Making superconductors

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A few years ago, I saw a video about superconductors and it looked like anti-gravity magic. So, I decided to try and make some superconductors myself and to see if I could re-create the effect myself.
In particular, I'll be making a YBCO superconductor, which is one of the few practical high-temperature superconductors.
1) One with potential problem:
2) One I followed:
Nile talks about lab safety:
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Blackguy Pancakes
Blackguy Pancakes 9 timmar sedan
Best real scientist ever. I hope these videos stand the test of time and educate people forever.
Phantom _Iso YT
Phantom _Iso YT 11 timmar sedan
“But it turned out I was just being impatient” *Proceeds to open a portal to Azure-wrath and summons a hellish beast to do his bidding*
Uncle Za
Uncle Za 12 timmar sedan
I can't wait untill this dude get full breaking bad on us
Divya Distributors
Divya Distributors 18 timmar sedan
I have hack version of express vpn ( life hack ) free
Setsura- sama
Setsura- sama 18 timmar sedan
Ngl... until you zoomed in, (im on my phone) I thought the Cd catagorey on your chart said C4, I got super excited for a moment lmao. Though I'm still excited for a nilered video. (:
The GamerKid
The GamerKid 22 timmar sedan
That stuff looked like Venom from Spider Man!
The Searl Effect
Kael Melo
Kael Melo Dag sedan
*super dry chemical* NileRed: alright. i think thats enough- *sees 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of it is wet* NileRed: *hippity hoppity you now go into my property.*
Morgana _TheKiller
Morgana _TheKiller Dag sedan
The blackest black
Chef Bobby Sponge
Chef Bobby Sponge Dag sedan
Very cool😂 thanks
Gamin Blitz
Gamin Blitz Dag sedan
This man just broke the laws of gravity
Abdul Muhaimin
Abdul Muhaimin Dag sedan
Basically the forbidden oreo cookie
Drew Pham
Drew Pham Dag sedan
The same thing happened to me
SkyBoy Dag sedan
My boi got some drip wearing that black Hurley shirt
Emily Janet
Emily Janet Dag sedan
This was so amazing! I love the very dry humor and visual gags
HK H Dag sedan
It's kind of funny I watch this while my mom is watching another video to bake a cake. And the steps are surprising similar. mixing, molding, baking, seasoning with oxygen and one more finally a tasting...wait...
Tyler Anderson
Tyler Anderson 2 dagar sedan
41:30 It's kinda cool how when he spun the magnet, the liquid oxygen that had condensed from the air was pulled to the magnet because of the oxygen's magnetic properties.
Richard Cagle
Richard Cagle 2 dagar sedan
Yes. Content on netflix in the us has to conform to the DOD guidelines. The CIA also funds hundreds of TV shows and movies. They clearly have an agenda with what we consume and the opinions we form from that content. Make what you will of that, but it's true. Without shows like "Will and Grace", a CIA funded TV show, we still wouldn't have gay marriage here, for better or worse, but we were manipulated on purpose to break the normal family structure. Seems like it's working out so well. BTW I sell tin foil hats on ebay, if you're interested ;)
Richard Cagle
Richard Cagle Dag sedan
@blue ultimatum seemed like the right opening. Was I wrong? Too much for a chemistry channel? 😎 I’m just havin fun, but it’s mostly true. Look into it
blue ultimatum
blue ultimatum Dag sedan
TheDrawingCattus 2 dagar sedan
Nilered: "so i procrastinated for a year and a half" Me: "are you kidding me? That's insultingly low"
সূর্য্য SUN uk
সূর্য্য SUN uk 2 dagar sedan
He is great professor on applied science
Aslarn Blackfyre
Aslarn Blackfyre 2 dagar sedan
The spiky drive intringuingly treat because clover descriptively brush afore a lying sense. ratty, sink
CHIPPED 2 dagar sedan
That blue color the copper nitrate had when it was poured into the water is amazing.
Nob0dy Important
Nob0dy Important 2 dagar sedan
13:48 Okay not gonna lie that reaction was SICK.
Ninjaneer 2 dagar sedan
last part of the experiment makes me think we could use this for maglev vehicles fueled by some sort of propellant and liquid nitrogen to keep the superconductors cool.
Asher Pfanku
Asher Pfanku 2 dagar sedan
Can we all just appreciate how ridiculously helpful the customer support for the tube furnace was? It's almost standard procedure for US companies to just force you to buy a new device because they make more money if you toss the fixable machine to get a new one. It's always nice when a business takes pride in ensuring their devices have a long lifespan. They might not have as many return customers, but they'll always have new customers coming to them for a quality product.
M4NGL3D 1212
M4NGL3D 1212 2 dagar sedan
"I finally procrastinated for a year and a half" Me: "Only?"
ASHAZ CHAUDHRY 2 dagar sedan
scientists/ everything isnt possible nilered/ am i a joke to you
A N G E R Tf2
A N G E R Tf2 2 dagar sedan
Youre videos help me sleep man. Your voice doesn’t change from high to low, its just a soothing calm voice
TheSacredTexts 2 dagar sedan
13:21 *he was trying to summon satan this entire time*
Jack Scrivens
Jack Scrivens 2 dagar sedan
All that to make a tiny magnet float. This could one day be the foundation for anti gravity rooms. Those would be very good tourist attractions. Maybe in a few decades.
tornokthegreat 3 dagar sedan
Hypothetically: could a big enough superconductor, knock the earth's magnetic field off its axis?
Axner 3 dagar sedan
That's cap. You bought hockey pucks
Kashan Rauf
Kashan Rauf 3 dagar sedan
13:24 my guy summoned a motherfucking demon
sam ansah
sam ansah 3 dagar sedan
Do you know what the function of the board with the burnt out capacitor was?
Guantum_lol 3 dagar sedan
Good pellets.
Bawpwar, The Green
Bawpwar, The Green 3 dagar sedan
Now the question is: can you somehow make some ferrofluid into a magnet and have floating globs of it?
Keit Coyo
Keit Coyo 3 dagar sedan
The maniacal crown univariately expect because dish normally settle aside a obsolete list. raspy, hot huge teacher
TRITON EXILE 3 dagar sedan
Maybe we can keep doing stuff like this and soon we can have halo forerunner stuff
Bill Metts
Bill Metts 3 dagar sedan
Tiago M
Tiago M 3 dagar sedan
13:21 tell me that this isn't witchcraft. Literally looks like opening a portal to hell and stuff.
plague blaze
plague blaze 4 dagar sedan
I like ur funny words magic man
Format 4 dagar sedan
What jf u make it bigger and somehoe stick magnets to shoes And try to stand on it O_O
Stebby 4 dagar sedan
The Spoon caught my attention....
Josie Thomas
Josie Thomas 4 dagar sedan
I'm noting how 2 make drugs
Shae Parker
Shae Parker 5 dagar sedan
So if it’s frictionless and gravity isn’t effecting it then why did it come to a stop wouldn’t it continue going cause there isn’t a force to stop it or is there can you please explain that to me I love you videos btw
Angel Tejada
Angel Tejada 5 dagar sedan
1:28 satisfyng moments that look like an aliens growing up from a liquid
ImHavoc 5 dagar sedan
34:55 how i sound while singing
OLiVÉR Ender Dragon
OLiVÉR Ender Dragon 5 dagar sedan
34:55 this sounds like a marrying music
OLiVÉR Ender Dragon
OLiVÉR Ender Dragon 5 dagar sedan
Vdak Archer
Vdak Archer 5 dagar sedan
I dont know why is sure interesting specifically chemistry...
Dustin Olsen
Dustin Olsen 5 dagar sedan
Love this channel
Angry Fish
Angry Fish 5 dagar sedan
13:21 "at first the sound of hell's gates caught me off guard"
Adam Wells
Adam Wells 5 dagar sedan
These videos are absolute magic. You are incredible, dude.
Peter Syverud
Peter Syverud 6 dagar sedan
Hey, Nile Red, do you think it is possible for you to discover a way to use a superconductor to make an extremely powerful endothermic reaction that could absorb the massive energy from, say, atomic power?
Peter Syverud
Peter Syverud 6 dagar sedan
Do it, man! Be a hero!
Peter Syverud
Peter Syverud 6 dagar sedan
Possibly applicable in safety devices for accidents at steel mills and metal processing plants
Peter Syverud
Peter Syverud 6 dagar sedan
Maybe a soluble reaction that could occur in presence of the environment, dissolved in the large capacity water tank of a fire truck, to assist in extinguishing fires
Peter Syverud
Peter Syverud 6 dagar sedan
If you could, I think you might be doing humanity a massive solid. c:
Cameron Aspenwall
Cameron Aspenwall 6 dagar sedan
capacitor goo moment
Ben Smart
Ben Smart 6 dagar sedan
this man saw a demon rise up from hell and said "that's a pleasant surprise'
Hotepsekhemwe 6 dagar sedan
Awesome. I was enthralled by your storytelling and all the ups and downs. I watched the whole thing! 👍🏾
Kekskreumel Kind
Kekskreumel Kind 6 dagar sedan
What if you make one as big as the floor and then put big magnets under a skateboard now you have a hoverboard
Rahul sharma
Rahul sharma 6 dagar sedan
You really work Hard 👍. ❤️ from India.
Jace WHITTAKER 6 dagar sedan
*checks temperature that it needs (nice)* *checks kelvin (which is the lowest temperature achivable)* *C R U N C H*
Keit Coyo
Keit Coyo 6 dagar sedan
The homeless clam commercially slap because spinach cellularly slip qua a sad camp. near, easy kettle
Roomtemperature Ones
Roomtemperature Ones 6 dagar sedan
Great video but jesus fck the pauses between each sentence and sometimes in the middle of the sentence sound like you are reading infront of class and expect the teacher to tell you to sit down now because it is someone elses turn to read now. Still great job on explaining tho.
Tricky Moon
Tricky Moon 6 dagar sedan
13:22 i thought he successfully summoned a demon
zorra578 6 dagar sedan
morel mushrooms
LAMAstication Oui
LAMAstication Oui 7 dagar sedan
the video: But it is in french on the levitation quantique and to know how quantique computer could revolutionnate some works
josh 7 dagar sedan
Since when is real life like this cool tf bruh this guy is from mars tf how do i learn this shit what university course do i go to xd
josh 7 dagar sedan
Forbidden hot chocolate powder
josh 7 dagar sedan
16:50 this is so cool tf
CRITICAL 7 dagar sedan
Walter Joy
Walter Joy 7 dagar sedan
3:52 - When you are “checking” your assignments on Chegg and they don’t line up
Cypher MXS
Cypher MXS 7 dagar sedan
You sound like Antvenom. Take it as a compliment.
Simon 7 dagar sedan
so cool! (pun intended)
ErnSkrizz Texizzle RitizzleKaKazzle
ErnSkrizz Texizzle RitizzleKaKazzle 7 dagar sedan
The Government figured this out in 1776.
Mudalad12 7 dagar sedan
My man got a phd in meth
spicyhotsocks 7 dagar sedan
Dav Kwok
Dav Kwok 7 dagar sedan
I am thinking about following your work. In terms of chemical and machinery, can you estimate how much you have spent to make all these cute little superconductors? It would be nice to reply!
Nick T. Devlin
Nick T. Devlin 7 dagar sedan
I love your videos...
KenshiWm 7 dagar sedan
So freaking cool NileRed, thank you for making this video!
Evan Weidner - HUE Student
Evan Weidner - HUE Student 8 dagar sedan
9:22 forbidden gatorade
Jevil Gaming
Jevil Gaming 8 dagar sedan
Breaking bad much?
MrJamSandwich 8 dagar sedan
morgan kempo
morgan kempo 8 dagar sedan
The illustrious fisherman fifthly own because step-son worrisomely match above a internal rubber. kind, sad closet
Adam Troutwine
Adam Troutwine 8 dagar sedan
This is literally the only person that can get me into chemistry
Jorge Trevino
Jorge Trevino 8 dagar sedan
NileRed out of context moment 300: 13:32 😂
Scrill The beast
Scrill The beast 8 dagar sedan
Objects can’t levitat...
Isaiah Edgar-Valentine
Isaiah Edgar-Valentine 9 dagar sedan
Echo echo echo...
Smoky joosh
Smoky joosh 9 dagar sedan
how does this not have several million views
Smoky joosh
Smoky joosh 9 dagar sedan
Education is so cool
Ryan Harvey
Ryan Harvey 9 dagar sedan
He always looks like he is meth
MrCoolCatMan 9 dagar sedan
im confused
Restoration Australia
Restoration Australia 9 dagar sedan
Very cool experiment.
ANDREW 9 dagar sedan
if u could do this they could find a way to make a very fast moving thing like tht ufo
TheClient 9 dagar sedan
3:45 I was expecting HowToBasic
Aluminum Foil
Aluminum Foil 10 dagar sedan
Yea, of course I liked it :)
The Paleo Hunter
The Paleo Hunter 10 dagar sedan
The chemical reaction that occurs at 13:21 seriously looks like some kind of hellish alien devil plant sprouting. Legit the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.
Its BogBog
Its BogBog 10 dagar sedan
This is cool
Dougie Fuoco
Dougie Fuoco 10 dagar sedan
congradulations, you were making a monorail.
buggsy5 10 dagar sedan
Barium nitrate is used in fireworks to get green flames. I am surprised there was no easy on-line source.
Yash Fradkin
Yash Fradkin 10 dagar sedan
The decisive blow enthrallingly grip because relation phytogeographically nail since a overjoyed wave. squealing, nimble process
nooby noob
nooby noob 10 dagar sedan
Could we make a hover board
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