Avengers: Endgame (2019) - ''A Furious Display'' | Movie Clip HD

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(2019) - ''A Furious Display'' | Movie Clip HD
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MSA 454
MSA 454 Timme sedan
The look on her face when she knows she has him.
siti juariah
siti juariah 2 timmar sedan
Wanda is powerfull.
Tofu 3 timmar sedan
What you see here is not Wanda.... It's the Scarlet Witch!
Amogh Verma
Amogh Verma 3 timmar sedan
0:09 After Thanos saw that gauntlet Clint: Run Bitch! Ruuuuuuun! 😂
Marq V
Marq V 4 timmar sedan
Thank you and God bless
Kazuya Mishima
Kazuya Mishima 6 timmar sedan
Wanda Maximoff nearly beat thanos.. Meanwhile an upgraded Steve Rogers & Thor just too weak to beat Thanos.. Such a pussy asshole..
bhop4mayor 7 timmar sedan
Wanda wanted every single ounce of smoke
Hakan Efe Tüysüz
Hakan Efe Tüysüz 13 timmar sedan
Wanda vs superman
svn mock
svn mock 15 timmar sedan
Wtf is thanos if not for that gauntlet? Wanda can easily FCK him up so can captain marvel or thor
Michael Green
Michael Green 18 timmar sedan
Scarlett witch is the strongest being ever apparently. One on One with Thanos and trashes him.......... So many plot holes
Sam Kalil
Sam Kalil 18 timmar sedan
Legend has it that Thanos still doesn't know who she is
Nelson Penagos
Nelson Penagos 23 timmar sedan
Nobody: Really nobody in the MCU: Wanda to see Thanos: PvP noob
Vinayak Karandikar
Vinayak Karandikar Dag sedan
Wanda nailed the bald idiot single handedly
love yourself
love yourself Dag sedan
Uk Wanda is freaking powerful enough to kill thanos when he calls for an attack that can even kill his own army
Saurabh Bisht
Saurabh Bisht Dag sedan
see if wanda can do this thor from infinity war will rip thanos
Agam Muhajir
Agam Muhajir Dag sedan
1:16 Activate "I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye!"
Evansane Dag sedan
And this is BEFORE she became the Scarlet Witch… oh boy 😅
Pablo Gónzalez
Pablo Gónzalez Dag sedan
Steven Skinner
Steven Skinner Dag sedan
Thanos would have stood no chance against post-wandavison wanda maximoff
Synthmilk Dag sedan
Can we appreciate how Earth's wizards are apparently powerful enough to raise barriers that can withstand that kind of bombardment?
Ahmed Ahmed Emam dodo
Ahmed Ahmed Emam dodo Dag sedan
Suman Pathulothun1211
Suman Pathulothun1211 Dag sedan
maulana jagad
maulana jagad Dag sedan
Wanda easy win vs Thanos
Griffyndor Has
Griffyndor Has Dag sedan
Wanda: Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel! Today, we will be unboxing a Mad Titan. I am so excited!!
Amit Shukla
Amit Shukla Dag sedan
What the name of Thanos weapon it is so powerful than mjolhnir, stormbreaker and captain weapon
Meet Mishra
Meet Mishra 2 dagar sedan
Glad he didn't faced the scarlett witch.
Sans Undertale
Sans Undertale 2 dagar sedan
Capture the flag at school in a nutshell
Altamash Patel
Altamash Patel 2 dagar sedan
Imagine being alien warlord and being crushed by mentally unstable girl
Jon Davis
Jon Davis 2 dagar sedan
I never can stop watching this
Randuin’s Omen
Randuin’s Omen 2 dagar sedan
Little does the MCU generation know... That's only a FRACTION of what Wanda is capable of in the comics. Just you wait until the MCU brings the full might of the Scarlet Witch to motion pictures.
Hallo Goodbye
Hallo Goodbye Dag sedan
That won’t happen. They can’t bring the full might of anyone into the MCU or we would be seeing people destroy multiverses with ease. If they brought full power characters, the black order would have killed every hero in Wakanda except Thor, Wanda and Hulk. And Thanos in endgame would have been brutally fucked by Thor, Scarlet witch and Dr.Strange. MCU would be unwatchable if everyone had their full comic book strength
Gabe Baase
Gabe Baase 2 dagar sedan
Heh, yeah all they managed to hit in the end were their own troops. Whoops!
Samuel Placensia
Samuel Placensia 2 dagar sedan
I would of loved to of seen Marvels Wonder Man in this.
Metehan Yılmaz
Metehan Yılmaz 2 dagar sedan
Burda o kadın onu tam yenecek ama bu sefer savaş uçağıyla bombalıyorlar onları
Jake Anderson
Jake Anderson 2 dagar sedan
I’d love to see a what if where Wanda is a daughter of thanos! His two occurrences with her he showed respect both times.
Rialy Andriamiseza
Rialy Andriamiseza 2 dagar sedan
She could just create an Hex right here on the battlefield and Thanos would turn into Sheldon Cooper and bam, problem solved
Nathan Maunu
Nathan Maunu 2 dagar sedan
I don’t care what direction they take Wanda in. She’ll always be my favorite marvel character besides Spidey
rexlevitak1 2 dagar sedan
Really goes to show what an idiot Strange was . All he has to do was open a portal and bring Carol and Wanda and half of the universe would have had to die
アングラ結社リリィミナティ 2 dagar sedan
The best applause to Chadwick Boseman who remained a Black Panther until the end “Wakanda Forever !!!”
The ShepherD
The ShepherD 3 dagar sedan
An enraged Wanda is the stuff the devil has nightmares of.
Paul McCloud
Paul McCloud 3 dagar sedan
There is a reason you only see the top half of Thanos when his armor is being torn off, she was doing something even worse lower down...why he panicked.
JR Pb 3 dagar sedan
Would be more enjoyable if she turned thanos into a nosy neighbor
TaesLilClown 3 dagar sedan
imagine she became the Scarlet Witch at that moment rather than in Wandavision. the entire battle would’ve been over at that exact moment.
Wand World
Wand World 3 dagar sedan
love how the final battle is basically a superhero NFL game, genius
PS editz.😎😈
PS editz.😎😈 3 dagar sedan
Tori V
Tori V 3 dagar sedan
Let’s imagine.. look what “Wanda” did to thanos! Now imagine what the scarlet witch is gonna do to Kang! 👀💁🏽‍♀️
theDARK Pototoy
theDARK Pototoy 3 dagar sedan
You broke the girls AI enhanced vibrator. Ofcourse she’s gonna fuck you up deadass
Fitzbert Murray
Fitzbert Murray 3 dagar sedan
Damn near killed his ass. Broke tha sword and all. Hands down my favorite scene. 🙌
Boulbi Boulga
Boulbi Boulga 3 dagar sedan
Captain America: "AVENGERS....ASSEM..uh?" *Wanda running into Thanos
David Rex
David Rex 3 dagar sedan
After WandaVision
Sam 3 dagar sedan
On one on one wanda can rip apart thanos in two.
Xander Fulton
Xander Fulton 3 dagar sedan
Wong: *makes magic shield* Other sorcerers: “Oh shit that’s a good idea”
nj_03 3 timmar sedan
@ZY C she got off guard coz the missile was instantaneously launched towards her and her casting of an energy barrier barely made it
Ashok Patil
Ashok Patil 2 dagar sedan
@ZY C because the missile hit her shield's edge
Kitsune Aitsuki
Kitsune Aitsuki 2 dagar sedan
@ZY C To be fair, she was a little distracted.
ZY C 2 dagar sedan
Now you mention it, Wanda also tried to shield herself from the barrage but she still got hit. Edit: hishe may be right after all.
SkyCube 3 dagar sedan
Jon 3 dagar sedan
Strongest Avenger.
Shariq Arain
Shariq Arain 4 dagar sedan
I just noticed in this scene, Black Panther calls Hawkeye "Clint," so when he introduced himself to him in Civil War and T'Challa replied "I don't care," I guess he did.
Pioneer Kallo
Pioneer Kallo 4 dagar sedan
the writing of those movies was so bad my 2 yo hamster could have done better
Pioneer Kallo
Pioneer Kallo Dag sedan
@Crazy Moose butthurt fanboy.
Crazy Moose
Crazy Moose Dag sedan
Really? You should just shut up
Shez 4 dagar sedan
This fight was incredible, but it still confuses me how the characters are able to have a conversation across a battlefield where thousands of combatants are screaming at one another.
Augustya Kumar
Augustya Kumar 4 dagar sedan
Thanos was lucky that he didn't meet Scarlett witch. Even Wanda is enough for him ( without gauntlet ).
Ogunmoyede Joshua Omowumi
Ogunmoyede Joshua Omowumi 4 dagar sedan
If black panther were to play rugby it would be😳
Silver Dragonfly
Silver Dragonfly 4 dagar sedan
Avengers Endgame was a relay race an the Infinity Gauntlet was the baton.
micpere1991 4 dagar sedan
1:27 Wanda: "Call an ambulance, but not for me!"
FA Rocks
FA Rocks 4 dagar sedan
Does anyone realize how much oif a role the sorcerers actually play xD they bend the fucking time and space bring everyone together then just hold up shields against a super alien bombartment that was able to knock of wanda's protection xD
Har1z. 4 dagar sedan
bodo engkau bawak je la lari pergi tempat lain lepas kau dapat bodyglove tu pastu cam meet up la ngan stark kat mana2 pastu pakai la bodo
DarkFire88 4 dagar sedan
0:01 I want a "What if that mage guy successfully killed thanos"
Whiskey Titan
Whiskey Titan 5 dagar sedan
Wanda at 1:26: "Oh, that's all you got? Not so tough without that gauntlet, huh?"
Google User
Google User 5 dagar sedan
None of this matters now with the LOKI TV series
James Parker
James Parker 5 dagar sedan
I feel like the Pions who went straight for Thanos and his inner circle should get a Darwin award. Seriously leave him to the big guns.
YZEKE 5 dagar sedan
In 0:28 u can hear the aot intro
simoart 5 dagar sedan
WandaVision's Scarlet Witch would've ended Thanos easily, and Infinity War and Endgame wouldn't exist.
tin ten
tin ten 5 dagar sedan
wanda can kill thanos ez
Zac F
Zac F 5 dagar sedan
Thanos’ quiet acceptance at the end doesn’t make sense. Here is he at his most brutal and remorseless. He sacrifices his own troops to save himself which proves his “mission” is a fraud. He’s only out for power.
Storm Eye P
Storm Eye P 5 dagar sedan
She's underestimated by a lot of people. Show them this video and prove them wrong.
Meow Meow
Meow Meow 5 dagar sedan
Bold of Thanos to start a war on earth and yet "i don't even know who you are" to Wanda
Normal Guy
Normal Guy 2 dagar sedan
Well thanos is brave so.
Martin Eriksson
Martin Eriksson 5 dagar sedan
Now imagine Wanda all leveled up after WandaVision. Thanos wouldn't even have had the chance to call for fire support.
Markus Malice
Markus Malice 5 dagar sedan
Legitimately one of my most favourite scenes in the film. The Scarlet Witch showing Thanos up as a chump until he calls for assistance. Her rage harnessed so brutally shows just how dangerous the character can be. Well filmed.
Kaushal Joshi
Kaushal Joshi 5 dagar sedan
Just do it✔️
Carlos Rosales
Carlos Rosales 5 dagar sedan
If thanks had picked a better weapon of choice he could’ve killed her or if it was some sort of trick weapon where it could disconnect he could’ve sidelined her and killed her
Erin De Buitléir
Erin De Buitléir 5 dagar sedan
I can picture Chancellor Palpatine from Star Wars watching her fight Thanos from a distance saying " Good ,good let the hate flow through you" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
CounterCrafter 5 dagar sedan
Damn it Carol, if only you had been here a few minutes earlier Thanos would be dead and Tony wouldn't have had to snap!
affuan EQ
affuan EQ 5 dagar sedan
"I dont even know who you are" Wanda: Understandable. Have a nice day!
George Appleby
George Appleby 6 dagar sedan
Best scene in the franchise, finally letting scarlett witch be the powerhouse she should be
Freeze 6 dagar sedan
Now imagine thanos playing the role of the nosy neighbour
AestheticBiker82 6 dagar sedan
0:52 and why did we need Captain Marvel again?
David Lorenzo
David Lorenzo 6 dagar sedan
Picture this truly terrifying scene... According to the MCU, the blade of thanos was made from Uru. This is the same metal used on Gungnir, mjolnir, and stormbreaker. All of these weapons are only malleable under the condition of extreme magic (case of Hela) or prolonged exposure to the energies of a dying star. And she just... chipped it. Like she was opening a jar of pickles.
Epische Ente
Epische Ente 6 dagar sedan
Damn and this was even before she became the Scarlett Witch, just imagine how she would have annihilated him if she had been that...
Dylan Ting
Dylan Ting 6 dagar sedan
Thanos: could take on Steve, Tony, and Thor at the same time Wanda: I’m gonna end this man’s whole career
Buddhi Dev
Buddhi Dev 6 dagar sedan
She should rip Thanos's head off
margareth michelina
margareth michelina 6 dagar sedan
Imagine if she's in Scarlett Witch's persona, Thanos will die for like 5 seconds.
Boulbi Boulga
Boulbi Boulga 3 dagar sedan
what amazing if she would have awakened her power briefly on that moment
Kam Hill
Kam Hill 6 dagar sedan
Did Wanda save Thanos from a ass whooping from T’challa or did she save T’challa🤔
greedy 6 dagar sedan
Imagine post-wandavision on the battlefield, bruh she could make a giant hex like in the show, encasing them all, and it would literally not matter if Thanos had the gaunlet.
Muthu Aanand Su
Muthu Aanand Su 6 dagar sedan
thanos with the gauntlet would've broken free from the hex, and most probably it'd be a draw
Karen Page
Karen Page 6 dagar sedan
1:26 Thanos is borrowing the same move he used earlier when he tried to bury Stormbreaker into Thor's chest.
SLPToMars 6 dagar sedan
It's like NFL
Jordan Marshall
Jordan Marshall 6 dagar sedan
Wonder how the camera man felt when the fight started 😂😂😂
bySleepy 6 dagar sedan
Looks like Wanda was about to do a fatality to Thanos
Itsjayden Rasry
Itsjayden Rasry 6 dagar sedan
whos earboard thawn
cami [A]rmand Av3ng3r六
cami [A]rmand Av3ng3r六 6 dagar sedan
lol thanos so fuycking weak compared to wanda he thousht she was was gona be easy to deal liekw as thor or the rest of them lol he got his ass rekt like a filler character--just iamgine if CM had destroyed the ship earlier THANOS would been done lool
Wayne G
Wayne G 6 dagar sedan
This movie is and will forever be a cinema masterpiece
tuong giang pham
tuong giang pham 6 dagar sedan
1:17 Peter becoming a gamer without the chair.
daebi37 6 dagar sedan
That "You will." Absolutely epic!