Eternals Trailer - Thanos Explained and New Marvel Phase 4 Cameo Scenes

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Eternals Trailer 2021. Thanos Explained, New Marvel Phase 4 Thanos Movies, Cameo Scenes, Eternals vs Thanos, Loki and Thor Love and Thunder ►
Eternals Trailer Black Knight ►
Loki Trailer and Episode 1 Scene ►
Thor 4 Love and Thunder First Look ►
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Covering new Official Marvel Eternals Trailer 2021. Eternals Thanos Explained, Connections and Thanos History. Thanos Family Explained and relationship to the Main Eternals characters in the movie. New Thanos Marvel Phase 4 Marvel Phase 5 Movies report. And Other Thanos Movies like Nova Movie and Avengers Infinity War Avengers Endgame Deleted Scenes that they'll cover in future movies.

Thanos is related to some of the Eternals more closely than others. But he is fully an Eternals character.

Kit Harington Black Knight Explained and what his story in the Eternals Movie is going to be. Marvel Black Knight History and Lore. Kit Harington Jon Snow Game Of Thrones reunion with Robb Stark Richard Madden. Kit Harington Avengers 5 Crossover Teaser explained by Kevin Feige. The Black Knight was created by Stan Lee, but there won't be a Stan Lee Cameo Scene in the Eternals Movie, just easter eggs and references like the Stan Lee Venom 2 Trailer Scenes.

New Marvel Phase 4 Trailer Footage. Avengers Endgame Ending and Eternals Plot Teaser and Easter Eggs. Infinity Stones Scene and Celestials Explained. Why the Eternals didn't help during Avengers Endgame.

Kit Harington is also playing a larger character with the idea of crossover over in Avengers 5 when that movie happens in addition to some of the Eternals crossing over with Avengers 5.

I'll do more Shang Chi Trailer, Spiderman 3 No Way Home Trailer and Marvel Phase 4 X-Men Easter Eggs videos as we see more from them in the new movies and Disney Plus Series. Loki Episodes are the next place that will happen later this year.

Loki Episode 1 with Tom Hiddleston will release next, now that Falcon and Winter Soldier Finale is finished. New Thor 4 Teaser for Chris Hemsworth soon, Spider-Man 3 No Way Home Trailer, Doctor Strange 2 Trailer Multiverse of Madness. Black Widow Movie. Hawkeye Trailer, Moon Knight Trailer and a bigger Eternals Trailer!

More Loki videos coming soon!

Marvel Eternals Trailer via Marvel Studios
Art by rafagrassetti , spideyvegas​
Eternals Avengers Theme Music via

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Emergency Awesome
Emergency Awesome 2 månader sedan
Here's my new Marvel Eternals video and How the Eternals are connected to Thanos and more Thanos in future movies! Here's my new Eternals Black Knight video for Kit Harington's character and his future in Avengers 5!
Jdj jdjd
Jdj jdjd 2 dagar sedan
@Taeson Slane And it's a 😭 shame The "New Gods" aren't handled by better capable "👐"!! Still waiting for the introduction of The New Gods DC ( Deliriously Clueless) & WB ( We Bizarro) they said that when " Justice League" was bomb 💣 & out class by 🤔...? The Avengers??! no...The X-Men??.no..WHO 😯??!! DEADPOOL Marvel's answer to Freddy Krueger 💣 out the quintessential DC superhero group..1 character
Taeson Slane
Taeson Slane 2 dagar sedan
Thanos was made by the guy who created DCs new Gods after he already did it. The eternals never became as popular as the new gods and they are not as powerful. Darkseid is literally just a higher tier than Thanos.
Jdj jdjd
Jdj jdjd 23 dagar sedan
Zuras & Mentor ( who became rulers of their people) had different views on how to govern their people. Mentor was unnumbered & left Earth taking refuge on Titan. He met a fellow eternals because the peaceful leaders of their civilization ,having sons Thanos & Starfox
Jdj jdjd
Jdj jdjd 23 dagar sedan
Actually, 2 brothers Mentor ( Thanos' father ) & Zuras ( Thena's father) are the sons of Coronos! Coronos was a scientist testing unstable cosmic chemicals & exploded melting his physical form but, greatly enhance his astral form on a vastly cosmic level making him a peer amongst his creators ,The Celestials
cmonclair27 Månad sedan
Succesful Thanos movie recipe: 1) Show his cosmic powers 2) Put him on a grueling fight against an extremely powerful being. Have him win by his wits. 3) Bring death's female form.
iSBANAH B. Dag sedan
The "Rogue" Eternal finds Thanos' head and collects him and brings him back to life
FromCHD2CAN Dag sedan
I wanna see a movie where Thanos is the hero, and avengers are the villains.
Ken Vance
Ken Vance 2 dagar sedan
Go for the head!
Metaphysical Grace
Metaphysical Grace 2 dagar sedan
So that's means in the multiverse there is a universe where the people of Titan listened to him and actually went at random.
Jonathon Brent
Jonathon Brent 2 dagar sedan
Dude, I usually like your videos, but holy crap slow down. You were just machine gunning info and jumping around at million mph.
Yusuf Nimaga
Yusuf Nimaga 2 dagar sedan
Mon frère ! Tu trop chaud ! 🇨🇵
Charon Bond
Charon Bond 2 dagar sedan
wondered if Thanos would come in at the end of the current arc and help the Avengers defeat a few incarnations of Kang.
the Peacock
the Peacock 2 dagar sedan
How big is thanos willy wonker ?
eugene tablizo
eugene tablizo 2 dagar sedan
Is this also connected to x-men, history of apocalypse? 🤔
Mario Lobos
Mario Lobos 3 dagar sedan
Artem lobov is an eternal
Yulo Watanabe
Yulo Watanabe 3 dagar sedan
can't wait to simp on Angelina Jolie
Shawn McCarthy
Shawn McCarthy 3 dagar sedan
Could Thanos possibly come back on the good side because something more powerful shows up?
Khenede H
Khenede H 3 dagar sedan
Omg imagine if for whatever reason they had tried to go with War Machines plan to kill baby Thanos, not knowing they were going to be facing beings even more powerful than him😂 breaking into a citadel of all powerful celestials, trying to murder their newborn baby!
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson 5 dagar sedan
Black Knight is not an Eternal. Why is he in the Eternals movie?
Cinza Fénix
Cinza Fénix 5 dagar sedan
Annunaki, satanic illuminati
invite2raid666 5 dagar sedan
Isn't the official Canon now that Knull cut off the head that created Nowhere?
Robert Sutton
Robert Sutton 5 dagar sedan
Backstory for Thanos
kenbo111 5 dagar sedan
Where did those animated clips come from? Was there an old Eternals cartoon I missed?
i upload trash
i upload trash 5 dagar sedan
Damn Thanos let himself go
Kenneth Turner
Kenneth Turner 6 dagar sedan
Not holding much hope for the Eternals doing much better than the Inhumans.
MAd Man
MAd Man 4 timmar sedan
eternals are more unique and powerful than inhumans and eternals,deviants are descendants of X-men
Daniel Espinoza
Daniel Espinoza 6 dagar sedan
Doesn't make sense for our titan to be thanos' homeworld.
JROTC Recruitment Center
JROTC Recruitment Center 6 dagar sedan
Bro he said that's where he lived in infinity war lmao
Sean 6 dagar sedan
Pretty sure it's a different Titan
Diego Cabrera
Diego Cabrera 7 dagar sedan
Rey Mysterio is an Eternal, confirmed.
ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ 7 dagar sedan
Fun fact: Both Marvel and DC share ancient Greek mythological deities in their comics, plus a few Nordic gods as well...
Edward Brownewell
Edward Brownewell 8 dagar sedan
Give us Galactus!
J V 9 dagar sedan
Is iron man dead?
Trend setta
Trend setta 9 dagar sedan
I think it would be waaaaay to kool to have a 6 episode Thanos origin story on Disney+ ! Lots of ways to introduce the different species/ characters from other galaxies ... JM.02
Like Father Like Son
Like Father Like Son 9 dagar sedan
So if i have memories of a past life, am I an eternal?
Khalid Rogers
Khalid Rogers 9 dagar sedan
Black dude should have lain off the milkshakes before squeezing into that suit...... :)
TheShreester 9 dagar sedan
From what we've seen so far, these Eternals are an unwanted, unnecessary addition to the MCU and their backstory is lazily inconsistent and unimpressive. They might fail as bad as the Inhumans did... Marvel seems to be going in the direction of super powered gods rather than superhuman heroes, but this raises the stakes to unbelievable levels and requires all kinds of plot contrivances to explain their absence from the MCU so far. These characters are also so far removed from normal humans as to be unrelatable. Sometimes less is more, especially with god like characters who work best when using minions to do their work, and only appear for the final showdown (as Thanos did).
JiTian 9 dagar sedan
i mean the eternals have been dead for a while. ofc they could say some of the eternals have survived. if they do want they the "memory " thing they could use the celestials
epsilonz lyric
epsilonz lyric 10 dagar sedan
Thanos will help beat Kang
Tony V
Tony V 11 dagar sedan
Thanos deserves his own movies hes that cool
Partha Bhattacharya
Partha Bhattacharya 2 dagar sedan
5 season, 10 1 hour episodes. His life, start until xandar
King Collins
King Collins 3 dagar sedan
@Mark Sullivan I know. Wish they'd do a tv series on Odin and Helena and the quest for the stones also
Mark Sullivan
Mark Sullivan 3 dagar sedan
@King Collins that would be cool. Like Detailed info on how he grew up and how his planet was destroyed.
King Collins
King Collins 3 dagar sedan
They need to do a back story on Thanos
Mark Sullivan
Mark Sullivan 5 dagar sedan
I would like to see him in more movies, I love the character.
vikas rathore
vikas rathore 12 dagar sedan
Thanos story is end we need new villain
borg111 12 dagar sedan
Ok, how can a race with advanced space traveling capabilities die on a single planet due to over population?
Gary Vincent
Gary Vincent 11 dagar sedan
@borg111 right, but theres still a resource shortage caused by overpopulation, anyone who had a 'car' left but everyone else was stuck there they are the ones who overpopulated and died, you think middle class and upwards are gonna stick around if they can go anywhere in the universe?
borg111 11 dagar sedan
@Gary Vincent We have the technology to make electricity out of water, I would surmise that the Eternals who are much more advanced could have used similar elements to a greater degree. According to the Lore they have been space traveling for centuries. Space travel should be as easy as we drive.
Gary Vincent
Gary Vincent 11 dagar sedan
lack of fuel, cause the recources are spread so thin
Brian Penton
Brian Penton 12 dagar sedan
It would be nice to see the version of Thanos that falls in love with Death and has to compete with Deadpool for her affections. Not to mention Deadpool discovering he’s the son of Loki.
Dex van Duijn
Dex van Duijn 13 dagar sedan
Rob Stark and John snow are in here
Miguel Moreno
Miguel Moreno 14 dagar sedan
Thats alot bs
RED Hulk
RED Hulk 14 dagar sedan
Should give thanos a similar character ark to that of negan from the walking dead
WHAT UP? 14 dagar sedan
When are we gonna get a Galalctus movie? Or a Secret Wars movie?
Tre16 12 dagar sedan
I'm thinking he'll be the big bad guy to come over the next 20+ movies.
WHAT UP? 14 dagar sedan
Would be cool if Beta Ray bill made an appearance along with Odin.
WHAT UP? 14 dagar sedan
What I dont like is them casting females in the male roles of eternals. Not authentic to the comic book. Feige u suck.
Ryan Hass
Ryan Hass 14 dagar sedan
He's dead let's leave him that way. Not interested in anymore Thanos.
Νικόλαος 13 dagar sedan
I do
William Harbuck
William Harbuck 13 dagar sedan
His childhood ? Lol doesn’t sound interesting at all? What made him the way he was ?
AntiBaboonDevice 15 dagar sedan
Young Thanos is an interesting character with a tragic back story. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a benign, good version of Thanos at some point, much like Loki, who is not mad. I wonder how they'll tie this all in with Kang. The technology is very similar to that seen in Kang's reveal. The ship, the conjuring elements, it all looks the same style. Everyone is a product of circumstance.
philippe bernard
philippe bernard 15 dagar sedan
All I "want" from Marvel's movies is surprise me, entertain me, and even... make me think a bit about some more serious stuff !... But first : Surprise !!! In that way too, "Loki" first season was SO good !... Hope it will create many many (good) surprises for us all !! 😉👌👍
Rallem Semaj
Rallem Semaj 15 dagar sedan
With all of your mentions towards "civil wars" among the Titans, I'm beginning to wonder if they actually perished from overpopulation or if they destroyed their own planet.
Carne Oconnor
Carne Oconnor 16 dagar sedan
I'd love more in depth on thanos but seems you've already done it so big up to you bro💯
SlighceTUNES 16 dagar sedan
Who has all the answers to the MCU?
picoolio 16 dagar sedan
Alien, androids and wizards.
chokar162 17 dagar sedan
I want thanos comeback being more badass then ever before seeing him win was the most interesting part to me! 😂
Dyler Turden
Dyler Turden 17 dagar sedan
Uh I just randomly ended up here and I WAS NOT AWARE Thanos was an Eternal, however I feel like Eternals is going to be gratuitous and I’m still not sold
HELPME100 17 dagar sedan
Wait a minute what about Eternal ? Silver surfers creator?
LighTēSoaKer 17 dagar sedan
Thanos should get time dialated in the next series.
Bread Lord
Bread Lord 17 dagar sedan
Is that robb stark?
BullsTheGamer 18 dagar sedan
With Loki and the TVA they gotta bring back thanos some how!!
CrunchyFrog 18 dagar sedan
Thanos in the MCU is DEAD, he died onscreen _twice,_ they should bloody well keep him dead. The Avengers sacrificed so much, Tonx Stark sacrificed his life! If Thanos just returns to life, that would be so stupid and invalidate what Tony Stark died for. No revolving door from the comics! If Thanos gets a revolving door, so should Tony!
Mikael Blom
Mikael Blom 14 dagar sedan
He vanished and can come back like many of the heroes did With the snap?
93hothead 14 dagar sedan
probably a variant of thanos and tony
Jesse Barfield
Jesse Barfield 14 dagar sedan
With multiverse anything can happen. Marvel studios wants to tell a good story. Disney wants to make money. Why do a lot of movies have different characters but follow plot points from stories that are thousands of years old? Because they work. Rule number one of business, never handcuff yourself. If they want to keep this gravy boat going they have to have a loop hole to bring anyone back. Multiverse is the ticket
Steve Davis
Steve Davis 15 dagar sedan
Yup they're getting to anxious with all the multiverse stuff. As a comic fan I love it but it seems like they're gonna be banking on bringing back old characters to help build hype but it might take away from fans falling in love with new characters but I ain't no movie producer so we'll see how it works out...
CrunchyFrog 18 dagar sedan
I already dislike the Eternals. What a bunch of boring, overpowered Mary-Sues.
fgsdg dfgsgfsd
fgsdg dfgsgfsd 19 dagar sedan
The abject probation ophthalmoscopically flow because north korea methodologically release between a condemned database. tasty, needless forecast
Jonny Brown
Jonny Brown 19 dagar sedan
Had enough of Thanos, let's have some new more powerful baddies to fight!!
kamaljit singh
kamaljit singh 21 dag sedan
So much fake history 😂😂
Kingof Duel12
Kingof Duel12 21 dag sedan
My bad I was ranting but forgot KANG literally could fix so many pieces that haven’t exactly connected and imagine the scenes bruh He had a whole war with his own lineup of heroes/villains
Levi Franklin
Levi Franklin 22 dagar sedan
So is Thanos somehow not dead? Or will these be flashbacks
Warrior Jennings
Warrior Jennings 22 dagar sedan
This movie is one enormous deception. They are going to trick you into cheering for your oppressors. Those heroes of old...those men of your bible people. These are the fallen watchers from the books of Enoch. These are the legends from the Book of Jashers and Jubilees. Greece teaches Greek Mythology LIKE IT"S TRUE FACTUAL HISTORY!!!! Every single culture has a story of angelic beings coming down to interact and mate with human beings! Wake up people!!!! It's not entertainment! It's them telling you what they plan to do and asking for your permission to do so.
Louis Columbus
Louis Columbus 23 dagar sedan
Saturns moon Titan and Thanos’ Titan are different places
Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor 23 dagar sedan
I've never read a marvel comic, but even I think you're getting your Titans mixed up. Saturns' moon?? Really?
Meek Meek
Meek Meek 23 dagar sedan
Time stone wasn't create by a person. it was created in the big bang.
CsehCsaba 24 dagar sedan
why Angelina Joli, and why Salma Hayek :D they are so bad omfg...they just don't fit with MCU. It's pathetic
Eli argumedo
Eli argumedo 24 dagar sedan
The MCU should use another variant of Thanos whose goal is to take over TVA
The King Adam 1984
The King Adam 1984 24 dagar sedan
There should be some one in the Marvel universe to come out and explin every movie or series so that we can really know whats really going on
TheSdfgfadg 25 dagar sedan
12 minutes of absolutely nothing
Andrew Matthews
Andrew Matthews 26 dagar sedan
Wait so Thanos is from Earth’s solar system?
jacob zansitis
jacob zansitis 26 dagar sedan
Thanos didn't live on Saturn's moon. It had the same name.
jacob zansitis
jacob zansitis 19 dagar sedan
@Bruce Wayne lol
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 19 dagar sedan
@jacob zansitis Maybe they got lost
jacob zansitis
jacob zansitis 19 dagar sedan
@Bruce Wayne in the comics he definitely is, but in the MCU Tony was stranded outside the galaxy on the way home from Titan. If it was Saturn's moon he would have had no problem getting home.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 20 dagar sedan
Thanos is from Saturns moon.
KryptiqK 26 dagar sedan
Eternals might be the beginning of the downfall. Sorry, but it looks wack af.
Joel Tinker
Joel Tinker 26 dagar sedan
They didn't help because these things are slapped together with zero thought. This universe is just a mess.
Mattew woodward
Mattew woodward 28 dagar sedan
Carnt they just follow the comics just for once instead of fucking them up by. Force feeding the bs they put on screen the last desernt marvil movie was the 2008 hulk
Mattew woodward
Mattew woodward 28 dagar sedan
Carnt they just follow the comics just for once instead of fucking them up by. Force feeding the bs they put on screen the last desernt marvil movie was the 2008 hulk
Jamie Domke
Jamie Domke 28 dagar sedan
They should give Thanos a character things from his side give him a more complete character.
Daniel Yi
Daniel Yi 28 dagar sedan
I like my mad titans THICC.
Busbacker BK
Busbacker BK 28 dagar sedan
They lived on the Moon of Saturn Titan. Thanos titan was a completly diffrent planet
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 20 dagar sedan
No. Thanos has always been from Saturns moon.
A aron
A aron 28 dagar sedan
Thanos should become a high school teacher
Chris Cloo
Chris Cloo 29 dagar sedan
Wait…so thanks will come back as he is an eternal…or did the stone actually take out that option?
Ariful Islam
Ariful Islam 29 dagar sedan
The striped step-daughter accordingly fax because pastry moberly pop failing a large ex-husband. gaping, swift snowflake
Wildcat 8
Wildcat 8 Månad sedan
An avengers movie with out captain America or Iron man doesn’t seem right. Lost all interest
Thanos should have his own movie from when he was born to what made him into the person he is today that would be live
Levi Kerr
Levi Kerr Månad sedan
I want Thanos to bring back the Avengers.
Gary Seven
Gary Seven Månad sedan
After over 20 years of the MCU isn't it time for something new? All of this is beginning to look and feel very tired now. This easily tank just due to lack of enthusiasm, let alone the amount forced agenda politics that it will suffer from.
Ken McKinley
Ken McKinley Månad sedan
Jon's adventures beyond the wall!
Fat Daddy Toy Review
Fat Daddy Toy Review Månad sedan
They guided humans but were absent in the infinity saga? Wtf?
Jonathan Frakes
Jonathan Frakes Månad sedan
Why are all these superpowered beings concentrated on Earth and not scattered in other places in the universe? It's getting ridiculous. And casting Angelina Jolie ruins this movie.
CsehCsaba 24 dagar sedan
agree. casting is pathetic
Archie Beach
Archie Beach Månad sedan
Did you just say that Kronos, the marvel character, was the inspiration for Kronos, the Greek Titan? Lmao obviously you didn’t mean that but I had to just take a second there 😂
Khala Tarrant
Khala Tarrant 28 dagar sedan
No he actually did mean that- as in like, in the marvel universe, the Greek myths are in reference to the Titans :)
Jsmes Wagner
Jsmes Wagner Månad sedan
So is the new movie with Mark walburg mcu infinite
Trace zach daniels
Trace zach daniels Månad sedan
SO SHWEEEETTT...much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide} sooooo cool..!!
Jorge O
Jorge O Månad sedan
Fu**K Thanos, he's a Psychopath, he's the greatest mass murder in the history of the universe, he's dead and gone now. Move on to other things. He should no more be glorified than Adolf. It's ridiculous to even be talking about that purple nutsack face lunatic.
Mark Cunningham
Mark Cunningham Månad sedan
where the Thanos Gym ?
Cortell Eady
Cortell Eady Månad sedan
So did thanos wipe they memories ? Just to get the infinity stones because he knew they were powerful then him
Ross Levatter
Ross Levatter Månad sedan
CLEARLY the Titan that Thanos came from is NOT one of the moons of Jupiter. It would have been much easier for Tony to get home to earth if that had been true.
MrFerbalicious Månad sedan
Step: 1) I would like the MCU to show Thanos courting Death to get the heart of the universe 2) Show Deadpool's and Death's intimate relationship 3) bring Deadpool into the MCU with the Thanos/Deadpool/Death Love Triangle - another Deadpool action packed RomCom
Scott Davidson
Scott Davidson Månad sedan
I'm 🤔
A Dancy
A Dancy Månad sedan
I feel like I see character wise a lot of similarities between Thanos and Apocalypse... Your thoughts???
Robert Cribb
Robert Cribb Månad sedan
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