This isn’t your usual Case Mod! Engine PC

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You guys said I should build a PC in an engine... so I did!
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Steve Lauder
Steve Lauder 2 timmar sedan
7th of May and still waiting for the follow-up... as a sim racer, who used to be a rally driver, you can't leave me hanging like this!
Hoogovens 17 timmar sedan
Using an actual small block electric water pump for the cooling system pump would be cool.
Boomer Corley
Boomer Corley 20 timmar sedan
You should use a slightly perforated tubing for the exhaust headers
Majima Nowhere
Majima Nowhere Dag sedan
If it's possible to set up your fan RGB to flash in the correct firing order, that would be badass.
Bigboyxxx420 Dag sedan
Use Adhesion promoter plz
Christer Aspen
Christer Aspen Dag sedan
when is part 2:P?
Mich Connor
Mich Connor Dag sedan
Wish you were a Ford man jay.
mr1337357 Dag sedan
If you want a 360 rad to fit you could just turn it into a 4.3 block.
Jondrew1 Dag sedan
2JZ swap or bust bro
psballent Dag sedan
It's almost a must to figure out how to use a Meziere electric water pump to run the water cooling.
Mirsad Redzovic
Mirsad Redzovic 2 dagar sedan
I just went in there, and Phil is gonna be runnin' THREE Honda Civics with 3090's. And on top of that, he just came into Harry's and he ordered three X570 mobos, WITH NOS, and liquid cooled exhaust!
Paul Gale
Paul Gale 2 dagar sedan
Suggestion, you gotta do gas color water like a yellowish hue Can't wait to see this engine run!
rewop23us 2 dagar sedan
See about mocking up a pair of headers and add a 120mm (something really high rpm) for the header collector to exhaust everything out
James Berry
James Berry 2 dagar sedan
Jay are you sure redux has no parts markup? Looks like 3080 they are charing 1100....that might be lower than scalpers but it isnt MSRP
Sour Diesel
Sour Diesel 2 dagar sedan
have the tubing come out the exhaust headers!
Wessel Pretorius
Wessel Pretorius 2 dagar sedan
I Can't believe I only came across this video now, I love this idea of combining the pc into a racing simulator. How will you incorporate the power supply to match this I wonder, maybe perhaps hide as a Holly dominator ECU of some sorts. I can't wait to see this project in it's completed staged...
Timothy Peart
Timothy Peart 2 dagar sedan
i saw the exhaust ports provided enough airflow but still think it would be cool to see custom headers with maybe with fans at the ends for extra push/pull assist
Cyrilou 2 dagar sedan
maybe coat it with mod podge to seal it, then prime it . that is what diorama makers do to build stuff out of foam materials
MrB3RT 2 dagar sedan
High rise intake manifold to mount the motherboard and GPU.
Tech 2 dagar sedan
Where's part 2?
Samot Oremor
Samot Oremor 2 dagar sedan
uh no
Jan-Peter Franke
Jan-Peter Franke 3 dagar sedan
This is pretty sick !
Michael Batson
Michael Batson 3 dagar sedan
Jay, Why not buy a valley cover plate to mount the motherboard and video card?
Philip Williamson
Philip Williamson 3 dagar sedan
That’s going to look tremendous!
Ben Merrill
Ben Merrill 3 dagar sedan
It would be kind of cool to maybe run the wires from the PSU through a distributor cap and make it look even more like a stock motor.
KoreaRiceBox 3 dagar sedan
There was so much drama cause of this PC engine on reddit Lol......... i recommend ppl look into it........
Jerry Mancini
Jerry Mancini 3 dagar sedan
The fan wires can be your spark plug wires
Shaun The Ceraunophile
Shaun The Ceraunophile 4 dagar sedan
6:32 Hey Phil! Wait..... Phil isn't behind the camera?
Zonediver 4 dagar sedan
Ember 4 dagar sedan
you have to put the pump where the water pump would be and have tubes running out the front
Michael Goodwin
Michael Goodwin 4 dagar sedan
Have the exhaust ported and polished and it'll up your hp airflow! Lol
AArdy AArdvark
AArdy AArdvark 5 dagar sedan
Intake scoop!
Anonymous 42
Anonymous 42 5 dagar sedan
SMH. Ur crazy lol (love it)
Duane Putnam
Duane Putnam 5 dagar sedan
No Jay reservoirs
Panther Den
Panther Den 5 dagar sedan
You could rear mount it to the back of the seat make it a rear engine
Nicholas Bosnakis
Nicholas Bosnakis 5 dagar sedan
You (or me), could design a or CPU cooler (or if its too hard, utilizing a Chev chrome cover) that looks/functions like a air cooler on top of the motherboard (circular chrome an actual engine air filter)...remove the cover to reveal the motherboard. I have an idea about the rads and front of the block. Holly shit. ..Jay I have a whole heap of ideas for your project.
bldeagle10 5 dagar sedan
missed your chance to LS swap your PC bruh
Austin 5 dagar sedan
It’d be cool if you ran LED strips in the both combustion chambers so the lights made the PC look as if the engine’s actually on since you could feel the heat through the exhaust ports. I’m not sure what kind of look you’re going for or how complicated you’d want to make the build, but it would also be cool if you made a supercharger to house the graphics card above the motherboard and added a “bug catcher” style blower where the intake vents would open based on the clock speed of the fans to simulate throttle response or engine workload.
Stephen 5 dagar sedan
We getting an update on this sometime?
Trevor Irvine
Trevor Irvine 6 dagar sedan
Liquid reservoir distributor?
Conor timm
Conor timm 6 dagar sedan
I’d want a real one then have water cooling go through the actual engine channels, feel like that’d be super cool.
Tracenji 6 dagar sedan
i wonder what the passive cooling capacity of an engine block would be
jonathan schoenherr
jonathan schoenherr 6 dagar sedan
I know I'm a little late to this but any time you're dealing with casted materials like that they will usually use a release agent to get it out of the cast. You need to wash it with dish soap to get it off. Similar to resin models.
kenkai shin
kenkai shin 6 dagar sedan
is it gonna take a year to complete jay?
chad burt
chad burt 6 dagar sedan
Go get some Helicoil that are correct size for mounting the rad , drill holes and screw in Helicoils "voilà " a threaded insert in correct location that can be reused for servicing later when it needs an oil change
Michael McArthur
Michael McArthur 6 dagar sedan
This whole project is bad a$$!!!! I couldn't justify a $400+ custom case until I saw this, the combination here is perfect!
david michalik
david michalik 6 dagar sedan
Lifter valley oil baffles protect the bottom of your intake from hot oil splashing out of the lifter bores. Lightweight aluminum tray holds the lifters in their bores, preventing the loss of oil pressure or possible bearing damage in the event of push-rod or rocker arm failure. Yes lifter valley.
Xatron97 7 dagar sedan
Please do the fan lights like the fireing order would be.
S0c0m 30
S0c0m 30 7 dagar sedan
Have the fans light up in the firing order of the engine
Stuart Corbishley
Stuart Corbishley 7 dagar sedan
I really like how the 'first of many' is still a decent chunk of content unlike a lot of multi-part builds really avoid showing any actual building on the first video.. 👍Looking forward to the next!
JoBBuS 7 dagar sedan
inline 6 with turbo air cooler would be nice too. V8 is getting too old.
Ken Black
Ken Black 7 dagar sedan
With the near correct rectangle metal cover, that cpu cooler could look like a Rochester Fuel injection system used on the early SBC.
Ken Black
Ken Black 7 dagar sedan
Intake gaskets and drill holes
Steve W
Steve W 7 dagar sedan
The 350 came out in 1969 and I believe ceased in 1999, somewhere around there.
Charles W.
Charles W. 7 dagar sedan
Adhesion promoter for polyurethane before you prime. Also some polyfill or featherfill 2k primer will full in a lot of those pits.
hell himm
hell himm 7 dagar sedan
put that in a racing sim setup :D
generalren 8 dagar sedan
Block facing forward in sim frame, mobo ports facing back where you can connect your racing wheel and bits and pieces (keyboard, mouse, whatnot). gpu outputs facing front where you can connect to your monitor/s. Should work nicely!
Paul Ward
Paul Ward 8 dagar sedan
Does Jay build computers for people? I wouldn't mind having him build me one but can't figure out how to contact him.
Jared martinez
Jared martinez 8 dagar sedan
They sell valley covers you can use, then drill and tap onto
D Norris
D Norris 8 dagar sedan
The oil filter boss needs to be a water reservoir for water cooling
chad burt
chad burt 8 dagar sedan
Hey I was thinking if you made it light up 1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2, on the fans it would mimic the firing order of a SBC
Engine Informant
Engine Informant 8 dagar sedan
i would put an actual radiator in front of it with a jegs type fan. heads can hold coolant
fujiuser1968 8 dagar sedan
I am thinking fake spark plugs drilled out,hollow leads running to them with the wires for the fans,fed from a distributor cap.. see where I am going with this ?
Daniel Wilkas
Daniel Wilkas 9 dagar sedan
427Ci of cooling potential lol
Brandon Gulbis
Brandon Gulbis 9 dagar sedan
I think you should flip the radiators around and run the tubing to where the water pump would go and you can put your reservoir and your pump there and run green coolant.
Tbarrfow 9 dagar sedan
poly urethane needs a special primer or the paint will peel. also etching primer is for etching raw metals not plastics. computer guy that is a car nerd here.
Droid V
Droid V 9 dagar sedan
A Noctua themed PC would be cool. Like using the light and dark brown colors on the case, PSU cables and stuff like that. With A LOT of brown Noctua fans oc.
Happy's Tech Hut
Happy's Tech Hut 9 dagar sedan
Phill: *walks over* Me: "OMG, Jay has an Umpalumpa!"
Andrew Hornback
Andrew Hornback 9 dagar sedan
Since you're using 480 mm rads, since you put 4 fans on each side, you could set up the lighting to reflect the firing order of each cylinder... that would be pretty damn cool. :) Also, for holding the radiators down onto the block, what about the old-school valve cover wing-nuts in chrome?
YourKing Hockey
YourKing Hockey 9 dagar sedan
I know you wont see this but if you did it where it fan flicker in a sequence you could time it to make it the same firing pattern as the actual engine Also if rusted go copper tubes would look sweet IMO
Patrick Habegger
Patrick Habegger 9 dagar sedan
Smartest man alive
i AnimeGod
i AnimeGod 9 dagar sedan
I literally just realized how short Phil is in comparison to Jay lol
Joshua Szeto
Joshua Szeto 9 dagar sedan
for $400 plus bucks, it would have been cheaper to use an actual engine block from a junkyard and pay a buddy to acetylene torch the internals out
Blair Jacobs
Blair Jacobs 9 dagar sedan
Nice vid see u guys in 2 years when the build is finished
Jason howe
Jason howe 9 dagar sedan
would of been better to use sheet metal.. I would of gone with a slight bigger engine block to cater for an atx or server mainboard It also depends on the game you are going to install with dlc and mods personally i would also cater for a kvm control switch
UnCrunch 9 dagar sedan
There should be a version of this edited just enough to give the impression you're working with a real engine block. See if you can fool anyone with handling it like it's almost weightless.
CharlySwitzy 9 dagar sedan
You need to code your fans to light up in piston firing order!! that would be epic!!
Leigh Garner
Leigh Garner 9 dagar sedan
Use some arduinos to make the dash acutally work!!!!!! wrap around projector screen and 3 axis force feedback. hit up the guys over at Hacksmith Industries for help :)
ReaprxXx 9 dagar sedan
get an actual junk transmission and cut the bell housing off and use that to hide the wires coming out the back. If it were my build I would hog out the valley and set the MB down in there and find someone to vacuum form a Lexan (or some thin plastic) mold of an actual manifold as a cover, we had a rig in school that did that.
violentdawg 9 dagar sedan
If you don't take advantage of the oil filter spot for a tank reservoir to use with the water cooling I'll be really disappointed lol. Put an oil pan on it and make a stand around that to hold the motor up.
brian d
brian d 9 dagar sedan
There needs to be an acrylic box around the heat sink to simulate the scoops on old drag cars, just saying
James Owen
James Owen 9 dagar sedan
making the fans flash in the firing order would be really neat.
Namegoeshere Orhere
Namegoeshere Orhere 9 dagar sedan
Velocity stacks over the GPU.
Hammyboi Gaming
Hammyboi Gaming 9 dagar sedan
Cool it with a car radiator mounted in front of it!
Transgender.Mutual.Gaming&Retro 9 dagar sedan
What if you had a plastic exhaust and the exhaust was the heat from the radiator blowing downwards? id honestly do that myself and it would look much cooler
Matt Smith
Matt Smith 9 dagar sedan
For your radiators, you could cut thin strips of metal with screw holes that line up with the radiator holes and screw holes that line up with the valve cover bolt holes. Insert small enough screws or pegs through the valve cover holes in the thin strip of metal so that they can drop/slide into the valve cover bolt holes. Then screw the strip to the radiator and you will then be able to set the radiators onto the heads! Can't wait to see what you do with this! edit: You could even use automotive plastic push pins so that its pressed on and could still be pried or pulled off. I would also use some sort of gasket or thin double sided tape to seal the radiators to the heads.
Aarron Offer
Aarron Offer 9 dagar sedan
yet one more pc that will take years
James 10 dagar sedan
Please tell you're slapping a turbo on this bad boy 😂
Jub Threesixnine
Jub Threesixnine 10 dagar sedan
ExStatic Bass
ExStatic Bass 10 dagar sedan
Having worked with plastic in computer cases before I can tell you one thing for sure. You want the metal sheet for a ground. If you don't have it you might wind up having random rebooting or other static related malfunctioning.
Badland Genetix
Badland Genetix 10 dagar sedan
If you air cooled you could put a big 8” fan coaxel and put a old round filter and hat for your carb blowing right on the motherboard
Sour Zee
Sour Zee 10 dagar sedan
bart klumpenaar
bart klumpenaar 10 dagar sedan
I would not have the motherboard on top, but on the bottom
Steve Easterling
Steve Easterling 10 dagar sedan
use the oil filter connection as a pump/res. combo
Andrew Tucker
Andrew Tucker 10 dagar sedan
This is awesome. Very excited about this build.
Justin Note3
Justin Note3 10 dagar sedan
I wish my boss would build a racing sim for the work place.
ishotfatcat 10 dagar sedan
This needs zoomies more than anything I have seen in my life
Jay 10 dagar sedan
New test bench hearddddddd
Thedosius Dreamtwister
Thedosius Dreamtwister 10 dagar sedan
Multi-port COOL injection!
Mark Letsch
Mark Letsch 10 dagar sedan
I'm sorry but I just don't get it. The dude that did the engine block build used a real block, aluminum, and he noted that it basically weighed the same or marginally more than a big full tower case. Doing this out of a poly mock-block is just derivative and less authentic. But we'll see.
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