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Snsv Taplop
Snsv Taplop Timme sedan
I refuse to watch and give her money. I was mind blown watching a video upload of her stream on another channel when she cried on stream and suddenly she got so many subs and donations. It's sad that she relapsed so fast and hard but acknowledging her positively or negatively only makes it worse
Lucenna Belseriön
Lucenna Belseriön Timme sedan
When I was in highschool, I suffered from an eating disorder, but now, as a young mother, I use that experience to grow from it, to tell myself "I'm better than that." To tell myself that I can use my experiences to help others who want help. Thank you for touching on this topic, I hope you're having a wonderful day, and just know, as much as you care for us, we care for you!
Anna M
Anna M 4 timmar sedan
jesus, can't you all simply let her alone??? let her be, dear god. By doing this video you just spreading more hate towards her
Emily Tincher
Emily Tincher 17 timmar sedan
I honestly never thought of it like this
nyclady27 Dag sedan
Cold, cruel and to the point. If we insist on making her the focus of social media attention by constantly talking and writing about her, maybe we should all just sit by quietly as she dies and pray for her to wake up and realize what she's done and is doing to her body. Been there, done that, now I have so so many regrets for single handedly destroying my life and longevity.
C J Dag sedan
Ive never had an ed i dont think but i have had sort of problems with food for a couple years and rn me and my friend are trying to do better for ourselves and i cant see her without crying i feel so bad for her, i cant even imagine being in her situation
Leila 2 dagar sedan
i remember when she actually was gaining weight back trying to fix her disorder for a bit, but then i guess she just couldn't do it :(
MICKIE GEE 2 dagar sedan
god it's so sad. she gets off on those comments. i totally fucking get it which is why it breaks my heart. jesus christ with the hair flipping. :(
Kitty Kats
Kitty Kats 2 dagar sedan
I totally agree on what you're saying, people just don't understand what's going on, the more you say the more they will do, I have been saying that a while just stop and don't say anything to her, and you are giving great advice, I just hope that people will listen to you, hugs to you
Kaden Morton
Kaden Morton 2 dagar sedan
Thank you for this response. It is kind and truthful and actually the only thing that will help her.
gothic BB
gothic BB 2 dagar sedan
Centurian Tale
Centurian Tale 2 dagar sedan
Maybe if we use reverse psychology on her, such as telling her she doesn't need help, her body looks no different, maybe her mind will start working in reverse?? That's just my thought. Because if her mind is telling her to keep starving herself because people are seeing a difference... then maybe if we say there is no difference and she looks just as she always looked, then her brain will tell her to start eating to get others to notice again? If we comment on something like... her hair, not her body, not how she's thin, but her hair. Or maybe her eyes, say she needs help... but not in a way that's validating her thinking and progression into even worse anorexia? That's just my thinking, try and use reverse psychology. I hope she does get better one day.. maybe if everyone does ignore her, she'll finally stop... or maybe someone is good at using reverse psychology, and can fool her that way. Or maybe, just hopefully, someone calls police or paramedics for her. Something, anything. Anything That will get her to stop since telling her "you need help, this isn't good" isn't working
Katie Squires
Katie Squires 3 dagar sedan
God people who “tried to help her” like Shane are probably watching that video thinking she’s happy bc she’s ‘recovered’ 🙄
Desirae John
Desirae John 3 dagar sedan
Honestly and unfortunately the only way any of this is gonna be stopped is if everyone reports her channel for self harm
Zoe Chiverton
Zoe Chiverton 3 dagar sedan
Thank you for explaining body checking. I’ve never commented on Euginia’s videos because I’ve never thought a comment from a random viewer was going to make a difference. If it were, she’s had millions of them already. But now I can be aware of body checking and ensure I don’t validate someone’s disorder. Thank you.
J To
J To 3 dagar sedan
Ur right she was so excited ... it was so weird... ):
Jane Gotshalk
Jane Gotshalk 4 dagar sedan
As an outpatient therapist who works with adolescents, this video is so disturbing. I'm surprised she is still alive. IMO, she will be dead before she is deplatformed. Just to be clear, I'm not wishing this upon her. It is just so sad.
Amy Jo Michael
Amy Jo Michael 4 dagar sedan
I have to say that you have a soft nice sounding voice
Katie Hagan
Katie Hagan 4 dagar sedan
So so so true when I was in my worst everyday I really hoped someone would say you look anorexic as it was so validating and it was my favourite comment that and you look sick or have you lost more weight just pushed me to keep going
izeila saldivar
izeila saldivar 4 dagar sedan
People just need to stop giving her views. It's not normal for an adult women to never hang out with her own friends, have her own relationship, and cling on to her mom all the time. It's just not normal. It's very sad to see her being abused, abuse herself, and abuse others.
suki3275 5 dagar sedan
So basically anything that can be translated to "I noticed you are skinny" is a compliment, no matter how mean, how concerned, how triggered someone is, she wants to know we see that she is skinny. Thank you so much for this perspective. I had no idea. But the way you explained it makes sense and I will no longer leave these kinds of comments for her. I think it would be best to stop commenting at all. ALL attention is negative attention. ALL attention is validation.
Hannah Ralmé
Hannah Ralmé 5 dagar sedan
This video was recently featured on Swedish public service radio! Fun fact!
Demon Maika
Demon Maika 5 dagar sedan
at the end of the video when she is explaining what we can do, you can hear her crying, Shannon, I hope you are ok
Chirstopher Allaire
Chirstopher Allaire 5 dagar sedan
That wholesome segment at the beginning made my day Tysm queen :)
thesavagekitty 6 dagar sedan
Hardly any actual footage....
Jennifer Gordillo
Jennifer Gordillo 6 dagar sedan
That grown ass woman doesn't have an ounce of muscle on her body left. She's really starving herself on SEmost and twitch, for youtube and twitch viewers, and they just let her.
Candace Barnhill
Candace Barnhill 6 dagar sedan
Thanks for being so considerate and respectful in this video, and giving serious trigger warnings. Some people think they're ok with what ever issue or illness they're dealing with, and can take it without issue. So yea what you said is important. Im not a fan of her I've just seen a lot of videos in the past year about her popping up everywhere. So I just check them out now when I see it. Its really is so sad. Its terrible that whenever her name pops up I watch it to make sure she's OK. Nothing seems to get through to her. I had said before, isn't there anyone at all in her family who can say, ok this has gone on far too long and you're getting help?! Yea she may me 26 or 27, but any Dr with any sense could look at her and be like ok if this girl keeps going this route she's going to die, and needs to be put in care, therapy etc, so she doesn't lose her life. She's pretty close, and almost that point where she's not going to be able to take care of herself, and they're going to see that nobody in her home life is helping her. Its insane and I'm so disgusted and disappointed about the whole thing. Someone made a comment that all of her fans need to block her or unsubscribe so she's not in the public eye anymore right now. Since SEmost feels its no big deal. People just need to stop. The live feeds SEmost, everything. Smh 😕
Randompersononyoutube Random
Randompersononyoutube Random 6 dagar sedan
Lyssy 6 dagar sedan
actually, as someone who has done a lot of research on body language--hair flipping is a form of anxiety. it's the body's way to expressing that the person wants to change the subject and distance themselves from what's being said. also, according to the website bouncing can be a sign of confidence, but if it is prolonged it is most likely a result of anxiety. Eugenia bounces throughout the entirety of the video, so she's most likely doing it as a self-soothing gesture. Eugenia's smile does not seem genuine either. Real smiles cause wrinkles and makes the eyes appear less wide. I know it's difficult to tell because she's wearing heavy makeup, but her smile does not go to her eyes. I've seen videos of Eugenia laughing and smiling before, and it does not look like this. This smile is more for show sense she is filming. I believe the reason Eugenia is showing signs of anxiety in this video in particular is because she knows that by making a hate comments video, she is acknowledging/facing the problem she typically ignores...essentially she's stepping out of her comfort zone here. I feel like people get excitement and anxiety mixed up sometimes, hence why I'm saying this.
Ducky 6 dagar sedan
If you're some one that wants to watch this to give the view but you can't handle it, mute the video and put it in a separate tab so the view still counts but you don't hurt yourself giving the view.
WildWild YouTube
WildWild YouTube 7 dagar sedan
Look up Elzani Singleton if you need inspiration. She at the moment is beating anorexia. Very strong girl.
Luísa N
Luísa N 7 dagar sedan
It's been already years and years that nothing at all changes with her. We all know how this is going to end guys...
sawyer 7 dagar sedan
i love your videos!! thank you for covering these things while giving us your artistic talent. one thing if you are into taking constructive criticism that can be disregarded if you’re not feeling up to it: would you mind maybe making the background behind your drawing static, or at least move at a slower frame rate? it gets a bit distracting at times, i have trouble with stimuli :) thank you, i hope this isn’t rude or demanding just a question about the channel
. 7 dagar sedan
why are u drawing blobs
katriel hamilton
katriel hamilton 7 dagar sedan
does anyone else think that shane dawson's video on eugenia made things worse? she seemed like she was starting to get better, but i think that the video might have been triggering for her. i mean, she seems like the type of person to meticulously read through comments and such and seeing people comment things on shane's video like "she looks like she's getting better!" or "she looks like she's gaining weight!" was probably incredibly triggering.
Low resolution Gwen
Low resolution Gwen 8 dagar sedan
She’s gonna stream until she dies 💔
cool beans
cool beans 8 dagar sedan
100% to everything you've said. I haven't suffered from any eating disorder, but i have terrible body self-esteem and have tried my hand at extreme dieting (but my mom's delicious food always put a foil in my nefarious self starving plans lmao) and i still vividly remember being af my lowest weight and just relishing the worried attention people would give me. "wow you look like a 12 yr old" "do you ever eat?" "you look sickly" etc etc. It's a very toxic mindset to fall into, and it is very intoxicating. No matter how small/thin you are, you still won't be satisfied, and you desperately hope _someone_ will notice your efforts, validate you. I can't imagine the pain someone suffering from a chronic ED must be in, and how you go about to work on it and develop a healthy lifestyle. I can imagine it being a lot easier just to continue the path you're already on. Everyone please look after yourself. Your body is such a cool fleshy mecha machine and it's important to look after it the best you can. It's never too late to start implementing good and healthy habits
Коuятиеу Каие
Коuятиеу Каие 9 dagar sedan
This E.C. thing has been going on for years!!! This is crazy
Rose Dark Draws
Rose Dark Draws 9 dagar sedan
Rant: I just wanna say that I had gastric at 9 years old cause I cant know if I am Hunger or just stomach pain or nothing I got over it because I just eat stuff all day in fear of having gastric (it was painful) And also my parents want me to eat lunch and breakfast every day and check up on me if I ate unfortunately my parents want me too make my own decisions but it back fired (so it was not their intention at all)
Tizzas 123
Tizzas 123 9 dagar sedan
Wow, this video is so spot on. I never really noticed how happy it makes her when ppl comment on her appearance even negatively.
Danebs 9 dagar sedan
Good God someone needs to help her
Mindy Leann
Mindy Leann 9 dagar sedan
I’ve been deeply bothered by Eugenia for a couple months now. I’ve reached out to SEmost, flagged her videos. I wish something could be done.
cassie v
cassie v 9 dagar sedan
Okay this is kinda hard for me to even say but let’s go: as someone who is considered fat and ugly, I have had multiple instances where I’ve purposely skipped meals, forgot to eat, or just didn’t eat at all (especially when other family members are around.) it has never turned into a disorder because every time it happens I tell myself “This is only going to make things worse. It won’t make you feel better no matter how much it seems like it will.” Seeing this genuinely hurts. I feel bad for the girl... she’s at the point where she can’t see what she’s doing is hurting her and others to an almost extreme sense. I hope that sitting back will help and that she will take a second and realize that what she’s doing is going to make her life and others havoc in the long run. If any of you are experience in something similar, my heart goes out to you. Stay strong, and know that you’re beautiful in your own way and that even if it seems mega pressuring, that you don’t need public “validation.”
Samantha Ghost
Samantha Ghost 9 dagar sedan
There was a famous singer named Karen Carpenter who died at 32 because her ED got the best of her and she suffered a massive heart attack. She was only 32 years old, I hate to say it but Eugenia’s days are definitely numbered at this point. It’s only a matter of time unfortunately. I really hope she can come out of this, but I highly doubt it. I don’t watch any of her videos anymore. If people straight up ignored her and stopped watching her maybe she’d give up and get some help.
bear`kub 10 dagar sedan
Can we just appreciate the videos linked in the description? we love Shannon. (I hope I spelled that right ;-;)
Judi Lynn
Judi Lynn 10 dagar sedan
Please stop saying THEE. It's old English. The ONLY time to use the word THEE is after words that start with A,E,I,O,U and silent H. Yes, this is the basic English lesson you slept through. You sound ridiculous.
Lucid_ Bee
Lucid_ Bee 9 dagar sedan
Bruh- it isnt that big of a deal-
Specialized Chemicals
Specialized Chemicals 9 dagar sedan
oh whatever. its old english which means people dont have to follow those rules anymore unless theyre writing a whole official essay or story with old english
Lene Hammero
Lene Hammero 10 dagar sedan
I finally left my disorder behind about 4.5 years ago and havent had problems again with body checking (thank goodness), but i remember that constant struggle. I hope one day we can improve therapy and normalize it to help with all matters of mental aid.
Bailey Bee
Bailey Bee 10 dagar sedan
Hearing a siren in the video and having to turn it off to see if it’s my neighbors getting into again.
Gilded Songbird
Gilded Songbird 11 dagar sedan
Eugenia Cooney isn't going to be demonetized because misogynists love her. They love to see women suffering and dying, and the men that work at SEmost are no different.
Specialized Chemicals
Specialized Chemicals 9 dagar sedan
thats kind of a reach but not too out of the ordinary
Meagan Coffman
Meagan Coffman 11 dagar sedan
It blows me away that SEmost and I assume twitch allow her the platform knowing EDs are very serious and dangerous. The best way for her to get help is for her to not have her “platform”
Melmel Hodgepodge
Melmel Hodgepodge 11 dagar sedan
Why the FUCK hasn't the proAna community disbanded yet.
lord jashin
lord jashin 11 dagar sedan
eugenia’s videos make me hate myself even more because i feel like i’ll never be small enough and that all my disordered efforts aren’t good enough :/ it also makes me wonder how fat my comfort characters would think i am
sarah K
sarah K 11 dagar sedan
She was giddy with excitement 😣
CandyRot 11 dagar sedan
also i just wanna say : even if she was more nervous rather than excited, what Shannon is saying is most likely true. I used to have an eating disorder too, and ANY comment about my appearence was a motivator, no matter what the comment was.
CandyRot 11 dagar sedan
I interpreted her body language and voice as more nervous rather than excited but the two do tend to overlap a lot, so it could go either way. I just hope she will be okay. I wish people understood eating disorders and how they function better.
squishy cutie
squishy cutie 11 dagar sedan
Helping people isn't a "one size fits all". Our first natural reaction is to show concern, but her situation is unique. Thank you for making this video, it brought clarity on what to do about her.
TheRealCrystalRose 11 dagar sedan
Thank you for putting TW the right way. Instead of being like “trigger warning” and not explain what the tw is for
海斗 11 dagar sedan
I thought she was getting better...
Cheiyenne Jimenez
Cheiyenne Jimenez 11 dagar sedan
Holy shit your disclaimer was great!
Strawberry Goddess
Strawberry Goddess 12 dagar sedan
I had anorexia when I was 14 or so everytime my people called me boney I heard I was skinny so I kinda look back on it now that I'm healthy and relize that I was so small and didn't look well but untill I got better I didn't see that and I feel like that's the same for her wich is really sad bc I can't even remember a lot of the time I struggled with anorexia I look back on it can just renmber felling cold and always thinking about when I'd eat next id even just stare at pictures of food it was aful and I dont want anyone else to go through that
Camila Mondragon
Camila Mondragon 12 dagar sedan
My parents make fun of how i "starve myself bc I want to be skinny" and in a lot of ways they are right, however the way they say it they make it seem so ridiculous and like I do it for attention. They make me feel so bad about it and It only makes me wanna prove them wrong so I don't stop, they make fun of it in front of my cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles and my friends parents. Once I cried for a straight hour. I hate myself so much and they laugh at it, so now I just laugh at everything
Alexi B
Alexi B 12 dagar sedan
maybe ppl should start telling her that she looks amazing.I don’t know
Aartsyishh 12 dagar sedan
A summer or two ago, while it wasn’t that extreme, I wouldn’t eat when I had the choice not to, my neighbors, moms friends, etc... would comment on how skinny I was getting and I loved it, I was so happy that someone had noticed. I realized after a few months that I shouldn’t be skipping lunch and breakfast because I was clearly hungry all day. I still take pride when someone calls me skinny and I don’t like that I still love it when someone says it. My mom started to watch me eat more often to make sure I was doing so and it’s helped a bit. Again, this is not extreme, this all happened over the pandemic and I’m getting better. Eugenia needs to seek actual help instead of influencing others on SEmost.
Choops946 12 dagar sedan
I have a cousin who struggles with anorexia and she means so much to me. Whenever she vents about how she feels to me I can’t help but cry bc it hurts to know that this is happening to her. I want to help her but I don’t really know how bc I am not in the same situation as her. We have a beach day planned out for this summer and we want to take cute Instagram pictures but idk what I should say as a compliment. Like after watching this video idk what to say anymore. I would usually say things like “you look good!” “Wow your so pretty” “your hair looks nice” “where’d you get that (clothing item)?” Etc. Should I change what I say to her? I am I doing anything wrong? What can I do to help her better?
s 12 dagar sedan
A simple TW is necessary, but it's sad theyve made you feel it's your RESPONSIBILITY to mother these turds.
Ashley Weill
Ashley Weill 12 dagar sedan
I remember I was in high school, sitting in the commons with my friends, waiting for the bell to ring for class. (I had an eating disorder) So my friend Bri goes “I knew a girl with anorexia once. She was really sick. Don’t worry, she was skinnier than you so you have nothing to worry about.” And she didn’t knew that I myself had anorexia. See, my next thoughts were: what was her bmi? What was her weight? How much skinnier was she? How can I be that sick? Like it was a contest
Evan Smith
Evan Smith 12 dagar sedan
Please put timestamps you ramble way to much and take forever to get to the point
TheTinyKnight 12 dagar sedan
I think its disturbing how she's ok with letting herself get to this point for the sake of strange men online. The weird stuff she does on stream? That's for some men who line her pockets. Theres ALOT of videos exposing more about that. She does body checking on purpose, she does stuff like move around heavy things on purpose!
MsSamsters101 12 dagar sedan
This is so legit! I myself have had issues off and on in my life ... and if people ignored it or acted normal around me I did not continue as long as whenever people would comment. Being so media based for her socializing proves to me that she doesn’t get those same reactions in her personal life so she uses these plat forms for the feed back she is seeking and has created a job of it... I think she’s created a living doing this to herself bc so many people do pay to comment or give her money just to do it... I even signed up for her twitch channel bc I heard in her videos and in other videos about her I got curious like she goes live and talks with people baffled me ... I have not continued past a month... everyday it’s the same conversation... once she’s on for about an hour or two then the negative comments start rolling in ... many get deleted because of phrasing or the mods didn’t catch it ... the ones that seep through are worded a certain way that she’ll read them out loud before knowing and you see how the rest of the stream goes to defending herself and her ordeal with the “haters” I think some people don’t realize that as long as she has viewers she’ll be there until the end ... they think oh this person was nice about it maybe that will work or that didn’t work so let’s try being aggressive oh that doesn’t work let’s just insult her ... but anytime someone does insult her she defends herself as well as laughs it off like it’s okay ... being in social media I get learning to be numb to the negativity... she could be healthy and someone will still have something to say ... that’s how social media is she knows this ... she’s just using all positive and negative to fuel her addiction... I never went as long or as extreme as Eugenia but I’ve gotten bad before and I did the same thing during those times ... it wasn’t until I felt if I keep going I was seriously not be here and like I said I never got to her extent of loss mass ... I’m 5’8” and I run about 140 these days which is great and healthy ... I battle with self imagine but as long no one comments on my appearance I do just fine ... whenever people start commenting then the mind starts playing games like you should diet... fast... take diet pills which help with energy too... get back to the gym walking 5 miles a day on a treadmill on top of working out an hour and a half in a gym and a physical job ... do this 5-6 days a week and you’ll drop to 115 in a month ... I put myself through the ringer but living on one honey bun one time for three days I was 106 at that point ... I got to the point my body was so tired I could not hold myself up anymore I had to have people carry me from room to room... bath me ... and even live with me while they worked and did all this and house work got done ... I have done diet pills before to the point that I didn’t realize how many I would take and how inappropriately I would take them to lose the weight as fast as I could and have the energy to move and burn more calories... I just cannot express enough that she’s using all of what everyone says the good and bad to fuel it and I think it’s such a habbit so many years like this for her that if she were to give in (in her mind) what more is she? How will she generate as much income ? What more could she do to get donations? She seen the rise and fall of her “fans” when it was ... she generates more and more fans the worse she gets it’s facts ... in that months time of twitch ive seen people all night long giving her donations and signing up new members ... I feel her pain and unfortunately until all her ways she uses the Internet stop feeding into her mental take on her condition is taken down she will never have a chance to face reality of it all
Olivia Gil
Olivia Gil 12 dagar sedan
Holy shit! I haven't seen her since I stopped watching her a few years ago, if that is her now.... her legs disturb me.... a lot.... 😰
KT YB 12 dagar sedan
Shannon MacDevine
Shannon MacDevine 12 dagar sedan
I've never followed her but I've followed the story. You want to scream at her (& the ppl enabling her) how bad this is. She is influencing a couple million, and she is very, very ill. It's heartbreaking. I think you're 💯, at this point, no one can help but her and maybe the platforms she's on. I really hope that I'm wrong when I say the platforms will step up only if they're under attack for this. I don't even want to voice what would need to happen for that to be true, but I know I'm not the only one who has thought the same. Stop watching her guys. Please. It won't end well.
Forever Healing 100
Forever Healing 100 12 dagar sedan
wow you are so smart and so correct ,, I have never never never ever seen her that bouncy flippy happy ,, you are so right !! you are so insightful . I wish people would not respond to those and encourage her..I feel great when I stopped looking at her content and I going to give myself some peace by not being so concerned. what she started doing the last month or so is a lot more laughing when she talks. how she did that throughout that whole video . I find it hugely condescending and rude to constantly laugh at any comment and it is not just the mean comments she read off in that video its in all her interactions now in all her videos and all her live streams she has adopted this laugh at a persons comment and smile. and its just so narcissistic and I do think you are right she loves it.. im so done and over this.. she freaked me out how happy she was to say her clothes are baggy and not only that but its her ' private ' area . so she kinda in a perverted way is getting turned on people are discussing and checking out her private area. remember she has no intimacy in real life this is as close as she gets to any intimacy . at all
Up Shit Creek
Up Shit Creek 12 dagar sedan
Wow, I didn’t realize that people struggling with an eating disorder actually welcome the negative comments, as they feel it means they are doing something right🥲 however that makes sense because on SEmost, the narcissist channels, are very much the same, they behave badly to get more views. They think they are doing something right because they see all these views... they don’t mind, nor care, what the negative comments say... cause “your all still watching me right?” So that makes sense what your saying. So basically the only way to make her replace the bad with more positive choices you need to use the extinguishing process which means... giver ZERO attention. I’m so glad that you put that into perspective for all of us, I’m not a sub to her channel, but if I were I would take your recommendations, as a person who knows her mindset, and I hope everyone else does too
Elizabth Harris
Elizabth Harris 12 dagar sedan
I agree and did block and have blocked EC for a year now. And encourage anyone who cares to stop watching this train wreck. If not to save her life, but at least yours and others with an ED.
DaisyBlades 12 dagar sedan
I hope she gets better :( makes me feel sick
Elizabth Harris
Elizabth Harris 12 dagar sedan
We appreciate you and your efforts and we are sorry you are having to do it. I am sorry you are having a hard time. Sadly I understand. I binge and well...the rest, and when I am triggering, I watch all these ed channels. It is weird how that works, we get a rush off others doing what we want to do....until we get to doing it to ourselves. Yay. I really hope you feel the need to save yourself and I hope you feel the love
Ilona 12 dagar sedan
I counted the hair flips and there were 73. *Seventy-three!*
Hatwox 12 dagar sedan
starts 2:16 trigger warning before that
SassyLashes 13 dagar sedan
She’s done these videos about five times. This isn’t the first.
Lauren Smigelski
Lauren Smigelski 13 dagar sedan
well she could also went through various comments from various videos but yeah who knows maybe she is saving them
Yanerd 13 dagar sedan
I bet she’d get help if all her enablers stopped watching her content
Rose Redmayne
Rose Redmayne 13 dagar sedan
To be honest, I used to be concerned for her but now I am more concerned the viewers who want to look like her...
lunar sway
lunar sway 13 dagar sedan
i may have an ed but eugenia isn't triggering in that way for me, so i'm watching this. "hopeless" is exactly how i'd describe it... i understand how everyone wants to help, to reach out, but at this point it won't do anything other than cause more harm. she needs to be demonitized, even banned, because as long as she gets comments, this won't get better. i feel so sorry for her and wish i could help, but the only way i can is to ignore her.
Shannon Jay
Shannon Jay 13 dagar sedan
Watching her smile and giggle at those comments is genuinely terrifying. How does she have supporters??? 🙁 Why hasn't youtube taken her account down yet?
Stoner Nation
Stoner Nation 13 dagar sedan
I love you, but please don't give her anymore attention. She just does not need it and it'll just send more people to her page and more young kids could develop a disorder or people who may be in denial or don't know they have a disorder and see this will want to follow her. I had to unfollow and unsubscribe from her and I hope everyone does.
NyxieDoobles 13 dagar sedan
as sad as it is theres literally nithing we can do now. i hope she gets help but honestly. we just have to sit back and hope she isnt dead when we check back at some point.
Bryce Ivey
Bryce Ivey 13 dagar sedan
This is the only video on Eugenia I’ve seen that actually gets it right
Sarah Holland
Sarah Holland 13 dagar sedan
She looked manic to me, very like a bi polar friend when she's off her meds. The denial is standard for eating disorder. I also think the fixed grin is her coping strategy. Plastering on a smile & pretending everything is fine only works for a while in any situation. What's bubbling underneath then leaks out: in self harm, depression, disordered eating etc
SuperDuper Nova
SuperDuper Nova 13 dagar sedan
SHANNON IM MENTALLY ILL ALREADY LEMME TRIGGER MYSELF!!! * srsly tho I appreciate the warning, but im an idiot who doesn't care *
Faustist 13 dagar sedan
The problem is most people's idea of "helping" is to straight up pick on her and they don't realize how absolute gross that is to people with EDs but mental illness in general because they swear that they "care for her" while also calling her "Selfish, manipulative, a lost cause, and a burden". And from a lot of people are saying, her family themselves keep re-conditioning her ED b.t.s, which makes some sense after the Sh*ne D*wson documentary. I just want the best for her, I don't want people to think they have to abandon her to help her, I want her away from those who clearly don't give a fuck and keep using her. The last thing I ever wanted to hear but kept hearing through my struggles was "Look what you're putting _me_ through."
Scorpia 13 dagar sedan
I haven’t watched a EJ video in quite sometime (for obvious reasons) and holy shit.... when she walked out of frame I was literally floored. not okay. I don’t know what has to happen for things to change, because this normalization is so detrimental. I have no words.
Adventure Kids Productions Sage
Adventure Kids Productions Sage 13 dagar sedan
Ty for covering this
Bake Calham
Bake Calham 13 dagar sedan
I’m literally only now realizing that at some point in life, I genuinely could have developed an ED :(. Only after realizing Eugenia’s behaviors and how they represent her ED did I know that I was doing something similar. “ omg your so skinny, eats a something “ I took that as validation even when it wasn’t :(. At some point I trained myself to not even eat Lunches and dinner and only go on breakfast. :((((( “ Your so skinny your clothes don’t even fit “ I wanted to get those more often, I never even gave it a though :( I’m so overwhelmed, how did I just realize this :((. I lucky stoped this way of thinking after joining some sports groups and really getting into staying healthy. I’m so fucking happy right now :(
Bern baby Bern
Bern baby Bern 14 dagar sedan
I know this is several days later because I try not to watch anything EC related, though this was very insightful to what the ED mind does, but are you okay? Genuinely asking.
Catherine N
Catherine N 14 dagar sedan
If you make a choice to watch this video with a clear warning, that's on you. If you go looking for trouble, you'll find it.
C D 14 dagar sedan
It’s awful that she is going through this, and not only that, but subjecting herself to the online community and getting validation from both negative and positive comments. I hope we can get to a point where she is not talked about on SEmost or Twitter or anywhere at all, because I would hate to imagine that she goes looking for comments in videos like this one. Fortunately I don’t follow her or watch her content. And I’m glad, because I was in a place a few years ago where I was conscious of my body image and if I had come across one of her videos I would have most likely followed her and watched her. And seeing all the love and hate she gets I would have probably seen her as a figure that I would have looked up to. It’s not okay. SEmost and other platforms need to ban her, for her safety and everyone else’s.
PIXEL INK THE ALIEN 14 dagar sedan
imho, people who are telling her that they hope that she dies and people who are praising her telling her that she looks "wonderful" are both contributing to her getting worse imho.
shan 14 dagar sedan
As much as I love that people care about her, I can’t help but be frustrated by the amount of people who comment on her posts either saying good things or saying that they’re worried about her. So many people have said “PLEASE ignore her. Stop telling her how thin she is, even if you’re just worried about her!” I don’t know if it’s ever going to stop. She sure as hell isn’t going to leave the internet on her own.
Blue K
Blue K 14 dagar sedan
She was one of the starting points of my EDs. I always report her channel and try to report her videos. I hate that every platform lets her get away with it.
Rosalie Ospina just got worse somehow
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