How LOKI Fixes Avengers Endgame's Broken Timeline

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LOKI Timeline Explained! Why is Loki in trouble with the Time Variance Authority if he technically didn't travel in time in Avengers Endgame? Thanks to Magic Spoon for sponsoring today’s video! Build your own variety box here → and use code NEWROCKSTARS to get $5 off today!

Marvel's Loki Episode 1 is nearly here to show how Loki escaped from Avengers Endgame during the Time Heist to end up arrested by the TVA. But in what ways did Endgame actually break the Sacred Timeline of the MCU? Erik Voss explains the new timeline rules created by Loki, and the timeline logical framework you need to understand headed into the Loki series.

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Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
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Producer: Brandon Barrick
Writter: Erik Voss
Writter/Host: MasterTainment
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Hus 9
Hus 9 17 dagar sedan
I wanted to see the time keepers
Joaquin Munoz
Joaquin Munoz 17 dagar sedan
Swanky Vali
Swanky Vali 28 dagar sedan
Lucas Carvalho
Lucas Carvalho Månad sedan
I thought thay had to set Loki back to his place because he had an important role againt Thanus. How will the time-lime reach to endgame if such an important character was missing since 2012? I think Loki is the beginning of the multiverse indeed
Roslan Bakri Zakaria
Roslan Bakri Zakaria Månad sedan
Hi. Why isn't the Dr Strange play/abuse/usage of timeline in Dr/ Strange's movie triggered in the TVA or mentioned?
Deborah Kindler
Deborah Kindler Månad sedan
Question? Has anyone else noticed there was 2 Tasseracts in End Game
Ash Amiri
Ash Amiri Månad sedan
The question that doesn't get answered is, doesn't every loki in every timeline snatch and take the tesseract in endgame and therefore every loki in every timeline is a variant?
Leek Geraldo
Leek Geraldo Månad sedan
The picayune encyclopedia additionly shave because coin adversely stain at a distinct postage. wandering, lyrical bomb
Player 666
Player 666 Månad sedan
Ragnarok 2017 Avengers 2012
StellaRhyme3 Månad sedan
Loki from the first Avengers film is a variant because for the sacred timeline to stay in tact he was to continue on & meet his fate in End game by avoiding said fate he became a variant that needed to be pruned.
Paula Unger
Paula Unger Månad sedan
This is a genius explainer. I'm watching it after episode three, and it's impressive how well it stands up. (I've watched a lot of really crap Loki fan vids now!). Loving this channel! Only discovered it the other day and subbed - really glad I did :D
Dustin Airola
Dustin Airola Månad sedan
A mini series showing us Caps returning the stones would be pretty dope.
Luist Triolet
Luist Triolet Månad sedan
Can’t wait till Wednesday!
Victor Månad sedan
Also, isn’t there now a variant Thor (if not a variant Avengers team) out there looking for Loki? And if he can’t be found, they can never reset their timeline? If the whole team is out looking for Loki, we won’t get Winter Soldier, the Dark World, nor Age of Ultron, which won’t give us Wanda, Vision, Falcon, or Bucky? Also, Cap told his 2012 self that Bucky is alive. This would create a variant Cap that’s looking for Bucky. This got complicated.
dturner05 Månad sedan
I don’t think he’s going to fix anything, I think this is the creation, or perhaps liberation of the Multiverse.
ROHIT S Månad sedan
So the time line of thanos who got smoked is a mess, gamora's time line is a mess, cap seeing cap in infinity war is also is a mess TVA is so much biased manhhh
Emma Cowhig
Emma Cowhig Månad sedan
So is Loki's mum still alive, through I had it figured out but now am more confused lol🤣
Alex22406 Månad sedan
The time line stuff isn’t hard to understand. It’s the same type of timeline that Dragon ball introduced in the 90’s with Future trunks during the android and cell saga
MexMan Månad sedan
5:46 That whole Loki life summary tho 💀
Crazyguy75 Månad sedan
Tbh they could do a side series on cap returning the stones, and how he avoids not being taken by the tva
steven ducken
steven ducken Månad sedan
The timeline is one line with events meant to happen. From our perspective as the audience there is a timelines Within that timeline there is another from the character POV Maybe changes in the character timeline are meant to happen(endgame) on the audience timeline which is on the outside
Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan Månad sedan
Dragon ball z time travel
Shubhika Månad sedan
Question: does sacred timeline means there's only one timeline and no multiverse? Then where did cap go in the end? What did Strange see in Avengers? What is happening to the timeline where Loki has gone MIA with the tesseract!?
D’alexander Månad sedan
Also Avengers killed the past Thanos so that means that everything else didn’t happen either, like the death of Loki by thanos, it’s all confusing how they making time travel to be.
Антония Кънчева
Антония Кънчева Månad sedan
Actually Tanos is snapped not killed just like half of the univers was only snapped... that means if only snap with the gauntlet with the stones to get him back he will return.
Rahmoun Tahar Zakaria
Rahmoun Tahar Zakaria Månad sedan
Something doesn't fit , what about 2014 Thanos who traveled to 2018 and then he got snapped into dust which means no infinity war and no snapping 50% of living creatures which leads to no end game and time heist which create a paradox because Avengers were supposed to travel back in time !!!!!!
Turn Tavern
Turn Tavern Månad sedan
I still don’t get it
Dan Francis
Dan Francis Månad sedan
So it's basically similar to Zelda's time travel logic (at least with what happened to Ocarina of Time)
Cursed Grogu
Cursed Grogu Månad sedan
Either marvel time travel just doesnt make sense or the TVA is doing a REALLY bad job
Steven Wetherill
Steven Wetherill Månad sedan
2:03: Changing things in the past causes an alternate branch history to split off. Leaving the original timeline unchanged, but forming a multiverse of parallel realities. 2:44: Loki takes the tesseract in 2012 and the original, sacred timeline goes unchanged. 4:15: Loki's snatch creates an unfixable breach in the sacred timeline. 6:09: Loki altered his destiny by taking the tesseract in 2012. I'm hoping someone can see the possible contradiction here. I'd love to know how to better understand this. The first two minutes we're told that the sacred timeline is unchanged in the events of Loki taking the tesseract. Then at 4:15 and 6:09, the sacred timeline is unfixable and the destiny of Loki on the sacred time is altered. My brain is literally thinking: 2 + 2 = POTATO. Haha.
Jade Lee
Jade Lee Månad sedan
Loki Variant Name Dropped in the End Credits. Sarah Irwin
Jonathan Muniz
Jonathan Muniz Månad sedan
Who likes this loki better than the 2012 version
MrDeathBunny Månad sedan
I dont care much for Benadryl Cucumber but if Loki is in the next Strange movie then hell yeah ill watch it.
Shen Grant
Shen Grant Månad sedan
Wait loki was right it its tony straks fault ....he told hulk to take the stairs and it caused the space stone to fall in lokis hand
Guneet Singh
Guneet Singh Månad sedan
I can't possibly be the only one who noticed that Thanos no longer exists in the timeline from where he travelled to endgame thereby creating a branch.
Emran Habib
Emran Habib Månad sedan
Avengers didn't fix everything as they killed thanos from the past and it means most of the things are not gonna happen(including loki's death.)
Jakes Music
Jakes Music Månad sedan
I’m thinking the kid in the church was Loki 🤔
Joshua Dickerson
Joshua Dickerson Månad sedan
One huge issue I never thought about untill this vid was how did he return the space stone back into its tessaract form ?
Quentin Young
Quentin Young Månad sedan
The arrogant fedelini certainly desert because gender complimentarily rhyme lest a military license. venomous, merciful shingle
Josef Ferguson
Josef Ferguson Månad sedan
It seems like nobody ever talks about the fact that there's at least one thing that Captain America couldn't return to its proper place in history at the end of Endgame. Frikken Thanos.
Corinna Ulloa
Corinna Ulloa Månad sedan
I think Loki will go back, sacrificing himself to restore timeline after helping with their current crisis.
Carmen Månad sedan
So if Steve put the stones back, wouldn’t Infinity War just happen again? I don’t get the point of snapping everyone back if so. Someone please help me out here. 😕
A_n_d_y_H Månad sedan
How come young Thanos from the past who traveled forward in time to start the final End Game battle didn't trigger the TVA like Loki does here? Young Thanos' time travel is like Loki going to Mongolia, both deviance are un-fixable breach to the original secret timeline. I need explanation, please.
Trevor Collins
Trevor Collins Månad sedan
How come nobody is talking about the time split that Cal CLEARLY has to be making staying back in the past with Peggy instead of being Captain america in the future with the avengers? So he was never frozen in ice?? HUGE plot hole everyone over looks because awwwe caps happy! He deserves it. lol
SKrilzAzingA ???
SKrilzAzingA ??? Månad sedan
How did loki assume that the avengers were traveling back in time as a last stitch effort to stop him when it was really thanos?
Vince Månad sedan
TVA said that Avengers were supposed to get the infinity stones in the past and Doctor Strange said that there a 1 in 14 million possible futures that they would win and they did it while Loki has escaped. Doesn't that mean that Loki was destined to escape?
BobbyT223 Månad sedan
It’s Loki’s fault I’m not a billionaire Bc he messed up the timeline
S A Månad sedan
I'm just gonna assume at some point the TVA lowkey helped Cap put the stones back to it's original form and placed it to their respective locations. Or maybe Cap did get caught by the TVA and made a deal to not travel through time in exchange for going back to live in his era in the late 40's/ early 50's.
John Thang
John Thang Månad sedan
Omg so complicated and seems like a lot of plot holes in there. So all they need is him to go back to the original Timeline so everything will fall back into places. But then how does erasing him help?
DPT productions
DPT productions Månad sedan
Nolan Ford
Nolan Ford Månad sedan
Explain gamora and nebula
big eddy machete
big eddy machete Månad sedan
I feel like they let this Loki go back into the main timeline at some point in time making him the only person knowing of the TVA and that’s what makes the universal war inevitable
Abhishek Soni
Abhishek Soni Månad sedan
They should create a movie on Cap America: Return of the Stones
Jamie.Does.Things Månad sedan
I want a captain America series of him just trying to return all the stones
Fore Hobby
Fore Hobby Månad sedan
when tony and THOR stopped to talk to their parents why didn't that also alter the timeline? In movie time they probably spent 10-15 minutes talking which means they halted whatever the parents were going to do in addition other moments that were suppose to happen.
Charles Hogg
Charles Hogg Månad sedan
This might mean the start of ultra is from marvel strike team
Scouting Månad sedan
If Thanos would have won, would the TVA had arrested him? Honestly that would be hilarious
Bonis Månad sedan
TVA were fine with him wiping out half of existence so i dont think they would really care.
William McGraw
William McGraw Månad sedan
With the introduction of the TVA, I've been trying to understand how Cap going back, and staying in the past isn't considering a branched timeline? Timeline 1 - Cap is 'asleep' for 60 years but hasn't aged, awakens and helps bury Peggy. Timeline 2 - Cap puts the infinity stones back, but stays in the past, living out his entire life with Peggy.
Adrienne Reed
Adrienne Reed Månad sedan
Looking Gud ERIK 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿
Applicable Apple
Applicable Apple Månad sedan
This whole time keepers thing is really immoral
Greg C
Greg C Månad sedan
There are multiple singe lines in the robot detector machine which is why Loki asks if that happens often. I would like to see that come into play for the season finale.
Max Stone
Max Stone Månad sedan
Is Mobus another Loki variant?
Cesar Canova
Cesar Canova Månad sedan
The timeline is "sacred" because it leads to the creation of the TVA. Instead of simply reseting Loki, the TVA wishes to understand more about his ways. I suspect Kang is behind this interest.
Bardock Bird
Bardock Bird Månad sedan
Lol I just imagined Crisis on infinite timelines
MBodinger1 Månad sedan
I don't Understand how this shit even works. In Endgame the Avengers understand that loki vanished with the tesseract and that's why Cap and Tony go back in time to retrieve it (right?) So how does the regular original timeline even exist? Loki wouldn't even gotten the tesseract in the first place cuz it's in the hands of the Avengers? I'm now confused about everything
Indar vishnoi
Indar vishnoi Månad sedan
Why Steve it should have been dr. Strange who should have returned the stones
Dennielle Mitra
Dennielle Mitra Månad sedan
So why did the TVA allowed thanos to travel to 2023 if he will be missing in 2015? That will create an alternate future right? Loki from 2015 and other characters that died because of thanos wont die right?
nupstar87 Månad sedan
What if it was TVA that helped steve Rogers put the stones back and helped him merger timelines so that he live out with Carter Maybe marvel can have 'Captain Time ' who works for tva
kodguerrero Månad sedan
Shouldn't then the TVA also go back and grab the Thanos that moved forward in time to fight with the avengers in Endgame?? :O
Kenaz Evangelista
Kenaz Evangelista Månad sedan
has it been explained anywhere why Steve staying behind did not make him a dangerous Variant?? I feel like I'm missing something.
John Santos
John Santos Månad sedan
Ugh! Multiverse is giving me a headache.
Saimeren Månad sedan
I mean, yeah. They explained this in the first episode.
Adaumis ASMR
Adaumis ASMR Månad sedan
Take care of yourselves peeps :D and stay hydrated :)
Megan Jeffrey
Megan Jeffrey Månad sedan
But Captain America went back to Agent Carter so he went back in time and changed something. He needs an ass whoopin too!
lt crypto
lt crypto Månad sedan
no more sorcerers???
lt crypto
lt crypto Månad sedan
pretty sure hydra cap is the cap that cap layed out to get the infinity stone from him and said bucky is alive. I think that sets him up for hydra cap
Sean Burnside
Sean Burnside Månad sedan
But what if Loki does go back to that moment in time? Yes, he's witnessed an abbreviated version of his life but not enough to radically change everything. The only two things he might want or be able to pointedly change would be Frigga's murder and his own death. By then, knowing how the TVA works, he might be forced to allow his mother to die but he most certainly wouldn't march glibly to his own doom. All he would need to do is what most fan theories speculated he did anyways: illusion some hapless Asgardian into dying for him. Then, to be safe, he sits out Infinity War and Endgame and the intervening 5 years to keep the Sacred Timeline unaltered (and therefore Thor chunky and enraged) and then pops back into existence in Phase 4!
Highest Quality Memes
Highest Quality Memes Månad sedan
“This is MY glorious purpose DAD!” - EA Voss 2021
Кейт Арчер
Кейт Арчер Månad sedan
OK, my brain hurts.
The Jworks
The Jworks Månad sedan
Anyone else notice a lack of other worldky species or sentient beings at the TVA? Seems odd not one Yandu or space squid with legs being walking g around or working there
Anthony Elwick
Anthony Elwick Månad sedan
He’s not going to let himself die by thanos now that he knows
BB Yen
BB Yen Månad sedan
Maybe he will bring the reset remote to undone Thanos snapping his fingers. Reset continuously rapidly
narendra kumar.achanta
narendra kumar.achanta Månad sedan
In end game thanos arrives to avengers head quarters from the past to the future and gets erased by tony.....if thanos has jumped directly to the future where did thanos of infinity war came from!!??
Cyber_Gypsy Gaming
Cyber_Gypsy Gaming Månad sedan
Well technically the RESET CHARGE USED BY TVA solves mostly the whole alternate reality problem
SG YT Månad sedan
@Cursed Grogu definitely yes. Still 4 more episodes to go. We'll see what happens next
Cursed Grogu
Cursed Grogu Månad sedan
@SG YT well that makes sense but there are still some unsolvable flaws
SG YT Månad sedan
@Cursed Grogu no i think . Sacred timeline has loki and tesseract. This(variant) loki and tesseract is a copy of them in branched timeline
Cursed Grogu
Cursed Grogu Månad sedan
Loki is with them tho, so the sacred timeline would be missing a loki
Leaving out the Miss Minute explanation. The TVA "clips" timelines by erasing them from history, using the device they activated as they left with Loki.
Dustin Bucy
Dustin Bucy Månad sedan
When Loki was on trial I was expecting him to play the Avengers card harder. when he was told the Avenger's time heist was supposed to happen, I was expecting, Loki to say "Then I was supposed to escape." and then explaining that if the events in the time heist were supposed to play out the way it did then the Hulk was supposed to hit Tony with the door and the Tesseract was always supposed to slide across the floor to Loki's feet. And is it not in Loki's nature to take advantage of the situation? So that means Loki was supposed to escape. But what if the time heist was supposed to succeed then that means Loki is innocent because he did not influence the time heist, that was the hulk so if anything the hulk is guilty. This would be the perfect time for Mobius to stand up and approach the bench and take over with Loki and us never getting a response to what Loki said.
Ty Saylor
Ty Saylor Månad sedan
I can actually see Loki returning after his journey in his series. It would make everything he does in the main timeline much more impactful.
Emma Dow
Emma Dow Månad sedan
But how is there a Loki now in the sacred timeline if he left? Like lit when Thor turns around and is like yo like where you at, does some other Loki just pop in and carry out the rest of Loki’s path? I don’t get it
glad lawson
glad lawson Månad sedan
It isnt hard to understand. It is marvel after all
agentkokonut Månad sedan
why is marvel's stories are getting better and better xd
Mike Laurence
Mike Laurence Månad sedan
Why didnt TVA arrest thanos for leaping time
Random We
Random We Månad sedan
I have a concept, See Each Infinity Stone have it's own concious. Mind Stone back up itself in Wanda, Reality Stone was saving itself etc... Similarly Space Stone knew that Thanos was going to destroy it, So Space Stone took Itself & Loki to another Timeline to protect itself. One more thing is that, There were many ways to defeat Thanos, but Dr. Strange's main purpose was not just to defeat Thanos, Because the actual Problem was Infinity Stone, anyone can have them & "pufff" the Universe. So He made sure that Thanos will be defeated but only after He destroy the Stones. Because then there won't be any other Mad Guys who would go on to collect the Shining Gemstones & "Pufff" the Universe.
Bobby Månad sedan
Who would like to see a Steve Rogers series where it showed him traveling through time putting back the infinity stones? 8-10 episodes. Meeting up with Peggy at the end. But throughout the series, cap in space, in Asgard, red skull encounter etc.
Aaron Mauer
Aaron Mauer Månad sedan
End game tie. Travel is actually similar to how dragon ball z does it
Jamie Quirke
Jamie Quirke Månad sedan
How did they reform the tesseract though? It was broken to get the stone out
Lorraine Huddart
Lorraine Huddart Månad sedan
So ….. if Loki is in a different timeline WITH the STONE, he doesn’t go back to Asgard with Thor, isn’t imprisoned, doesn’t help Thor get out of Asgard with Jane and the aether, doesn’t send daddy down to earth and the retirement home, possibly daddy doesn’t die, no Hela, no ragnarok, no destruction of Asgard, no STONE to give to Thanos, no destruction of half the Universe. Sounds like a good thing to me. Where does the time line converge again to allow all the above to happen. I am confused. Lol.
PRanxter is Gaming
PRanxter is Gaming Månad sedan
Marvel should hire EV
Marcus Seyfang
Marcus Seyfang Månad sedan
Dont all these arguments fall apart when you look at the fact that pre snap Thanos travelled through time to a point after the snap and was killed by the Avengers. Isnt that going against the Sacred Timeline.
Nick Roy
Nick Roy Månad sedan
So returning the stones in time breaking all those time lines deleted more people from history than thanos 🙃
Tobias Månad sedan
I'm telling you LOKI IS THE RAT IN ENDGAME!!!!!!!
Rahmat Safabakhsh
Rahmat Safabakhsh Månad sedan
At the end Loki will go back
how a Reset Charge works. Loki
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