The REAL reason you don’t get a charger anymore.

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Samsung and Apple no longer give you a charger with the Samsung galaxy S21 / S21 Ultra and Apple iPhone 12 / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max - But is this ACTUALLY just to save the environment? To see what I got by buying the strangest phones on the internet:
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Mrwhosetheboss 2 månader sedan
Particularly curious to see what you think after you've watched this one! ♻️ To find out what happened when I bought the strangest phones on the internet:
Seyiekheto Sale
Seyiekheto Sale 8 dagar sedan
Cm on even if dey dont give chargers in the box. Pple need to buy a charger out of box . At the same time the companies are still selling chargers thus production is alwys on.
Mathias P
Mathias P 27 dagar sedan
You’re saying that sustainability is important, that there is too much packaging. Have you ever counted the amount of devices that only you ordered and unpacked? 😀 And yes, you would get more subscribers if you say that you are eco friendly. But, you would also have to show that you actually are 🙃
09 Umer Khalid
09 Umer Khalid Månad sedan
Apple and the other brands following the footsteps of Apple are just going greedy not greenery
MD BEEN Månad sedan
Hi i need some help
one man army
one man army 2 månader sedan
Yaitari San
Yaitari San Timme sedan
They care about the green 💵
Gary D
Gary D 2 timmar sedan
I never use the chargers that come with the phone I haven't used them in years. I have been using a 6 year old anker charger for all my devices and it charges my phone and tablets. I don't need quick change blah blah blah. Although I think the charger I use which has 6 ports on it has quick charge on it. that's all I use,when it dies I'll buy another one.
CarBoy 2 timmar sedan
Apple: lets go green! Samsung and xiaomi: nah, stick on is, we won’t take out anything... iPhone12: *sells well Samsung: *delets post Samsung and xiaomi: *releases phone with no power brick Arun: *makes this video Every other phone later: nope, lets re-get that charger
Zandrich Mynhardt
Zandrich Mynhardt 2 timmar sedan
Go woke, go broke.
Kamen Kunchev
Kamen Kunchev 3 timmar sedan
And when you add planned obsolescence to the magic hat of Apple tricks, it starts getting clear they just don't care and it's all lies.
Jericho Clarin
Jericho Clarin 4 timmar sedan
Xiaomi user be like:lol you guys don’t have charger?
Hassan Luhar
Hassan Luhar 4 timmar sedan
Think we need to boycott apple and samsung for not providing chargers and buy a Xaomi
D. SQ 5 timmar sedan
Nice thesis my friend. Very interesting. I did not know this is what was going on. I haven't really looked at phones or phone reviews for the last 2 years, so when I saw an unboxing video of the newer phones recently, with just the USB cable and no brick, I assumed there's some sort of revolutionary new technology, that I don't know about, that they have out there, probably having something to do with wireless charging or something that made it so that you don't need a brick. I did not realize everybody was WOKE now. That's smart too because the companies are saving a lot of money not making those chargers themselves now.
Maelaf yemena
Maelaf yemena 5 timmar sedan
U're the best Tech Reviewer Mrwhostheboss Thx for Everything
Sam Yoon
Sam Yoon 6 timmar sedan
Like always, big corporations' hypocrisy is so laughable and dangerous at the same time.
GHAUS PLAYS 6 timmar sedan
was anyone like oh boy i just joined a cult
Ashutosh Patil
Ashutosh Patil 8 timmar sedan
APPLE did not think through it
Iguana93 8 timmar sedan
Wow, seriously, having to align coils for wireless charging and going as far as using magnet alignment completely defeats the purpose of the "wirelessness", doesn't it. At this point, including two conductive points on the back of the phone and two contacts on a magnetically aligned base of the exact same design would mean not having to use any coils, making it cheaper, more efficient and faster without sacrificing any of the user comfort. :D But hey, "wireless" sells better.
Josie Lynn
Josie Lynn 9 timmar sedan
Free phone cases?! Ya Apple girl here didn't know that was a thing, I been missing out! 😭 Switched back to android after 10 years, lets see how it goes!
Florian Gysin
Florian Gysin 9 timmar sedan
Like the video, but it focuses a bit much on the packaging... Would have really expected that grey energy of the charger/... production would somehow be taken into account also.
Marko Gavrilovic
Marko Gavrilovic 10 timmar sedan
Jayadev Rajendran
Jayadev Rajendran 10 timmar sedan
They selling charger, cable, earphones separately because these things can be charged extra..
Bogdan D
Bogdan D 11 timmar sedan
Stop buying new phones every year, buy one every 4 - 5, and recycle your e-waste that's how you help (a bit) the environment!
ShawnBFB 12 timmar sedan
This man got brains. Never thought of it that way
Gafton Vlad
Gafton Vlad 15 timmar sedan
this is a bullshit.. to make for them more profit.. economy for charges that brings for them for money , and economy for paper.. box , guides inside , economy for $$ , not for enviroment ! Thats a lie.. we go further but we go bad...if they give a shit on eviroment apple.. , i see bow year by year phone are more expensive and also doesn't offer you more for this money...
Shaun Beakley
Shaun Beakley 21 timme sedan
Don't lie, just say that you're saving money. At least Samsung transfers some savings over to the consumer over last gen.
Rafael Corrêa
Rafael Corrêa Dag sedan
Thats reversed catch-22 dude. They have in fact lowered their emissions by not shipping earbuds and rechargers. Even IF that raises emission by extra packaging and trips when shipping. Because now it's not them the ones having high emissions, but Amazon (pun intended). So, they can get away with raising pollution by lowering pollution... see? Now, of course these companies don't do this because they actually care, but they have to deal with those pesky environment laws and compliance agents. So now, when an angent accuses them of having high emission, they can just go: - "Oh, but we lowered emissions by not sending extra gear to our customers." - "Yeah, but now that's generating even more pollution, so you're guilty nonetheless." - "Well... No, those are actually Amazon (or Post or DHL whatever) emissions so you'll have to deal with them"
M S G Dag sedan
Thank you for pointing out the ridiculous packaging Amazon sends things in! They get it to you fast but so wasteful!
Christopher Morris
Christopher Morris Dag sedan
Your videos confuse me are they for the UK market or are they for the US market???
theRealRindberg Dag sedan
A charger last longer then 3 phones.... better yet, don't replace your phone every other year
InventorZahran Dag sedan
Has anyone here heard of a company called Purism? They make laptops, smartphones, server equipment, and other computer products. However, all their products are made from responsibly-sourced materials, chargers are always included, and they actually take real effective measures to lessen their environmental impact. Not to mention their products have no proprietary hardware/ports, and are built to be user-repairable, which helps to reduce waste.
Sumsam Ali
Sumsam Ali Dag sedan
The companies are trying their best to fool their customers in every their new products.
Tony Wright
Tony Wright Dag sedan
And it is utter bullshit, they are cheaping out and are being abusive. New phones are not your friend and are easily hackable and taken over
Milan Tamang
Milan Tamang Dag sedan
Video make sense Meanwhile companies - its called business of selling. Me : switch company
Vinnie O
Vinnie O Dag sedan
Great video. Lots of practical information and solutions spoken clearly and distinctly.
Andrew Myers
Andrew Myers Dag sedan
"Someone takes something away from you and tries to convince you that it's for you're own benefit." You mean Republicans?
Drew Freeman
Drew Freeman Dag sedan
We know when a company is blowing smoke up our bums.
Mohammed Faiz MS
Mohammed Faiz MS Dag sedan
Great job
Kalyani G
Kalyani G Dag sedan
Chargers don't last forever My grandma using the same charger for the last 7 years: hehehe yeeeeeh
Elek Dag sedan
if you wonder what is the idea behind stupid solution the answer is most probably - money, more money
desihaha Dag sedan
Only reason is to pocket more profit. Why, because they know that they can get away with it.
sd dirt
sd dirt Dag sedan
Chargers last about 1/10th of the life of the phone...make them higher quality if u want to be earth friendly.
Marius Gheorghe
Marius Gheorghe Dag sedan
Dude, if you buy a new premium phone every 2 3 years you are already polluting far more than a simple charger would do. They just want you to buy another charger,rather than to give you one in the first place
Andre Jeremy Kuhonta
Andre Jeremy Kuhonta Dag sedan
plus idk whats the point of removing the charger on the box charger are useful
Andre Jeremy Kuhonta
Andre Jeremy Kuhonta Dag sedan
so it was not helping community and doubles it
tom shult
tom shult Dag sedan
I think they are going to do this to sell more wireless chargers.
Tomasz Adamczyk
Tomasz Adamczyk Dag sedan
Never bought a charger in my life and we have 8 Samsung chargers in our house. Never included charger when selling/recycling a phone.
Tari Bence
Tari Bence Dag sedan
I honestly think that because Apple thought out that "Look bro, what if we remove the charger and blame our carbon footprint on other companies and consumers and still advertise it as if we did something good?", this won't make them more eco-friendly, in fact all of your points are completely on point and just because iPhone sales are in the sky (and apples own ass) doesn't mean every manufacturer should follow it cause Apple is recently doing the "Look cool while being the bad guy" attitude even harder than before, and i am an Android fanboi, and i don't want Android device manufacturers to step on Apples path ever again. Removing the SDcard, headphone jack, charger, screen protector from recent devices to "save the environment"? You know what phone manufacturers? F*ck all of you and f*ck Apple specially for giving you all of these horrible and purely s*it ideas that you all will follow like fricking sheeps cause you think if Apple can do it, why can't we? You can't. In fact Apple shouldn't do it either and all of those manufacturers who are removing good and useful things from their devices day to day MUST all face a horrible lawsuit for fake advertising and intentional environment damaging.
Noah Noronha
Noah Noronha Dag sedan
Do you think apple will change their mind 😢
Adam Symko
Adam Symko Dag sedan
Point out the waste of electricity, what's the deal with the three televisions behind you? A lovely shade of green to be sure but necessary, not so sure.
Ajay Kumar Das
Ajay Kumar Das Dag sedan
Apple be like, why not rob the rich people
Blackfox Dag sedan
the just outsourced the problems
svm 10
svm 10 Dag sedan
Great video. Your views are highly appreciated and so true. Also, they are tweaking on the price factor of their mobiles. The worst thing is that we are paying more and more each year for their high end products and getting less and less!!
Hamza Ahmed
Hamza Ahmed Dag sedan
they are just plain greedy and its damaging the enviroment.
Aniket K
Aniket K Dag sedan
Tell me a Bluetooth earphone which has infinite battery life like weird earphone
Aniket K
Aniket K Dag sedan
This video is a PUBLIC HUMILIATION for channels like MKBHD, Unbox therapy, ETC.
inko toradora
inko toradora Dag sedan
9:34 anyone notice the Rick roll of the bottom right corner
Big Boss
Big Boss Dag sedan
It is ridiculous that for iPhone you have to buy the brick separately even for the wireless charger.
Shakazuloeman Dag sedan
Who cares what the real reason is? The real reason doesn't matter because the impact on the environment is there no matter what.
GrOuNdZeRo7777 Dag sedan
Its not about the environment its about the botom line.
Sameer Verma
Sameer Verma Dag sedan
They only do this so we buy their products and charger separately
Andrie Bastian
Andrie Bastian Dag sedan
Awesome video
yogendra nagarkar
yogendra nagarkar Dag sedan
HuaweiY9 Ebora
HuaweiY9 Ebora Dag sedan
🤨 I'm confused with this cuz in my country we still get the full charger in our SAMSUNG products
Rivka Bronshteyn
Rivka Bronshteyn Dag sedan
When i got my phone late 2019 it came with a charger block
Ismoyo Nugroho Tomo
Ismoyo Nugroho Tomo Dag sedan
Thank you for this video. This video is the best proof how Apple still stupid and evil. Too bad, Samsung is following the stupidnes of Apple. Big hope for Xiaomi not following the trend of being stupid and evil company .
Yoon-hae Jeon
Yoon-hae Jeon Dag sedan
Saying this not trying to be like mean but before they even took away giving a free plug, the cube for the plug and the wireless ear buds with the phone itself when I got my phone my first one ever they didn't inculde the ear buds with the packaging. Which is ok because ear buds don't fit in my ears anyways.
World Viral Daily
World Viral Daily Dag sedan
Great video keep your foot on their necks
AK 47
AK 47 Dag sedan
It's all about money, not about the environment. The "eco-friendly" reason is just what their marketing team cooked up so they can get away with it.
sam iam
sam iam Dag sedan
This is a great video. I wish all the companies could see this and get it.
King K
King K 2 dagar sedan
These corporations are just selfish, self absorbed evil individuals. They don’t care about YOU or the ENVIRONMENT. They just PRETEND that they do. While you’re distracted by this false act they’re putting on, they are doing something even more shady behind your back.
absurdpizza 7818
absurdpizza 7818 2 dagar sedan
Someone has to tell these compabies that chargers isnt the problem, using plastic at all, plastic bags, bying a car, using electricity powered by natural gas or oil, planes, large cargo ships, coal using, mining is huge enviromental damage. They jusr want to spare some money and try to sell you there 200 dollar wireless charger. If they cared about the enviroment so much, they would try to fix these problems i wrote, they just want to look good and try to be the company with the new future product and being fancy. Chargers isnt a danger to the enviroment. And if so, just remake the casing of the charger with something other than plastic, problem solved.
Shekelstein 2 dagar sedan
@ 6:58 It's called compliance techniques, this one in particular being the "door in the face technique". Also, not to detract from your points here, but buying less phones is also a nice solution. Buy saying that would make you a bit of a hypocrit, wouldn't it...
Gopaul Romario 1.5
Gopaul Romario 1.5 2 dagar sedan
hope apple shipping my phone at 200%
Leenah Audio
Leenah Audio 2 dagar sedan
Wait y'all even get free cases?? I've never seen or heard of that lol
Kamran Sherwani
Kamran Sherwani 2 dagar sedan
I did not buy a new phone this year only because of not getting charger and earphone
GarryFisherProRider 2 dagar sedan
Furthermore, if you have each phone delivered with the charger and other extras, you may not even want to buy a charger even if you accidentally bought a phone without one... because you can get one for free from your brother, friend or even your grandma. You always end up with a pile of chargers (unless they switch to a new type of USB), and you can always find someone, who wants to get rid of a part of his pile of chargers.
Nerdy punk
Nerdy punk 2 dagar sedan
Another problem is usb keeps improving so you might not have the cord because it's a new form of usb and no device you have has ever used it.
Ahmad Farid
Ahmad Farid 2 dagar sedan
Old is gold
Ян Котлетка
Ян Котлетка 2 dagar sedan
2:54 Ivan? Potchta Rossii?
Joe Andrew Turner
Joe Andrew Turner 2 dagar sedan
Everyone seems to be complacent that tech companies are making worse products than they made before. They think at this point the consumer is just stupid and would buy anything. Pay more for less.
Muhammad Ashraf
Muhammad Ashraf 2 dagar sedan
Best Analysis of their Cruelty!
FlexUrbanExploring 2 dagar sedan
I subscribed because you have the most honest way of talking about products. You test and show us what you found. You are the only channel I go to for tech information. You are the boss 💥
Sonny Blanco
Sonny Blanco 2 dagar sedan
Being eco-this and eco-that is the hype nowadays. Everyone's capitalizing on it. I'm gonna add being eco-friendly to my resume now. Hahaha
DJmiserableCunt 2 dagar sedan
so you're telling me that they are not really doing it to save the environment, but to get more money from us?!🤯
Jaime Costa
Jaime Costa 2 dagar sedan
I won't be buying a fone with out a charger...
Kristian Göransson
Kristian Göransson 2 dagar sedan
Not enviromental concern, they have to factor chargers for different countries. Now they can send all phones to any country, not considering their socket outlets or voltage. Then one can order all accessories at one time....
Bighed Boy
Bighed Boy 2 dagar sedan
9:35 we got rickrolled guys RIP
Cyrex 2 dagar sedan
Honestly, i feel like this is a scam, since they aren't doing nothing but making people buy their useless phones when you could buy other phones which are 1000% better. One thing that i hate is that even without a charger, the phone costs more than the other ones with a charger, if this continues im gonna really say that wish phones are better, not for their quality because they suck in everything, BUT FOR THEIR GOD DAMN CHARGER.
Devasia Thomas
Devasia Thomas 2 dagar sedan
We need a lot of reviewers to talk about the same thing. A lot
Slate 2 dagar sedan
God damn it. I knew my mom was lying when she took sugary treats away
bonkers spicy chart
bonkers spicy chart 2 dagar sedan
if i made this video i would’ve just said “money” and end it there
Cosmic Peachesシ
Cosmic Peachesシ 2 dagar sedan
I'm gonna buy iphone xr this april and i cannot accept the fact that it doesnt have a charger and did they do that because they lower the price??? Like the price is still the same as the normal price when we're going to buy apple charger and earphones🙄 Like Apple is SMART SMART😂
Jah Son
Jah Son 2 dagar sedan
I agree with and have been saying everything said here. Thank you for the validation.
Archer S
Archer S 2 dagar sedan
The REAL REAL reason is....they can sell individual components to make a whole device work...and customize it. Get it in this or that color etc. The absolute real reason is INCREASED REVENUE AND PROFIT. Saying they’re going green, how about people recycle their packaging that’s recyclable. I’ve been recycling my entire life from batteries to cans and plastics. If it can be recycled I’ve always done my part, even paid to have recycle picked up weekly. They are marketing themselves as “going green.” But they’re reducing the cost of shipping each individual unit due to packaging sizes and the weight savings. They can push more volume of units for the same amount of money for transportation, the packaging is cheaper to manufacture and again, what good is an electronic device if you can’t charge it. 5G...they knew it would be everywhere. Apple knew good and well it would be, yet they didn’t put a true 5G antenna in the iPhone 11. I wonder why not if 5G was imminent?....if you’re reading this and you’ve learned anything from what I’ve commented you’d guess correctly. 🛎 🛎 🛎. MORE PROFIT! Not to mention I believe I read sometime ago something like 76% of Apples revenue comes from HARDWARE sales. My first and possibly last SEmost comment?
Anna FA
Anna FA 3 dagar sedan
My mom's apple have gave a charger so I'm confused 😐
LM12 but play video game
LM12 but play video game 3 dagar sedan
I got a charger brick ad at the start...
Jake Schwabrow
Jake Schwabrow 3 dagar sedan
my Samsung galaxy s21 ultra came with a charger
94Einstein 3 dagar sedan
why not offering both? then you can decide wether you need a charger or not.
Artem Marchuk
Artem Marchuk 3 dagar sedan
really saving environment means making one cell phone for the period of 5 years, but not new model every year, and new production line, and shipping powers for each phone. one processor in an iphone can last 5 years easily without getting more powerful every year, saving environment means optimizing products for the period of 5-7 years. Cars are the same story, you can have one Tesla for the period of 10 years without battery degradation, but with gasoline it's very very complicated, and not environmentally friendly.
tedwutang 3 dagar sedan
It’s called business. You name it Samsung, Apple, Sony, Google all the same. But you can pick what works for you.
IchibaraYT 3 dagar sedan
Hahaha Akg "tuned" Akg is dead and it had been for a while it's just the logo no tuning
Arpan Dey
Arpan Dey 3 dagar sedan
Now i understand why kids are shooting at school 😂🤣they are frustrated and confused
Herstory2020 3 dagar sedan
Greedy bastards smh. Pandemic struggle turned captalists worse and inflicting capital punishment , killing us economically, on the working class
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