Guitar Gear Talk: The Best Gear You've Never Heard Of

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Rick Beato

3 år sedan

In this episode Rhett, Dave and I discuss our favorite obscure or sleeper guitar gear that we have used over the years. We are talking about guitars, amps and pedals.

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david young
david young 16 dagar sedan
I have a cv 50's squier tele and it's not light. oh yeah it's pine and it sounds incredible.
Peter Thrasher
Peter Thrasher 18 dagar sedan
Reverend Guitars are amazing!
Johnny Cliche
Johnny Cliche 23 dagar sedan
I had a chance in the mid 90's to buy a Sovtek tweed head unit for like $300 or $350 used from the same guitar shop I bought my late 80's Warmoth from, and to this day I still wish I'd have had enough money as a teenager to have been able to buy it...I remember playing it through a tweed Fender 2x12 cab in the store and it was just such an amazing tone and warmth to it...
Dolfan 13
Dolfan 13 Månad sedan
Pioneer Super Tuner! 🤘
JuanJohn Music
JuanJohn Music 2 månader sedan
Hey Rick, have you seen the 3699 Danelectro pedal? It's supposed to be the reissue of the fuzz you miss.
Breeze Smith
Breeze Smith 2 månader sedan
Thanks for driving the DOD price to $140+... 🙄
Nachelle Nightingale
Nachelle Nightingale 2 månader sedan
trace elliot c30 killer amp,, british
Jack Smith
Jack Smith 3 månader sedan
Sleeper gear: Jet City amps (mainly JCA and HDM heads, basically Soldano SLO's on a printed circuit board, chinese made under licence from Mike) EHX Memory Boy Deluxe, costs under $200/£200 and is as good as any analog delay out there, has modulation , gain control and an fx loop for the delay tail, and Tap and is 100% analog signal, people never mention them but they are fantastic TRex Alberta 2 (really any TRex drive but) 2 channel OD that does anything you would want an OD pedal to do, and great at clean boosting, very well made Caline Snakebite CP26 , basically an EQD style ambient verb , with 1 mode but hi and low pass filter, Central resonant frequency control, decay, mix and damping controls, costs about $30 DOD Gunslinger. Quite simply the best amp in a box pedal released in the last 5 years that retailed for less than $200 (they were about $100 when they were still being made) I would take one of an Angry Charlie for example, not a seconds thought DOD Looking Glass, unique OD , not the best for clean boosting, but as a preamp/drive source its amazing, low gain and mid gain tones are simply brilliant DOD Icebox (og 90's version) take these over any other chorus ....ever made. EHX Hot Tubes nano, decent drive pedal, but I think this pedal is amazing for warming cleans. Keep gain below 11 O'clock and you just add warmth and fatness, acts more like a really sweet compressor on cleans. EHX OD Glove and East River Drive, quite simply the best low cost OCD and TS clones , and they are actually miles ahead of other budget clones. G&L Tribute series guitars. Just blows Squire out of the water(and Squire are great). More like getting a USA standard Fender for Squire money. I have A/B'd my Indonesian made Tribute Asat 2 with a 90's USA standard Tele (about 1k worth of guitar), and a 00's 52 reissue Tele USA (over 2k worth of guitar). The 90's USA standard is of a similar build quality, slightly better finish, and the G&L destroys it tone wise, the 52 Reissue was on basically the same level tone wise but is of course a better finished instrument, and plays a bit nicer (only 5%, not 1.5k of retail value worth though), the G&L cost me £350($400). ........Crazy. Harley Benton HB10G , 10 watt solid state practice amp, awful drive channel, but as a home practice pedal platform, actually sounds great. The clean is really good and I have not found a drive pedal it does not like, and the sound is really good for an 8inch speaker, so good I bought 2, and they cost ...drum roll please $40(£35). (Digitech Supernatural, would have been on this list but people started to realise how good they are and now they go for 200 bucks despite retailing for 70 when they were made)
Kenny Carpenter
Kenny Carpenter 3 månader sedan
I used to have two Marshall Major 200 watt heads at one point. Wish I still had them!
Kenny Carpenter
Kenny Carpenter 3 månader sedan
Ever heard of a B52 solid state amp.100watts.
David Jaycox
David Jaycox 3 månader sedan
I have always loved all things Danelectro. Such great cool products. I have had a Danelectro bass once and regret selling it. I might just have to find one agian.
Drgnslyr221 3 månader sedan
I need cheap gear! First product: Gibson. Get the crap out of here, lol
Mark S C
Mark S C 4 månader sedan
...btw all I can think about now is going out and purchasing some of these amps , pedals etc that were just mentioned ....that I'll never use 🙄
Mark S C
Mark S C 4 månader sedan
..I've 10 to 12 guitar's ...from a couple thousand to six thousand $$ ...Gibson , Fender , Gretsch 6120 etc favorite go to , electric guitar is a $500.00 Danelectro Hodad with bigsby ...for playability and tone ... cardboard or whatever ...I've recorded with it .
João Oliveira
João Oliveira 4 månader sedan
What do you mean by sleeper pedal? I’m from portugal.
jacques Cousteau
jacques Cousteau 4 månader sedan
Talking about 9 volt batteries going dead. Why hasn’t anyone come up with a board with a group of 9 volt batteries with a way of automatically switching without having to physically changing batteries ? Have it wired in such a way with something like a Y where when one 9 volt is getting close to dead it would automatically switching to the new battery. They could send a man to the moon in 1969, I’m sure it wouldn’t be that difficult for someone to figure out how to have something to detect voltage going low,and switch to an auxiliary ...
jacques Cousteau
jacques Cousteau 4 månader sedan
I can’t believe no one mentioned the original orange colored Phase 90 MXR pedal. That was really the beginning of sophisticated pedals. Before MXR the only pedals I can think of is the Wha Wha,and volume pedal. Basically a volume pot in a pedal ...
jacques Cousteau
jacques Cousteau 4 månader sedan
Danellectros were $79.00 with the case I believe. What company made the guitar with the amp built into the case ? Was that Danelectro.
Ty Migliore
Ty Migliore 29 dagar sedan
Peavey made one not sure of the model
Stig Ohara
Stig Ohara 5 månader sedan
If you are lucky enough to still own a Fender Twin-Reverb and you find its too loud, just unplug or even remove one of the speakers, it will cut the volume by 50% still too loud, find a decent 16 ohm 12' speaker. These Amps are built like Tanks, I had a 1974 and never changed the tubes or anything else even after 10 years of heavy use, live and studio.. My tech told me that the Twin Reverb was more like a 230 watt amp than the 100 watts claimed by Fender.
Slavic Aussie
Slavic Aussie 5 månader sedan
I've had 1 guitar for a year and I'm lesrning to play pretty decent. I can play jazz progressions and understand chord construction, would like to know more theory but it's really confusing to me. I don't get what's so special about having 30 guitars. My dad has heaps of guitars but all I hear is Stairway To Heaven or Sultans Of Swing so he doesn't really play, just has guitars to look at.
Slavic Aussie
Slavic Aussie 5 månader sedan
wtf is sleeper gear
Paul Smith
Paul Smith 6 månader sedan
Is this just a bullshit session about ????
blackdogleg 6 månader sedan
Darn Rick I have the same Danelectro like you I love it will never part with it... I hope...
The Dirty Tones
The Dirty Tones 6 månader sedan
Hotcake overdrive
X Y 7 månader sedan
I think Trace Elliot Acoustic stuff is still the best for acoustic amplification.
Ron Boff
Ron Boff 7 månader sedan
pedantic minutiae
Volthaus Lab
Volthaus Lab 7 månader sedan
My first electric guitar was a Fender Duo-Sonic. I bought it in 1977 so who knows how old it was then. Someone had painted it black with what looked to be a four inch brush and barn paint. I had String's n Things Custom shop in Memphis, TN. refinish it and they installed a Dimarzio SDS-1 bridge pickup and it looked beautiful. I didn't care for the short scale and ended up selling it to buy a Lotus Les Paul. Ah the things we do.
Clem Cadiddlehopper
Clem Cadiddlehopper 7 månader sedan
First gen PRS SE’s, The new line from Harmony and the OC3 has a very unique distortion.
Leavi 7 månader sedan
People forget the Starcaster exists
Craig Ridley
Craig Ridley 8 månader sedan
Matamp s3000, total sleeper amp. Seemingly, it’s only really doom guys I ever encounter in matamp land, but these things kick ass at just about anything!! Gorgeous clean right up to near fuzz-like drive, greeeeaaaat amps. Also own a dany u2, fantastically fun guitars!! Always craving a u1... Fab stuff guys, great to get to listen in on you guys riffing on old gear! ;)
Hard West
Hard West 8 månader sedan
It would be cool to see you and Mike Burn get together to talk gear and music.
Alas, Poor Yorick
Alas, Poor Yorick 8 månader sedan
Rivera thirty twelve AMAZING amp
Longsnapper 53
Longsnapper 53 9 månader sedan
great video Rick. Thanks.
Pmann 9 månader sedan
These sort of vids are endearing and informative to boot
Zach Ware
Zach Ware 9 månader sedan
Mesa Boogie rocket 4forty. Love this amp. I'll never get another amp
Steven Skorich
Steven Skorich 10 månader sedan
I've been told that Danelectro's are made out of "glit" - glue and s*it.
Jordan Wilkinson
Jordan Wilkinson 11 månader sedan
Sleeper amps: George Dennis
Ben Bradley
Ben Bradley År sedan
38:50 "Moog" is pronounced like Vogue, not like Moon. Synthesizer peeps know this. Ben, your pedantic fan.
Fmk Music
Fmk Music År sedan
i have bifet and its great :0 love your show rick
befingered År sedan
One of the all time sleeper guitars: Gibson L6S.
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones Månad sedan
Yes! Big Steve Howe favorite and they had a great neck profile!
Jay Martin
Jay Martin År sedan
Whatever happened to Mesa Boogie's? I didn't hear one word about them? Are they still in business? Did they fall out of favor? I got one in the late 70's and loved it. Thanks for the feedback.
Rick Jensen
Rick Jensen År sedan
I used to have the ada flanger in the 70's. Sold it in the late 90's. Worst mistake.
Mr Nelsonius
Mr Nelsonius År sedan
Sleeper Bass Pedal: ISP Beta Bass Preamp Pedal. I’ve got tons of top end stuff and that pedal has stayed my “always on, end of chain” bass pedal for almost 7 years of rigorous touring. It just sounds great on everything without over-coloring things. Plus it has the best built in noise gate I’ve used live which is extremely helpful at different venues. I’ve never seen anyone else on tour using one but it’s indispensable to me. When my board got stolen, even with other amazing preamp pedals at home, I bought another one
Ben Gardiner
Ben Gardiner År sedan
I need to stop listening to you guys as your destroying all my long held beliefs. First the string gauge video, then that lighter guitars have more sustain, and now that Pine is a great tone wood.
TreeTrout År sedan
Hey Rick, We're the same age! a lot of our influences are the same . Your channel is great!! 2 questions. I've been playing since '77 and toured for 3 years. On my left hand I broke my two middle fingers - 6 pins, until it healed. Chording is ok, and I ' overwrapped ' the strings on me new ' Paul. Will I play lead like I used to.??? Question 2 have you heard of " Lero " guitars? and what do you think of em? Thanks Bud.
1000 År sedan
After watching you for well over a year now i only today noticed i didn't subscribe you :op So that error is corrected now. Thank you for enriching my life!
terriblecj År sedan
The Danelectro's had Poplar necks, not Pear wood. The top and back material was masonite, then finish over.
David Karas
David Karas År sedan
another great video Rick.
Sean O'Donnell
Sean O'Donnell År sedan
Shawn Lane used Westbury W-20 " The Tube" overdrive/ preamp pedal.I have one..its over 40 years old. It has one of the sweetest tones ever. You can hear it on all of Shawn's early stuff and Powers of Ten album. Great find if you can locate one.
whereisrussian År sedan
How do you feel about Rickenbackers?
Jay Green
Jay Green År sedan
Digitech x series delay
WB D'Angelos
WB D'Angelos År sedan
Is it necessary to wear a black t-shirt and blue jeans to be a rock star?
bill unmuth
bill unmuth År sedan
hey hat guy here u are back kissing beatos ass.
worldwyn År sedan
Sleeper versatile guitar - Godin LGX-SA with a AAA flamed maple top. 2 Seymour Duncan humbuckers, piezoelectric bridge pickups w/active EQ, and hexaphonic output for MIIDI. Excellent build quality, great electric tones, great acoustic guitar sound, play any MIDI sound module, and ability to mix. And 95% of guitar players have never heard about it!
Manly and Loving It
Manly and Loving It År sedan
Washburn HB32dm - fantastic sounding guitar for the price point.
Super 70 Records
Super 70 Records År sedan
MASONITE not Formica on old Danelectros
Matt McQuillan
Matt McQuillan År sedan
In defence of the echo on the copicat, it was pretty good for 1962. Sleeper amp suggestion (also wem) MKii WEM Dominator. It’s a monster.
muzicman1952 År sedan
I had an MXR Flanger just like that, same year... got stolen. :(
lordfingers År sedan
I don't trust Rhett.
IamUncledeuce År sedan
The Best Gear You Have Never Heard Of... and why. The title is kind of like the full title of Kubrick's Doctor Strange Love movie, "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb" Well... in my case the gear explosion of the 70s, 80s and 90s has caused me to question why I didn't take up accordion at age 10 instead of the trombone, and probably why I play a lot of banjo quote George Harrison "it's all too much" which for me is apropos. Super-Great vid BTW, you guys are a fount of information steeped in experience, and greatly appreciated!
Joanie Barc
Joanie Barc År sedan
Less gear more music.If the pioneers of blues were worried about gear there would be no modern music.
Jason Schooler
Jason Schooler År sedan
"They are completely identical, the only difference is..." WTF, I guess I dont know what identical means.
Thomas Michael Merkli
Thomas Michael Merkli År sedan
My sleeeper? Gretsch Electromatic Combo amplifier. 5 Watts class a tube by 6v6 , takes pedals very well. Whereever I show up: "Whoah, that little thing sounds great.
Michael Pipes
Michael Pipes År sedan
I would like to check out those Mission PAF pickups as an upgrade to the 57 Classics on my Les Paul Classic. How would I find info and pricing on them. I searched but could not find them.
John Hoeffleur
John Hoeffleur År sedan
"foot pedals"
igotobakeries År sedan
Haha, let's repeat marketing-induced solid body electric "tone wood" superstition, then pull out a beautiful sounding U2 made of particle board and Formica.
Jack Carter
Jack Carter År sedan
Music Man amps are good sleeper amps imo. I bought a few about 6 years back when they were pretty inexpensive. an HD130 2x10 combo I purchased for about $200 and restored back to working proper. A bit too powerful, but still a nice sounding amp
Hollister Mattraw
Hollister Mattraw År sedan
Kabayoth År sedan
Sleeper amp: Gene Lies Stereophonic. Built quite literally in a Kansas barn, this thing is a 60 pound cube with a volume knob, an on/off switch, and a noise gate that never worked. Basically a Plush circuit, which also is worth having, but the Gene Lies had six speakers. Two tweeters, two woofers, and two slightly larger woofers pulled from stereos. What makes this sound so good is the speakers and head are a single, integrated whole with capacitors filtering the signal between the speakers. It'll play anything from metal to acoustic. They are bloody rare. Maybe dozens of them were ever built. Strange since these would be a cinch to duplicate. The carrying handle was pulled off a refrigerator, for the love of all that is Holy, so I challenge all of you to build a Gene Lies out of a stock Plush and some quality speakers. Sleeper pedal: Danelctro Wasabi. Just love the thing. Sleeper guitar: Gibson ETG-150. Tenor arch top with a P90 in the neck. NOTHING sounds bad out of this oddity. Had a chance to buy one off a widow for $1400 some years back, and I couldn't scrape the cash together. Can't find one for double the price these days. My daughter-of-the-smallish-hands is a violinist, and she could make this thing sound like all the Kings: Albert, BB, and Freddy.
Jonny Beck
Jonny Beck År sedan
@ 15:20 ...people liked the almost dead flat radius (or lack there of (?)
Jonny Beck
Jonny Beck År sedan
@ 13:00 ...we called it Masonite
Kevin Fallon
Kevin Fallon År sedan
Dave is insanely knowledgeable!
m0b1u5j3t År sedan
Original run ADA MP-1 (edited to add:) paired with a Digitizer 4 delay. Best delay I have ever come across.
chainlightning58 År sedan
Late to the party, but how about the Nobels ODR-1? Great overdrive pedal that can be found for cheap.
duncan rmi
duncan rmi År sedan
I reverse-engineered the guts of a foxx octave/fuzz belonging to ian broudie of the lightning seeds; he was producing an album for a band called dodgy, & their guitarist commissioned me to copy the circuit & build it into his big muff, adding an extra on/off footswitch & LED in the process. it worked a treat. later I tried to build one for my guitarist- couldn't get it to work again! you need the right diodes....
Bob the blind bedroom guitarist guitarist
Bob the blind bedroom guitarist guitarist År sedan
hey guys thanks you really brought back some cool memories I remember my first pedal I bought it used in 1981 was the mxr flanger what a great pedal I've never heard a flanger you know built into the amps and stuff like that that sounded anything like that flange of dead. For some reason I remember it sounding metallic I don't know if that remembering back.thanks guy for the blast in the past and please excuse any typos misspelled words definitely lack of punctuation I suffer from mr. Magoo syndrome I am severely legally blind and I'm using speech to text and it does what it wants to when it wants to apparently as you'll tell from this comment on making sincerely yours, bout the blind bedroom
RB År sedan
good show
Bub Bub
Bub Bub År sedan
Best cheap sleeper reverb+delay pedal is the Muza M-Ambience
Christian Springman
Christian Springman År sedan
Just stumbled across the channel... love these guys hanging out talking shop. My friends and I can spend hours having similar conversations. Only difference I haven’t had the privilege of owning a fraction of the gear.
Be-Bop År sedan
Rat Deucetone pedal. Univox Hi Flier (shocked you mentioned it)!
Paul Needs
Paul Needs År sedan
Desert island gear? You guys do know there’s no electricity supply, right?
Paul Needs
Paul Needs År sedan
Sorry, forgot the 🤔and the ;)
kraigompls År sedan
Old Trace Elliot Velocette 15 watts with a 10". Once you replace the output trannsformer (MoJo has a drop in) you're golden. Hard to find now. I have two.
Albion Seed
Albion Seed År sedan
I had one of those orange plastic fuzz pedals. Maybe it was 1978 or 79... $19.99! It sounded horrible. 😂 I don't remember whether I gave it away or threw it in the trash. 😁
Mark Ferguson
Mark Ferguson År sedan
So, yeah,- tone woods matter; plywood, formica,pine,- the BEST. Pups? $35 Danelectro lipsticks blow away $259 Antiquity's,all day long. Seeing a pattern? Salesmen have sold you a BS bill of goods that you've doubled down on & invested in.But if you're an actual musician , with an ear, that works with real sounds? It's cheap.Only you're effort, and time, and love ,are expensive. Jext Telez rule fuzz- NOT cheap.
comajoebuck999 År sedan
Repro’s marketed to us boomers...
comajoebuck999 År sedan
Geez. Guns out.
comajoebuck999 År sedan
Flinging the Skylark around with one hand.....
Devon Ull
Devon Ull År sedan
Outside Seattle WA in about 2001 I went to a garage sale where there was some unknown old amp that they said didn't work, I asked price, they said make offer, I offered $17 (seventeen dollars) and explained that it was all I had. I replaced a 50 cent diode power supply ground and fixed it. It is a Sound City 120 that is so loud you could easily shatter windows if the room were air tight. Active EQ whereby the low/mid/high tone knobs are effectively just volume controls.
Claymor År sedan
Burman amps. Made in Newcastle, UK. Holdsworth used them for a while. Three interacting gain controls.
Claymor År sedan
Patrick Shortt Interesting. Thanks. Didn’t know about Lizzy or Clapton.
Patrick Shortt
Patrick Shortt År sedan
Claymor They appear on eBay from time to time, but most have had a pretty hard life so it's hard to find a good one. When I bought mine I didn't actually know it was one of a small batch made for Status Quo, the difference compared with a stock 502 is no reverb, a presence control and the mains switch has a blue light rather than red. They were also used by Thin Lizzy and Clapton also used them for a while.
Claymor År sedan
Patrick Shortt Great, I never actually owned one but a friend I shared a flat with had one and he got a great sound. I meant to get one at some point but never got round to it while they were more available.
Patrick Shortt
Patrick Shortt År sedan
Claymor I have an ex Status Quo pro 502, fabulous combo.
78tag År sedan
Rick, this would have been a better show had you kept this just a conversation between you and Dave. That guy is a fountain of info. I'm sorry but all I hear is EGO when Rhett talks. EDIT; nice chair, there is probably an upholsterer near you.
78tag 11 månader sedan
@Sergio Pedro - this isn't the only time I've watched his game. We all have our own opinions about the way people present themselves. You've got yours - I've got mine. Nuff said.
Sergio Pedro
Sergio Pedro 11 månader sedan
Not fair, dude. This topic was custom-made for Dave. Rett doesn't have the sheer years of sifting through gear of all kinds that Dave does, given he fixes it. Rett's channel is informative and his approach is fresh. And personally, (though I am Dave's age) I like having the perspective of a working, younger musician.
David Syrotiak
David Syrotiak År sedan
My favorite sleeper guitar is made by Ernie Ball Music Man: The original Steve Morse signature model. Four pickups (two humbuckers and two single-coils), eleven pickup combinations. If you can only choose one guitar to play an entire night of mixed music, this is THE guitar! Put that through a Mesa Boogie Express 5:25+ (a true sleeper compared to the other Mesa amps) and I'm so happy!
William Knell
William Knell År sedan
How would one power an amplifier on a desert island?
Woden of the Angles
Woden of the Angles År sedan
Tonewoods. lol
gavin aston
gavin aston År sedan
Hey Rick. I have a Peavey Classic VTX 65 watt tube amp. I bought it new in I think 1985. I've had to clean the pots 3 times and I replaced the tubes once back in the late 1980's. First it is warm and creamy sounding with it's factory Peavey Scorpion speakers. Lots of cool adjustments like pull push switches for thick/thin or treble. It has a presence control, a spring reverb, and a phase shifter. Why is it cool? 1. The phase shifter has a pull/push that pauses the phase so it can sound like a wah wah pedal that's stopped anywhere along the phase. You can make it sound like the amp is inside a giant tin can or roaring on top of a 12 foot high stack. AKA the Jimi Hendric sound when he pushed down his wah pedal all the way down and left it there. 2. The spring reverb is magical. You can adjust it with different knobs so you can get a nearly perfect trail off. 3. It is LOUD as hell but also sounds great quiet with the different 1/4" inputs and master volume along with a 3 way foot switch for effects, reverb, and channel switch. 4. It has 2- 12" speakers, 2 channels, and even though the preamp is solid state the power amp runs 6L6 tubes you can buy all day long for less than 50 bucks a set and you can get the amp used for 200 to 300 dollars. I know Peavey doesn't have a good rep in the music world but this is a killer combo amp. The ONLY drawback is the clean channel has a bit more dirt than I prefer and of course the weight. But it's just about as clean as any other tube amp I've owned. I would love to know if you have tried one and if you have what do you think?
Blues Man 63
Blues Man 63 År sedan
Note to self early sixties Gibson Skylark
Blues Man 63
Blues Man 63 År sedan
I have a 95 MIM Squier Series Strat....should I keep it?
mtacoustic1 År sedan
A guy at church asked me if I'd be interested in an old amp he had. Turned out to be a 1959 Rickenbacker M14-A. I made a trade for the amp and had an old school electronics tech go through it. Some of the wiring insulation was so brittle, it just broke off if you touched the wire. All it needed, other than replacing bad old cables, were new caps. The original tubes tested 95%. The thing is a killer!
metalmulisha0143 År sedan
Musicman amps are still killer and cheap. Also Peavey, not sleeper or obscure or unknown, but very reasonably priced for good sound and great durability. The VTM especially were awesome
Cee Bee
Cee Bee År sedan
Vintage v100's are an affordable les paul copy
Kevin Hudson
Kevin Hudson År sedan
Ok, I am late to the party. Also, my list is more of the "sleeper" variety than "desert island" variety. Although, 1 and 2 would be on both lists. Also, this is from a non or semi professional perspective. Also, novice to intermediate experience level, supporting a developing professional daughter on a shoe string budget. Our equipment and the price we can spend grows as her career grows. 1) Behringer XAir XR series (I own XR12 and XR16). I came to these from another on this list, the Fender Conference PA. When my daughter's setup and venue's began to out grow the input count and output capacity of this PA, I started looking for replacement gear for the Fender. And I did use this in front of the Fender while saving up for a pair of powered speakers for larger and outside venues. One of the things I was looking for was the ability to run main mix from front of house without having to run a snake, which would present a tripping hazard in most of her venues. Plus it would totally ruin the aesthetic of one of her steady upscale steak house venues. I stumbled onto the Behringer line during this search. And I pondered over it for quite sometime. I knew of the reputation the Behringer had at that time, especially in the consumer price point space equipment. And this line of digital mixers was hundreds, if not thousands of dollars less than their nearest functionally equivalently competitors. And that price placed it squarely within the "consumer" price point space. So I went in to this purchase with expectations set appropriately. At the then (6 years ago) price of $345 (For the XR12) plus change, I figured I could resell it back to Guitar Center and recoup some of the cost, if only to apply it to something else. Upon receiving it, I was very pleasantly surprised, especially considering the price I paid for it. It has a very nice set of effects; I can control mains from front of house and band members can control their own monitor mixes from their own stage position. I love this line. I have since bought the XR16, because of added band members hence the need for 2 more monitors. I intend on purchasing the XR18 and XR32 as her career develops to the need for more inputs and monitors. I did keep the XR12 for her solo gigs. I already have snapshots setup for most of the venues she does solo. I love this piece of equipment. I have had the opportunity to use the competitors (QSC Touch mix 16 and Sound Craft UI16. Which has since come down in price *dramatically* to achieve price parity with the Behringer.) And I still prefer the Behringer. CONS: The only con I have encountered with this equipment is the internal wireless access point and it's antenna. The AP has a tendency to drop out during the show. And the antenna broke after a few weeks on the road. I purchased an external AP and use that instead. Works great. I would suggest to just go ahead and buy an external AP and use it. Just remember to check that the network type selector switch is always set to "Ethernet" when plugged in to the external AP. I am no pro like you guys. But for a dad trying to support his professional musician daughters career on a shoe string budget, this is an excellent piece of what might be considered "sleeper" equipment to pros like you. 2) Casio CTK 601 Key board. This is another sleeper piece of consumer grade gear. I forget how much I paid for it (I think it was ~$300.00). I got it in some time in the late 80's to mid 90's. Again, I was very pleasantly surprise at the versatility of this moderately price, again, "Consumer" price point, equipment. All the voices are at least "decent" but some of them are nearly spot on. One would not find better grand piano voices at the price point I bought this one at the time. Some of the strings could have been better. But, the biggest selling points are the integrated synthesizer and MIDI sequencer/workstation. It is like buying a really consumer keyboard and getting a MIDI workstation/sequencer and fully programmable synthesizer for free! An added bonus it that it has a rudimentary drum pad under the LCD Display, so you always have drums available no matter what the primary voicing is. It also had keyboard splitting and voice layering. Functions that at that time, were only found in "Professional" grade products at a much higher price point. CONS: Keys are not weighted. Internal speakers are garbage. That may have cost Casio sales. Because there were many more keyboards available at that time that sounded so much better out of the box and when demoing them in store, many consumers might have gone with key boards with better "sounding" speakers. *But* once I got this li'l baby home and hooked it to an amp, WOW, what a difference. I wish I could get my daughter to gig with this. But she can't get over the stigma of it being a Casio. And while it has velocity sensitive keys, it does not have weighted keys. . 3) Fender Passport Conference/Event/Avenue PA system. What I like about this one, (I bought the Conference) is the portability. Going in with not so high expectations (Although Fender is generally pretty good), at this price point, (Again we are on a budget) I was again pleasantly surprised at the sound. I was able to get "pretty good" fidelity output, ie. my daughters voice sounded like my daughter and her Mini Martin sounded like well, her Mini Martin even though it has no EQ to speak of, only a single "tone" knob for each channel. In fact, I almost did not give it a chance, because of this one misgiving. I did end up, for an interim, when her setup exceeded the 4 XLR inputs, put the afore mentioned Behringer XR 12 in front of this. I was then able to get even better sound by utilizing the 5 band PEQ available on each channel on the Behringer. I liked the fact that it all packed together in its own self. There is a cubby on the back for the speaker wires and power cables. And the speakers attach to the front and back, yielding one "thing" to have to load in and load out at a gig. CON: No EQ. Only a single single "Tone" knob on each of the 4 XLR channels. 4) My daughters LX1 Little Martin. I say "My daughters Little Martin" because this guitar has a timbre or tonality that is apparently unique to this specific guitar. Martin may not be a "sleeper" brand. But the consumer grade Martin LX1 at $345.00 is by no means a high end professional guitar. It (from what I gather from others) is an entry level beginner guitar. But apparently, this one specimen is something different. Everywhere we go where other, often more seasoned, professionals are present, they want to play my daughters guitar. It is to the point that I am hesitant each year to take it to the local luthier for an annual check up. For fear that he might do something that might ruin the "specialness" of this guitar. But he too is aware of this special quality of this specific instrument that he is careful just to adjust the neck (if needed), change out the strings and tighten the cord jack (which is why we usually why we take it in). CON: B string goes out of tune a lot, even during gigs. But I understand that is not uncommon. That the B string is generally problematic. This is just me. I do have way back experience running sound for a small church in Oklahoma. But that was a very long time ago (late 70's early 80's). And I was just a teen then. So I am no where near a professional in any of this. But I do enjoy running sound for my daughter where the venues do not run it themselves.
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