Battlefield 2042 Gameplay

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Yammy Boi
Yammy Boi 4 timmar sedan
Omg battlefield 2042 is a lot more chaotic than before
the memes1
the memes1 5 timmar sedan
Jack acting like a onion ring
Aetrius Dag sedan
Very excited for this I must say
Filipe Carvalho
Filipe Carvalho 2 dagar sedan
what is the best? Call of duty vs battlefield 2042? what is the best to buy?
Filipe Carvalho
Filipe Carvalho Dag sedan
@Ahmad Gunawan 0018 thnaks bro! I go buy battlefield :D
Ahmad Gunawan 0018
Ahmad Gunawan 0018 2 dagar sedan
Bought call of duty only for campaign. Multiplayer? Battlefield of course
Xplicit Reaper
Xplicit Reaper 2 dagar sedan
Sorry but this video was just nothing but repeat repeat zzzzx
ALL IN 2 dagar sedan
How did this guy got battlefield 2042? I mean official release date is october 22 this year.oh wait it's a open an beta.
Luke Richter
Luke Richter 2 dagar sedan
seriously, we cannot even watch the game play becasue all you do is talk and pause the screen, its annoying! Mate dont poil it for everyone!
Go to a happy place
Go to a happy place 3 dagar sedan
Another shoot em up, how original.. Not to mention is looks boring as f.
Feisedor 3 dagar sedan
No se que estás. Haciendo …pero que puta mierda de vídeo
Stephen Davis
Stephen Davis 3 dagar sedan
cod killer?!!!
Ward b
Ward b 3 dagar sedan
Deceiving title f u.
TriCore 9
TriCore 9 4 dagar sedan
The game looks amazing. Though i am a bit bothered by the player character and the team members standing so abnormally close to a rocket engine... That would be near instant death by incineration.
Alan Wilson
Alan Wilson 4 dagar sedan
Just pure testosterone
LucasWetson 4 dagar sedan
I don’t really like the UI
G4M3R0079 4 dagar sedan
Tornadoes, sandstorms, grappling hooks, wingsuits... I see where they got their inspirations from
Mr Kumar
Mr Kumar 4 dagar sedan
The smoke effects are revolutionary atleast
Play'N'Games 5 dagar sedan
crossplay is the problem right before launch. there r already two separate universe: Ps4+Xbox1 and Pc+Ps5+XboxX. if they use their minds correctly they should implemented an extra "last-gen-play lobby" to the next-gen+pc systems to give us the opportunity to crossplay all together.
Sabir Zhuniqi
Sabir Zhuniqi 7 dagar sedan
1:55 did you mention that the chopper miniguns shoot in different ways? maybe we can have now 2 gunners instead of 1 omg this is NUTS
Jacob Gardner
Jacob Gardner 7 dagar sedan
@jackfrags the nightbird is the osprey type vehicle if you look you can see that's actually a health bar for the vehicle your riding in 4:50 the weapon name is above the ammo counter I can't make it out except 9mm
LuigiRD99 7 dagar sedan
Rapa tu msy
RPG RPG 8 dagar sedan
32 min video of a 2 min trailer , what a baiter , stupid
James Bomb
James Bomb 8 dagar sedan
11:04 Mi-24 12:19 Ka-52 14:35 F-35B
Nicholas Scott
Nicholas Scott 8 dagar sedan
Gosh right a 2:00 literally chills
AKA Yo Juiceman
AKA Yo Juiceman 9 dagar sedan
👌🏼💯 i see u guys on the battlefield .
Fredo Kings Gaming
Fredo Kings Gaming 9 dagar sedan
Excited for this game but you pause and play a lot. Would’ve of liked to see straight game play and less back and forth explanation.
Heisodn Shsijs
Heisodn Shsijs 9 dagar sedan
Holy shit I hope I can run this game in GTX 1650
Shinchan Nohara
Shinchan Nohara 9 dagar sedan
fips assmussen
fips assmussen 10 dagar sedan
again tanks and cars , why not more future setting how this one battlefield game with battlemechs ? futuristic fly vehicle ,battlemechs futuristic equipment... that will be a game iam looking for . all games of last time nearly same setting ... soldiers with cars and tanks and jets . 1:15 of the video perfect area for battlemechs fights ^^
Lanie May Abratiguin
Lanie May Abratiguin 10 dagar sedan
battlefield 2042 is also a disaster battle cuzz of the tornado
calvin van der veldt
calvin van der veldt 11 dagar sedan
It’s so futuristisc….🥲
snow *
snow * 11 dagar sedan
Can i play on gtx1650 mobile?
sassyblack100 11 dagar sedan
This looks bomb asf, can't wait to play this game!
Billy 11 dagar sedan
Seems like battlefield is going back to battlefield and not cod... I really hope they bring back hardcore mode or i may do the samething i did on bf5... Got 7 hit markers on headshots guy shot me left me on 2 hp he died..i still closed app and uninstalled
79supersharp 11 dagar sedan
Mtn Shooter
Mtn Shooter 11 dagar sedan
Is this only pvp?
Mr. Klaus Heisler
Mr. Klaus Heisler 12 dagar sedan
This is much better than the latest C.O.D
Steveo Frontino
Steveo Frontino 12 dagar sedan
when jack says, "time to kill looks quick doesnt it"? i say yes and lets keep it this way. i like games where bullets do their job.
James Ward
James Ward 13 dagar sedan
How can the recommended settings for this be an RTX3070? Both current gen consoles don’t meet the recommended spec…
British WarShepherd
British WarShepherd 11 dagar sedan
Depending on map design it can badly affect gameplay. Mabye have the bullet velocity of bf4 so you can survive being caught in the open.
polt 14 dagar sedan
why are people saying the graphics look like shit? youtube compresses the videos and makes it look worse to save data, idiots.
uncle roger
uncle roger 14 dagar sedan
i spent over 2 years of my life playing 2142 and id happily do it again. i hope they have titan mode in this one , and oh please bring back camp gibralter , jeez 2006 i started playing bf has it really been 15 years? ffuck
Denhelz 15 dagar sedan
wow it has natural disasters and tornadoes
BestandFirst 15 dagar sedan
Not impressive. Northing I have seen make me want to buy.
Aziz nor hayati
Aziz nor hayati 16 dagar sedan
i guess Battlefield is more fire than call of duty
Jacks Cantina 66
Jacks Cantina 66 16 dagar sedan
I like that they didn't make it too futuristic.
Jacks Cantina 66
Jacks Cantina 66 16 dagar sedan
Is that how you spell it?
CJ Vipinosa
CJ Vipinosa 16 dagar sedan
Jack Acting Like He didn't solved Morse Codes
Nightmare Zero
Nightmare Zero 17 dagar sedan
so i can finally play battlefield again? since all i play is BF4 on console?
Nutter butter
Nutter butter 17 dagar sedan
Can’t wait to be slinging C4’s onto quads in 4K
Billy 11 dagar sedan
Yes thats what killed battlefield they restricted secondary weapons .. i miss defibs repair tools and c4 so much even claymores were fun to trap people with.. i never got bored on bf4
Sheepism 17 dagar sedan
I hope when pcs get faster we will get a combo of battlefield and teardown
BOT Mushin
BOT Mushin 17 dagar sedan
Don't get your hopes up, they haven't learned anything.
Burt 18 dagar sedan
I hope that random rooms have more clutter so they don’t seem so empty
Liam Taylor
Liam Taylor 18 dagar sedan
When it’s actually 2042 I’ll be remembering this game like. Then again that is if I live another 21 years
solid batman
solid batman 18 dagar sedan
Battlefield:Just cause
William MacPherson
William MacPherson 19 dagar sedan
I hope the tanks are more balanced, they ruined BF5 for me and my friends
Raplh d
Raplh d 20 dagar sedan
Come out this month can’t wait to play this game
cosmicalblackghost 20 dagar sedan
jack acting like he's not the owner of this game
Sleeping Lion
Sleeping Lion 21 dag sedan
What’s that big dust cloud? The circle closing in?
Mikey Alexander
Mikey Alexander 21 dag sedan
I came here to see someone actually playing the game. Not the trailer
Ravindra Kushwaha
Ravindra Kushwaha 21 dag sedan
Where is gameplay ?
T3AMRR 22 dagar sedan
Nice Jack but next time better you don't see it Before release ...your reaction was......well it wasn't a reaction ....more a comment from something you already saw before...
antyhingforeverything New
antyhingforeverything New 23 dagar sedan
Seems like they finally recognized the epic success of BF2 and BF4. However, I hope they did not over-exaggerate weapon capacities and human skills. Otherwise, game turns into a cheap sci-fi. And of course the maps are vital. In addition to map design what makes battlefield game different than other is its overall realism in terms of gadgets, weapons, human anatomy and graphics at multiplayer platform. Let's see ...I am excited.
Puja Sharma
Puja Sharma 23 dagar sedan
Not good graphics and not perfect like 2021 graphics games
CyberSarge 23 dagar sedan
My 3080 is jumping around inside my computer case being so exited for this game
Như Nào
Như Nào 24 dagar sedan
C.O.O.L d:))
The Coolzguy
The Coolzguy 25 dagar sedan
Really wanted this game, but doesn't have good pc to play this 😭
gotmoosefur 26 dagar sedan
That helicopter explosion 0:33 seemed a little dated... The rest of the explosions looked way better 0:59 ! And that grapple animation as well 0:38 and 1:47 could use some work
i forgor
i forgor 27 dagar sedan
if the actual game is like this… it could be game of the year 😳
Billy 11 dagar sedan
For real tho aint much out there to compete with though i feel like all games have went downhill in the past 6-8 years
Billy 11 dagar sedan
For real tho aint much out there to compete with though i feel like all games have went downhill in the past 6-8 years
Big Tony
Big Tony 28 dagar sedan
Now this is how FPS games should be made now like COD🤮🤢
GRIM Mako 28 dagar sedan
Are we there yet I wanna play it
Carl F
Carl F 28 dagar sedan
Some of the best BF moments have been in tight bottlenecked map areas, I hope we don't lose these, in the new bigger maps..?
Aerogenic 29 dagar sedan
Yeah this is a game you can just relax and get like real sneaky and actually get tatical... cod lost me this year
Mono gaming 57
Mono gaming 57 29 dagar sedan
I’m sooo hyped
travi 29 dagar sedan
I like BF but it’s clear COD leads and they follow of you think otherwise you’re delusional
LittleBoy131 Månad sedan
God maden
Jell O
Jell O Månad sedan
ngl it looks ike bf4.5
sir this a burger king
sir this a burger king Månad sedan
i actually thought he was going to play because it said GAMEPLAY at the end
Fennesto Freeman
Fennesto Freeman Månad sedan
I like the 🌪️ tornado part! All battlefield players goes yeeeet!
Forest Hills
Forest Hills Månad sedan
Not too keen on the idea of being a named soldier I mean "Specialist"
Pawaaof Negativaty
Pawaaof Negativaty Månad sedan
Looks like 2021
Ron Messico
Ron Messico Månad sedan
Whoever directed that trailer should be a big time Hollywood director. That's how you play video games!
Burning BackHair
Burning BackHair Månad sedan
Dude stop pausing every 20 seconds
Cavava Cava
Cavava Cava Månad sedan
Cavava Cava
Cavava Cava Månad sedan
Toby Rawal
Toby Rawal Månad sedan
0:58 Jack remembering to pretend he hadn't seen the trailer already
JohnLikesGaming Månad sedan
They copied the mid game upgrading your gun from warface but made it better
le Hoarderz Al-Shekelsteins
le Hoarderz Al-Shekelsteins Månad sedan
dont preorder
J Michael
J Michael Månad sedan
Does anyone get to shoot at anyone or just run around admiring the cinematics?
Jersey Native
Jersey Native Månad sedan
Graphics look ehhhhh
Sid Månad sedan
Some gamers may be misinterpreting the player count. It says 128 for next gen and pc. Meaning 2-99 user players and the rest are bots. Up to 64 bots can be in one lobby. It is not 128 PVP
Etienne Farfán
Etienne Farfán Månad sedan
Ni modo toca vender la play
Max Hilton
Max Hilton Månad sedan
stop fucking pausing it just let me watch
Papercut Månad sedan
This game is the definition of epic
ü38 o
ü38 o Månad sedan
wow you just played 1.5 million people
Girish Kulkarni
Girish Kulkarni Månad sedan
Battlefield 2042 gonna use AI bots to fill up 128 player matches
XxBUNNYxX Månad sedan
Don't pre-order guys if the game sucks then they will know not to make any more shitty games
Chris Vaughan
Chris Vaughan Månad sedan
This is how you wipe your ass with CoD….
George Bushaway
George Bushaway Månad sedan
Can’t wait! I’m more interested in the weapon specifics, like upgrades and modifications, levels etc…. Like each individual player has their own stats and medals.
wethum kehansa
wethum kehansa Månad sedan
Kairusu Månad sedan
The question is if my pc can handle the game
Kyle Wiese
Kyle Wiese Månad sedan
Bye to warzone!
PhillyJay. 215.
PhillyJay. 215. Månad sedan
It's over for Call of duty I just got finished watching hollow video about Halo infinite and the developers talking about all the stuff that's going to be in that game is insane. Then you got battlefield 2042 coming out you really think people want to go back to playing or another World war II Call of duty? Call of duty vanguard is a dead game on arrival.
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