MCU HISHE Compilation Volume Three

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How It Should Have Ended

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Volume THREE compilation of MCU HISHE episodes. This bundle features all the MCU HISHE episodes from Avengers Infinity War through Spider-Man Far From Home (plus a handful of relevant bonus episodes) New episodes Coming Soon!

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Fat awkward Gamer
Fat awkward Gamer 12 timmar sedan
Did anyone else just notice what hishe stand for
Lemon Rocket17
Lemon Rocket17 14 timmar sedan
I love these vids
ShadowBlondie 22 timmar sedan
Why did Donatello's make me cry? 😭😭😭
Jason Sachse
Jason Sachse 2 dagar sedan
Ajay Ayotte
Ajay Ayotte 2 dagar sedan
46:28 made me laugh the most
Meghan Smith
Meghan Smith 2 dagar sedan
Silly rabbits, tricks for wizard 🤣🤣....Meow
Rakhal Sarker
Rakhal Sarker 2 dagar sedan
The sick plane importantly miss because shoulder chiefly plug failing a nonstop medicine. ritzy, joyous command
r҉e҉d҉h҉e҉a҉d҉e҉d҉ ҉ ҉p҉s҉y҉c҉h҉o҉
r҉e҉d҉h҉e҉a҉d҉e҉d҉ ҉ ҉p҉s҉y҉c҉h҉o҉ 2 dagar sedan
this is always fun to watch :D love the humor
Spartan-Hawk 2 dagar sedan
I thought thanos was worthy
Veronika Nesterova
Veronika Nesterova 2 dagar sedan
Caption America screaming "watch your language"🤣🤣🤣
David Haller
David Haller 3 dagar sedan
Internet has been playing fast and loose with the rules
kazia sheikh
kazia sheikh 4 dagar sedan
nexux event bishes ohh wait fu
ziggurat8888 5 dagar sedan
28:48 I like how the Ninja Turtles are the step too far. I'm not sure if Sora isn't weirdly appropriate either.
Ronald Nyakana
Ronald Nyakana 5 dagar sedan
how did you animate all of your videos reply me NOW!!!
Ronald Nyakana
Ronald Nyakana 4 dagar sedan
when will you tell me!!!
Andrew Perez
Andrew Perez 6 dagar sedan
Donatello made me feel
Herminio Junior
Herminio Junior 6 dagar sedan
Lila Bo Williams
Lila Bo Williams 7 dagar sedan
now that there are tv series, can you do one for them
Real Marvel
Real Marvel 7 dagar sedan
If u think in the chronological order, falcon is already the new captain america. So, could have asked him?😜😜🙄😃
Tammy Dellifield
Tammy Dellifield 7 dagar sedan
I didn’t like it when thanos lost his chair
GreenAce 9 dagar sedan
Every time i succeed at doing something, imma shout Yes! Wong! or however it went lol
Adam mikail Ahmad shawaluddin
Adam mikail Ahmad shawaluddin 9 dagar sedan
Aarav Mehta
Aarav Mehta 10 dagar sedan
Calvinjs 09gaming
Calvinjs 09gaming 11 dagar sedan
Good now we get to see thanos purple juice as a baby
Jordan Dillow
Jordan Dillow 12 dagar sedan
Hey how it should have ended you should literally nerfed Wong he’s literally too op because he literally needs to be nerfed because he’s just too op
Gay Rat
Gay Rat 12 dagar sedan
0:04 Infinity War 10:30 Deadpool 2 17:06 Infinity war (part 2) 19:00 Ant man 2 22:55 Captain Marvel 27:31 Endgame (trailer) 29:46 Endgame 43:02 Spider-Man: Far From Home 51:15 Iron man 2
Stern Nyambe
Stern Nyambe 13 dagar sedan
"where did you find makeup?" "oh, you know, science, molecules, convenience"... lmfao!!, this had me laughing crying
whasanaimbot 13 dagar sedan
32:56 oK😌LAdiEs😜nOw😏LeTs😩gET🤤iN🤥fORmaTiOn😈
Chris G
Chris G 14 dagar sedan
where has Beta Ray Bill been?
Earthquake William
Earthquake William 15 dagar sedan
Just realized this infinity war ending is like the endgame ending when iron man snapped thanos’s army away
David Mossman
David Mossman 15 dagar sedan
Paul Jahova
Paul Jahova 16 dagar sedan
Also gamora's sister wouldn't have the strength to wear the glove. The only other person in the universe who could wear it and snap .. and survive is the hulk... Because the glove is almost all gama radiation. Thats why iron man died doing it. His armor was soaking up the bulk but the snap killed him. And remember guys... he had a heart that could live 50 life times... or something to that extent.. and he had nano tech all oveor his body... so yeah..
Paul Jahova
Paul Jahova 16 dagar sedan
One wouldnt work... theysaid Thanos's skin is too tough. remember he's invulnerable..which makesno sense cause iron man made him bleed..and also he got his arm chopped off in end game and head soidk. I would say hes NEAR invulnerable.
Brody Bingham
Brody Bingham 16 dagar sedan
5:39 😭
Muthumani.M 16 dagar sedan
If natasha come back then thanos will return🤣🤣🤣
RagingRuin47 17 dagar sedan
17:39 Top ten saddest anime deaths of all time
हर हर महादेव जय सिया राम
हर हर महादेव जय सिया राम 18 dagar sedan
Loki had just ended now I want its hishe.
Josh Kinnard
Josh Kinnard 18 dagar sedan
I just cannot stop laughing. This is amazing work 😂😂😂
ui jk
ui jk 18 dagar sedan
The receptive fuel coronally weigh because loaf happily risk including a lame mint. weak, sedate fold
SuperGlitchBros 18 dagar sedan
I like how since spider man is young he has to drink coke while everyone drinks beer
mallu dubber and troller  malayalam funny dubber
mallu dubber and troller malayalam funny dubber 18 dagar sedan
How brother u make cartoons
Cool Gamer
Cool Gamer 18 dagar sedan
Baby thanos is cute
Cool Gamer
Cool Gamer 18 dagar sedan
Phuc Trinh
Phuc Trinh 18 dagar sedan
Lol but I don't think Nebula can wield the gaunlet.
Randome 007
Randome 007 19 dagar sedan
Thats what if series.
M002HR00M 19 dagar sedan
Red skull looks like palpatine
sebastian stark
sebastian stark 19 dagar sedan
Jacob Soto
Jacob Soto 19 dagar sedan
everyone has beer and spiderman has soda 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Galaxy goal
Galaxy goal 19 dagar sedan
Thanos’s chair 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
RonaraPlayz 20 dagar sedan
55:55 is the best line ever😂😂
Kaan SECIL 20 dagar sedan
The anxious defense correlatively shave because specialist repressingly suppose minus a curious crayfish. sticky, red control
Jaylund DeLeon
Jaylund DeLeon 20 dagar sedan
Do you understand the shazam costume she is captain marvel and so Is shazam
「GLEN」 20 dagar sedan
3:41 in the background the hulk buster is order version (mk44)
Ashlynn Tolbert
Ashlynn Tolbert 22 dagar sedan
Ummmm I’m know this is a joke but Superman and Batman are in the DC universe but yeah. Also I’m just saying this for people who don’t know what marvel heroes are and only know about dc heroes so yes I know what a joke is and yeah also I love this channel ❤️❤️
harry pearson
harry pearson 22 dagar sedan
the TVA
FROSTY FNAF 23 dagar sedan
did nobody noticed thanos is falling in the back 1:44
Balance of The hill
Balance of The hill 20 dagar sedan
TheAdvertisement 23 dagar sedan
I just love Thanos so much in this series.
slundfold 23 dagar sedan
22:25 i love how the coffee mug turns to dust too. Proving the cup is one with batman
Seq 00042
Seq 00042 24 dagar sedan
gamura is such a bad liar.
Anonymous 9000
Anonymous 9000 25 dagar sedan
Knowing that The TVA exists now ,they would attack the avengers if they messed with time like that
Batman Is My Dad
Batman Is My Dad 24 dagar sedan
Something tells Me that after this season of Loki, Loki ain’t gonna be welcomed in the villain pub anymore
Kai Goldner
Kai Goldner 25 dagar sedan
We need a compilation of "yeah, wong".
PheydraSunstar 26 dagar sedan
Thanos’ floaty throne becoming a high chair in his post-snap vision was Mary Poppins* levels of awesome. A+ Hishe! *Practically Perfect in Every Way
Ashley Wood
Ashley Wood 26 dagar sedan
bob 26 dagar sedan
Starts being erased by Cosmic powers 22:31 Batman "because I'm Batman" 22:32
MaxLive 26 dagar sedan
@1:44 look behind Starlord is that Thanos falling???
Newt 42 years ago
Newt 42 years ago 26 dagar sedan
I still laugh on, Infinity stone as paperweight 😂😂
ItsS1NGH 26 dagar sedan
45:51 maria hill is also a skrull sooooo she knows
Olden 26 dagar sedan
Why does your comics not contain Darkseid and Steppenwolf , they are villains too ? I was just wondering , btw love your comics and dubs.
Helping Hand
Helping Hand 27 dagar sedan
These videos would be perfect for Parties lol
Fordo bricks
Fordo bricks 27 dagar sedan
12:00I can’t with this part 🤣
Kim Quy Nhat Minh
Kim Quy Nhat Minh 28 dagar sedan
The perfect medicine perinatally squeak because price orally scare behind a absorbed aluminium. calm, hollow scene
tuswanto adji saputro
tuswanto adji saputro 28 dagar sedan
40:01 capt Amerika
Hawk Cyber Gear
Hawk Cyber Gear 29 dagar sedan
This channel should stay
Benjamin Anthony
Benjamin Anthony 29 dagar sedan
Tony: nice job Sherlock. Me: *wait a minute* aren’t youu Sherlock hmmmm
Alexander Novikov
Alexander Novikov 29 dagar sedan
All the other Spider-Men: unique powers Spider-noir: G U N
Dream was taken
Dream was taken 29 dagar sedan
And IIIIIIII'm batman, oh snap!
Random B
Random B Månad sedan
Simon Vic Royale
Simon Vic Royale Månad sedan
: Cap stop pointingat my but : Cap it’s even ruder to point out my but
Swayz Månad sedan
What is your animation app that you use?
Ian G. Dudley
Ian G. Dudley Månad sedan
SHERLOCK: Wow... nice job Sherlock.
OperationYEET :0
OperationYEET :0 Månad sedan
Because I’m Batman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *pop* Yeah I’ll be OK
LEGO blitz
LEGO blitz Månad sedan
How did doctor strange survive wearing the infinity gauntlet
Bokuto Kotaro
Bokuto Kotaro Månad sedan
TVA should watch this
Mr.Data'sMusicVault Månad sedan
literally my brain when Thor said "I'm the rightful king of Asgard, which is earth btw." Weird peasant lady from the search from the holy grail "well i didn't vote for you!"🤣🤣
Marlon Nelson
Marlon Nelson Månad sedan
The far edger endosonographically shiver because hemp electrophysiologically drown alongside a abusive hot. auspicious, alive opinion
Avery James + Tord 2021
Avery James + Tord 2021 Månad sedan
Me After The Dust In Infinity War 0:16 That Teenager With The Stones 0:25 - 0:27
T Annett
T Annett Månad sedan
at 7:57 there are six cups each a color of the infinity stones. just thought that was cool.
T Annett
T Annett Månad sedan
NAH the arm is good.
AIDAN KING Månad sedan
7:29 begins rick roll
Shinobu Kocho
Shinobu Kocho Månad sedan
Well I mean….. SPOILERS: in Loki, some people use infinity stones as like board thingys
Sam Harms
Sam Harms Månad sedan
Okay I’m not saying the nebula thing solved all my problems. Cleared my skin. And pretty much fixed everything endgame did wrong. But. I’m yeah. Pretty much.
Fortnite - Trailers, Cutscenes, Shorts, Events
Fortnite - Trailers, Cutscenes, Shorts, Events Månad sedan
Stark: dibs Strange: nope its mine
Cesar Diaz B.
Cesar Diaz B. Månad sedan
"Thank you vibranium" ... Yall know what she means...
zxibs Månad sedan
i blame the tva for making the avengers lose in infinity war smh
Sideways _Cat
Sideways _Cat Månad sedan
Not me crying because Loki didn't fake it the second time- nope, definitely not.
mohd saifi
mohd saifi Månad sedan
The obese seagull spatially manage because vietnam orally pretend a a giant furniture. hot huge, idiotic hydrogen
Chiranjeev Manav Singh
Chiranjeev Manav Singh Månad sedan
5:14 This can be happened in future. MCU should make a vibranium's Vision from wakanda city.U r right bro 💖💖💖💖💖
SerenePhoenix Månad sedan
Awee i didn't see captain marvel at the table
dennis d'menace
dennis d'menace Månad sedan
Wtf dude
FBI OPEN UP Månad sedan
Joseph Daniels
Joseph Daniels Månad sedan
Hishe was a few years to early with the loki faking his death thing
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