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Rick Beato

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In this episode I countdown my Top 10 Underrated Guitar Solos of All Time.







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Rick Beato
Rick Beato 7 månader sedan
I have to say, that this comment section has so many great choices of other solos to include! I learn so much from reading these. A lot of great calls that I had forgotten. Maybe a second video is in order?
gkimsey 3 dagar sedan
The solo in "My Sharona" (The Knack) is really, really good. Be sure to listen to the full version of the song (4:56), as the solo is almost 2 minutes long
Sean Cox
Sean Cox 24 dagar sedan
Gary Moore on Still Got the Blues, 2nd solo at the end. Primo.
Daniel Montaigne
Daniel Montaigne Månad sedan
Have to agree with your number 1. Never heard that before.
Optimistic Outreach
Optimistic Outreach 2 månader sedan
Neil Schon at the end of Don't Stop Believin...short but POWERFUL
tres jordan
tres jordan 3 månader sedan
Reggie Young Jr on Drift Away by Dobie Grey ....... and while we are at it !! How about about a video on Pre Buckingham/ Nicks Fleetwood Mac . They had Peter Freaking Green , Danny Kirwan, Jeremy Spencer, Bob Welch, Bob Weston , not to mention masterpieces like Bare Trees, Kilnhouse, Heroes Are Hard To Find, Mystery To Me ,,,,, not to mention their early Blues. Go back and listen to Albatross and Green Mandalishi .... pure masterpieces.
Orland L. Blanchard
Orland L. Blanchard Timme sedan
Paul Kossoff doing All Right Now.
bloozswami 4 timmar sedan
Well I guess we can all forget about the blues guitar players. The old black bluesmen are always stored away somewhere. The white blues guys are close behind. Talk about "under-rated". Not fair to even mention their names as we will never name them all. You want under rated and even obscure, the blues world will always be that and more. Example: Buzzy Feiten on Butterfield's "Walking' By Myself". Simple, pure, muscular and right on target. Stretch out you Rock and Rollers. Go meet your Daddy's.
Fernando Ugalde Abaroa
Fernando Ugalde Abaroa 6 timmar sedan
Sure. I'm afraid something from the three great Steves: Hackett, Howe and Rothery, is missing.
Fernando Ugalde Abaroa
Fernando Ugalde Abaroa 6 timmar sedan
And from Robert Fripp too, of course
J M 7 timmar sedan
Ty Taybor's solo on Prisoner is the greatest ever 🙌
Nissan Datsun Sports Owners Club NDSOC
Nissan Datsun Sports Owners Club NDSOC 7 timmar sedan
From a non commercial perspective my vote goes to Buzz Feiten for his amazing work with Dave Weckl......just as good live as in the studio,,,,,,,tonnes of feel and emotion in his playing....Tick.
Anthony Cornish
Anthony Cornish 9 timmar sedan
Mr Big - daddy brother lover little boy. That has to be the most unique solo ever, since its a dual guitar and bass solo played with drills
Gal Eliaz
Gal Eliaz 11 timmar sedan
Somehow, when Rick showed the cream strat and said "underrated guitarist" the first one that popped into my mind was the edge
Audioslave prob should be here
Steve Goodale
Steve Goodale 13 timmar sedan
The boys in the bright white sports car-trooper solo
Steve Goodale
Steve Goodale 13 timmar sedan
Rick Emmett lay it on the line solo
oceanic16 15 timmar sedan
needs more cow bell. Work the room--Bruce Dickinson
coralreefdude 17 timmar sedan
Whasa matter dude, couldnt u get a job at a local beer joint? we dont wanna hear you play but the composers. Tryin so hard to stay relevant?just sad.pathetic.
C D 16 timmar sedan
I’d love to hear you play something. Anything. Give us a grand display of your chops and phrasing, dude
Jim Boettcher
Jim Boettcher 17 timmar sedan
Theme From An Imaginary Western (alleged Woodstock live version) Leslie West Love To Love UFO (Shenker) Both first and second leads. Is that lick at the end possible?
Chris Wiedeman
Chris Wiedeman 18 timmar sedan
That Steve Lukather solo gave me the hand sweats. Great list!!
Cabarojo 19 timmar sedan
Great call out on Luke!!! He pulled my 11 year-old self onto stage at my first concert. Class act! Had the time of my life singing Hold the Line into Dave Paich’s mic.
Jamie Mccabe
Jamie Mccabe 20 timmar sedan
George Harrison slide solo on free as a bird
Jim Kidwell
Jim Kidwell 20 timmar sedan
Steve Lukather is the BEST !!!
Ben Aston
Ben Aston 20 timmar sedan
I think the solo work in I Fall Apart by Rory Gallagher is possibly my favourite, it's an absolutely beautiful but almost never heard of song! He's a massively underrated guitarist here in the UK.
Airbus 32X
Airbus 32X 21 timme sedan
TOTO - lovers in the night ...most underrated
Justin Pou
Justin Pou Dag sedan
Lindsey Buckingham - isnt it midnight.....2 great solos on that song
RJ Gronewold
RJ Gronewold Dag sedan
I've got Aqualung on a playlist I've been putting on lately when traveling and everytime the song comes on and Martin Barre starts to play the solo I sort of have to, like, pull over to the side of the road or something.. it's very expressive.. very cool (Steve Howe throughout the opening 4 minutes of) Close to the Edge is also on that playlist.. but I guess the subject is "underrated" so.. my bad I guess.. anyway.. good stuff Rick love your videos
Peter Graham
Peter Graham Dag sedan
Listening to your last choice of a Lionel Ritchie song made me think of another MOR pop ballad with a kicking solo - Tony Peluso playing on the Carpenters song Goodbye to Love............just fabulous! 😎
Nathan Roden
Nathan Roden Dag sedan
Randy Rhoads on Goodbye to Romance.
Judas Dag sedan
I'll add these two... The Gold Its In The.. - Pink Floyd As Long As You Follow - Fleetwood Mac
Aurelio Baldonedo
Aurelio Baldonedo Dag sedan
Night Ranger Rock in America & Don`t tell me you love me. Styx Blue collar man Don`t let it end.
Brent Doncliff
Brent Doncliff Dag sedan
Jumping out of the rock genre to country rock, I've always admired the outro solo from the Amazing Rhythm Aces track Dancing the Night Away. I've long lost the album and liner notes, but it's possible that the solo was by Barry 'Byrd' Burton.
Nick k
Nick k Dag sedan
Mike Campbell- running down a dream.
William Dag sedan
Grant Geissman on Chuck Mangione's Feels so good.
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson Dag sedan
I like Yes, changes solo. 🏆
Follower Of Christ
Follower Of Christ Dag sedan
In bloom- nirvana
Wall Home
Wall Home Dag sedan
Additionally, a few that I thought of - Yellow Ledbetter, Pearl Jam - Alive, Pearl Jam, Midnight in Harlem - Derek Trucks, Tedeschi Trucks band - 25 or 6 to 4, Chicago.
dan the flawless cowboy
dan the flawless cowboy Dag sedan
Jimmy’s solo on since Iv been loving yourself
David Gordon
David Gordon 2 dagar sedan
If you want Top 10 Underrated Guitar Solos of All Time. Don't ask a guitarist. Ask someone who doesn't consider technique or structure. Just listens. You are not alone but it's not up to your norm
Gregg Numme
Gregg Numme 2 dagar sedan
Gregg Numme
Gregg Numme 2 dagar sedan
teddy G
teddy G 2 dagar sedan
Bill Nelson's solo on 'Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape' from BeBop Deluxe's live album is pretty spectacular. Also noteworthy is Ted Turner's solo on 'Ballad of the Beacon' from Wishbone Ash Live Dates album. Really a virtuoso moment.
Ward Cleaver
Ward Cleaver 2 dagar sedan
Check out Tim Renwick's solo on "Life In Dark Water" from Al Stewart's Time Passages album.
teddy G
teddy G 2 dagar sedan
Renwick is ubertasty...Tim's solo on The Dark and Rolling Sea is really lovely.
andiDoubleXX7 2 dagar sedan
Note: Underrated in the sense of highly recommended. Thank you!
José Luís Pereira
José Luís Pereira 2 dagar sedan
Mike Miller's solo in SPACE song (live) from Chick Corea Elektric Band II - Paint the World album is a melodic brilliancy
Slushpuppy154 2 dagar sedan
Would love to see a What Makes This Song Great done on Prisoner by Kings X. Phenomenal song.
dadams6593 2 dagar sedan
Tattooed Love Boys by James Honeyman Scott of the Pretenders is a great solo The anger in Brian May's solo on Death on Two Legs really captures the message of the lyrics Gary Myrick on "The Party" from Gary Myrick and the Figures is another gem The guitar solo in Easy Lover by Phil Collins and Phillip Bailey Change, the cover by John Waite is really good The guitar solo, in Steve Perry's You Better Wait
Fit to Be Tied
Fit to Be Tied 2 dagar sedan
Play Randy Rhoades outro solo from the Ozzy Osbourne song,
Fit to Be Tied
Fit to Be Tied 2 dagar sedan
The song is “Tonight” on the Ozzy Diary of a Madman CD.
Barry 2 dagar sedan
I've always liked Mike Campbell solos...Breakdown is awesome.
Eric Fellner
Eric Fellner 2 dagar sedan
Like Suicide and Tighter and Tighter are tied for my favorite Thayil solos.
Espen B
Espen B 2 dagar sedan
Speaking of Tom Scholz, the solo in “can’tcha say (you believe in me)” is incredibly melodic and beautiful. A killer solo
Purse .W
Purse .W 2 dagar sedan
Wow the running with night solo.. when you listen for it … Jesse… killer 👍🏻
All About Rush
All About Rush 2 dagar sedan
Alex Lifeson’s solo on “Subdivisions” I believe is a very underrated solo.
Dan OT
Dan OT 2 dagar sedan
Ty Tabor (sp?) lead is outstanding 👏. Do you have books 📚 you can mail w/tabs for lead guitar work? Dan
Keith Weaver
Keith Weaver 3 dagar sedan
Andy Summer on "driven to tears" is awesome
Keith Weaver
Keith Weaver 3 dagar sedan
Hoping to see: its all i can do. Elliot Eastons flavorfest
Hendrik Schneider
Hendrik Schneider 3 dagar sedan
An underrated Solo I know is from Snowy White in Pink Floyd’s ‚Pigs on the Wing‘. The version with the solo was only published on 8 track tape and literally lost until mid of the nineties when it was released on an Snowy White Album. It’s a nice solo that very fits to Gilmores style and fits to the song.
Michael R
Michael R 3 dagar sedan
Ronnie Montrose (Gamma), The Voyager
Ray Danielz
Ray Danielz 3 dagar sedan
Steve, Steve, Steve and more Steve ✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊
Pierre Chaput
Pierre Chaput 3 dagar sedan
Great vid. thank you. Not knocking the choices at all, but since everyone else is adding their own 2 cents .... Moonlight Shadow by Mike Oldfield melts me every time, and I honestly expected you to bring up Skunk's masterpiece on Rikki Don't Lose that Number :) Great selection though.
Bob Powers
Bob Powers 3 dagar sedan
You may have covered this elsewhere - the Tony Peluso solo work on "Goodbye to Love" by The Carpenters. Yes, The Carpenters used a fuzz electric guitar solo to brilliant and beautiful effect.
Wall Home
Wall Home 3 dagar sedan
Totally agree with #2 & #1. Perfect. Tom Sholtz gets overlooked, especially for the lesser known Boston songs.
brent helton
brent helton 3 dagar sedan
Frank Marino? no?
Holland Oates
Holland Oates 3 dagar sedan
Great vid! Do Flashdance on your next one!
dpalace53 3 dagar sedan
Bill Nelson from Be Bop Deluxe-Live version of " Adventures in a Yorkshire landscape ". From the album "live! In The Air Age.
Tommy Larsson
Tommy Larsson 3 dagar sedan
I would add the solo at the song "Tonight i'm falling" with TNT. It's a hell of a solo. His feeling, sound and technique is just amazing.
Preston Paulk
Preston Paulk 3 dagar sedan
Dire Straits!
John White
John White 3 dagar sedan
Rick you should include “Limelight “ by RUSH. Great solo, all about mood. One of my absolute favorites anyway.
Doug Rector
Doug Rector 3 dagar sedan
Have you heard tell of Brian McLeod of head pins...check out bring it down ...killer lead solo
Andy Weaks
Andy Weaks 3 dagar sedan
AND, what about some love for Rory Gallagher????
Andy Weaks
Andy Weaks 3 dagar sedan
I would love to hear some love for Toy Caldwell, Marshall Tucker Band. Absolutely the best ever thumb pickin lead. Some of his live guitar work is the best there is.
Neon Blade
Neon Blade 3 dagar sedan
When you do the next underrated solos list, please consider Brian May's intro to Death on two legs for it.
Ivo Zanette
Ivo Zanette 3 dagar sedan
You're right never heard that incredible solo, probably because I was not a Ritchie fan.. Amazing work on that, wow
Kevin Gibson
Kevin Gibson 3 dagar sedan
And how about a collection of guitar solos that were too short and left you wanting more ? Like also most all of Glen Campbell’s solos.
Kevin Gibson
Kevin Gibson 3 dagar sedan
How about doing a countdown of the greatest dueling Guitar songs? I nominate Key to the Highway from the Layla album.
Colin Welch
Colin Welch 3 dagar sedan
So glad to see B.O.C. get some love!
Matt Reader
Matt Reader 3 dagar sedan
My absolute favourite underrated solo would have to be Neil Finn from Split Enz playing in 'I walk away', it's so understated, and spacious, it's probably technically not a solo, if you haven't heard give it a crack, absolute musical genius'.
MICHAELXAVIER 3 dagar sedan
Queen-Dragon Attack
Leon M
Leon M 3 dagar sedan
Hold the line, Iron Man, Rising Force
MsShadowjack 3 dagar sedan
Great video. Am surprised Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson did not make the cut - epic solos
Christian Lachèze
Christian Lachèze 3 dagar sedan
Jerry Garcia’s solo on Sketches of China by Jefferson Starhip and on their following record, Craig Chaquico’s solo on « Ride the tiger »
James Weldon
James Weldon 4 dagar sedan
That Boston song....Tom Scholz plays that same riff, over, and over, and over....I swear he used it in at least 6 songs on just the first 2 albums alone....I like Boston, but come on.
Michael DAntonio
Michael DAntonio 4 dagar sedan
Except for classics like "Maybe I'm Amazed", "Day After Day" and "Happy" - there's a bunch of WIMPY garbage songs on that list. Do you NOT just love Ted Nugent's solo on "Journey to the Center of the Mind"?
Mike Kloepfer
Mike Kloepfer 4 dagar sedan
Aces. Good choices, Rick!
John McAfee Music
John McAfee Music 4 dagar sedan
Enjoyed the hell out of this! Luke is king!
Christopher Egebakken
Christopher Egebakken 4 dagar sedan
Solo in La Villa Strangiato is my fav
Kai Jessen
Kai Jessen 4 dagar sedan
Romantic Warrior solo by Al Di Meola with Return to Forever.
MrMrwilson11 4 dagar sedan
last days of May by BOC, or do what I do: Get out the copy of "Shut up and Play yer Guitar" by Zappa
soulrebelno1 4 dagar sedan
Anything by Bill Nelson of Be-Bop Deluxe fame - he's one of the most underrated British guitarist ever! My favourite guitar solo by him is the middle solo on "Crying To The Sky". There's actually two solos on the record, one in the middle, and another one for the outro, which is also excellent. His guitar work is phenomenal, it's very melodic, and the way he controls the feedback produced by his Sunburst Gibson ES-345 STD is masterful. Other brilliant solos can be found on "Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape", and "Jet Silver & The Dolls Of Venus". Not only is he a great guitarist, he's a wonderful lyricist and singer as well, who's produced so many great albums over the years. The first album I listened to by him and Be-Bop Deluxe was "Sunburst Finish" which was released in 1976, and featured the late great Charlie Tumahai on bass and backing vocals, Andy Clark on keyboards, Simon Fox on drums, and his brother Ian Nelson on alto saxophone. An amazing album which marked the production debut of John Leckie, and was a seminal moment for me.
itsnotaboutme 4 dagar sedan
Kerry Livgren (Kansas, A.D.) and Joe Walsh should be in your next 10 list, my man.
atomic critter
atomic critter 4 dagar sedan
cough - is Beato even aware of Buckethead?
Lars Meißner
Lars Meißner 4 dagar sedan
Ever listend to the ballads of X Japan? Tears, Say Anything and Forever Love are great songs and especially the solo of Tears has so much feeling in my opinion. And I'd like to know if you consider Art of Life as a masterpiece!
Robert H
Robert H 4 dagar sedan
Great selection Rick and yes I agree with you number 1 compared to the others on this list! Keep on doing what you're doing buddy! Only thing I would have picked a different Lukather track.
Mark_till Till
Mark_till Till 4 dagar sedan
You absolutely nail it on your choices!
Dave Shearer
Dave Shearer 4 dagar sedan
Yes!!!! I have worshipped the "Running With the Night" solo ever since I first heard it!
Jim Oncken
Jim Oncken 4 dagar sedan
Steel guitar player Pete Drake doubled George's solo on Day After Day. That ascending riff toward the end is just Pete on steel guitar.
Phil Perry
Phil Perry 4 dagar sedan
Hey Rick, you mention Denny Laine on lead of Maybe I'm Amazed from Wings Over America. Is it not Jimmy McCullough (sp?)?
Thomas Kearney
Thomas Kearney 4 dagar sedan
Jerry Garcia in Fire on the Mountain live versions
Kevin Ryan
Kevin Ryan 4 dagar sedan
I sweat whenever I hear that Lukather solo!
David Murphy
David Murphy 4 dagar sedan
Dean Ween
Gregory Zischke
Gregory Zischke 4 dagar sedan
How bout Derringer,,, praised , but thats not enough. And then how bout his old buddy spider!! He deserves the proverbial picture next to the word ,,, underapricated. Oh, here is a good one ,,, Roger Fisher ... "Magic Man" come on ,,, Barracuda!
Christopher Sheeler
Christopher Sheeler 4 dagar sedan
The solo on Natalie Merchant is underrated probably because it is consider radio rock. But its good.
Dan Stahl
Dan Stahl 4 dagar sedan
What I Am from Edie Brickell and New Bohemians .....don't know the guy.
Gila Man
Gila Man 5 dagar sedan
Natalie Merchants "Carnival", Two Fleetwood Mac tunes; "Hyptnotized" and "Oh Well" , Skunk Baxter on Steely Dan's "Rikki Dont Lose That Number", "Trouble" by Lindsey Buckingham, Kerry Livgren's "Magnum Opus" for Kansas, James Griffin on Bread's "Lost Without Your Love", Tony Hicks on "The Air that I Breathe" by the Hollies
Mark Levy
Mark Levy 2 dagar sedan
Kerry Livgren was and is a musical genius. And the guitar on Carnival by Natalie Merchant is really spectacular!
itsnotaboutme 4 dagar sedan
Yup. Livgren could've had a few songs on this list, including from his work with _AD._
Bill Pet
Bill Pet 5 dagar sedan
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