Brands Won't Leave Me Alone

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Jarvis Johnson

2 månader sedan

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Somebody come get these brands

ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA (wakeup sheeple)

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Jarvis Johnson
Jarvis Johnson 2 månader sedan
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adriane bray
adriane bray 2 dagar sedan
lol i found this
M Dog
M Dog 17 dagar sedan
Personally of a Con Artist
Thedogboi 17 dagar sedan
Heck yeah
Promise Mairaro
Promise Mairaro 18 dagar sedan
hey Jarvis could you make a video about this dude called Guava juice
Thedogboi 18 dagar sedan
@J S :)
Rohan Kumar
Rohan Kumar Dag sedan
What happened to the tech channel?
Reid Martinez
Reid Martinez 3 dagar sedan
But dude Duke from Bush’s baked beans commented back to me and it made my day. All the other brands suck! Except slim Jim which also said they loved me so it seems rude to hate them.
Ace of Spades
Ace of Spades 5 dagar sedan
Play the KFC dating sim. Do it-
Jade Oreo
Jade Oreo Dag sedan
Yess make jarvis do it
David Wugofski
David Wugofski 5 dagar sedan
KFC creates deliberately memeable content to prompt content creators to comment on them. It’s the same sort of strategy as deliberately-cringe tiktok-/youtubers. You can reach millions with less money by making an absurd Lifetime movie than by buying adspace online.
frankierosapple_ 6 dagar sedan
4:49 I follow Wendy’s on Wattpad. As a writer, Wattpad is my life purpose.
C R A F T Y C R E A T I O N S 7 dagar sedan
Please keep making these videos there so funny
Windixie 7 dagar sedan
A KFC console will still have more games then the new X Box (Also does anyone remember when jake from State Farm was a fat white guy or was that just me)
gnarlysWan 8 dagar sedan
How did Jarvis not know about the dating sim I've known about it for like what feels like years. I waited for it to come out, and then my friend bought it and we played it.
yasma 9 dagar sedan
i like the way you smell
Puppyplaze 9 dagar sedan
The rubiks cube on your t shirt in the add has the right color scheme
Elan Wan
Elan Wan 9 dagar sedan
Cory D
Cory D 10 dagar sedan
We can also talk about how most of these massive brands pay their employees less than a living wage
Rudolph Sketchbook
Rudolph Sketchbook 10 dagar sedan
I don't know how I feel about this video either
Doodle DeVore
Doodle DeVore 11 dagar sedan
Hold on... is everyone gonna ignore that Looney Toons asked to be in the video?..
Mak DeMoney
Mak DeMoney 11 dagar sedan
2:15 thats stupid idc if the brand says it ill keep playing like that cuz frick that bruh
Thedogboi 11 dagar sedan
Alison Miller huh Someone has been watch karate kid
Madyson Castillo
Madyson Castillo 13 dagar sedan
I will edit this comment when something big happens later this year to make it look like I predicted the future
Tom Boy Town
Tom Boy Town 14 dagar sedan
Gosh I just had KFC. It's everywhere
Rose Hearts
Rose Hearts 14 dagar sedan
Kum & Go really just replied with their own name not even trying. Looney Toons is as desperate to stay relevant like their multiple reboots of bugs bunny. DUDE Wipes really bragging about being second and I have never heard of them before. Webster just thirsty. These marketing teams are just wow
bread bread
bread bread 14 dagar sedan
watching jarvis make fun of tampa as i sit in tampa
Articz7 14 dagar sedan
Van van is definitely a jojo reference
Nathan Gee
Nathan Gee 14 dagar sedan
Um I just got a KFC ad while you were checking out the KFC game. The ad even said “did someone say KFC?” Send help.
Tyler lorig
Tyler lorig 14 dagar sedan
do vegan teacher
anonymousdratini 15 dagar sedan
I sure hope these brands give the people enslaved to do their twitter advertising health insurance.
joe refgurd
joe refgurd 15 dagar sedan
I had a simplisafe add right before this vid
Truest Emich
Truest Emich 15 dagar sedan
I have adds for kfc
Great Guy
Great Guy 16 dagar sedan
This video is so fucking boring
Lewis Maddox
Lewis Maddox 16 dagar sedan
the kfc dating sim is actually good lmao. also i hope that console is real tbh because stuff thats literally not on brand is what i live for
Ryan Sproviero
Ryan Sproviero 16 dagar sedan
Sorry to do this but SimpliSafe is garbage that can be bypassed with a $2 transmitter. The Lock Pick Lawyer did a video. Consult a professional for your security needs.
Emerald Creeper
Emerald Creeper 17 dagar sedan
Jarvis, more like......Barvis
AnimalCrossingJack 17 dagar sedan
I love your videos I've been binge watching a lot of them and they are hilarious. Keep up the good work!
Cupcake Without The Icing
Cupcake Without The Icing 17 dagar sedan
The Facebook Uno on Messengers literally has a mode in which you stack +2 and +4 cards. They can't enforce rules only when they believe it's convenient
Promise Mairaro
Promise Mairaro 18 dagar sedan
hey Jarvis could you make a video about this dude called Guava juice
Harry Louiston
Harry Louiston 19 dagar sedan
Say "I'm going to get milk from the store" then goto14:45
JeneX Art Studio
JeneX Art Studio 19 dagar sedan
I am from the future the kfconsole never happened (never mind it does exist I’m terrified)
Shreks Bussy
Shreks Bussy 19 dagar sedan
Is Wendy's lore... On wattpad
Allison Turner
Allison Turner 20 dagar sedan
I promise you no one hates brand twitter more than the people running brand twitter. Most brands being funny is because the people writing it genuinely think its fun to do and makes their work day a little less dull. I work in marketing, and I promise that most of this branded content/stunt work is done in earnest. Yes, we want to sell things, but we want to entertain the audience first and foremost. We just want to entertain/amuse/etc. Sure, it gets us earned media (free content where people talk about us), but we do genuinely want to make something that the people seeing it enjoy. A motto many of us use is "if its not beautiful, inspirational, educational, useful, or entertaining, don't make it." Also for anyone who is curious how brands find content that mentions them/is relevant all the time, there are tools called Social Listening Tools that allow you to write up queries that then crawl all public sites for content that mentions whatever it is you wrote the query to find. Then the tool collates all mentions of whatever you were searching for in one place, and someone at the company checks that daily. The tool allows you to reply/retweet/share immediately and that's how the magic happens. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk!
Royal Berger 26
Royal Berger 26 20 dagar sedan
I'll never fucking eat KFC but I will play that dating sim for the rest of my life its amazing
ew 20 dagar sedan
idk maybe kfc stands for ‘kiss fucking chicken’. honestly don’t know though. they’re so into dating and stuff so...
SoJuicee 20 dagar sedan
I have a friend that was named after vulveta, her name is Luvetta
wooblydooblygod 21 dag sedan
I wached a guy do an advert for simplysafe, while he owns a gun factory and there are guns all throughout his housr
Butters 21 dag sedan
Is it legal to put a simply safe camera on my apartment door...... probably not :(
Japeth Barnett
Japeth Barnett 21 dag sedan
You got 1.4 mil subs now bruh. Shut the f up bish. I'm watching this and eatimg beans while my girl passes out of the zans. Happy New Year nerds. Ily
Penny Wilson
Penny Wilson 22 dagar sedan
Ngl you kinda look like Jake from state farm
Night Wolf
Night Wolf 22 dagar sedan
Every single brand these days reminds me of that episode of community where Subway took human form
RepublicanGuard 22 dagar sedan
Hey Jarvis from Marvel
BatCatDickBabsJayTimSteph CassDukeKateLukeHarlHel
BatCatDickBabsJayTimSteph CassDukeKateLukeHarlHel 22 dagar sedan
My anxiety won't leave me alone either
Max Tee
Max Tee 23 dagar sedan
Slim jim instagram is on another level. They always comment on posts from meme accounts which is wild to me... but not as wild as the flavor of slim jims. Find them at a gas station near you
DimTheŁightzØut 23 dagar sedan
Jarvis should make a shirt saying “crying my best” instead of “trying my best”
Bande Taiwo
Bande Taiwo 24 dagar sedan
i was also jake from state farm for halloween!
Keigo Takami
Keigo Takami 25 dagar sedan
Jarvis x slim jim
Keigo Takami
Keigo Takami 25 dagar sedan
I want someone to take these tweets and just make a animated video or a comic about them
Keigo Takami
Keigo Takami 25 dagar sedan
We love the glow jarvis.
ᴋᴜʀᴏᴍɪ 25 dagar sedan
When McDonald's is as depressed as their employees.
Rons Lens
Rons Lens 25 dagar sedan
Just followed you on the Twitter.
Sphynx have Feelings
Sphynx have Feelings 26 dagar sedan
Sav _Smil3
Sav _Smil3 26 dagar sedan
I want kfc now
Rowen Taylor
Rowen Taylor 28 dagar sedan
Keep talking about this it is entertaining
2 Bagels 1 Toaster
2 Bagels 1 Toaster 28 dagar sedan
This year is a fucking fever dream
Cayden 29 dagar sedan
Wait, Uno has rules?💀
Caylum Favel
Caylum Favel 29 dagar sedan
To sum up the videos "THE GANG IS ALL HERE"
Van Nguyen
Van Nguyen Månad sedan
Why is my name on a KFC dating game...
Gee Whiz
Gee Whiz Månad sedan
I LOVE that you have will grayson will grayson! Such a good read :))
Ice Frostz
Ice Frostz Månad sedan
*slim jim wants to eat ur meat*
Salty_C Månad sedan
Me: checking 5 minute crafts* 5 minute crafts: *somehow has crafts that you could use for christmas* Me: *JARVIIIIS*
Heavy_hitter Månad sedan
Black Ted Nivison
Heavy_hitter Månad sedan
Black Ted Nivison with a cleft pallete
TheGamerChair YT
TheGamerChair YT Månad sedan
Hey jarvis when you gonna release some NERD merch
hammy the hamster
hammy the hamster Månad sedan
I lost my tooth watching this video
issa me evil dora
issa me evil dora Månad sedan
Are u dead?
Cyprian Mugarura
Cyprian Mugarura Månad sedan
I cant focus on anything but that glaring speck of dust on his eyelash😭
ピチューec Månad sedan
You do look like jake ngl
Daniel Alvarado
Daniel Alvarado Månad sedan
van van is a jojo character
juicy coochie gang
juicy coochie gang Månad sedan
Funny how after just watching this KFC’s thirst trap movie is becoming popular🙈
Salty Squid
Salty Squid Månad sedan
Me and My Little cousin Discovered This Game While I was Rolling through Steam, The Game is Actually Funny as Hell But it's also Kinda Eh- Because they genuinely Expect you to fall In love with Sanders, You can kiss the dude and whatnot and I don't know about you guys but watching my 11 Year old Cousin Choose the Kiss Option Didn't feel right.
Sephiroth Jenkins
Sephiroth Jenkins Månad sedan
This is likely my favorite video on the channel
Lyrcheylap Månad sedan
The steak-umm one is interesting because they said “meat a bottom line” which is like oh ok.. typo. But considering that these post go through several layers of editing, prob on purpose. Because why? Because now subconsciously your thinking of meat=steak-umm and they’ve just advertised to you while calling out other brands and making themselves look like good guys. Marketing is wild
BxbblxzTV Månad sedan
You are weird so what if actually happened is fake it was interesting
AI Totem
AI Totem Månad sedan
U up?
I don't know Will_hubbygang
I don't know Will_hubbygang Månad sedan
You need to do another actually happened video there’s one that says I hid inside my teacher and found her dark secret yes you read that right INSIDE
PlayWorks Månad sedan
i bought ur trying my best hoodie and failed an exam. the teacher told me to try harder cause i was wearing that hoodie. bruh.
Chris Hawkes
Chris Hawkes Månad sedan
Congrats bro
czerwony kwadrat
czerwony kwadrat Månad sedan
Today I learned that our boi Jarvis is beefsexual
Luis Ventura Jr
Luis Ventura Jr Månad sedan
The tearful latex daily pump because element meteorologically subtract of a reminiscent cow. observant, moaning south america
Finite Operator
Finite Operator Månad sedan
Bro brands love jarvis
carter lyons
carter lyons Månad sedan
Al The Tutor
Al The Tutor Månad sedan
I say, unless you actually like them, stop giving them what they want. Even if others will. Even if you also benefit from it. One rule I always keep in mind is that the only way a company gives you benefits for doing something that helps them is if they're get something better in return. From there, it's a matter of whether you think they deserve that benefit, or can at least live with the idea of them getting it.
Tohru in the Bronxx
Tohru in the Bronxx Månad sedan
I stopped thinking about bagel bites when they stopped making the breakfast ones 😡😡😡
Ace Månad sedan
Nobody: Not a soul: not even wendys: Bagel bites: *Mistaeks*
Brayden Månad sedan
RIP r/unnamedfanbase
Boodah Luver
Boodah Luver Månad sedan
I can't believe THEE Looney Tunes tweeted you... and I can't believe they even HAVE a twitter. You do realize they've been making cartoons since some people's GREAT GRANDPARENTS were kids, and they not only found your tweet (somehow) but they also tweeted you. Thats actually remarkable Jarvis, I'm amazed & impressed by that alone 😂
Smokey Brown
Smokey Brown Månad sedan
Is it me or does Jarvis look like the new jake from State Farm.
Dantiel82 Månad sedan
awesomedude 555
awesomedude 555 Månad sedan
As much as it is feeding into what brands want, I really did enjoy this video. You do whatever you want to, though, man.
Sugoi Stalin
Sugoi Stalin Månad sedan
Is it fanfiction if the brand writes about themselves?
Onepiece barca
Onepiece barca Månad sedan
Haven't been here since there was a gap somewhere in the middle
Ken S.
Ken S. Månad sedan
I am brand.
DogFriess Månad sedan
Jarvis looks like Jake from State Farm
TAWK STUDIOS Månad sedan
Never ending Lute
Never ending Lute Månad sedan
KFC dating sim sent me to turbo hell and back
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