The Coolest looking MP3 Player.

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whostolemunchkin Dag sedan
I had one of these in high school and it was so cool. The touchscreen and red LEDs were worth putting up with the terrible software (and pretty much all software I used back then was pretty awful) I'd actually forgotten the name of the mrobe but no way I'd forget that aesthetic or how much I loved it back in the day.
Sean Thomas Stewart
Sean Thomas Stewart Dag sedan
There's no way 9:46 is a Jreg reference... right?
Astro VYZR
Astro VYZR 2 dagar sedan
11:38-11:44 face reveal
Borna Vurnek
Borna Vurnek 3 dagar sedan
Even on my windows vista pc fujitsu siemens amilo pro it also says wizard when I want to download something but later I un installed those programs
Wisam Ezzahid
Wisam Ezzahid 4 dagar sedan
the mrobe nuget looks like a mini induction stove with a screen on it
Jack Hart
Jack Hart 5 dagar sedan
There's a manual on how to use the manual, but they forgot one thing; a manual for the manual on how to use the manual.
Cheems the Great
Cheems the Great 5 dagar sedan
9:53 MKBHD?
Bean0_0 6 dagar sedan
Love the iPhone as a camera 11:54
Grand Master
Grand Master 6 dagar sedan
Crappy cables??? Have you ever seen an apple cable? They're garbage. Now they don't even give you that, even that thin weak ass cable was ok, but now nothing. But yeah, diss Galaxy buds cable, it's a USB C cable and it's just like most others what wrong with it again?
8 8
8 8 6 dagar sedan
Is no one gonna talk about how the "shut down" button at 4:16 says, "turn off the Turd Burglar"
Noah Walker
Noah Walker 6 dagar sedan
My couch has the exact same issue 😂
Quoc nguyen
Quoc nguyen 6 dagar sedan
Linus7671 / Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra The King
Linus7671 / Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra The King 7 dagar sedan
MTV actually is all about music.
Rider0fBuffalo 7 dagar sedan
Had to watch an ad for "the beans" before this video, haha. Some girl listening to opera while construction workers are jackhammering up the streets of New York... Really 🤦‍♂️
Nosebluds 8 dagar sedan
eEEee PeeeeSeeeee
Samantha Fox
Samantha Fox 9 dagar sedan
It's called a Wizard because it does stuff autoMagically!
83Roboto 10 dagar sedan
I bought one of these and still have it. Loved it for the touch controls and amber display. Your right the mtrip software was cumbersome and needed updates for it to work well. Also I remember having to do a software update to the player to fix the low volume output issue it had from the factory. There was a m:robe online user forum back in the day where users would share hacks and fixes.
Chaz 10 dagar sedan
Mate the subwoofer in the totally ballin pc setup at 1:23, I have it! Tried it in the car, tried to see if it could be a car subwoofer, didn’t work, but hey, it’s aight innit
Potion Seller
Potion Seller 10 dagar sedan
this channel is such a gem
Tainã Souza
Tainã Souza 11 dagar sedan
I'm dead with the after credit scene. I have actually had that problem, but not with the couch, with the storage space under my bed. The pains of living in tropical countries. (The snake was removed safely and released back to nature)
Borna Vurnek
Borna Vurnek 11 dagar sedan
I predict it is cool
small brain
small brain 11 dagar sedan
Ah yes the Jampy
Jack 12 dagar sedan
The Japanese on that first MP3 player gave me a headache from how weird it read lol
What’s your Problem?
What’s your Problem? 12 dagar sedan
3:50 That’s it? That’s all we get after you showcase your mesmerizingly angelic voice for 2seconds? I need an album and a world tour.
RazielTheBoo 13 dagar sedan
I'm a sucker for LEDs too, dude.
denvera1g1 13 dagar sedan
Short cables are for arm band/shirt pocket listening
affizFN 13 dagar sedan
"mum files? where are the dad files?" i think they left bro
DE23 :]
DE23 :] 13 dagar sedan
Remember the time Nintendo let you use a gameboy as an mp3 player?
Sol In
Sol In 13 dagar sedan
How to destroy the world. Just buy Mirobe it has a lot of plastic
Ella R
Ella R 13 dagar sedan
Oi mate the cashies u go to is near ttp at the triangle
i listen to Shoegaze and i ́m dead inside
i listen to Shoegaze and i ́m dead inside 13 dagar sedan
The Design is modern until Today.
Mr. Hot Shot
Mr. Hot Shot 13 dagar sedan
This video was so good, I watched this in 4k
Rad Giraffe55
Rad Giraffe55 13 dagar sedan
Obviously tye dad file went to get milk u dingus
what 13 dagar sedan
Wait, is that the one that got Slashed and Dashed by eBay GSP?
Favour D Gamer
Favour D Gamer 13 dagar sedan
Is the ipad sticker or its real
Dream Scape
Dream Scape 13 dagar sedan
I like hearing people's stories of stuff from the past, and I'm glad you got your old player back! Moar please!
Jassimca2 Xd
Jassimca2 Xd 13 dagar sedan
How is he seeing the screen why nobody talking about that
HiddenSaltShaker 13 dagar sedan
I have that weird couch problem too!
Yoshimitsu4prez 13 dagar sedan
Man I remember thinking the m-robe was so cool
Pratham Kaul
Pratham Kaul 14 dagar sedan
Like my comment :)
Supernova Born
Supernova Born 14 dagar sedan
You should install MEMZ on the eeepc
MegaTzigane 14 dagar sedan
2004 good year good year
Noah Hanson
Noah Hanson 14 dagar sedan
Those dirty buds had no idea how lucky they were being just good enough to not meet the Mojo.
Xmetal 14 dagar sedan
a bit off topic but another nugget the Sansa Fuze+ has REALLY clunky default firmware/software but ... load rockbox onto a Fuze+ and ... I like it enough to get more than one Fuze+ when i see them on good deals
coqueabeto1 14 dagar sedan
The coolest Nugget is the duck nugget
Brady Allen
Brady Allen 14 dagar sedan
Gotta love how installshield wizard still hasn’t changed since xp
Benjamin 14 dagar sedan
The Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications (Version 3.0) urges technical writers to refer to these assistants as "wizards" .
Cole Anderson
Cole Anderson 14 dagar sedan
Please stop using scarlet fire im starting to hear it in my dreams 😭😭
TheTechChannel 1
TheTechChannel 1 15 dagar sedan
12:51 Oh yeah. I’ve had that problem with my couch. It’s called a Snake. They are no big deal. Just put it in a.cage. They can be annoying.
Dingle D. Dingus
Dingle D. Dingus 15 dagar sedan
Hey, another Dingus!
1blisslife 15 dagar sedan
Dankpopds have you checked out the THX Onyx ? MQA goodness :) Cheers
zain haroon
zain haroon 15 dagar sedan
Bro you need to get the status headphones I can't tell if they're bullshit
CJ The1
CJ The1 15 dagar sedan
What’s the sexy speaker? Wanna buy one. Send a link if you can
I am toast
I am toast 15 dagar sedan
Hey have you seen the new skull candy air pods
Fat _ Whiskers
Fat _ Whiskers 15 dagar sedan
wow this mp3 is older than me
Brooklyn Peterson
Brooklyn Peterson 15 dagar sedan
Not even watching because with want an MP3 player, I just think you’re funny 😆
lou !
lou ! 15 dagar sedan
Hey @DankPods! I bought the Samson SR850s because of you but now I'm wondering if I should get a DAC for it too! Should you make a video about picking DACs for your headphones (i swear I've watched every video but none of them make sense to me I need the aussie to explain)
PaidInBoredom 15 dagar sedan
Carlos Santana now has his own line of bluetooth headphones. You should check em out for a video.
Ayden 15 dagar sedan
I have that same problem with my sofa! weird little scally thing growing out of it. Spray some water at it. See if it'll go away!
the3boys 2 s
the3boys 2 s 15 dagar sedan
I have a question why is my third GEN monochrome look rainbow and Pixels are dieing
Maximo Quintas
Maximo Quintas 16 dagar sedan
you should make a vid of the huhd HW-398 bluetooth headset
Luke Moss
Luke Moss 16 dagar sedan
ol mate Sennheiser HD 350bt please
Bagley Rowe-Dutton
Bagley Rowe-Dutton 16 dagar sedan
DankPods is the only SEmostr I would actually like to be friends with
CnPx 16 dagar sedan
I love the way how this channel is grown but the content remains just as good if not better as it did when it was first came about. Most channels start going down hill when they become more popular.
Little Red Yeti
Little Red Yeti 16 dagar sedan
4:42 Dingus
Flying fish
Flying fish 16 dagar sedan
Aye mate, ive had the bose 700 for a bit now, and ive droped them like 2 times, and now there is a weird rattle in the left headphone, but its only when i turn on noise cancelation, and it stops when i hit the back side of the left cup (not hard, like a firm tap does it) what could be causing it?
Mr. Kornnugget
Mr. Kornnugget 16 dagar sedan
You can clean off or remove soft touch coating that has degraded with rubbing alcohol and a rag.
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname 16 dagar sedan
Hey Dank! There's another kind of Samsung buds (here in Canada at least.) I think they sound pretty good, and the touch controls aren't too bad. Maybe you could take a look at them?
Nurcan Maras
Nurcan Maras 16 dagar sedan
Hi Dankpods! I've recently finished making an EeePeeCee 2 concept and pinned it on my wall! It'll be on at about 5-7 pm BST.
TamjeedGamez 16 dagar sedan
Now guess who needs to try to make an mp3 player Samsung
Ros Socheata
Ros Socheata 16 dagar sedan
Ros Socheata
Ros Socheata 16 dagar sedan
The mum or dad files is not the best
Dorgan 16 dagar sedan
Dude what did ya do to your ipod
BAIT uchiha
BAIT uchiha 16 dagar sedan
do u have YP-U5 samsung mp3? bc i do and i like it :)
Ros Socheata
Ros Socheata 16 dagar sedan
Ros Socheata
Ros Socheata 16 dagar sedan
Ros Socheata
Ros Socheata 16 dagar sedan
Ros Socheata
Ros Socheata 16 dagar sedan
PuffinGUY 16 dagar sedan
4:28 Seth Rogan, is that you?
Lethaltail 16 dagar sedan
Olympus you're missing your chance to come back this thing already looks like it should have a big stupid touchscreen on it lmao
BAIT uchiha
BAIT uchiha 16 dagar sedan
bc i have one and its f###ing easy to put midics/song in there(bc am useing a windows 7)
Nick Gray
Nick Gray 16 dagar sedan
I'm the furthest thing from an audiophile, but I just find your style hilarious. Seeing your raycon videos got me hooked
anthony elphick
anthony elphick 16 dagar sedan
Craig is dissapointed
J.V Santos.S
J.V Santos.S 16 dagar sedan
I dont know why but i just couldn't handle the username lol, dingus just broke me
Gabriel Chewy
Gabriel Chewy 16 dagar sedan
Day 1 of requesting dank pods to review EQ apps/products
Sassy 16 dagar sedan
You have got to try the pacemaker portable DJ Mp3 player!!
Everett Gaspar
Everett Gaspar 16 dagar sedan
Virtual Boy iPod
Swagger Magee
Swagger Magee 16 dagar sedan
I really want to get one of those, guess I gotta go on eBay again
prodpoob 17 dagar sedan
hello wankpods enjoyers I bought samson sr850s and they sound like shit does anyone know why
Basketkase 17 dagar sedan
I don’t think you did a review on skull candy wireless sesh evo
mediocre drummer
mediocre drummer 17 dagar sedan
Why the fuck is my new obsession some Aussie playing with mp3 players? Not sure, but I love it.
RanakaHai 17 dagar sedan
Wanted to ask for a while, what kind of bluetooth speaker do you use? I need to know... For a "project"...
KaonashiNoFace 17 dagar sedan
Forget Apple and Samsung. Everyone gon be talkin abt the next annual CRAIGs
TalonbaneGamer 17 dagar sedan
Litteraly subbed 10 minutes ago and then you upload like 5 minutes after. POG
catfree 17 dagar sedan
3:53 Face reveal!L!!?P?!?! tbh you look pretty compared to your hands
RBJ 17 dagar sedan
saw "index.mum" Dankpods: where's dad?
TJ Watson
TJ Watson 17 dagar sedan
I just realized that Dank is Ashens 2.0
Erez RotGelb
Erez RotGelb 17 dagar sedan
I've just found out theres razor airpods
seankkg 17 dagar sedan
Where does "robe" come into play.
luke warm
luke warm 17 dagar sedan
Got an ad for Gabra elite 85t, we need a review to smash these pieces of trash as well.
doovde82 17 dagar sedan
M:Trip sounds like a public transit card
I look at some Prototype iPods.
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