James May roasts YouTubers' cars AGAIN

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He showed no mercy last time, and he's back at it again! James May has sifted through the current crop of cars in the garages of the top SEmostrs of the world to give them a slight roasting. Enjoy!
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@Gordon Ramsay
@Peter McKinnon
@Tj Hunt
@Becky Evans
@Lana Rhoades x 3G1K

DRIVETRIBE 19 dagar sedan
🚨We're giving away a Tesla Model 3 or £40k cash! 🚨 Check out the description for more info 💸
Rob Marrin
Rob Marrin 4 dagar sedan
Brilliant, anything to stop Gordon from chef-ing,, he's not that bad it's not diatribe, drivetribe😂😂😂👍
Matt Tyerman
Matt Tyerman 5 dagar sedan
Can James roast omargoshtv and moe sargi Cj faison and Rolandwithme cars plz
baboon 7 dagar sedan
Can I trade it for a Dacia Sandero?
BartLx 8 dagar sedan
for UK residents only...I wanted to unsubscribe, but then I noticed I wasn't even subscribed! Feels like a win!
Ja Ra
Ja Ra 9 dagar sedan
Website has broken down?
Brett Reed
Brett Reed 30 minuter sedan
Lana Rhodes was actually really bad at being an adult Star. She quite because she couldn’t handle it.
Jan Feldt
Jan Feldt 40 minuter sedan
Please let him rate the Momentum by JP Performance. It is a complete modded KTM Crossbow with an over 500bhp V6 from an Audi RS6. Just looks siiiick. 😄
David Haas
David Haas Timme sedan
The fake Bugatti looks like absolute garbage, but it would be fun to go to a car meet in one just to mess with people.
ronny rakete42
ronny rakete42 5 timmar sedan
Show him some of JP Kraemers cars next time
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 8 timmar sedan
TJ's Mercades rolled off the showroom floor as appeared, James. He is mad, but it's not his work in this case.
Bird Man
Bird Man 9 timmar sedan
I’m not subscribing cuz I know James actually wouldnt 😂
epockite 19 timmar sedan
this made me question my life choices as a truck guy....
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 8 timmar sedan
James dissing a pink car while wearing pink 😝
hi_c.v7 19 timmar sedan
4:16 I couldn’t tell if he was talking about Jeffree or the Rolls Royce
stoked ska
stoked ska 38 minuter sedan
Arterca :3
Arterca :3 19 timmar sedan
Of all people to not like old things, i would never think "James May".
AK 907
AK 907 19 timmar sedan
Ah yes, a standard transmission. The modern anti-theft device 🤣
Brick Breaker
Brick Breaker Dag sedan
Lana rhoades is disgusting.
Jack Wakefield
Jack Wakefield Dag sedan
Loving the dig at Ramsay's fish pie
Jon stinnett
Jon stinnett Dag sedan
Troy Sudarto
Troy Sudarto Dag sedan
3:30 nice laptop mate 👍 😶
Timothy Engelstad
Timothy Engelstad Dag sedan
James, can you roast Scotty Kilmer's Toyota Celica?
Fosseneuve Dag sedan
May's shirt was inspired by the Cheshire Cat from Disney's Alice in Wonderland, I see.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Dag sedan
4:40 James: “pink is a colour I really struggle with” Also James: wearing pink
Ghost Ball
Ghost Ball Dag sedan
4:14 what about his car tho
Kate Robinson
Kate Robinson Dag sedan
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seeni gzty
seeni gzty Dag sedan
He saw something inside the huracan 😯
Mr Swollentip
Mr Swollentip Dag sedan
The only person that can roast Gordon Ramsay
Stephan de V
Stephan de V Dag sedan
park that rolls. you the driver open door. your passenger at the back opens door and now your both locked in by your own car the car next to you and the two oppsing doors on your side lolololol
Khairul Fadzly A. Karim
Khairul Fadzly A. Karim Dag sedan
James dissing a pink car while wearing pink 😝
Wyatt Bassett
Wyatt Bassett Dag sedan
There are so many more uses for a pickup truck and I’m disappointed that he downplayed the truck And he better be joking when he said get a RANGE ROVER TO GO OFF-ROADING obviously doesn’t know much about off-roading Range rovers cannot do anything else than drive around town and shows when really nobody cares
ZopyrionRex Dag sedan
Another SEmostr critiqued that purple Veyron and he got SUPER touchy about it.
Michael Bruce
Michael Bruce Dag sedan
I love me truck
Jack Darcy
Jack Darcy 2 dagar sedan
may: "pink is a color i struggle with" also may "wearing pink"
)Peron1-MC( 2 dagar sedan
4:30 says james waring a pink and purple shirt Xd
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Dag sedan
Seconds into the video I realized that this is a very gentle roast.
mcaleerjm 2 dagar sedan
This video should be titled "Old Man Wears Pink Shirt in his Garden, Rants About the Color Pink"
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Dag sedan
James looking like the 1st car, a lotta purple with a lil bit of white.
Corn Boy
Corn Boy 2 dagar sedan
Checked out the sauce for lana rhoades and there is an 80% chance you've already seen her
Dylan Randolph
Dylan Randolph 2 dagar sedan
Um my guy tj hunts g wagen was stock af in that pic. And the pain he was making fun of is a 25k option 😂😂😂😂😂
BB_GunBandit 2 dagar sedan
I wanna see his reaction to Whistlin’ Diesel’s vehicles or Demo Ranches 5 Ton
Mint. 2 dagar sedan
They should have put a Whislindiesel truck in there after he destroyed it
X3RUBIM 2 dagar sedan
"pink is a colour I struggle with" *wears pink polo"
Travis Clifford
Travis Clifford 2 dagar sedan
He saw something inside the huracan 😯
NTRSANDMAN 2 dagar sedan
The G-Wagon 4x4 squared is exactly as it comes from the factory😄 No mods done
koo whiip
koo whiip 2 dagar sedan
James may doesn't know what a 4x4 ^2 is hahaha. He said tj was mad but its literally stock in the picture. What an enthusiast
Ghost 2 dagar sedan
4:35 ''Pink is a color I struggle with''. Says that while wearing a pink shirt :D
NATHANDRIPP 2 dagar sedan
1:09 bro look at his nose😂😂
David Ransom
David Ransom 2 dagar sedan
May: 4:35 Videographer: "Should we cut and tell him or..."
Veniulem 2 dagar sedan
its funny he says he does not like old things, as throughout top gear he would always go with the "old fashioned" stuff
Khar Khar
Khar Khar 2 dagar sedan
James looking like the 1st car, a lotta purple with a lil bit of white.
Mohamad Iftitah
Mohamad Iftitah 2 dagar sedan
Seconds into the video I realized that this is a very gentle roast.
Moondogg McGee
Moondogg McGee 3 dagar sedan
captain slow!
k dabs
k dabs 3 dagar sedan
How does James May of all people not know that a G-wagon 4x4 comes stock like that lol
Shol'va 3 dagar sedan
How dare you MAAAY ! Gordon is a great a chef how would you know how....
Not The weeknd • 25 years ago
Not The weeknd • 25 years ago 3 dagar sedan
They all kinda deserved it, no one is as big as a ricer than filthy rich people, ;).
Moonknight 64
Moonknight 64 3 dagar sedan
Can James Or Richard please react to bladed angels weebvette?
ZelenyyISaD 3 dagar sedan
it would be interesting to see the same thing, but with custom projects , such as the Bentley ultratank from the Russian blogger Akademeg
Paul D'Arcy
Paul D'Arcy 3 dagar sedan
Only James could describe rap as a very prickly music movement
Adi M
Adi M 3 dagar sedan
I like the fact that James is still wearing that old top
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 3 dagar sedan
"I don't like old things, I think you need to move on!" "This week we are going to build a really old telephone"
Karolek W
Karolek W 3 dagar sedan
Moral of this video is that : Jeffree star is a "chav and criminal"
Jonathan Burns-Tang
Jonathan Burns-Tang 3 dagar sedan
0:26 James is flipping you the bird
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 3 dagar sedan
James May is cooler than all these "influencers" combined although respect to Ramsey
Joel Greenwood
Joel Greenwood 3 dagar sedan
The Gordon Ramsay dig was so great. I hope he sees it.
rileyGdoggbeats 3 dagar sedan
*comment section summed up* Pink and purple... Fish pie.. James doesn't like old things..
Josh Ayling
Josh Ayling 3 dagar sedan
My respect for Becky 📈📈📈
Siddharth Bose
Siddharth Bose 3 dagar sedan
James May to Lana: I like that! 😂😂😂
TheBusDestroyer 3 dagar sedan
Look its Billy Connolly
JeppeFS 3 dagar sedan
Natalie Ioannou
Natalie Ioannou 3 dagar sedan
Does the first Bugatti Veyron remind anyone else of a Cadbury's Dairy milk chocolate bar?
Dan Ungureanu
Dan Ungureanu 3 dagar sedan
Oh, yes... James checking Lana's 'car'... we all been there, buddy. Used to check videos of her 'car' myself every night before sleep.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 3 dagar sedan
“When I say roast I mean give them a gentle critique.” 😂😂 very James like
TheString Breaker
TheString Breaker 3 dagar sedan
Hahahah James May and Lana, we’re now in 2021 folks lol!
1NFECT3D. 3 dagar sedan
James Becomes More Like Jeremy As He Grows Older He Gets Funnier By The Day😂😂
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 3 dagar sedan
He looks so old here
John Petrie
John Petrie 3 dagar sedan
i'm pretty sure that gordon ramsay had 5 snipers aiming at james just in case he said something bad about his car
Vincent Benoit
Vincent Benoit 3 dagar sedan
You should roast some of the donut media guys
Colin Buchanan
Colin Buchanan 3 dagar sedan
I always hated when Top Gear used to cut away when James started rambling (I know it was for comedic effect and probably planned), because I always enjoyed it when he got into the specs and little foibles of the cars.
vsrap71 3 dagar sedan
James May is cooler than all these "influencers" combined although respect to Ramsey
Sami Abdul
Sami Abdul 3 dagar sedan
james stop lying you love old stuff
Raymond Reyes
Raymond Reyes 3 dagar sedan
If drewpeacock was polite
Deco Dolly
Deco Dolly 4 dagar sedan
Even without the appalling colour, that Rolls Royce is is the ugliest vehicle I've ever seen!
619jas1 4 dagar sedan
Oliver 4 dagar sedan
I’m sure Gordon Ramsey will be pleased to know he’s made it as SEmostr.
Nik Passmark
Nik Passmark 4 dagar sedan
James has had that shirt since like the 12th season of top gear... I love it.
Falney 4 dagar sedan
"I don't like old things, I think you need to move on!" "This week we are going to build a really old telephone"
aserta 4 dagar sedan
"youtubers" yes. :))
TheButterKnifer 4 dagar sedan
We need to see the Linus Tech Tips Pink and Lime Honda
Brandon Case
Brandon Case 4 dagar sedan
Check out Even Shanks he a car moderator
Stijn Jansen
Stijn Jansen 4 dagar sedan
He looks so old here
Christian Reyna
Christian Reyna 4 dagar sedan
Colonel Sanders willin rn
Shreesh Deshpande
Shreesh Deshpande 4 dagar sedan
James: Oh that's an abomination. *wears a green watch under a pink and purple shirt*
Stephen Jendryka
Stephen Jendryka 4 dagar sedan
Leave it to Stradwoman to make a Veyron look lame
Amith Sunoj
Amith Sunoj 4 dagar sedan
Please show him daily driven exotics cars
Rob Marrin
Rob Marrin 4 dagar sedan
Heck I'm a kitchen bathroom installer designer and I wouldn't have a pick up, waste of time but probably has a tax advantage
Birdienator 4 dagar sedan
The gordon slander is brilliant
DaKat0 4 dagar sedan
1:40 that is the most accurate analogy I've ever heard
silverliteway 4 dagar sedan
She's obviously done well 'at that' - James being James.
Lukas Tonner
Lukas Tonner 4 dagar sedan
James: I struggle with pink Also James: *wear's pink and purple shirt*
Chris Tuem
Chris Tuem 4 dagar sedan
Well James... The G Wagon of TJ is stock... even the color ... :D
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 4 dagar sedan
ironic thing ever said!
Jon Davies
Jon Davies 4 dagar sedan
James is slowly morphing into Billy Connelly
J Film
J Film 4 dagar sedan
That Rolls Royce looks like a pink Taxi? What were Rolls thinking of? Maybe it was home time?
Hemi Cuda
Hemi Cuda 3 dagar sedan
@qopoy dnon She?
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 4 dagar sedan
He said he has a problem with Pink while wearing a Purple and PINK jumper 🤔🤔🤔 And did her really not know what kinda Star 🌟 she was 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
MkW 4 dagar sedan
0:26 the perfect thumbnail!
RYAN THOMAS 4 dagar sedan
Makes a Terrible Fish Pie 😂😂😂 Yes James you beat Gordon Ramsay in a Fish Pie Competition. We won't ever forget
squisho 4 dagar sedan
" I dont like old stuff I think we should move on" Coming from james may🤣
SSJ4 Goku
SSJ4 Goku 4 dagar sedan
I think i can hear James talking about cars for hours, and still wanting more
Sandis Ābele
Sandis Ābele 4 dagar sedan
No worries James, that pink cullinan is long gone
danehb89 4 dagar sedan
Get James to check out various Mighty Car Mods projects!
Hugh Munro
Hugh Munro 4 dagar sedan
So now the Germans own Rolls Royce they’ll let them defame them and paint them pink. Even Ferrari won’t let people do that - and they are right tarts.
James May roasts YouTubers' cars!
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