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Rosanna Pansino

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We are back!
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We had so much fun #Trying all of these #Kitchen #Gadgets! There was a pretzel hot dog maker, a bag resealer, vegetable chopper, potato chip maker, and more!
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Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino År sedan
Justine and I are back with some more food gadgets! What are you doing this weekend? 😊❤️
Cactus Månad sedan
SARA HILTON 2 månader sedan
Make more videos
mikecarlisle6 2 månader sedan
Hi Ro!💕.I love you both!!!Can there even be more gadgets!!!!
mikecarlisle6 2 månader sedan
Love you both so much!!!!!!!
Steven Blunden
Steven Blunden 2 månader sedan
Hi rosainapansino
J M Dag sedan
Please make another try kitchen gadgets video there very funny
Armela Razo
Armela Razo 3 dagar sedan
4:36 thank me later hahahahha
Happycorn123 CY
Happycorn123 CY 3 dagar sedan
The lid: still open Justine: "WE FORGOT THE STICK" closes the lid Me: Why can't you just stick the stick in while it was still open????
itsmeMelissa 4 dagar sedan
4:35 one word i only have one word: HILARIOUSSSSS XDDDD
UnicornGamez 4 dagar sedan
Taylor Ballard
Taylor Ballard 4 dagar sedan
You guys should make a channel you share
Jeff Alexander
Jeff Alexander 5 dagar sedan
I Love you Rose
Christine Hair
Christine Hair 6 dagar sedan
Mmm turkey dogs..... AAAAAAAHHHHH!:running for the fire extinguisher
mariethesizzler 9492
mariethesizzler 9492 6 dagar sedan
When the potato fell perfectly on the knife and they were shook I was laughing so hard
Charlotte Harbaugh
Charlotte Harbaugh 6 dagar sedan
I hope they are acting stupid. Cause its sad that I went to the same college as ijustine.
Derek Fung
Derek Fung 7 dagar sedan
New jumpscare from FNAF pretzel dog machine
Victoria Porcelli
Victoria Porcelli 7 dagar sedan
me watching both of their reactions to Potato stabbing 🤣🧐🤣🧐
Gabriella Borg
Gabriella Borg 9 dagar sedan
Me eating potato chips Them making potato chips 🥔
Mareen Mathew
Mareen Mathew 9 dagar sedan
Part 6 or 7
anna dybcio
anna dybcio 9 dagar sedan
I would call your bakery ro&justy
MIla Stuttaford
MIla Stuttaford 9 dagar sedan
Ro reminds me of a southern mom
Sam Nicholson
Sam Nicholson 10 dagar sedan
I had the egg cooker
SequinJin 10 dagar sedan
"what's your favorite potato chip? like doritos?" ro pls- those are tortilla chips not potato
petushca hetushca
petushca hetushca 11 dagar sedan
Maybe u were supposed to fry them
Jasziesland 123
Jasziesland 123 11 dagar sedan
Ok ima say I have the egg thing and your supposed to use the bottom of the water thing and take it off the plastic and the sharp thing and poke the egg on the top then put it in and it will have some of the egg on top that’s normal
Kate Poon
Kate Poon 12 dagar sedan
Do a part 6
Paul Manguera
Paul Manguera 12 dagar sedan
you're suppose to use pancake mix on waffles hahahaha
Lou Garou
Lou Garou 13 dagar sedan
Part 5
Jessica Bowman
Jessica Bowman 13 dagar sedan
Ro: omg we’ve done so many of these videos we’re gonna run out of products Crazy Russian hacker: pathetic
Tech Tips in PC n ANDROID
Tech Tips in PC n ANDROID 13 dagar sedan
Justice is extremely beautiful 😍 ❤
Rana Rawashdeh
Rana Rawashdeh 14 dagar sedan
WE WANT MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRREE PLEASE PART 6 WOULD NE SOOO GOOD PS:I know I’m late but I’m just bored and I want more of these so ya I miss her and Justine please
Jaren Fontaine
Jaren Fontaine 14 dagar sedan
justine: we should start an assas- wait no we shouldnt do that XD
Mariyah and Gabriel
Mariyah and Gabriel 14 dagar sedan
pls do not say that you are studering cuz I DO AND IT IS SO BAD HAVEING IT SOPLS DO NOT SAY THAT CUZ IT HERT MY HEART
Elizabeth Banda
Elizabeth Banda 15 dagar sedan
Charli Fan
Charli Fan 16 dagar sedan
Rosanna: the dogs are goona come in and say uhhhhm hot dog and doh Both:aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Me:hahaha
Petter Griffin
Petter Griffin 16 dagar sedan
Mmm turkey dogs. Whaaaaaaaaaaa
Nora •
Nora • 18 dagar sedan
Lol of course they put an add right as they ScReAm ThEiR lungs OUTT
Seema ABD
Seema ABD 18 dagar sedan
This duo I watch there videos over and over
Chloe cookie
Chloe cookie 19 dagar sedan
You guys should create a SEmost channel for This!!!!
Enna Raskovic
Enna Raskovic 19 dagar sedan
Ok listen hereee tht white ghing for salat u gotta cut everything in half ant then like hit with a hand a very harrly few times for celebrations we make salad with some eggs and all franvh salad, so there is part for eggs but u gotta get yellow part out cuz it wikl be lik VERY MESSY and we use tht part for 🍅 sometimes but it dont work all the time cuz 🍅 are very soft so its too messy we use knife on them and u can do it with a boild potatos😃☺️
ShaimeiMythic_素敵な// 19 dagar sedan
11:20 when Justine said, "this'll work on your grip!" I assumed she was gonna say "this'll work on your grandma!"
Katherine White
Katherine White 20 dagar sedan
Your on part 5
Sheep Gurl
Sheep Gurl 20 dagar sedan
Ro: this time we’re ready 4:36 hmmm
Nicole Thomas
Nicole Thomas 20 dagar sedan
I miss your silly videos with Justine so I had to rewatch them all. 💛
Leland Albertson
Leland Albertson 20 dagar sedan
7:54 to 8:02 Is my favorite part. I was laughing so hard
GRACE LEE ZHI QING Moe 21 dag sedan
I hv that egg cooker 😂 it makes half boiled or soft boiled gag
Mama Anonymous
Mama Anonymous 21 dag sedan
You should do part 6 because of the funniness
21 Kiyaana Cheneze Amaratunga
21 Kiyaana Cheneze Amaratunga 21 dag sedan
I also had a bag resealer and I touched the little pad and burnt myself!! 🤭🤭😅😅
Sylvia Lee
Sylvia Lee 21 dag sedan
Justine just giving ro the messiest job
JUNG_ KOOKIE 23 dagar sedan
Why do I keep watching them throw the potato over and over again and still laugh
Izzy Rose
Izzy Rose 23 dagar sedan
Please do more of these videos Roasanna.
Lauren Mills
Lauren Mills 23 dagar sedan
One year later still waiting for carbs n’ cookies
Ahaana Singh
Ahaana Singh 24 dagar sedan
My brother and I made French Fries at home. We just chopped potatoes really thin and cooked them in oil. They were super good! We even seasoned it with so many spices and salt.
Nicole Thomas
Nicole Thomas 20 dagar sedan
That's the best way to have french fries. =) Homemade is the best!!
Cassie Slusar
Cassie Slusar 26 dagar sedan
The moment the Rosanna is like "Get ready SHOPPER PLUS!" 14:09 and the tomato is just squished...
Eva 27 dagar sedan
Ro: we’ll call it a lioness salad gRr 15:44 🤣
JustRuby 27 dagar sedan
For the chopper Pro thing you are meant to cut the things in half that you want to squish. So like you would cut the onion in half before using it
Waqar Ahmad
Waqar Ahmad 28 dagar sedan
Justine : like such a big achievement for cuting the onion and watermellon
Huynh Đinh Thế Phan
Huynh Đinh Thế Phan 28 dagar sedan
Assassin child in an adult body isn’t real they can’t hurt you: Assassin child in an adult body: Real!
Shaima Hameed
Shaima Hameed 28 dagar sedan
Pretzel dog maker: *pops opened* Rosanna: *takes out fire extinguisher out of nowhere*. Me:🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗
Janelle Rubio
Janelle Rubio 28 dagar sedan
In that Gadget where you pressed it to cut it you're supposed to cut it cut the tomato or the fruit and then you press it okay
Janie Cain
Janie Cain 29 dagar sedan
I grew up using that chopper plus. Was I the only one?
saanvi Dasgupta
saanvi Dasgupta 29 dagar sedan
More of these
Takira Jones
Takira Jones Månad sedan
don't tell me that she doesn't sound like DJ from fuller house omfg
Dorai Ramanathan
Dorai Ramanathan Månad sedan
Justine...You have to cut the onion i half.
Daphne Plays
Daphne Plays Månad sedan
Ruairi Hanley
Ruairi Hanley Månad sedan
could you do l part 6 of trying kitchen gadgets
Bralee Shoemake
Bralee Shoemake Månad sedan
Jesus Loves You so so much that he died and suffered on the cross for our sins!!
Chrissy BK
Chrissy BK Månad sedan
I want Justine's shirt more than any of these products ha
Fatima Batool
Fatima Batool Månad sedan
I really love your videos and your friend is really pretty 🦋
HK Playz
HK Playz Månad sedan
Ro and Justine you guys should have put oil on those chips
sara and posie
sara and posie Månad sedan
My mom owns the onion cutter thing and you need to cut it in really small portions well not to small but yea
Byeol.berryy Månad sedan
4:36 4:38
Susan Reger
Susan Reger Månad sedan
Susan Reger
Susan Reger Månad sedan
I am on your biggest fans my name is Becca and I just wanna tell you Becca Becca sorry about that but you have been my favorite SEmost or the whole entire world I love when your twin in Ozzy twin when your twin camp Rebecca Zamolo she has a SEmost channel and he has a husband called Matt and she has a cousin called Mary
Ogeh A
Ogeh A Månad sedan
Is it just me or is Justine always talking about committing crime whenever she burns her self It’s very sus!!!!
glen judge
glen judge Månad sedan
they would make very gorgeous assassins
glen judge
glen judge Månad sedan
I swear to god they should have their own comedy show
Emily Bowerman
Emily Bowerman Månad sedan
These are the most unproblematic people of SEmost.
Aubrey Sedgwick
Aubrey Sedgwick Månad sedan
Ro and Sockie Norris should do a baking video together!!!
Vanny Rice
Vanny Rice Månad sedan
*SCREAMING* the coyotes: ; -; ya bye
Gabriella Borg
Gabriella Borg Månad sedan
ro:I never been to a carnival Justine:me too Me: YOU GUYS WERE ON ESCAPE THE NIGHT ITS WAS A CARNIVAL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Savannah de Vos
Savannah de Vos Månad sedan
You guys made my day! Wow! Quote u Justine " We could of been severely burned!" Love you guys!!
[Im hot] 383 years ago
[Im hot] 383 years ago Månad sedan
Alr since Im commenting in 2021 Hi
Leanne Birt
Leanne Birt Månad sedan
How long it takes to warm up like that and see it's definitely noticing better I can tell you that the first it looks like you better
Leanne Birt
Leanne Birt Månad sedan
The egg thing literally looks like a incubator I have a little mini incubator I used to have it it looks just like that I'm like you guys have an angry bear not an egg maker but I haven't even finished the video if you don't know what an incubator is you can look it up after you read this and I have chickens so of course we try so it looks like MiMi incubator in the head literally
Jane elizabeth
Jane elizabeth Månad sedan
Coyote:guess what Other coyote:what Coyote: I pooped in rosanna pansinos back yard Other coyote: ooooooh what was inside? Coyote:turkey dogs Other coyote:MMMMMMMMMM TURKEY DOGS
Jane elizabeth
Jane elizabeth Månad sedan
Expectation: episode 400 Reality:episode 5
Charlotte Wright
Charlotte Wright Månad sedan
just imagine how Ro’s kitchen must smell, after the Oder from the hot dog cooker, the burnt chips, the melted bag- like 🤢🤮😬
Sophia Mihelis
Sophia Mihelis Månad sedan
Justine: wHeRe gUnNa GeT cHoPpEd uP 👌🏻😂
Sophia Mihelis
Sophia Mihelis Månad sedan
Justine: wHeRe gUnNa GeT cHoPpEd uP 👌🏻😂
Sophia Mihelis
Sophia Mihelis Månad sedan
I love it when you guys together 😆❤️
lisa romero
lisa romero Månad sedan
Phelopateer Hakim
Phelopateer Hakim Månad sedan
I’m so happy they still make vids together
beauty girls
beauty girls Månad sedan
I love your videos
Giang Nguyen
Giang Nguyen Månad sedan
Drag G.Ramsay to this 🤣
Alina Marie
Alina Marie Månad sedan
Part 5
Danny Allebach
Danny Allebach Månad sedan
With where we are now in the world you guys should do a virtual colab!!
Meep Abrahams
Meep Abrahams Månad sedan
😂😂😂😂when the pretzel dog popped😂😂😂😂
Emir Helvacioglu
Emir Helvacioglu Månad sedan
Justine: I am not good at anything Me: I think when you when you unbox every iPhone, laptop, iPad,AirPods,and watches I think your good at that
Emir Helvacioglu
Emir Helvacioglu Månad sedan
So what Justine was supposed to say after she decide not to “We should start a assassin club for noobies”
Angelique Forman
Angelique Forman Månad sedan
You forgot the ice cream sliders
Molly Bell
Molly Bell Månad sedan
OMG why dose justine burn herself every episode Pls do another episode🙏💓love you ❤
Bianca Raine Perez
Bianca Raine Perez Månad sedan
More videos please!!!!!
Jacob Thomas
Jacob Thomas Månad sedan
This is so funny😂😂😂
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