All Loki Behind the Scenes

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Catalina Gomes Giraldo Sami Eg
Catalina Gomes Giraldo Sami Eg 12 timmar sedan
Ilia yriev
Ilia yriev 20 timmar sedan
Imagine Loki meets his Thor version😀
Esmeralda Delatorre
Esmeralda Delatorre 2 dagar sedan
He did an Alan Rickman impression he would’ve been so proud of him
Esmeralda Delatorre
Esmeralda Delatorre 2 dagar sedan
Girls like Loki because he’s hot!!
Yaya Klein
Yaya Klein 3 dagar sedan
At 10:7 he sounded like snape
Baba Yaga Slobbed a Knobba
Baba Yaga Slobbed a Knobba 4 dagar sedan
I wonder just how far the Loki character would've gotten had someone else played the role. I honestly believe the character has become so popular, just because of how good Tom Hiddleston is.
Cassy Royal
Cassy Royal 4 dagar sedan
Editzthatsit 4 dagar sedan
5:52 He’s so excited, it’s adorable
Violet Simpson
Violet Simpson 6 dagar sedan
Unknown Lyrics
Unknown Lyrics 6 dagar sedan
4:35 poor thing lmao
FATIN NABILAH 7 dagar sedan
Im listening always iconic
Ayako Tami
Ayako Tami 8 dagar sedan
Loli is my favorite character. No one can do him better then Tom. 😄
Face Girl
Face Girl 8 dagar sedan
Uma Kamath
Uma Kamath 9 dagar sedan
The person: **talking about how Thor can't be Thor without Loki** **Meanwhile in the background Loki starts screaming**
Aida Fasha
Aida Fasha 9 dagar sedan
Even i forgot how is loki in reality was after watch tom hiddleton's acting
Basil Wyrth
Basil Wyrth 9 dagar sedan
I can't get over how cute his laugh is T-T
AM A 10 dagar sedan
So the movie is called Thor but I watch it because of loki 😃
Nerdy Gamer Addicts
Nerdy Gamer Addicts 10 dagar sedan
CLICKBAIT BEWARE Video should be Titled "All Loki Behind the Scenes except Loki TV Show".
Jen Klen
Jen Klen 11 dagar sedan
Loki is actually the best character ever in the MCU. He has the right amount of positive traits, and negative traits. He’s mischievous, intelligent, cunning, funny, and just overall a complex character that’s hard to pin point one single word to describe him. Whereas other characters are pretty monolithic, like Thor, or Captain America.
anditha rizki wijaya
anditha rizki wijaya 11 dagar sedan
Loki,s scream in prison is like Godzilla without auto tune,and I can't unhear it😂
Diana Réis
Diana Réis 11 dagar sedan
Loki a melhor pedida 👏👏👏👏👏👍
Char Turner
Char Turner 11 dagar sedan
Loki's about to get the grandest Throne. That TVA Throne
Erendis Akallabeth
Erendis Akallabeth 12 dagar sedan
He is painfully gorgeous on that cell. I mean really, his beauty hurts.
실버스타 12 dagar sedan
걍 존나 사랑스럽다..
Cruel or Viscious
Cruel or Viscious 12 dagar sedan
The diagonal camera pov is annoying. Sorry mr director. Otherwise I really admire every works everyone poured to these films
Nay Cm
Nay Cm 12 dagar sedan
amo a Loki!! tan hermoso!!
ゾライス ベヌザタ
ゾライス ベヌザタ 12 dagar sedan
I like very much loki he is my favorite super vilain character
Xiao Lyn
Xiao Lyn 12 dagar sedan
It's so weird to see Loki with Thor's hair lol
Nursipedia Streaming
Nursipedia Streaming 13 dagar sedan
i tot coulson become a loki when loki stab him.
Abril Perez
Abril Perez 13 dagar sedan
Si tan solo estuviera subtitulado
Mr. Panda
Mr. Panda 13 dagar sedan
Tom= “auditions for Thor” Disney= you are going to be Loki Tom= but I wanna be Thor Disney= thats such a Loki thing to say
bee pudding
bee pudding 14 dagar sedan
Okay but 3:36 tho xD! Loki spin!
Yanisset Robles
Yanisset Robles 14 dagar sedan
3:45 His laugh😍😍
ely esel
ely esel 14 dagar sedan
3:25 I can't stop laughing oh god
DIVABSB 14 dagar sedan
Mi favorito siempre ha sido Loki 🥰 mas que Thor
Kandy Williams
Kandy Williams 14 dagar sedan
Volume on this channel is awful!
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 14 dagar sedan
No no no way ! ! Tom as Thor ??? No !! Tom is definitly Loki ! And the best Loki ever !!😚😚😚😚😚
Ordinqry 14 dagar sedan
I love how Tom went from auditioning for Thor to being the Executive Producer and Main Character of Loki.
dansheen 15 dagar sedan
T: you think i'm a fool~ L: yes, yes i do. ME: YEAH I DO TOO
Twistmygrinder 15 dagar sedan
3:43 his little laugh is so cute and genuine here
James Woodin
James Woodin 15 dagar sedan
1:13 "Helmet." This murdered me 🤣
Kiara Kiwi
Kiara Kiwi 15 dagar sedan
I just realized how tall tom Hiddleston is- I didn’t realize he was this tall
daydream 15 dagar sedan
Noor 77
Noor 77 15 dagar sedan
Was everybody looking 😏
gyanendraprasad dhal
gyanendraprasad dhal 15 dagar sedan
Tom : yeahhhhhh Director : yup that's Loki
gyanendraprasad dhal
gyanendraprasad dhal 15 dagar sedan
In the audition for thor they found Loki
Bri Granger
Bri Granger 15 dagar sedan
Why is no one talking about that one cut where the lady just goes "HELMET 👹" lmfaooooo
Baby i got issue But i love myself
Baby i got issue But i love myself 16 dagar sedan
Valkyrie hit him on that spot😂😂
Baby i got issue But i love myself
Baby i got issue But i love myself 16 dagar sedan
He looks so young here
electronic calculator use battery dc:1.5V
electronic calculator use battery dc:1.5V 16 dagar sedan
1:13 helmet
Elena Christelle Tolentino
Elena Christelle Tolentino 16 dagar sedan
thor & loki's best teamwork scene ever was the "let's do GET HELP"
Raphaeloking 16 dagar sedan
Darine Ali
Darine Ali 16 dagar sedan
psychotic dark angel
psychotic dark angel 17 dagar sedan
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow 17 dagar sedan
2:10 physically hurt me it was so sad
ムハイミンABDMIN 17 dagar sedan
4:15 this shot looks better than the one in the movie, seriously thor the dark world cinematography is really bad, every shot of this planet is dark as hell, can't see shit
wormie 9 dagar sedan
Princess Consuela
Princess Consuela 17 dagar sedan
Ge nos
Ge nos 17 dagar sedan
Loki : god of fan girls
Atenas Palacios
Atenas Palacios 17 dagar sedan
Tom mm es hermoso🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Floor Jolink
Floor Jolink 17 dagar sedan
Gaia De Palma
Gaia De Palma 18 dagar sedan
He is so hot, I can't go over it jeez
prideling 18 dagar sedan
Now I'm kinda sad we didn't get that scene with Loki and Hawkeye. It shows how Loki got the idea to split the avengers apart, shows how impatient he's getting, and also how observant Barton is.
vee_moreira zz
vee_moreira zz 18 dagar sedan
Tão lindo homem rena 🛐
Alejandro Zúñiga Ávila
Alejandro Zúñiga Ávila 18 dagar sedan
He was loki, he said.
Angela Lovelace
Angela Lovelace 18 dagar sedan
The Snape impression...
Elena M.
Elena M. 19 dagar sedan
@Marvelite finally I've seen this video!! Omgosh, i didn't know they CGed Loki's crotch (Lol), but i'm sure he doesn't need that stuff, in fact behind the scenes they didn't, and it looks exactly same as in other movies, on TV and in all pictures. Don't know where you come from but, here in Italy, it's said that tall, slender men are also very "well equipped"..😏🤭
Elena M.
Elena M. 18 dagar sedan
@Marvelite I'm sorry you forgot most part of the Italian you learned in the past. I'm aware that our grammar is rather difficult for English-speaking people, but in the end, i think Italian is worth the effort, for it's a very colorful language. For what concerns Loki, i think the Marvel/Disney executives are too prudish if they had to censor those goodies with CG effects! 😒😑 PS. I bet it was the other way around with Thor; they probably had to stuff his pants with cotton balls.. LMAO ;D
Marvelite 19 dagar sedan
If you carefully watch his crotch in the movie, it’s flat, they CGed it out, it was quite the scandal back then haha!!!! It was indeed hilarious! È italiana! Parlo un’ po italiano 😆 Studiato italiano A1-B2 ma non recordato niente😰Italian sayings are simply the best. We learned a whole lot of how we should do today’s work tomorrow, if you see a man resting, let him be or sth. I was like that’s my kinda people🤣bc I’m also chill as hell!
Debarati Majumdar
Debarati Majumdar 19 dagar sedan
The scene would have been much better if the scream in prison were not deleted
Debarati Majumdar
Debarati Majumdar 19 dagar sedan
I have never seen a villain having more fans than a hero
a laurent
a laurent 19 dagar sedan
an ad was playing first but it froze and i looked at the time and it said 15 seconds and for a second i thought this video was only 15 seconds and i deflated lmfao
Lydia Lyle
Lydia Lyle 19 dagar sedan
Nicole Marques
Nicole Marques 19 dagar sedan
1:13 HELMET.
William Smith
William Smith 19 dagar sedan
He is really Loki but a terrible thor
xSandrax 20 dagar sedan
Wooah they know Dragonball
Super Jump Bros
Super Jump Bros 21 dag sedan
Brett Payne
Brett Payne 21 dag sedan
1:14 “H E L M E T.” The way this was edited made me giggle for a bit.
VERONICA PHIRI 21 dag sedan
What a cutie-pie.
madisyn Skywalker
madisyn Skywalker 21 dag sedan
Okay but can we take a moment for queen frigga that yellow gold dress is gorgeous on her 🤩
GiHyun Kim
GiHyun Kim 21 dag sedan
He wanted to be in Thor's role is just loki himself
masyitah 22 dagar sedan
Tessla Patterson
Tessla Patterson 22 dagar sedan
Everyone watches the Thor movies for Loki 😂
Ailey Paterson
Ailey Paterson 6 dagar sedan
Ur not lying.
Loki Friggason
Loki Friggason 9 dagar sedan
Well, that's true.
Lily 22 dagar sedan
I was praying to the marvel gods to see the tom playing loki as cap clip and i got my wish
chidojared 23
chidojared 23 22 dagar sedan
3:53 gohan posses?
Gowri Gunda
Gowri Gunda 22 dagar sedan
Marvel is good at casting especially for Loki
Isabel Núñez luna
Isabel Núñez luna 22 dagar sedan
No entendi nada jsjs xd
Lucifer Realm
Lucifer Realm 22 dagar sedan
Loki character is drawn for him
• Moonseth •
• Moonseth • 23 dagar sedan
3:54 No one is going to talk about it?-
Cyari Williams
Cyari Williams 23 dagar sedan
"God bless America" 😂 7:12
bre janay
bre janay 23 dagar sedan
This video has a hold on me
gàbé 23 dagar sedan
1:14 H E L M E T
hiff gddx
hiff gddx 24 dagar sedan
Hard time imaging Thor without Loki. Current MCU timeline ... hold my beer.
Volstagg x Loki
Volstagg x Loki 24 dagar sedan
גבריאל פאלקאו
גבריאל פאלקאו 24 dagar sedan
So, Loki tried to take his brother's place...
Nihal 542765
Nihal 542765 24 dagar sedan
did he do a snape impression at the end ?
Lizzie Sutcliff
Lizzie Sutcliff 24 dagar sedan
How tf he's that gorgeous omg, it hurts! 2:31
Bella Lest
Bella Lest 24 dagar sedan
10:03 Aaww❤️ Severus /* 10 points to Slytherin 🍏
Rodrigo Dutra
Rodrigo Dutra 24 dagar sedan
bro, the first frame.......... 00:00 I'M LOOKING RESPECTFULLY
Rocky 25 dagar sedan
I love how loki played the captain American scene so cap knew how to act it to a t and god it made a good scene
Sean Daley
Sean Daley 25 dagar sedan
1:14 helmet
neel coc
neel coc 26 dagar sedan
People were supposed to love Thor😂. But they choose loki
Seth Sipe
Seth Sipe 26 dagar sedan
We need a Loki Variant that is actually Thor.