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Mega Manufacturing: Airbus A350 | 4K Engineering Documentary
Assembled in France using millions of components made throughout Europe: The A350 is the most modern commercial aircraft in the world.
The Airbus A 350: the most modern commercial aircraft in the world. It takes 1800 highly-skilled specialists in Toulouse, France, and 2.5 million individual parts, delivered from all over the world, to assemble this masterpiece of aeronautic engineering. The goal: An aircraft with minimal consumption and maximum range. 53 percent of the Aircraft consist of a modern ultra-light composite material. But the innovative material also requires entirely new manufacturing processes. A challenge for the aircraft manufacturers in Toulouse. And the final assembly is preceded by a logistical masterpiece: The individual parts of the aircraft travel from various Airbus plants in Europe to Toulouse: the front and centre sections from Saint-Nazaire in France, the tail section from Hamburg, the wings from Broughton in Wales and Bremen, and the tail fin from Getafe in Spain. The factory in Toulouse is supplied with these parts by a specially developed transport aircraft, the Beluga. Several times a day, five of these machines commute between the various plants and bring supplies for production seven days a week from early in the morning until midnight. And the journey of the components is not over in Toulouse. By the time the A350 is fully assembled it will have passed through seven hangars or "stations." Given the extremely high number of components that have to be assembled and the large number of different suppliers, there are a lot of risk factors involved in the production of the A350. And the pressure is high: The modern aircraft is extremely popular with airlines, with 890 pending orders to date. Ten aircraft of the A350 have to leave the factory every month no matter what.
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Hyrax 11 timmar sedan
rather estonishing video
samim samimi
samim samimi Dag sedan
Becpuse many time tried those hiden fox we dont they dont offer to set up full form and not getting away of usnsame time thats wr need to find fox this habiits of fox not lion deal type every one knows it
samim samimi
samim samimi Dag sedan
Look every time we cont blam toilet and all knows this case when expand the parts and new features means we open mew huge way of earning money just imagine glasa window at the signal just huge company of window glass will stand beside airline agencies becouse every tow monthes wr need parts thats why im just confused who is that fox between europ people and usa etc
aurelio jose finol arias
aurelio jose finol arias 2 dagar sedan
Airbus A350
Madeira Plane Spotting
Madeira Plane Spotting 2 dagar sedan
Fantastic video!
Muhamad Fida
Muhamad Fida 2 dagar sedan
10:09-10:12 and they still use Windows XP
Sara Eid
Sara Eid 2 dagar sedan
The obscene helmet reciprocally advise because wood orally destroy vice a rebel jaguar. kind, grateful gratis weight
Ken Albertsen
Ken Albertsen 3 dagar sedan
Impressive. However, sad to see so much plastic being used, and jet fuel being necessary. In general, people should only fly when they need to, as it's harmful environmentally.
Haider Biplob
Haider Biplob 3 dagar sedan
🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔I have no idea.....
Haider Biplob
Haider Biplob 3 dagar sedan
Job ......? Good job...
Rohin Behl
Rohin Behl 4 dagar sedan
31:58 indigo plane
Xavier Drippe
Xavier Drippe 5 dagar sedan
so the plane should hold more than 50000 liters of fuel
Eleaza Shegam
Eleaza Shegam 5 dagar sedan
Lue Gordon
Lue Gordon 6 dagar sedan
Things become loosn when the Plane lands hard For more than ten times landing. Parts in the engiinesdontget tighten up oftentimes.
YouTube Quora
YouTube Quora 6 dagar sedan
23:15 Magnito first appearance
immortal soul
immortal soul 7 dagar sedan
And what if it crashed 😭
Ran Bi
Ran Bi 9 dagar sedan
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe 9 dagar sedan
Богдан Колос
Богдан Колос 9 dagar sedan
I'd love to thank Herr Marvin Entholt for the job he does of writing and actually voicing stories for many of such documentaries
Богдан Колос
Богдан Колос 9 dagar sedan
42:04 why do technicians lift engine turbine to its mounting position with the dolly attached underneath it?
MOHAMED RAFI 10 dagar sedan
Kudos to the staff of airbus and documentary crew
Ryan Dymond
Ryan Dymond 10 dagar sedan
The A350 is in my opinion, the best Plane ever built!
honey 24
honey 24 10 dagar sedan
The scientific steel minimally water because test proportionately fear on a educated seed. berserk, strong mice
LULEKOSO 10 dagar sedan
Aviões são uma façanha da engenharia humana.
ronnie cardy
ronnie cardy 11 dagar sedan
Fantastic plane
Amarjit singh
Amarjit singh 12 dagar sedan
at 45.4 see the name of man
Yufanyi Mel J
Yufanyi Mel J 12 dagar sedan
Our Eyes are the greatest gift that has been handed to us.
Mehrzad Dashti
Mehrzad Dashti 12 dagar sedan
Gorgeous ... Just honor ...
David Muresan
David Muresan 13 dagar sedan
I offer for free to China companies to manufacture my last invention which ca be seen on you tube as "Parallel Guided Power Saw" The companies from USA and Germany declined to take my saw. They said is not good for market, (because their table saw and router table will not have any longer a market) (Parallel Guided Power Saw - SEmost)
Agyemang Opoku
Agyemang Opoku 14 dagar sedan
This is beautiful and amazing thing to do.....😍😍
pt361749460 15 dagar sedan
This system is better than Boeing for sure.
Jude Lion
Jude Lion 15 dagar sedan
Sadly as the aircraft get larger the seats get smaller!
Legendary Eagle
Legendary Eagle 15 dagar sedan
lmao at 19:30 he isnt using the crow foot at 90 degrees, putting extra torque on that B nut.
Wong wan chung
Wong wan chung 16 dagar sedan
All Airbus Aircraft including the Giant Airbus A380 are also assembled same way.
Anwer Abdallah
Anwer Abdallah 17 dagar sedan
its very complicated when it comes to the manufacturing of the aircraft. when some one see the final product it seems easy making such aircraft
wrdgf fhtyr
wrdgf fhtyr 17 dagar sedan
The loud argentina rahilly double because typhoon cytomorphologically attend below a outgoing saturday. magnificent, daily lead
DDAVO7 17 dagar sedan
Congratulations, Airbus! You successfully copied the 787.
Sorbet Shark
Sorbet Shark 16 dagar sedan
no they didn't. they didn't put lithium batteries like 787 did
Mohammed Shaik
Mohammed Shaik 17 dagar sedan
Amazing documentary HQ, glad to see Indian deliveries Indian Flag carrier(p) Indigo
Maxim 17 dagar sedan
Losh Shimon 4 minutes ago (edited) This is the first "macan problems" video upload I found, too tired to look at others, why am I tired? over the last few months I was researching on reliability of the Porsche Macan because I am looking to buy a prestige SUV from a European manufacturer. First thing I found out some prestige car makers in Germany manufacture their cars in places like Mexico, USA, Slovakia even South Africa.?? Not a good start, anyway I settled for a Porsche Macan so then I went to all the Macan forums and was shocked at the faults the Macan had. things like transfer case faults, timing cover oil leaks, electrical faults, fuel pump faults, central shaft bearing failures, sunroof rattles, exhaust pipe mounting brackets cracked, air suspension faults abnormal tyre wear, the list goes on.... in some cases these cars were brand new just driven out from the dealers, most all suffered problems with less than 50k's yes many were fixed under warranty My point is how come these Macans have all these problems? are people still buying them regardless? or has the Macan factory assembly line moved to the dealers and down the line to the buyers? I have not given up hope it could well be these problems reported are either misrepresented or as a percentage small compared to the number of Macans produced. all cars have faults I know this. so I will continue my research until I am satisfied of a satisfactory outcome. I think modern cars are too complicated to expect any decent length of time for them to be trouble free. the price you pay for technology.
Shelby 18 dagar sedan
Dam renta-cops are just as annoying in France as any where else.
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 18 dagar sedan
The righteous patch repressingly add because database explicitly strap aboard a plausible hole. learned, quaint liquid
Kent Nhicksar Patoc
Kent Nhicksar Patoc 18 dagar sedan
1:30 indeed it looks like a Beluga! 😆
916 no balls
916 no balls 19 dagar sedan
What a beauty!
azman Mohd
azman Mohd 19 dagar sedan
Amazing plane ! Marvel of engineering 😍👍👍👍
jean jean
jean jean 19 dagar sedan
I'd like to smoke a cigar ...
Richard Sylvanus
Richard Sylvanus 19 dagar sedan
Patrick's Music
Patrick's Music 19 dagar sedan
This is a beautiful machine. Amazing how much work and man hours go into these beasts.
maman niceboy
maman niceboy 19 dagar sedan
that so good ducumentary for planes. i do spotting also in BALI. thanks for your video bro ....
Ernani Bittencourt Cotrim
Ernani Bittencourt Cotrim 20 dagar sedan
Wesley Safadão no minuto 6:14
straight sav
straight sav 20 dagar sedan
The steadfast pants ipsilaterally agree because goldfish counterintuitively appear than a massive workshop. pushy, lethal fact
Ruben Gonzalez
Ruben Gonzalez 20 dagar sedan
Only rivets hold the wings? I thought only one piece of wing were across. OMG
fairus abd wahab
fairus abd wahab 20 dagar sedan
TF is Toulouse France A350 AirBus .
Michael B. Andrews
Michael B. Andrews 20 dagar sedan
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007k.m.!!! MADAN
007k.m.!!! MADAN 20 dagar sedan
Quando vc estiver no you tube eu estarei lá.
Quando vc estiver no you tube eu estarei lá. 20 dagar sedan
Thank you Airbus.
Stevie Bee
Stevie Bee 21 dag sedan
the A350 has 2 x 6 wheel bogi's and seen earlier on. But when they should the final rollout this is not the A350 but probably a A320 with 2 x 4 wheels bogi's. Trying to hoodwink us?
Stephen Martinez
Stephen Martinez 21 dag sedan
Does Airbus use any Manufacturing Execution Software (MES)? Can you imagine the BOMs for the components? There must be BOMs within BOMs. Logistics by itself must be a herculean effort, not to mention assembly, inspection, quality control and testing.
Sohail Mohammad
Sohail Mohammad 21 dag sedan
Dont the landing gears of the largest a350 has semblance with those of aviation workhorse b777 ?
Flei Lin
Flei Lin 21 dag sedan
Marvin Carlsen
Marvin Carlsen 21 dag sedan
Still I can´t see why it costs 300 Millions.
Christopher Paul
Christopher Paul 21 dag sedan
Only two engines. I thought they all carry four engines.
Jeffery Barton
Jeffery Barton 21 dag sedan
Can I get one of those hats
Rick Stevens
Rick Stevens 21 dag sedan
Air bus invented a plane to help build another plane, that in itself is amazing....
mimora linda
mimora linda 22 dagar sedan
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Pedro Miguel
Pedro Miguel 22 dagar sedan
Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia
lasagna 22 dagar sedan
How to apply for these jobs?
BAYU PUTRA 22 dagar sedan
Boeing aircraft : it just work.
samuel tadesse
samuel tadesse 22 dagar sedan
Why in German
Christian Benn
Christian Benn 22 dagar sedan
I wonder if it is quieter than the GE-90-115B
No Bu
No Bu 22 dagar sedan
0:40 she is hot girl and sexygirl.
Kevin Mad dog
Kevin Mad dog 23 dagar sedan
I’m surprised they found enough French people willing to work. Well they probably get 75 holidays off.
De-En'A Show
De-En'A Show 23 dagar sedan
good channel n good luck for us
Aihua Xie
Aihua Xie 23 dagar sedan
i prefer 787 this one is good too
Alfa 23 dagar sedan
Boring af
Ganteng doang jemput cewe depan gang.
Ganteng doang jemput cewe depan gang. 23 dagar sedan
Ada orang Jawa ga ya, yg kerja di situ.
johnnyboy begood
johnnyboy begood 23 dagar sedan
Those company traffic cops have been waiting their whole life for that little bit of authority.
chapi-chapo 23 dagar sedan
Airbus industry creates the best aircraft in the world.
Stephen Martinez
Stephen Martinez 21 dag sedan
@Lenis Bennett In other words, Socialism is superior to Laissez Faire capitalism.
Lenis Bennett
Lenis Bennett 22 dagar sedan
Unless I'm mistaken Airbus receives a huge government subsidy I don't think that Boing gets one making it harder for Boing to compete.
Roland Sorg
Roland Sorg 23 dagar sedan
Good work - THANKs!
Alan Reiff
Alan Reiff 23 dagar sedan
But the Beluga plane uses GE engines. Hilarious.
Yoshi Pham
Yoshi Pham 21 dag sedan
Hello Alan Reiff, To day GE is International Company, it has factories around the world...
Tom Grisak
Tom Grisak 23 dagar sedan
Amazing process and fantastic video
Mac Nifty
Mac Nifty 23 dagar sedan
All the Ball screws are made at my shop.
Alan Kwok
Alan Kwok 23 dagar sedan
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paulus yandi
paulus yandi 23 dagar sedan
Kevin Culross
Kevin Culross 23 dagar sedan
The disgusted copy generically laugh because lung exceptionally support aside a untidy printer. miscreant, tenuous saxophone
Altaf Hussain
Altaf Hussain 23 dagar sedan
A350 is noisy than 777
Sorbet Shark
Sorbet Shark 16 dagar sedan
huh? i find the 777 to be the noisiest jet i've ever board on
Madeira Aviação Comercial
Madeira Aviação Comercial 24 dagar sedan
I really liked the video!!!
Jean Euloge SAMBA
Jean Euloge SAMBA 24 dagar sedan
Un documentaire très intéressant avec un travail fourmies.
rajendra sheregar
rajendra sheregar 24 dagar sedan
At aLtitude 4From today on sahara deserts [ -----> MigS : and Am to fire antiAircrafT missiLes ----> also RussianPiLot ----> with STeaLth 3d engine diagram of LuftSTansa After coffee break ----->
Chris H
Chris H 24 dagar sedan
doing over 15? oh come on
Beryl Hemmings
Beryl Hemmings 24 dagar sedan
20000 ms per hour can ben the fan blades so gard the engin spout face
Tod Wilcox
Tod Wilcox 25 dagar sedan
Cleaning with a paintbrush. A clear example of why airbus is crushing Boeing, who cuts any corner it can to maximize profit for its billionaire owners and greed addicted investors
Jim Leon
Jim Leon 25 dagar sedan
Amazing documentary. I wish that Boeing employees had the same work ethic and dedication. That’s too much to hope for, given the difference in background, education and ethics found in the US workers.
A Duboi
A Duboi 4 dagar sedan
Amazingly ignorant comment. What metric are you using to draw your conclusions? Of course you have none but your own bias. I think the workers for both companies are all very professional. The fact that flying is so safe from either manufacturer clearly shows that there is no inferior employees. I am an airbus fan but I am not a snob.
Степан Пилот
Степан Пилот 25 dagar sedan
Руслан круче
abdul fingerstyle
abdul fingerstyle 26 dagar sedan
Le Tuan
Le Tuan 26 dagar sedan
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