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Marvel Studios' Loki has ARRIVED on Disney Plus! Enjoy the best scenes of Loki Episode 1 "Glorious Purpose" now streaming only on Disney Plus! The TVA is so interesting, infinity stones are nothing to them! 😮 We find out Variant Loki needs to be hunted down by Loki himself! 🤷🏻‍♂️ The Episode 1 ending left me hyped for Loki Episode 2! I'll post the Loki Episode 2 scenes Wednesday!

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agameofantasy Månad sedan
Loki has ARRIVED!!! Share what you thought of Loki EPISODE 1 in the comments! Favourite moment in the episode?? This was an awesome start! Episode 2 HYPE! 😁😁 the TVA is super interesting and the idea of "ANOTHER" big multiverse war is exciting.... Loki Episode 2 BEST SCENES: semost.info/award/hmF9ZrB-abmFnKY/video.html *Like, Share and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!*
Makayla Mizula
Makayla Mizula Månad sedan
@agameofantasy ohhhhh, it's fine :))
Green Ranger
Green Ranger Månad sedan
@Hyeth Sison cinemafree
Fenrispro Monica
Fenrispro Monica Månad sedan
problem being disney + is too expensive, our cable tv bundles it in a diff way. oh well
Shahariar Ahmed
Shahariar Ahmed Månad sedan
@Billy Barnett Nope .Your comment sucks
Lara A
Lara A Månad sedan
@agameofantasy This fine Asgardian leather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eddie Chin
Eddie Chin 5 timmar sedan
Tom Hiddleston should deserve a nomination, he is so talented... Bringing hates & hype to the sceen
harsh 17 timmar sedan
it looks like baba bangali's den from the movie no smoking
Mah Tomar
Mah Tomar 2 dagar sedan
All epiaode available wtsapp me 9548747474
sr Anna Francesca Kowalska
sr Anna Francesca Kowalska 2 dagar sedan
Loki saw no future but a possible future because time is running smoothly remember that Loki found the stones, he chose (wisely) the stone of time, which gives scriptwriters an open space we know that first Thanos snapped, then Tony changed the future because he did it himself, now Loki can save Asgard and his own future
Dabunny Rabbit
Dabunny Rabbit 2 dagar sedan
is this on Netflix? I would like to watch the entire series. ☺
A Toyota Vehicle
A Toyota Vehicle 2 dagar sedan
Glorious purpose
Nidhee Bisht
Nidhee Bisht 3 dagar sedan
3:58 Glorious Purpose 💔
Mr. Thanos
Mr. Thanos 4 dagar sedan
Chicken Girl
Chicken Girl 6 dagar sedan
Bruh I would be traumatized to that neck snap was so loud
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 6 dagar sedan
Hina Syed
Hina Syed 7 dagar sedan
Claire Nitta
Claire Nitta 7 dagar sedan
Ebin Prasad
Ebin Prasad 7 dagar sedan
Join for lokii. @lokiseries106
GreenEssentialMystery 8 dagar sedan
Was Mobius even going to mention that Loki dies, even if Loki behaved himself and not try to escape?
Zack B
Zack B 9 dagar sedan
Gotta say I liked the scene where Loki saw everything that was gonna happen to him
Gaming Weirdo
Gaming Weirdo 10 dagar sedan
0:24 I completely forgot about the slow-motion punch. Why did they only use this effect once?
hpgal88 11 dagar sedan
You’re just a pussycat….enters lokitty…hehehe
Beenutcat Cucumberbar
Beenutcat Cucumberbar 11 dagar sedan
Fandom: "why can't they just give loki a break our poor boy😭😭" Marvel: hehe, more trauma go brrrr
Emma Spencer
Emma Spencer 8 dagar sedan
Marvel’s speciality apparently.
Harlan TV
Harlan TV 11 dagar sedan
Th was sic
Jacobs Copperfield
Jacobs Copperfield 12 dagar sedan
That thing on his neck would that make him tie in with Xmen or Deadpool.
asc Catweazle
asc Catweazle 12 dagar sedan
What a bullshit … How desperate must an actor be to accept such a role? Later on he will say “I was young and needed money …”
shuichi saihara
shuichi saihara 12 dagar sedan
Told my dad about the spoiler told him then it was fake so I’m not hated
Galbatorix Gaming
Galbatorix Gaming 12 dagar sedan
Thanos: I'm inevitable Loki: Hold my beer
limonx 13 dagar sedan
Modern Bliss0
Modern Bliss0 13 dagar sedan
Wait wait wait so the war was lukys fault?
Brendan Honaker
Brendan Honaker 14 dagar sedan
And another reason why I'm pretty sad that I don't have Disney Plus
Alex Armani
Alex Armani 14 dagar sedan
Loki X Joker
Rhenald Bayu Ardhi A.
Rhenald Bayu Ardhi A. 16 dagar sedan
The sound of thanos crushing loki's neck is disturbing
Nana Tesukatori
Nana Tesukatori 19 dagar sedan
3:08 i dont hit her...i did not Oh...hi moebius
Ola Kolade
Ola Kolade 19 dagar sedan
I watched the first episode in class on disney + (with our teacher for the last day of class) but since I don’t have disney + I can’t watch the rest else where. Does someone know where I can find Loki somewhere else? :) lmao
Ola Kolade
Ola Kolade 19 dagar sedan
Ophelia Rising
Ophelia Rising 20 dagar sedan
Watching it this way seems more fun than watching the actual episode.
Montina Robins
Montina Robins 23 dagar sedan
My Name is Montina Robins and I going to watch every episode that I love watching so keep them coming
Jed last
Jed last 24 dagar sedan
sad they didn't show hulk yeeting loki in avenger 1
YeahRIght 24 dagar sedan
most of Marvel may be a 99 percent drama coupled with 1% CGI but this Loki is great. Love a good antihero story.
N Check
N Check 24 dagar sedan
Uhmm... is this a complete episode? or....
Delaney Stogdale
Delaney Stogdale 25 dagar sedan
He's such a good actor oml
Someone vibing in youtube
Someone vibing in youtube 25 dagar sedan
God damn it all this time we were all crying and screaming and shouting for god damn paperweights…yeah this sums up the meaning of “ my life is a lie “
RedWolf. Gaming
RedWolf. Gaming 26 dagar sedan
I was hoping this loki who escaped from the normal timeline would see the rest of his timeline, but this series did it for me
Ryan Japan
Ryan Japan 26 dagar sedan
0:32 Why did Loki fall down in pain?
StrayKittyCat 27 dagar sedan
This show is full of N!
Jose Lucio
Jose Lucio 27 dagar sedan
I keep asking how Loki knew the averages travel threw time
Krishna Bhaskar
Krishna Bhaskar 28 dagar sedan
Did Loki dead in Avengers Infinity war
Christine MacDonald
Christine MacDonald 28 dagar sedan
This was pretty funny! Good job. “I miss the Avengers.” Lol
Potato Gaming
Potato Gaming 28 dagar sedan
1:46 did he die?
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel 29 dagar sedan
I beg your pardon
Eric Slagle
Eric Slagle 29 dagar sedan
Spoiler alert. Sometimes in the future past. Lady Loki and Loki achieve kid Loki. Who has a pet alligator Loki.
Kyle Cho
Kyle Cho 29 dagar sedan
Spoiler Alert: This show is about a dude named Loki. Sorry about spoiling...
Hela 29 dagar sedan
Spoiler alert: this show is about Loki and how he falls in love with the girl version of himself and learns to love himself. Sorry about spoiling…
Muhammad Arman
Muhammad Arman 29 dagar sedan
But Loki died in the another movie right
Stella White
Stella White Månad sedan
When he sees his future, its really sad. I believe that he didn't kill his mom.
marvelstan Månad sedan
NerdGeek Cosplay
NerdGeek Cosplay Månad sedan
Me seeing Loki bear butt nude : oh no Also me : YES GIVE ME MORE
GiN _san
GiN _san Månad sedan
Lady Azari
Lady Azari Månad sedan
Just Imagine how horrible Loki felt when he saw that he actualy caused his mother's death. He finaly realized how stupid and usseles his evil plan was.
Denis Triton
Denis Triton Månad sedan
Наверное, впервые его так "прополоскало". ))
yengkokpamhirancha Månad sedan
Waiting for tomorrow can't wait love you loki lots of love from india Manipur
yengkokpamhirancha Månad sedan
Is that innocent cat is also varient 🙏🤣🤣🤣
Faris Raza
Faris Raza Månad sedan
after everything ive seen loki has done in the past, i melts my heart to see him grieve over his mothers death knowing hes the one who lead them to her, despite everything i know loki from tv series in all 3 episodes, i still dont buy his loyalty, trust me hes is still playing with lives.
ant barrow
ant barrow Månad sedan
I wonder if this loki could find his way to the main mcu timeline just like the other gamora did ?
Kyle Betts
Kyle Betts Månad sedan
When you play the game of Time, you can only play it once.
Thabang Nkopane
Thabang Nkopane Månad sedan
Supreme is probably using supply and demans @businessconsumo Idk
Thabang Nkopane
Thabang Nkopane Månad sedan
The brain waves stay the same
Thabang Nkopane
Thabang Nkopane Månad sedan
Have that hit be a style like his
frostneedle Månad sedan
I wish Disney+ is available here in Asia...
Sam 28 dagar sedan
just use a VPN
Assassination Classroom
Assassination Classroom Månad sedan
Some people use it as paperweight Thanos: wtf
WillMac RealTalk
WillMac RealTalk Månad sedan
Spoiler alert. The other varient is another Loki. And she's female
poo Månad sedan
He doesn't say that
poo Månad sedan
@agameofantasy i appreciate the confidence, so I'll assume its true
agameofantasy Månad sedan
he thinks it tho I know it
Doggin BeBe
Doggin BeBe Månad sedan
Did anybody else see Agatha
Dan D
Dan D Månad sedan
Multiple movies worth of character development in a single hour, breaking a character completely and putting him back together. Someone else’s character, a character who’s already been shown hitting rock bottom before. The fact that they pulled that off is amazing.
God is not a human with powers. GOD IS POWER ITSELF.
Son Bon
Son Bon Månad sedan
Espiode 1 was so funny 😂
Rayzer Månad sedan
DØØMGAMING Månad sedan
All Loki ever wanted was to felt like he belonged. When loki discovered that he is adopted in the end he aims for the frost Giants saying that this is his family but all he heard form his father is no so finally he let goes
Sekope Sisifa
Sekope Sisifa Månad sedan
Where can i watch this?
Alex Shi
Alex Shi Månad sedan
Infinity stones only work in their respective universes.
adam son
adam son Månad sedan
Do not watch this. It is a spoiler. Please.
ChiefBawor_TheGr8 Månad sedan
For an Asgardian, Loki seems very concerned when he ask if a lot of people know if they're a robot or not
Enzo Esteruelas
Enzo Esteruelas Månad sedan
I have a theory that the TVA is inside of the timestone. I mean, it makes sense…
wolfstyle 2074
wolfstyle 2074 Månad sedan
Darkseid is much more scarier than Thanos.
Cunning Smile
Cunning Smile Månad sedan
I can honestly the TVA is a LOAD of bullshit. They have NO clue that "branches" and other realities exist out there BEYOND their tiny little minds.
cattigereyes1 Månad sedan
insiders network brony
insiders network brony Månad sedan
Who knew miss minutes was _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
gunbileg altanbagana
gunbileg altanbagana Månad sedan
Wh!z4rd _
Wh!z4rd _ Månad sedan
that flashback scenes was great
Luckman McSqueeze’bo
Luckman McSqueeze’bo Månad sedan
Neat. If this show wasn’t about empowering women and shitting on Loki it might’ve been pretty good
TheaterPup Månad sedan
Or you're just bringing your own baggage to your viewing.
Paw Printz
Paw Printz Månad sedan
I'd pay $______________ to be that machine that gets Loki naked 😜
Melissa Roland
Melissa Roland Månad sedan
I love how the cat looks at Loki and the subtitles say it's the devil 😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣
Jonathan Joestar
Jonathan Joestar Månad sedan
Good to know our heroes had no choice but to be heroes because if they hadn't they would've been melted. GoT and Star Wars may have assassinated characters, but Marvel just assassinated a universe.
Eyelush Billie
Eyelush Billie Månad sedan
wait u mean spider-man cap Etc all was by fate to be a superhero they didint have a choice well mcu is ruined for me
Ζονκ Ζονκ
Ζονκ Ζονκ Månad sedan
uselles without reason series
Time pass with Aswin
Time pass with Aswin Månad sedan
if loki was sent to the tva for creating the nexus event then the avengers also should have been sent as they killed the past thonos who wasnt suppoused to die until thor killed him after using the infinity stones
FENRIR-ART Månad sedan
That is not Loki. He is a wimp who makes Steppenwolf and Zamasu from Dragon Ball more deadly. Disney really ran out of juice for Marvel. Oh well. XD
Sinn Månad sedan
get_nepped Månad sedan
The fact that infiinity stone values as much as plastic toy gems is really hysteric.
A GAMING T-REX Månad sedan
Of assgard lel
Thekombatmaster Månad sedan
loki react to his future made him cry
Pro Token420
Pro Token420 Månad sedan
Loki is the catalyst for creating the new multiverse, because didn't some of MARVEL Comics have characters that were displaced into the prime universe with Earth-616 because of a specific event, similar to Crisis on Infinite Earth's for DC?
boris and tommy
boris and tommy Månad sedan
He said I will gut you like a fish sounds like scream
Daishinkan_909 Månad sedan
Who thinks that cloaked pwrson is red skull or mistress death
Daishinkan_909 Månad sedan
Wait was that goose the cat
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