc in his bathtub!
Walker Silverthorne
Walker Silverthorne 2 månader sedan
IJustine just because you dont remember the password doesnt make it useless just reinstall mac os and it works perfectly fine bruh
Зубър че
Зубър че 2 månader sedan
but where's the switch for the amiboos
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 2 månader sedan
Mina nojenta.
The BeardedRoadie
The BeardedRoadie 2 månader sedan
Linus is like ijustines gay best friend especially when he’s saying he’s a “bubble bath guy”
Daniel Pacheco
Daniel Pacheco 2 månader sedan
Justine's house= apple store
FilFilms 2 månader sedan
She must have been really sweating for him not to find the REAL GIGANTIC... light saber 😅
Anthony Roman
Anthony Roman 2 månader sedan
Any normal person: works very hard, and maybe upgrades their phone every year, or 3 iJustine: buys multiple 1k iPhones, and doesn’t break a sweat
Brandon Neil Sta. Teresa
Brandon Neil Sta. Teresa 2 månader sedan
0:40 K R E Y G A S M
45 65
45 65 2 månader sedan
8:00 Linus be not alone
kardaani vägi
kardaani vägi 2 månader sedan
The actually heat semiannually bat because bottom markedly blush about a untidy cauliflower. bizarre, stimulating packet
Dylan Finch
Dylan Finch 2 månader sedan
Linus needs that wig.
Mohammed Zawia
Mohammed Zawia 2 månader sedan
the mic is so baf
DragonsGD 2 månader sedan
3:15 omg Linus wtf
Roasted Beard
Roasted Beard 2 månader sedan
We've got some phones,some battery banks,WE got a gigantic ooohhh god oh yeah its a light saber (Meanwhile in Linus's Mind : oohh god oh yeah thank god I thought it was a vibrator)
Safa Abc
Safa Abc 2 månader sedan
3:12 Linus, did u think what i was thinking for a moment?? :V :v
Daddy Beaver
Daddy Beaver 2 månader sedan
The addictions: Wrapping paper Xbox controllers Amiibos
RexorMute 2 månader sedan
She just flexed on us with books fucking BOOKS
LE 11
LE 11 2 månader sedan
Donate some to charity.
DonQuixion 3 månader sedan
she probably has enough wrapping paper to wrap her whole house
hello hi
hello hi 3 månader sedan
wait, even i bought 5 apple books.
Ivan Le
Ivan Le 3 månader sedan
mum thinks our guests are all linus lol they be inspecting every inch of the house
kardaani vägi
kardaani vägi 3 månader sedan
The temporary angora iteratively face because processing perceptually store after a satisfying bite. selfish, changeable sweets
Pole Tooke
Pole Tooke 3 månader sedan
Who is the random woman?
Pole Tooke
Pole Tooke 3 månader sedan
??? How does Amazon get their in 15 minutes?
Krystal Doubleday
Krystal Doubleday 3 månader sedan
$1,200 on Apple Book’s
D 3 månader sedan
Linus should marry her she’s better than his wife
D 2 månader sedan
@GAB i hope so
GAB 2 månader sedan
Are you guys sure you're not 1 person?
Daniel Pacheco
Daniel Pacheco 2 månader sedan
We have the same name and profile pic. wow!
Connor Naber
Connor Naber 3 månader sedan
DynaSean 3 månader sedan
This video proves that Linus doesn’t know how to talk to women.
Joosep Silm
Joosep Silm 3 månader sedan
The Apple books are worth more than my whole PC setup, like wtf.
Matthew R
Matthew R 3 månader sedan
Dude she is actually like my girlfriend justine loving Apple
Roaming Magus
Roaming Magus 3 månader sedan
Nice, you'll look like you're truly having fun and that's what its all about. Your passions your purpose!
Kaelan Gerhardt
Kaelan Gerhardt 3 månader sedan
She is too much for him to handle 😂😂😂
Kaelan Gerhardt
Kaelan Gerhardt 3 månader sedan
BROO his face when she told him about the books 😂
Da MrBean
Da MrBean 3 månader sedan
I heard “I have a problem” or something related to it a lot in this video and it wasn’t from Linus
King Herry 05
King Herry 05 3 månader sedan
Can i have a Mac Book ? 😂😂
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