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This is the personal video blog of personal injury lawyer Tommy John Kherkher.
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Personal Injury Attorney Tommy John Kherkher
Managing Partner of The Kherkher Law Firm PLLC | Attorney at Kherkher Garcia LLP
Principal office is in Houston, Texas. Licensed in Texas(see below).
Primarily focused on representing individuals who have suffered catastrophic and high-damage personal injuries.
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WinDestruct 8 timmar sedan
I would use sam for TTS
Yea No
Yea No 21 timme sedan
But what if its a murder case and they actually did it? Wouldnt it be in the communities best interest that they receive the maximum sentence
Picachu Girl
Picachu Girl 21 timme sedan
My dad calls me from jail 😂 he hasnt been there for awhile but he almost went back for skipping probo meetings. He calls me alot its nice
Charlie Harris
Charlie Harris 23 timmar sedan
A great tip Far too many people, like career criminals & excons, who should know this fact still seem to forget it.
adam louis
adam louis Dag sedan
Canadian county jail my son?, Fugg that
Haywood_Floyd Dag sedan
tnx man now i need to show this to my dealer
Arunavo Chatterji
Arunavo Chatterji Dag sedan
Why am I getting so many SEmost shorts related to jail ..
g metz
g metz Dag sedan
Idk how many people don't know this lol its a jail full of criminals of course yo are being recorded.
someone is sus
someone is sus Dag sedan
After he told me about that prank i want to commit mads genocyde its not nice to call a dude who most likely didnt see his family in years i hate tiktok even more
SA00ll Telegram
SA00ll Telegram 2 dagar sedan
Just deny the crime.
rival rapier
rival rapier 2 dagar sedan
Is this true???
Soldat Daniels
Soldat Daniels 3 dagar sedan
Law advice from Attorney Tom!
Zhuk 9999
Zhuk 9999 3 dagar sedan
sorry i understood nothing
Kamachi Akahito
Kamachi Akahito 3 dagar sedan
how did they get all those coccaine in there though?
nature is beautiful, nature is life
nature is beautiful, nature is life 3 dagar sedan
Well, I was just watching the flash and THAT fucked shit up lol. "I just got a visit from the flash, on FLASH DAY." Says Henry Allen, who's only visitor was his son (might not be exact thing said but you get my drift)
The Dawsons Memes
The Dawsons Memes 4 dagar sedan
Il say This is Dominoes pizza what would you like to order today?
The Man Who Killed Kenny
The Man Who Killed Kenny 6 dagar sedan
Don’t even do that. The jail WILL STILL listen in on your call. Only do it in person. Face to face and no one else. In a room with JUST you two.
Sybil Reichlan
Sybil Reichlan 6 dagar sedan
Funnily if I was ever arrested I'd call my sister and speak in our conlang. It's a pidgin of English, French, and Danish the three countries we moved around to a lot. Have fun hiring a linguistics professor to decrypt it.
Sybil Reichlan
Sybil Reichlan 6 dagar sedan
In our pidgin: solsi yip sva jamgenside yip svad parlant nostre «conlang». Erdet un pidgin de Anglais, Fransk, y Danish le trois wealhdeod nostre ahrerad to un oft.
Cris Mejeli
Cris Mejeli 7 dagar sedan
Better call Saul
Jim Lahey
Jim Lahey 8 dagar sedan
Sadly I already knew this cuz my bro was in jail a lot
Hifumini 10 dagar sedan
well no shit bro
SnowingFire 10 dagar sedan
calling from jail... "so ya know that thing ya did?... now they're blameing me ... get somebody to get me out i don't wanna take the wrap. but don't worry i didn't tell them it was you"
SnowingFire 10 dagar sedan
20 mins later they give same line to grandparents grandparents 40 min later give same message to grandchildren... cycle repeats it's become a non blame game nobody able to be fricked over as it's all conflicting goose chase then out of nowhere Mayberrys town drunk walks in locks themself up to take a nap barney fife wired tight like a guitar string starts complaining about not getting to boss someone around and andy sits there and smiles as he leans back in lazyboy deskchair
Loki the cat
Loki the cat 11 dagar sedan
As someone who has done time this ain't even funny half the kids who do this would cry like little bitches if they had to spend 1 day locked up
Matt Renfro
Matt Renfro 11 dagar sedan
First time I’ve heard him give actual good advise
Alix D.
Alix D. 11 dagar sedan
Life tip (from someone that’s never been to jail but can definitively say the following statement) that I’m surprised isn’t common: If you are in prison you should expect to be constantly recorded, monitored by plenty of cops with cameras, and in the direct line of sight of many trained cops that are ready to smack your face on the tile floor with no hesitation when they pin ya for being stupid and acting out. If you act right and keep your nose clean and mouth shut about your case you will get out, but (this is the same for mental institutions too, they monitor everything at all times so they can keep everyone safe) anyone doing what they shouldn’t will end up being caught. Don’t risk your future or any chance of getting out by doing anything but following the rules and staying out of anything that can sink you further than what you got charged with.
Evie M
Evie M 11 dagar sedan
In my experience, when you go to make the call it's one of the first things they say in the recording: "THIS PHONE CALL IS BEING RECORDED." Not might be, not for training purposes...BEING RECORDED. I don't know how, at age 37, I am still surprised by how dumb people are. I should have realized long ago that there are no limits to any of the types of stupid, or ignorant, or mean... particularly stupid. There is no upper or lower boundaries for stupidity, and yet still I see something like this, recall my own experiences, and think "Really? REALLY?!"
ßlocc ßoy
ßlocc ßoy 13 dagar sedan
may i ask why this is so?
Ashyfish 15 dagar sedan
I was never offered a confidential line to talk to my attorney. Lol. But I never talked about my case either.
Divine Light
Divine Light 15 dagar sedan
You have to pay for it, too and the prices are worse than the mobile phone companies! They scam families with relatives in jail out of so much money to talk to their kids, spouses, partners, parents, etc
Zachary McQueen
Zachary McQueen 15 dagar sedan
If you have nothing to hide then a call to your lawyer shouldn't be a problem right?
jfdd43 16 dagar sedan
Isn’t it illegal for them to record a conversation between you and your lawyer? Is it still recorded if you say you’re calling your lawyer?
Yung HUNT 18 dagar sedan
Man I wonder how people get the impression a phone call at a police station when you’re in custody is private
Uzi Tenenbaum
Uzi Tenenbaum 18 dagar sedan
Is it possible for me to have the person calling pretend to be my lawyer to make the call private?
Skylar Burton
Skylar Burton 18 dagar sedan
Can confirm. I interned for my local DA's office. It was my job to listen to those calls.
Benji Jacobs
Benji Jacobs 18 dagar sedan
So jail is no different to normal life then, yay for evesdropping on my phone calls from the government
Sand Reaper
Sand Reaper 22 dagar sedan
I’ve been to jail one time. I hated that shit. I didn’t wanna use the phone cause everyone was up at the front
Zyvo2 22 dagar sedan
Yea, I'd be the person who asks the police if the line was recorded,, then after a confirmation, call a random number and telling them to remove the wet laundry from the hen house before the pigs find it.
YourPhotoboi 22 dagar sedan
taking notes in case i get jailed for trying to steal my crush's heart
Mohammad Ahmed
Mohammad Ahmed 23 dagar sedan
Why does he look like the only white guy in hood movies I cany
Evan Schwepker
Evan Schwepker 24 dagar sedan
It’s 100% recorded
Oliver Fasola
Oliver Fasola 24 dagar sedan
Canadian county ??
none ofyourbusiness
none ofyourbusiness 24 dagar sedan
I’m using this
Francisco Toscano
Francisco Toscano 25 dagar sedan
How about some case law instead or actual laws to look at, I can make theorys
????? le ????
????? le ???? 25 dagar sedan
Isn't it obvious?
haloharry97 26 dagar sedan
I just hangup 1st thing I hear a robot.
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 26 dagar sedan
I wouldn't even trust a supposed confidential line unless it was on my cell using something like Signal (even then I'd be suspicious).
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 27 dagar sedan
A lot of these things I thought were common sense but there's always someone who doesn't know I guess
Corey Hughes
Corey Hughes 28 dagar sedan
A lot of jails also have bugs/mics in holding cells and visiting areas. Often times other people in jail can also get a better deal if they agree to be a corresponding witness against you, so keep your yap shut damn tight.
Kai Vibin
Kai Vibin 28 dagar sedan
My uncle who’s in prison calls me often and at the start of the call the automated message always mentions the calls are being recorded lol
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 26 dagar sedan
if you ever feel useless just remember that this video exist
YVNG VUDU 28 dagar sedan
Duh nigga no shit
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 27 dagar sedan
Don't call your parents from jail, call attorney Tom
Grants Dad
Grants Dad 28 dagar sedan
Thanks captain obvious
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 27 dagar sedan
Likely that call is 100% being recorded they just dont save it unless you sais something incriminating
MatthewRassArt 28 dagar sedan
Bro why did I waste my time watching this, do people not know it’s recorded ? I mean what are you telling me from jail? Bring my weed ?
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 27 dagar sedan
I'll keep that in mind next time im in jail, thanks
The Pope
The Pope 28 dagar sedan
If it recorded then that mean if I just say random word and it extremely sexual then does that mean that the police would spend their time decrypt the “code name”
Kimercal 28 dagar sedan
You low key look like the guy from Blues Clues
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 28 dagar sedan
When I called my mom she said “I’m disappointed” and hung up 🥲
M4 Go Brrr
M4 Go Brrr 28 dagar sedan
He looks like toby maguire
M Gee
M Gee 28 dagar sedan
Also, if you get pulled over for D.U.I or DWI as it's sometimes called, if you legally can, refuse any roadside tests, when they take you the station and try to test you there, demand to speak to your lawyer first. They will let you, they have to. You call your lawyer and guess what? You get 1 HOUR to talk to your lawyer.. so you ask them how their kids are, about a sports game, the weather, whatever...just use up the whole hour and then you can tell them where you are. So now you have 1 and half to 2 and a half hours from the time you were pulled over drunk until the time you take the breathalyzer test. And if you were going to blow over a bit, you will probably blow just under now. 👍
Study London
Study London 28 dagar sedan
"Hey ma...Delete my Internet history "
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 28 dagar sedan
officer for a chance to call your legal council prior to being booked into jail.
Юрий Джек
Юрий Джек 28 dagar sedan
This is the same level of stupid as asking a blind person to describe the colours of a rainbow.
Dingle Berry McGee
Dingle Berry McGee 28 dagar sedan
Ricky Grice
Ricky Grice 29 dagar sedan
When I was in jail I had my own cell phone
Ricky Grice
Ricky Grice 29 dagar sedan
Kappa Squad
Kappa Squad 29 dagar sedan
Then if it’s just my jail that literally says it’s being recorded b4 it allows you to speak
Lucas Khokaz
Lucas Khokaz 29 dagar sedan
if you ever feel useless just remember that this video exist
NCR trooper
NCR trooper 29 dagar sedan
Don't call your parents from jail, call attorney Tom
Alex Kostov
Alex Kostov 29 dagar sedan
I'll keep that in mind next time im in jail, thanks
adam wilkins
adam wilkins 29 dagar sedan
Likely that call is 100% being recorded they just dont save it unless you sais something incriminating
Tim Thornberry
Tim Thornberry 29 dagar sedan
Who doesn't know they are recorded tho? Casually discussing a jailbreak on the phone
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 29 dagar sedan
The one damn lawyer to make it big on SEmost and I find this guy’s channel... Frickin’ phenomenal!
fleas. 29 dagar sedan
He looks like Jonah Scott
Hen. Jamz
Hen. Jamz Månad sedan
what if you order a pizza
xXDreadandDreamsXx Månad sedan
LITTLE KNOWN FACT: You do not have a right to a free phone call in jail. That’s all Hollywood BS. No where in the constitution does it give you that right. If you are getting a phone call it may be jail policy to offer you the chance based on your behavior at the time, or it’s just the D.O.’s being nice. The ONLY exception to this is when you ask the ARRESTING officer for a chance to call your legal council prior to being booked into jail.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 29 dagar sedan
Real shit tho. And dont call anyone you shouldn't be talking to either.
Viktor Rosén
Viktor Rosén Månad sedan
Thanks for helping all the criminals out here❤️
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Månad sedan
That’s not even what the recording says lol it’s cute they tried it though
minij hooi
minij hooi 29 dagar sedan
I know this from El Chapo
chris d
chris d Månad sedan
This guy is like your parent giving you a speech even tho it was a prank smh
minij hooi
minij hooi 29 dagar sedan
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Månad sedan
Other attorney here: Just assume you're always being recorded some how
Tommy BRO
Tommy BRO Månad sedan
It’s not like they care that I’m having bdsm talk over my phone with my gf
Joe Rocket1979
Joe Rocket1979 Månad sedan
Recorded or not it would be inadmissible as evidence.
Zionic Night
Zionic Night Månad sedan
Damian9303 Månad sedan
They should cut it off after “inmate”, speak out their name, then continue on with the automated voice. That’s how they do it in real prisons
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Månad sedan
“Yo Jimmy let’s break me out of this place”
Summer Sorber
Summer Sorber Månad sedan
I went to jail once in my life. I was 15, it was for beating up my sister (she TOTALLY DESERVED IT) my Mom made me sit in the King County Youth Detention Center for 3 days until my court date!!! That’s downtown Seattle’s worst of the worst!!! It’s the absolute dirtiest, most disgusting juvenile hall ever!!! There was pee and poop in every corner of the room in the court house holding cells!!!! The worst part was that my Mom made me stay there until court when the fight was NOT started by me, as usual I only finished it... my fucking sister... ugh 🤦🏻‍♀️
Eli Mitchell
Eli Mitchell Månad sedan
Lmao they tell you on most call that you're being monitored. If you do this. You just f-ing stupid
Wewe Nokw
Wewe Nokw Månad sedan
I did this before it was a trend
Anywhore Månad sedan
Yea fr
River C.
River C. Månad sedan
I love how the trend had nothing to do with what he was saying
SKtheCheF Månad sedan
Real shit tho. And dont call anyone you shouldn't be talking to either.
Josh Coria
Josh Coria Månad sedan
They literally tell you it’s being recorded
Cody Cig
Cody Cig Månad sedan
Wow. No shit.
kevin webster
kevin webster Månad sedan
W a l l y z z
W a l l y z z Månad sedan
I know this from El Chapo
Bazlightyear007 Månad sedan
Why are you in jail in the first place?
Cody l
Cody l Månad sedan
How many phones does this guy have😂
Kelvin Cha
Kelvin Cha Månad sedan
Remember that GTA in real life guy that said it was all for internet fame when he talked to his family? Yeah
Shogi Månad sedan
“Yo Jimmy let’s break me out of this place”
Yeetyfreety Månad sedan
This is why lawyers dont have friends, Tom. jk
davesway Månad sedan
A lawyer on tiktok lol what a joke
MysteryMachine 444
MysteryMachine 444 Månad sedan
Mmkay thanks 🤷🏻‍♀️
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Månad sedan
and search this dudes house or demand that the phone be turned over
pr0xZen Månad sedan
If calls to/from jail or prisons were private, they probably wouldn't be quite so anal about inmate cellphones.
Alexander Commons
Alexander Commons Månad sedan
Better call Saul
JAG ÄR GRAVID!! 👶 Vi ska bli fyra!!
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