Inside the NBA Reacts to Ben Simmons Postgame Interview - Game 7 | 2021 NBA Playoffs

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Atlanta Hawks vs Philadelphia 76ers - Full Game 7 Highlights | June 20, 2021 | 2021 NBA Playoffs


Kadeem The Dream
Kadeem The Dream 13 timmar sedan
Shaq meant every single syllable 🤣🤣, he don't even play and I can tell he still wanna piece Ben up lmao
ki koy
ki koy Dag sedan
You can truly picture how he played the games with this interview. He speaks of enthusiasm and willingness to win but his action otherwise says
Anjel Rukmini
Anjel Rukmini 3 dagar sedan
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Chris Fields
Chris Fields 8 dagar sedan
he's shooting with the wrong hand
Modern Soccer
Modern Soccer 9 dagar sedan
He said he doesn't shoot well, he doesn't shoot at well 🙄
FA S 10 dagar sedan
That awkward moment when a guy with pretty much the same strengths and weaknesses (but more confidence) wins finals MVP.
LaNarrious Maye
LaNarrious Maye 11 dagar sedan
Shaq going to knock chuck out one day 😂😂😂😂
Shayaan Mohammed
Shayaan Mohammed 11 dagar sedan
This was only 4 weeks ago, damn time moving slow asf
Dimitri Diaz
Dimitri Diaz 12 dagar sedan
This man is a straight killer n they staging him as half the player he is.
Sami Davis
Sami Davis 12 dagar sedan
Ben making all the light skin brother look bad, come on bro you are becoming infamous for the wrong reason. Listen to Kobe, and lock yourself in the gym for 10 hrs a day and fix that that jump shot.
arro0n noname
arro0n noname 12 dagar sedan
Ben shoot 100% FG in the fourth.... Lighten up
Bryce House
Bryce House 14 dagar sedan
Shaq is absolutely right. Its one thing if bro is in a slump and can’t make his shots. But dude isn’t even putting the ball up in the first place, inexcusable. He had 7 games to start contributing and dude didn’t even try
Edward Fitzgerald
Edward Fitzgerald 14 dagar sedan
Damn, that reporter has no chill. He woke up that day and chose violence.
augusta megusta
augusta megusta 15 dagar sedan
🤣 shaq called him a nxgger on live tv
Gervonta Dorsey
Gervonta Dorsey 15 dagar sedan
Atleast he’s honest !
SuperHooper 15 dagar sedan
I'm here from the future... Welcome to Cleveland 🤫
Sambo 15 dagar sedan
Shaq got me dying "If he was in my locker room I would've knocked his ass out"!!😭😭
Jon Lockhart
Jon Lockhart 16 dagar sedan
Lol how you gone knock somebody out for being scared to shoot? lol lol lol
Rob Zeleki
Rob Zeleki 16 dagar sedan
I agree with Shaq on this one
James DuBeck
James DuBeck 19 dagar sedan
I hope Ben sees this.... im from Philly born and raised. And all I need is a 5 to 10 min conversation and we can figure this out.... I wanna see him thrive here
I hate Colds
I hate Colds 19 dagar sedan
“The fans are great people”. Sixers fans: Hating in Ben Simmons
Admiral Spoor
Admiral Spoor 24 dagar sedan
Bro, Brian Scalabrine needs to come back to the league like now, he could probably put in work . . . He'd put like 40 points on Ben Simmons's head with that kind of play. The GOAT.
Andrew Morris
Andrew Morris 26 dagar sedan
Doc rivers is a curse. Maybe he won’t talk so much about everything else in the world and worry about his basketball job he’s about to lose for good
Ball-Steve Johnson
Ball-Steve Johnson 27 dagar sedan
Simmons needs to go back home to Australia to his hyperbolic time chamber to learn how to shoot!
Rajaee Haynes
Rajaee Haynes 28 dagar sedan
When can call Ben Simmons the-Invisible Man
Caleb Ledbetter
Caleb Ledbetter 28 dagar sedan
Tallentless tall guy story of the nba college and high school honestly
Mike Lee
Mike Lee 28 dagar sedan
In his defense he shot 100% FG in the 4th... and still cost his team the series
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 28 dagar sedan
I fw Shaq old school energy. Everyone turning into a flower nowadays I swear
Cameron James
Cameron James 28 dagar sedan
Ben got alot of money for what 🤔
Jonny Morgan
Jonny Morgan 28 dagar sedan
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seeni gzty
seeni gzty 28 dagar sedan
they have to work against they don’t need the fans to add to the negativity. 🤨
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 29 dagar sedan
Such an awesome video!
kolim jone
kolim jone 29 dagar sedan
Man If I was 6'10 and 240, I would attack the basket everytime regardless if I can't damn shoot any free throws.
smitty jergensons
smitty jergensons 29 dagar sedan
Philadelphia reporters are ruthless lol
Pali Aha
Pali Aha 29 dagar sedan
Kenny is an instigator. Weak. Get rid of Kenny.
drvnhard 02
drvnhard 02 Månad sedan
The next shaqtin a fool mascot..
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 29 dagar sedan
That part Shaq💯
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Månad sedan
Simmons was more focused on painting his hair lining back after the game…
kolim jone
kolim jone 29 dagar sedan
Shaq: If he was in my locker room I would have knock his ass out Chuck: First of all you can't fight.
MrBusItDown Månad sedan
I'm sorry Kobe😭
SOGphoenix Månad sedan
Ben building more skyscrapers in philly with them bricks shaq ready for the construction site 🏗
Nice v..
K Hendrickson
K Hendrickson Månad sedan
100 pwrcent in the 4th quarter!!!! Glass hald full lol
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Månad sedan
You're 6'10" 240...... my God doing him dirty
RRMK BOSS Månad sedan
he's so lying... he like money 170 millions more than basketball
Quart Purp
Quart Purp Månad sedan
I think what pisses people off the most is his nonchalant attitude.
Roderick Langston
Roderick Langston Månad sedan
Those reporter were on demontime 👿👿👿
Muhammad Musa
Muhammad Musa Månad sedan
he can Blocc he can pass the Rocc his defense is Lockk But he can’t make the Shott ):
Monday Influx
Monday Influx Månad sedan
imagine if u made coffee for a living an u screw up everyones order for 7 days in a row. best believe that u would have ur boss on ur case by the second day an fired by the 7th. if u make it that long. i propose that we start locking our baristas into seasonal contracts. an if we are unhappy with their efforts we simply trade them over to a different coffee shop. "Dave was really crappy but dont worry next season we get Bernard, mannnnn can that guy whip up a latte. "
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Månad sedan
Sixers fans in 2054: trust the process
Wanda Maxima
Wanda Maxima Månad sedan
Let’s get into it since you don’t get the mentality part of it. Let’s comment on the Olympic Professional Foulers that exist on NBA teams and the referees. The referees just implemented about 2 years ago this new offensive foul call. NBA players were never trained on how the fouls were to be officially called and how to really prevent them. This affects the outcome of NBA games since the referees only allow the NBA coaches to contest 1 foul call in a game. There reason being because their is a limited amount of time in NBA games compared to the NFL. Coach Doc Rivers was the one coach who said something about this and defended the players. Referees are not part of the NBA because they have a different organization they are hired from. Just like the MLB has to hire umpires but they are not part of the MLB. They call it being fair. I do not agree. There are tons of foul call that affect the NBA games and the outcome of the games in general. I can see this because I have NBA league pass and I tape every game. Take for instance in this game against Atlanta. They called a foul call on Ben Simmons when John Collins was in his way towards the basket for a shot. The ball was turned over to Atlanta. Numerous foul calls against Matisse Thybulle saying he was too aggressive guarding Young. He hardly touched Young on the 3 point line now the other team has 3 free throws and the clock stops. That affects the game and the score. We lost by 3 points one game and several points in another game. Give this team a break. Considering all the negative factors they have to work against they don’t need the fans to add to the negativity. 🤨
dale wilson
dale wilson Månad sedan
That part Shaq💯
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Månad sedan
Shaq: If he was in my locker room I would have knock his ass out Chuck: First of all you can't fight.
Mr.Aramiya pradhan
Mr.Aramiya pradhan Månad sedan
Nice v..
junior junior
junior junior Månad sedan
lebron james syndrome
Shon Aeschleman
Shon Aeschleman Månad sedan
Ben Simmons shot 100% in the 4th thru 7 games 😮 Clutch
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Månad sedan
😂😂Shaq is right simmons makin excuse it don’t take u 7 games to realize u played horrible dh
Kyle Theune
Kyle Theune Månad sedan
You're 6'10" 240...... my God doing him dirty
North American Property Group
North American Property Group Månad sedan
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K.Williams Månad sedan
So is He the only player in nba history to go 100%
Tony Ray
Tony Ray Månad sedan
Didn’t he just get max contract?
Sheik S
Sheik S Månad sedan
No disappeared
bradley Siele
bradley Siele Månad sedan
'I ain't shoot well from the line' English 101= F for Ben Simmons
Joulu Pukki
Joulu Pukki Månad sedan
Sixers fans in 2054: trust the process
Tidwell1988 Månad sedan
King Lav
King Lav Månad sedan
Can’t teach some one to be aggressive smh he need a pre work out creatinine for that or cocaine to be aggressive
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Månad sedan
But your also 6’10, 240... the reporter gave him no room for excuses 😭
Malcolm Egun
Malcolm Egun Månad sedan
Lmao Shaq funny as hell. That Newark, NJ came outta him real quick 😂
Coleman Gang
Coleman Gang Månad sedan
Shaq say if he was in my locker room i would of knocked his ass out
Evan Weiss
Evan Weiss Månad sedan
Im PHILLY fan and Iv'e never hated a professional athlete more than Ben. He is a smug, arrogant piece of sh*& who thinks he better than everyone else.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Månad sedan
He sucks! Big 4 nothing!!!!
Nate Lee
Nate Lee Månad sedan
😂😂Shaq is right simmons makin excuse it don’t take u 7 games to realize u played horrible dh
Cindy Allen
Cindy Allen Månad sedan
I agree with Shaq - get right.
djsausagebiscuits Månad sedan
sorry but this is really unprofessional from shaq.
Imma Nub
Imma Nub Månad sedan
nope, it's true, he didn't changed what he was doing until the series ended
James Ream
James Ream Månad sedan
Shaq is right
Jean glaze
Jean glaze Månad sedan
Put Ben on Brooklyn 🤞🏽💯
Hi Mik
Hi Mik Månad sedan
Atleast Ben Simmons answer all of that “roast” question. Even he had a bad series. I full respect what he answer to reporters. No hard feelings, not like someone forced to ask next question..
Kimoka Records
Kimoka Records Månad sedan
I dont want to be disrespectful but his eyes are in different places on his face like the left one is higher than the other
The Nativist 🇺🇸
The Nativist 🇺🇸 Månad sedan
Shaq mad that Ben took his free throw record.
Omar Garcia
Omar Garcia Månad sedan
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Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Månad sedan
The kardashian/ Jenner curse has set in
Rosita West
Rosita West Månad sedan
I'm on Team Shaq!
ZikryAfiq Månad sedan
I agree with Shaq. Fair play for what he said but it doesnt take 7 games to realize thT gaga
liouy cnny
liouy cnny Månad sedan
Shaq: I wouldve knocked his ass out 76ers: We just think he needs improvements
Byrd Månad sedan
He sucks! Big 4 nothing!!!!
flosy taren
flosy taren Månad sedan
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misuyy fong
misuyy fong Månad sedan
"do you wanna stay in Philly?" Ben: "yea.." lmaoo I'm no psychologist but that boy 1000% doesn't wanna return there 😄
Tidwell1988 Månad sedan
How you still another person's comments u cool with not being able to say what u think
Devin Lee
Devin Lee Månad sedan
1:45... def said more than that
Truckinbro Thetrucka
Truckinbro Thetrucka Månad sedan
The problem with that team is people's roles aren't clearly defined when you have that kind of situation then it's chaos which is what you see
Imma Nub
Imma Nub Månad sedan
Philly's problem is simmons and simmons only, they have him on a high contract yet a guy like Seth Curry is performing better than him, his playstyle won't fit with embiid and the fact that he can't shoot and doesn't even want to go to the paint is just ridiculous.
liouy cnny
liouy cnny Månad sedan
Simmons is bum
Ta Thanh Kieu
Ta Thanh Kieu Månad sedan
The complete alcohol accordantly reign because name kelly inform beyond a rebel emery. voiceless, flat fox
Yungin Glo
Yungin Glo Månad sedan
Y’all I get it don’t get it twisted Ben Simmons is probably the main reason they lost, but if u take away his 13 assists they get blown out. But then again that’s expected of him with the addition of points. He gone redeem himself!
Dirk Garner
Dirk Garner Månad sedan
Ben lost my city a ring again
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Månad sedan
Time to get rid of him
Troy and Tahmir Moore
Troy and Tahmir Moore Månad sedan
I think my hometown Sixers need to get rid of him
james Flash
james Flash Månad sedan
He was scared to be aggressive because he was even more scared to go to the line if he got fouled. It’s in his head now. Shaq was a horrible free throw shooter that never stoped him from attacking
Josef Vargas
Josef Vargas Månad sedan
He blows
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Månad sedan
Everything changed when the Free-Throw Nation attacked.
shakeeshia williams
shakeeshia williams Månad sedan
The kardashian/ Jenner curse has set in
C Dawg
C Dawg Månad sedan
Wtf Ben literally saying like yeah I’m out of it offensively. Then the guy asks him about a specific play in the game when he didn’t dunk
Akeem Locklear
Akeem Locklear Månad sedan
He had the hard hat on for all those damn bricks 🧱 😂
Megatron Månad sedan
Shaq is bang on!
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Månad sedan
Shaq is a menace to society😂😂😂
Aubrey Jenkins
Aubrey Jenkins Månad sedan
U kno what he is a good basketball player but he is not ready for a championship career he a good player but not championship Caliber
M Duane
M Duane Månad sedan
Simmons is bum
William Herman
William Herman Månad sedan
When that reporter hit him with "I know you're a Pass First guy, *but you're also 6'10" 240* " I lost it 🤣
Joe Moe
Joe Moe Månad sedan
Let them know Shaq!!!! Ben Simmons plays like a pussy!
Stevan Smith
Stevan Smith Månad sedan
It seems like he's to soft. He needs to find something within himself to fight, he needs to find it fast. Use something. Your teammates, your fans, the city you play for. Something
Stevan Smith
Stevan Smith Månad sedan
Time to get rid of him
Philly God_215
Philly God_215 Månad sedan
Idc where Ben goes I’m always rocking with him 💯🗣📌
R Månad sedan
People are so negative. He shot 100% in the 4th. Lebron has never done that.
Donzel Hawkins
Donzel Hawkins Månad sedan
😂😭😂cause he shoots in the 4th but ik your joke was funny
Andrew edrew
Andrew edrew Månad sedan
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symbolic503 Månad sedan
say what you will.. dude never blamed his teammates or dissed his coach. not like he wouldve had any case there anyway but it is hard to find young players willing to take all that criticism sqaure on the chin. media was trying to break him and turn him against his teammates but he didnt let em.
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