amazing video and work machine 326

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Dp Guru {Durga Prasad patel}

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Pppp Martinez
Pppp Martinez 41 minut sedan
the front of the Apple PC
Mr. White
Mr. White 6 timmar sedan
Nobody: Girls: my body count is super low I swear
Brandon G
Brandon G 8 timmar sedan
How to go from satisfying compilation to liveleak complation
Celina Buhren
Celina Buhren 10 timmar sedan
🤢🤢 wtf
Nino 51wi
Nino 51wi 11 timmar sedan
Awas awads
JOMO 12 timmar sedan
Kruuu 1990
Kruuu 1990 15 timmar sedan
Imagine doing this 8 hours a day 😂
Abid Ali
Abid Ali 16 timmar sedan
Earphones speaker
Nation of Masturbation
Nation of Masturbation 17 timmar sedan
Bottle Caps
Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar 17 timmar sedan
This is cap of pressure cooker siti
Marco Santos
Marco Santos 20 timmar sedan
That is just stupid...
freddyfazbear2 23 timmar sedan
Sweatshops be like
arvesto Dag sedan
Idk kinda looks like shit it's all uneven
v.tejas shetty
v.tejas shetty Dag sedan
Me :at first day interview I'll join Second day I'll quit sir.
Deepak Jayakumar
Deepak Jayakumar Dag sedan
One wrong move and he will have 6 holes punched on his hands🤣🤣 and six nuggets of meat lying on the workbench...
Parkcxour Dag sedan
recorded on a toothbrush
Steven Dag sedan
Every Honda Civic owner has one of these
Chandan Nayak
Chandan Nayak 2 dagar sedan
One wrong move and you ain't the handy man no more
Richard parnell
Richard parnell 2 dagar sedan
Me when the gf leaves for 10min
jcorns corndog
jcorns corndog 2 dagar sedan
The u.s printing cash uncontrollably right now
ihank jangkie
ihank jangkie 2 dagar sedan
Machine Gun Kelly
Ben joker
Ben joker 2 dagar sedan
Adam modemi söktü götürüyo
024 Naman Singh Thakur 3A1
024 Naman Singh Thakur 3A1 2 dagar sedan
What's it??
Cola Kube
Cola Kube 2 dagar sedan
Mmm, looks safe
Charlesdavid Tomas
Charlesdavid Tomas 2 dagar sedan
Dats just racist
themaster88yy 2 dagar sedan
Yoo chill
Panzer Schramme
Panzer Schramme 3 dagar sedan
F0xO_O 3 dagar sedan
minecoin dupe glitch 2021 no clickbait working
chanel Gez
chanel Gez 3 dagar sedan
Omg gives me anxiety
mahdi yousefi
mahdi yousefi 3 dagar sedan
This was my job
ksawik 1212
ksawik 1212 3 dagar sedan
What the fuck is happening
mia rogers
mia rogers 3 dagar sedan
Don't be shy put your fingers in
NightSkyACC /\
NightSkyACC /\ 3 dagar sedan
Thats how apple makes macs
Immerse Grafx
Immerse Grafx 3 dagar sedan
In a few days instead of that "Zili" logo at the top it's gonna be Liveleak
hari garan
hari garan 3 dagar sedan
what is that machine making
The Exhausted
The Exhausted 3 dagar sedan
This is what a skilled worker looks like.
BeK SHeR 3 dagar sedan
Моя работа в корее, 3 года проработал на за эти станком
Hugo Kubarth
Hugo Kubarth 4 dagar sedan
So dangerous
Jarod Hembree
Jarod Hembree 4 dagar sedan
Tell me you work in a sweat shop without telling me you work in a sweatshop
the gamer Rasmus
the gamer Rasmus 4 dagar sedan
What is that machine used to make?
AnMayker 4 dagar sedan
Why tf does it look so aggressive?
얼불춤 4 dagar sedan
설마 저걸로 아이맥 만들어
Courtnie 97
Courtnie 97 4 dagar sedan
This might be in China. Osha would never allow this
jeffgreer198613 4 dagar sedan
Thats not amazing at all
Rufinox 4 dagar sedan
And what useless garbage is this machine creating?
TheReal Pyro
TheReal Pyro 4 dagar sedan
Fun and games until the live leak logo appears
Dan G
Dan G 4 dagar sedan
What do you do for a living punch holes
Bob O’Bobbledo
Bob O’Bobbledo 5 dagar sedan
All the usual Chinese safety equipment is in place.
Ian Fawley
Ian Fawley 5 dagar sedan
It's not satisfying, the holes don't even line up
Lukas Ribeiro
Lukas Ribeiro 5 dagar sedan
Se pegar mão não vai mais precisar de escorredor kkkk
Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry 6 dagar sedan
You think this job is hard-- I have to eat those coins.
Shaikh Owais
Shaikh Owais 6 dagar sedan
This looks like fun LOL
E M 6 dagar sedan
Sounds like my neighbors when they do they dishes.
Demetrios Theophanous
Demetrios Theophanous 6 dagar sedan
Just a Danish Boi
Just a Danish Boi 7 dagar sedan
How Can this be a job????
AWSM 7 dagar sedan
FoLloW fOr mOre No thanks 🙏
Ok Boomer!
Ok Boomer! 7 dagar sedan
Is that "3-fingers Pete"?
I did weird Things
I did weird Things 8 dagar sedan
Wow this is how fox whistles are made
Marek Jiřík
Marek Jiřík 8 dagar sedan
Ooooooo tak to je divný
جانم فدای رهبر
جانم فدای رهبر 8 dagar sedan
دستتو بزار زیرش
Grown Mystical
Grown Mystical 8 dagar sedan
So that's how they create those Apple computers.
Thoriq Haris
Thoriq Haris 8 dagar sedan
Whats this machine for
むぎのみやLv29 9 dagar sedan
MP Photography
MP Photography 9 dagar sedan
And an amazing person that works here. Machine does not do everything. And also that machine is very dangerous. It may seem like an easy work but trust me it's very dangerous and repetitive.
Jacob Hukill
Jacob Hukill 9 dagar sedan
Those things being made are actually caps on the bottom of a trumpet
varol ibo
varol ibo 10 dagar sedan
master black
master black 10 dagar sedan
Cookie cutter be better
God of Hercules
God of Hercules 10 dagar sedan
Oddly satisfying.
The Perez GirlzZ 1031
The Perez GirlzZ 1031 10 dagar sedan
Jeez thats so satisyfying
mike kong
mike kong 11 dagar sedan
JuliusXgaming 123
JuliusXgaming 123 11 dagar sedan
when you play with the puncher when you were a kid
Abc Abc
Abc Abc 11 dagar sedan
Respect for the man
Nullkom manix
Nullkom manix 12 dagar sedan
work safety is a foreign word in asia🙄
Steve Mcdonald
Steve Mcdonald 12 dagar sedan
so satesfaing
HRH Jayesh Bhagwanji Chitroda
HRH Jayesh Bhagwanji Chitroda 12 dagar sedan
I don’t believe in other peoples judgement of myself as they are not valid entity’s for myself.🕉🔺
Izuwati Ismail
Izuwati Ismail 12 dagar sedan
- UnbreakebleCow
- UnbreakebleCow 13 dagar sedan
I hope he is paid by work not by hour
Jana Liebers
Jana Liebers 13 dagar sedan
Damn 👍😝😛😎
Irfan Ahmed
Irfan Ahmed 14 dagar sedan
hi Pls let me know the name of machine and where can I find one.
Byte Geeks
Byte Geeks 14 dagar sedan
Biden printing money like
SANGHAPAL SHEJUL 14 dagar sedan
Machine as well as man is 100%perfect
A cute Dog
A cute Dog 15 dagar sedan
Among us
SirMrMcNuggets 15 dagar sedan
eyyy the sweatshop channel again
John John
John John 15 dagar sedan
The SweatShop Experience: Episode 1718
Luuk Liesdonk
Luuk Liesdonk 15 dagar sedan
Ah yeah cheap 3rd world labour, amazing.
COD x ZILLA 15 dagar sedan
Machine's late for a flight.
Влад Малихін
Влад Малихін 15 dagar sedan
Aki Shiina
Aki Shiina 16 dagar sedan
Bulbulator robi bul bul bulbulator.
Noah Biancale
Noah Biancale 16 dagar sedan
Wait till he goes in to far
Злобный Гном
Злобный Гном 16 dagar sedan
В пылу работу так и руки оттяпает
Paul Kutcher
Paul Kutcher 16 dagar sedan
And you wonder why stuff from overseas is so freaking cheap.. These people work for $2 a day and lose hands on a regular basis and they're willing to do it rather than eat out of a garbage can.. America first dammit
Tim That Train Guy
Tim That Train Guy 16 dagar sedan
Oh wow color film from a 1900s American factory oh wait it's a modern Chinese factory
Mark Kookie
Mark Kookie 16 dagar sedan
NOM NOM NOM NOM XD that's a good hungry hole punching machine.
Gabrieliss 16 dagar sedan
This is not safe at all
길동 16 dagar sedan
기계는 인간보다 정확할수없다 인간은이미 기계를 뛰어넘었기때문이다
moon i
moon i 16 dagar sedan
mac pro ?
Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson 16 dagar sedan
Tack heads?
새초롬 16 dagar sedan
저러다가 손가락 날라가는 거구만
先生CherryPepsi 16 dagar sedan
Oh so this is what happens in Chinese sweatshops
Tjen jet cung
Tjen jet cung 16 dagar sedan
Making Plasma Cutting Machine
Workshop From Scratch
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Gordon Dewoon
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Old Soviet motorcycle full Restoration
Gordon Dewoon
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Kalvfilé Oscar | Leif Mannerström
Leif Mannerström
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Billie Eilish - Your Power (Official Music Video)
Fake Fortune Teller Prank!
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JAG ÄR GRAVID!! 👶 Vi ska bli fyra!!