How The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Should Have Ended

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How It Should Have Ended

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was great but it was missing just one thing.

Thanks to our Guest Voice Jovenshire

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Ferhat Doğrubaş
Ferhat Doğrubaş 2 timmar sedan
please add english subtitles
strix141 7 timmar sedan
pls make loki hishe
JahonCross 5 timmar sedan
Its coming! Just be patient
Diana America Rivero
Diana America Rivero 13 timmar sedan
Secret moon base reference! Love it!
SHRESTH JAIN 18 timmar sedan
Howloki should have ended
Joshua Arzu
Joshua Arzu Dag sedan
Someone please tell me why tf he started beatboxing
Aťák Potašnyk
Aťák Potašnyk 2 dagar sedan
Can You do serial Loki pleas 😁💚🐍
Sandra S
Sandra S 2 dagar sedan
Cord linam
Cord linam 2 dagar sedan
I hate the you don't necessarily have to yieeeeeeldddd song....why do you insist on this joke? Tisnt funny... But the rest of your work is gold as usual
Yoseph Butler
Yoseph Butler 2 dagar sedan
Because I'm Bucky 😈😈
Wicked Shades Productions
Wicked Shades Productions 2 dagar sedan
I feel like they were saving the, “Batman trying to date Superman’s imaginary sister” bit for a while
Sposito Valentino
Sposito Valentino 3 dagar sedan
Should be canon
Sposito Valentino
Sposito Valentino 3 dagar sedan
Because am bucky! So funny....
MarcBossYT 3 dagar sedan
Spencer Gentle
Spencer Gentle 3 dagar sedan
Can you do a How Star Wars The Bad Batch Should Have Ended When All The Episodes Are Released On Disney+?
FearKratos444 4 dagar sedan
Damn roasted
FearKratos444 4 dagar sedan
I thought he was dead?
FearKratos444 4 dagar sedan
Is she Deadpool the mask one of the looney tunes or curly from the three stooges making that sound
ronald muldan
ronald muldan 4 dagar sedan
men i love superman hishe and batman hishe arguing so fun to watch so hilarious
Space Jesus with a laser sword
Space Jesus with a laser sword 4 dagar sedan
Hishe: makes a marvel hishe The TVA: Allow us to introduce ourselves
YGF 4 dagar sedan
TVA want to know your location
Goj 5 dagar sedan
"our universe doesn't do reboot every 5 years" 2002-2007 first Spiderman trilogy 2012-2014 second Spiderman trilogy 2016-current third Spiderman trilogy.
Navid Haider
Navid Haider 5 dagar sedan
He does have a sister.
Kurt B Amo-Mensah
Kurt B Amo-Mensah 6 dagar sedan
Dancing zemo is the cure to cancer
Marya Sue Stark
Marya Sue Stark 6 dagar sedan
So no one is gonna bring up how did the Wakandan stronk, stunning and brave wo.. persons managed to beat a supersoldier? Did they drink that magical leaf tea too?
harman preet singh
harman preet singh 6 dagar sedan
please hishe of loki
Rick Quentaro
Rick Quentaro 6 dagar sedan
Could have done better
58 Ayaan Shaikh Abdul
58 Ayaan Shaikh Abdul 6 dagar sedan
Where is the loki hishe ?
Helena Barszczová
Helena Barszczová 6 dagar sedan
:-DDDD great as always! I couldn't find How Loki should have ended. Is there one or will be?
K.E.B JD 6 dagar sedan
predicting the loki hishe will just be the tva stopping every hishe episode from happening
Aalok Gupta
Aalok Gupta 7 dagar sedan
When is Loki HISHE Coming !?
Mandalorian 7 dagar sedan
I’m Sorry That Face 😂😂 1:15
DeBlaze 7 dagar sedan
How Loki should of ended next
TBA 7 dagar sedan
Also glad that in this version, Steve Rogers returned after all those years peered
TBA 7 dagar sedan
You bet it doesn't. I'm also glad John Walker isn't the new Captain America, instead it's Falcon Falcon. Or should I say, Sam Wilson.
QUIZZIE 7 dagar sedan
When "how loki should have ended" will come????????..........
Yash Lakkar
Yash Lakkar 7 dagar sedan
just one thing do HISHE pay the cafe rent?
iyan.144p 8 dagar sedan
Do loki do loki do loki
Balıkesirli Çaycı
Balıkesirli Çaycı 8 dagar sedan
3:51 zemo button
Francesco V
Francesco V 8 dagar sedan
3:24 Sam uses his right arm, but Bucky uses his left. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Btw this is just a nit picky joke
Conrado Javier
Conrado Javier 9 dagar sedan
I want a HISHE on Loki where the T.V.A. just Arrest the Avengers, instead of Loki.
LARRY INDUSTRY 2.0 9 dagar sedan
Does that song means... Except you're those mentioned guys you can't use the shield??
Noor Hakimi
Noor Hakimi 9 dagar sedan
So... Unless you a plane
Pratap Singh Purohit
Pratap Singh Purohit 9 dagar sedan
That useless vibranium hand of Bucky😂🤣🤣
MC Dexpo
MC Dexpo 9 dagar sedan
No mention at all about the Globetrotters, or whatever those terrorist guys are called? Okay ...
MC Dexpo
MC Dexpo 9 dagar sedan
I get it that it's a joke that Bucky's arm is constantly falling off in this vid, but it was clear that the Dora Milaje chickadee did a certain button combination to make his arm fall off... Sooooooo.... Yeah....
육가람 9 dagar sedan
The psychotic mistake immuhistochemically rhyme because restaurant surgically challenge before a acrid teacher. separate, accidental kettle
STEVE HARRINGTON 10 dagar sedan
Bucky: "Man!"
God's Youth by Claire Mcdonald
God's Youth by Claire Mcdonald 10 dagar sedan
Best part ever lol!!!! 3:39
Mustafa Bulut
Mustafa Bulut 10 dagar sedan
Felbinger Grant
Felbinger Grant 10 dagar sedan
Michał Pluciński
Michał Pluciński 10 dagar sedan
1:07 "Secret moon base" Totally made me lough
Office Icarus
Office Icarus 11 dagar sedan
AkSeal 11 dagar sedan
Ah yes captain marvel
Johann Wamaitha
Johann Wamaitha 11 dagar sedan
lol Steve coming back was awesome
Jonathan Sayah
Jonathan Sayah 11 dagar sedan
When you guys do Loki, I think you should have the TVA stop the 2014 variant of Thanos from going to 2023. Or was that supposed to happen?
Conrado Javier
Conrado Javier 9 dagar sedan
We need the T.V.A. be a recurring group, & have Them Arrest Kathleen Kennedy for killing the Expanded Universe.
Sam Konkel
Sam Konkel 11 dagar sedan
I think Steve Rogers passed away by this point.
IAM THAT ONE 11 dagar sedan
Waiting for How It Should Have Ended: Loki
Caleb Davis
Caleb Davis 12 dagar sedan
Sam and Bucky shoulda not been total jerks the whole season. The writers ruined some of my fav chars from the movies.
JRaylon 13 dagar sedan
Me: wondering why there isn't one where Bucky is cap
Amara Winchester
Amara Winchester 13 dagar sedan
Bucky was written poorly on that show
nishkarsh sharma
nishkarsh sharma 13 dagar sedan
Man how much i miss this song 😄
Carbodude 13 dagar sedan
Zemo wins. Always
Ayan Mondal
Ayan Mondal 14 dagar sedan
Okay i can already see how a HISHE with Loki can be TVA turns up and prunes Batman Batman takes another sip TVA: Oh, Never min- Batman : Because I am Batman
Marq V
Marq V 14 dagar sedan
Thank you and God bless....
Xu Zhang
Xu Zhang 14 dagar sedan
Now I realize, what happened here, are all reset by TVA.
Cryscorde Ultimasunt
Cryscorde Ultimasunt 14 dagar sedan
Can we have a “I’m keeping this shield” compilation?
Wild Paw Gaming
Wild Paw Gaming 14 dagar sedan
A wise man once said " MAN! "
RobothePro999 Games
RobothePro999 Games 15 dagar sedan
Ajumal Salim
Ajumal Salim 15 dagar sedan
Damn! 😂…. A good classical hishe video after a long tym.. with the true hishe essence!
Shradha Mishra
Shradha Mishra 15 dagar sedan
Do loki
Treyale 425
Treyale 425 16 dagar sedan
0:15 shoulda said “look, look I am Captain now.”
Gildardo Arteaga
Gildardo Arteaga 16 dagar sedan
Loki next
Danyii 16 dagar sedan
So I was watching The Falcon and The Winter Solider... My dad: You really like superhero’s? Me: says the one who dressed up as Batman for Halloween, hm? My dad: *Because I’m Batman*
HMMMM 16 dagar sedan
I wonder how is gonna be the complete song…
Jaymin Adikaibe
Jaymin Adikaibe 16 dagar sedan
Also, Loki is gonna be great! Like what even happened on that show like actually.
ShockwaveFPS Studios
ShockwaveFPS Studios 16 dagar sedan
1:36 you know, Steve could’ve just keep the shield, now knowing that Sam is a person not to be trusted as well as making the toughest decisions, and we could’ve gotten a nice reference to the “Give it whoopwhoopwhoopwhoop.”
Lordmurgia 16 dagar sedan
" secret moon base " XDD
Rahul Rustagi
Rahul Rustagi 16 dagar sedan
Because i am bucky....🤣🤣🤣
A Major
A Major 16 dagar sedan
they went soft
Joseph Newsome
Joseph Newsome 16 dagar sedan
Scarlet witch gets away with mass inslavement and gets away with it but with John kills 1 terriost he is discharged double standards also how many people did sam and Bucky kill
pi of pi
pi of pi 16 dagar sedan
Can't wait for the loki one. Jokes to put in... *spoilers ahead* Owen wilson (mobius) riding a jet ski. Kang meeting Ravonna Loki beating sylvie(ish) Sylvie's nexus event
Also: A night at museum joke (Pompeii). Variants of batman.
Anurag 16 dagar sedan
How loki should have ended please make video 🙏🙏🙏
TM 17 dagar sedan
This is better than the real show
Olin Gamer
Olin Gamer 17 dagar sedan
Make a full version of the yield to the shield song
Vaishnavi Krishnan
Vaishnavi Krishnan 17 dagar sedan
please make how loki season one should have ended!
Christian Joseph Suguitan
Christian Joseph Suguitan 17 dagar sedan
Can't wait for How Loki should have ended.
Marion Baggins
Marion Baggins 3 dagar sedan
davydiver 3 dagar sedan
@Titus Angel 😁
Titus Angel
Titus Angel 3 dagar sedan
@davydiver huh?🤣
davydiver 3 dagar sedan
@Titus Angel and Oscar Meyer Lunchables are more amazing than the food at a high end restauraunt! 😃
Titus Angel
Titus Angel 3 dagar sedan
@davydiver Loki was amazing lol
Soy 17 dagar sedan
Need Loki next :>
Batman 17 dagar sedan
Look at me Sam is the captain now
हर हर महादेव जय सिया राम
हर हर महादेव जय सिया राम 17 dagar sedan
Loki hasn't ended yet episode 7 remains -"THE HISHE"-.
Chad Gaming
Chad Gaming 18 dagar sedan
I love it how you are doing how the shows on Disney Plus should have ended series, HISHE! This one had so many call backs that I loved, the keeping the shield and whoop whoop whooooop thing, and the I gotcha sucka with Sharon! I also loved how you included Zemo’s dance, and I love Old Cap’s cameo! I love your channel, HISHE, started watching you waaaaaaayyyyyy back on Spider-Man 3 and the original How Star Wars: A New Hope Should Have Ended!
Cool Gamer
Cool Gamer 18 dagar sedan
I like when old steve stops jhon walker murder
Luis Alberto Baños Valencia
Luis Alberto Baños Valencia 19 dagar sedan
Are you gonna explain how the shield got restored? ... Noup?... Ok... Nevermind 😅
Ken Wehrheim
Ken Wehrheim 19 dagar sedan
Didn't give you guys much to work with on this one huh?
Amirali Esfandiary
Amirali Esfandiary 19 dagar sedan
bobafettjr85 20 dagar sedan
HISHE really went downhill. It's all just in-jokes now.
Wan M Ilyas
Wan M Ilyas 20 dagar sedan
When you realise all the hishe videos would’ve caused nexus events
Clown Revolution
Clown Revolution 20 dagar sedan
A dozen Loki variants hitting the hero Cafe.....can't wait 🥰
sonic faner 123
sonic faner 123 20 dagar sedan
0:26 this song is I heard first time from cap and now I am hearing this from here 😂😂
Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez 21 dag sedan
Can’t wait for “how Loki should have ended.”
Moetaz ahmed
Moetaz ahmed 21 dag sedan
guys you should really watch the (what if) trailer. they are doing exactly the same content you are doing XD it will be awesome if your chancel participated in the animation.
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