Everything We Know About Imps So Far: Hazbin Hotel & Helluva Boss Explained!

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There are all sorts of demons in Hazbin Hotel & Helluva Boss, but the ones we have seen the most of so far are the infamous Imps, the lowest of the low, and the main characters of our show. With the recent episode we got to learn a lot about the Imps from the wrath ring, so let's talk about everything we know so far!

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Cartoon Universe
Cartoon Universe 2 månader sedan
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gaming indominus
gaming indominus 2 månader sedan
I have a feeling that the reason that imps have different shape tall tips varying from Individual to individual is more than likely genetic variation among the species which is also why Striker is more orange then other imps.
Tad Dad
Tad Dad 2 månader sedan
also it could be that imps are in fact hard to kill but can be killed.
Tad Dad
Tad Dad 2 månader sedan
would say that blitz was probably too drunk to remember anything but those lessons. Think there is also a possible implication that blitzo isn't quite a normal imp either.
Aggravated Bystander
Aggravated Bystander 2 månader sedan
A theory for the white spots being scares is supported by blitz in episode one he gets shot in the arm and in episode five we get a good look at his arm and see where he got shot has a white mark as well but then again the thing like the picture in the office could just be an editing mistake and the white spots could be their versions of moles Like us but then again this is not solid reference ing episode one again Millie gets hit in the face with a bottle and gets a white patch so this could be a bruise to and depending on how much damage they took the longer it lasts this would explain why mills face patch went away by the next episode I believe it is a combination of the two your thoughts
Bernie Katzroy
Bernie Katzroy 2 månader sedan
Transfromers guy Gaming
Transfromers guy Gaming Dag sedan
Loona isn't i.m.p's she's... I don't really know.
Galaxy Dag sedan
Do you think it’s even possible to dye their horns and speaking of horns do you think Millie’s sister Sallie May shaved and shaped her horns to look more female if it’s not possible to dye her horns or were they just smaller then normal male Imps
Lugicor 14 dagar sedan
If male succubi are called incubi, are female imps Simps then?
therabbit _god
therabbit _god 24 dagar sedan
i feel like sally may didnt dye her hair because in the pilot of helluva boss millie had the same thing
Jacob Mewherter
Jacob Mewherter 27 dagar sedan
What is five took place before 3
Shalom isaac
Shalom isaac Månad sedan
I always wonder about the mark on his Ford
Jori Presutti
Jori Presutti Månad sedan
Everyone is talking about Striker and Blitz but what about Moxxie? What about the fact that he has animal hind legs opposed to other imps we've seen that have normal human legs. Maybe there is a reason and I just don't know or I am the only one who wonders/noticed.
shamothecow Månad sedan
So even in a fictional made up hell you'll never be a woman
SML Månad sedan
When you hear closer you can hear a little bit of the audio
Soya Sauce
Soya Sauce Månad sedan
4:41 Reaganism
Mini Sniper
Mini Sniper Månad sedan
Theory- Tail Triangle= virgin Heart= non virgin Theory
Cringey Cookie!
Cringey Cookie! Månad sedan
So Imps get spots where they are hurt So IMAGINE AN ALL WHITE IMP:O
LeWeirdPotato 360
LeWeirdPotato 360 Månad sedan
Genetics for the shape of tails and his or hers hair color possibly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Camilla Hearsch
Camilla Hearsch Månad sedan
ALSO! About the fire stuff, remember that fire in the mortal realm is different from the underworld. Fire in the underworld burns billions of times brighter than the fire in the mortal realm, therefore causing the death of a farmhand.
Camilla Hearsch
Camilla Hearsch Månad sedan
I am absolutely obsessed wth Vivzie's design choices for helluva-boss. I. AM. OBSESSED.
Haruka Takahashi
Haruka Takahashi Månad sedan
This is a really good video
Gargwin Vinesnake
Gargwin Vinesnake Månad sedan
Glad it's confusing Millie's sister is trans. Glad her family is so accepting ❤
Cassie Jade Celosia
Cassie Jade Celosia Månad sedan
Where is Moxxie from then???
purple DoGG
purple DoGG Månad sedan
Sister is just transexual for no reason lmao
Sarn Just Sarn
Sarn Just Sarn Månad sedan
Ooh! I was wondering why Millie’s sister had a boy voice I thought it was just a silly and funny thing to put in
Combes Månad sedan
"Spike has strong hands"
SpiritWolfeMoon Månad sedan
So this doesn't 100% confirm the theory that white spots are scars however I remembered that Blitzø had been shot in the arm in the first episode (Murder Family) which is the only injury we see made any of imps bleed (Specifically the main characters cause they are the only individuals who we KNOW are going to return and no I don't count them getting bruised or crushed as the same as blood does not come out) other than in Harvest Moon Festival which I'll get into right now, The Harvest Moon Festival is the second episode we see any major characters bleeding with it being Millie later on, however we have yet to see her after she recovers, but what we do get is Blitzø naked... please don't take that out of context... actually regardless it's still gonna sound messed up... but we get to see his arm, now it's only for a short amount of time however we do get to see that Blitzø has two white marks on his right arm (Around where he got shot) which could potentially have been the injury which he healed from. However I then notice a family in Loo Loo Land, there is a baby with white tips on his tail. Now I know this is hell but I'm sure that parents are more responsible than to let their kid get hurt at such a young age, but then you notice his brother and his parents, they all have white on the tips of their tails. This makes me believe that white marks can be both scars and simply birthmarks although large amounts of white spots aren't typically birthmarks. However that is only my theory and it could be completely wrong or slightly right. I dunno, anyways reader have a great day!
bart mcfall
bart mcfall Månad sedan
The dramatic morocco bacteriologically fetch because temperature archaeologically reproduce over a nappy advertisement. unsuitable, elated middle
Moon Månad sedan
hedgededge Månad sedan
"The white spots are likely to be where imps have been injured or scarred." Me: Casts a quick look at Charlies full demon form... OH NO.
sam belle
sam belle Månad sedan
i feel like its not that hes never been the the wrath ring, its that he lies to make himself look better, doesent it just make sense for a demon to lie like that??
Reckless Abandon
Reckless Abandon 2 månader sedan
Another thing that I personally noticed is that multiple imps have animalistic qualities For example. Blitzø purrs like a cat. Moxxie is mistaken for a possum. Striker rattles like a rattlesnake and Millie hisses like a honey badger when she stabs Striker
justin poulson
justin poulson 2 månader sedan
when is the next episode?
Dragon maid
Dragon maid 2 månader sedan
I always thought he brought the horse riding lessons but didnt attend, i.e. just a frivolous expenditure of her credit card.
J17 2 månader sedan
I would like to point out that most horned animals have keratin making up the outer part of their horn. Keratin is also the material that makes up fingernails and hair. So it actually does make some sort of sense for horns to be an extension of the hair.
rainz6869 2 månader sedan
Add S in IMPS
Hunter Fralix
Hunter Fralix 2 månader sedan
Some imps also have eyes that start to become red when angry or fighting
Gamer's Theater
Gamer's Theater 2 månader sedan
Imps in Helluva Boss: Funny wholesome couples who make dirty jokes Imps in Video Games: AHHHH ANGRY BOI GO AWAY!
Brandon zookini
Brandon zookini 2 månader sedan
Oh my god I feel bad for the animators having to animate all those spots😖
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 2 månader sedan
You can actually see that one of the kidnappers in episode 2 has female imp horns (It's the one that gets shot by blitzo at the circus)
Pink 2 månader sedan
Trans Sally may 🥺❤
Meese 2 månader sedan
i love how much thought they put into the design of millies trans sister without making a mockery of her!
𝑪𝒂𝒊𝒂 2 månader sedan
Tbh I just think that Blitzø is a imp coming from the Lust Ring and that Striker is a imp coming from the Envy Ring.
Matcha•-• 2 månader sedan
I’m just noticing that Striker and Millie’s sister have the same horn pattern. Maybe that’s just an Easter Egg or a way of saying that those 2 have something in common, not sure-
Aori 2 månader sedan
Look at the poster, And then Blitz, on the poster he doesn't have the spot, if someone didn't get it lol (3:08)
Chibu 2 månader sedan
Has anyone noticed that male imps always have white hair and horns start white, but Blitzos horns start black?
Alejandro Ochoa
Alejandro Ochoa 2 månader sedan
moogle 2 månader sedan
"Mommy mommy I wanna go to hell!" "Mommy mommy can we go to hell 2 visit the helluva boss characters?"
gaming indominus
gaming indominus 2 månader sedan
I have a feeling that the reason that imps have different shape tall tips varying from Individual to individual is more than likely genetic variation among the species which is also why Striker is more orange then other imps.
Sr. Lontra
Sr. Lontra 2 månader sedan
I believe blitzø saying he never had been to the ring of wrath is just a pride thing. He doesn't admit it to someone who doesn't know he had been, for some reason.
Freali 2 månader sedan
This is just a theory, but in episode 1, Blitzo said "your fire cant hurt us". The word "your" in that sentence, and the flaming twisters probably killing a farmhand, could mean that fire on earth cant hurt imps, but hellfire can.
Fynn Cowley
Fynn Cowley 2 månader sedan
I think Moxxie is a different species from Millie, as Moxxie (as well as Blitzo) has more beak-like top lips, while Millie, her sister and both her parents have more human-like lips.
Rae Shadowfox
Rae Shadowfox 2 månader sedan
We actually have a fantastic example of scarring on imps. If you remember episode 3, Millie was seriously banged up after her fight with the giant fish, with 3 narrow cuts on her right leg visible at one point. Look at Millie's right leg in the clip at 3:14. Three white marks that were not there in episode 3.
Jillian Crawford
Jillian Crawford 2 månader sedan
It could also be that Blitz managed to successfully steal Verosica's credit card for the lessons but never got to actually take those lessons or the lessons were held in an area away from where the majority of the wrath-ring population lives.
silver pomegranate
silver pomegranate 2 månader sedan
When I first saw Blitz’s hands and chest I immediately thought he had Vitiligo. It makes sense to be on his face too since that’s where many people’s real Vitiligo shows
Rocio Ayala
Rocio Ayala 2 månader sedan
I have a theory that moxie could be adopted but then again im not sure
Shadowdroid776 2 månader sedan
I almost guessed about Sally May due to her voice being done by Brandon Rogers (I think, it sounds very close to him) and it was lower in tone. However, I have a naturally deep ass voice as well, and Brandon Rogers plays female characters all the time. I was ALMOST right on that one. Which is cool because my friend is trans and so am I, and it's not a thing this character is forcing into people's faces in the show. It's just "hey, there's Sally May. She's my homicidal sister", and that's it. I like that. It's natural.
sofia coca
sofia coca 2 månader sedan
Blitzø got hurt at the firs episode And we see his arm when he's with Stolas
Genderless potato
Genderless potato 2 månader sedan
Ok so i have a theory about the tail shapes : When you get to hell you start with a really triangullar / geometrical shaped tail , but the more time You spend in hell the roundier /Heart-shaped it gets. i dont have Any evidencie to back this Up but i think its worth giving this a shot
Night dragon Girl
Night dragon Girl 2 månader sedan
I have a theory the heart like shape on the top of blitzos head has something to do with verasica
whosplayingyou29 2 månader sedan
Sally May is trans confirmed? awesome! the only thing that ever tipped me off to this is that her voice doesn't quite pass and it's something I vibed with hard
Masked Maniac
Masked Maniac 2 månader sedan
A male succubus is an incubus, funny how you humans get irritated at being misgendered and then keep doing it yourselves..
The Denisse
The Denisse 2 månader sedan
Ok so if the white hair for male and black for female makes millie sister trans, does that mean millie was also meant to be trans? She had a white spot on her hair in the pilot.
oikawa simp
oikawa simp 2 månader sedan
just saying it rn blitzø was somehow hotter in the new episode than he's ever been previously-
Futaba Naru Gonzalez
Futaba Naru Gonzalez 2 månader sedan
Moxxie the adorable Imp
Nessie97_Vanny 2 månader sedan
Sally May is voiced by a Transgender Woman and its kinda cool knowing there’s more Trans Celebrities than some people might expect
Kasen Daniel
Kasen Daniel 2 månader sedan
So what kind of imp is striker
illusion animates
illusion animates 2 månader sedan
I have a feeling Blitzo isn't actually part succubus and he's just a imp varient from the lust ring
YUMA KUGA 2 månader sedan
Ohh wow so blitz is bald
The derpy Watermelon
The derpy Watermelon 2 månader sedan
What if imps unlike the people that go there, when imps are killed they don't come back like the damned (excluding angelic weapons)
Basil Harpham
Basil Harpham 2 månader sedan
or blitz lied about never being to the wrath ring
Chris Crader-stowers
Chris Crader-stowers 2 månader sedan
Socialist-Investor 2 månader sedan
Millie's sister is fire. Would farm cattle with her for sure
Cozmo 081
Cozmo 081 2 månader sedan
i have a theory: imp blood might work like human/animal blood it turns brown after exposure to the air, so maybe when the imp blood is exposed to the air it turns white and sticks to them for life
ActuallyAshley9 2 månader sedan
Is charlie an imp since shes born in hell?
Kel 2 månader sedan
3:05 but.. blitzos legs... have white spots ....... 😳
Sasa_Somethin' 2 månader sedan
I really enjoy the small detail of Blitzø loving horses, it’s sprinkled in all along the series. 1.) the horse riding lessons 2.) the small horse figures he keeps and shows fondness toward 3.) in the newest episode you can see Blitzø admiring the hellish horse that Striker first rides in on.
Queen Monarch
Queen Monarch 2 månader sedan
Millie's sister most likely didn't paint her horns because of two reasons. 1) seeing as how I didn't know she was trans until I watched this video, most likely hint to the audience of this fact. 2) A person's gender expression doesn't have to adhere to strict characteristics or stereotypes.
瑩 瑄
瑩 瑄 2 månader sedan
Cool video, but why bother with the effort to animate mouth movements but an incorrect hand placement on hip with the left hand?
Fall333 2 månader sedan
Now I wanted tobdouble check something. The scar theory has one problem - the picture that gets referenced in a lot of videos, of Blitzo and his sister, has been corrected. So now it shows Blitzo with his eye spot.
Jay Norgaard
Jay Norgaard 2 månader sedan
If the white spots ARE scars, then what about moxxies 'freckles'?
XxSaladless_FingersxX 2 månader sedan
Wrath ring? 1984? The book? Hummmmm. What about 1776? Maybe that's why Imp City is a thing now? Just a theroy. Also maybe Blitzø is from the lust ring, but not an incubus.
JoelTheParrot 2 månader sedan
3:07 Ehhh sounds more like a "This is a cool theory!" Like, not deconfirmation, but not confirmation either.
Striker Simp
Striker Simp 2 månader sedan
Hm... I've also got another theory. I feel like while imps can easily be killed with non-angelic weapons, such as normal knives, or even with bare hands, they have a high "durability". Millie literally got her arm broken, a lungs concussion, and a broken leg, and still managed to survive. Striker literally got stabbed 2483948 times and was peerfectly able to recover. On the other hand, sinners, overlords, etc.. (I'm not sure about succubi/incubi) might be more difficult to kill, since you need an angelic weapon in order to take them out, but they have a low "durability", meaning that in a hand-to-hand combat hand to hand combat regarding two sinners/overlords, etc.. Not an imp vs sinner combat), or even in a fight involving weapons, it doesn't take many hits to kill them. They may tak a hit or two, but the third for sure kills them. But imps can easily survive horrifying injuries, such as concussions, heavy stabbing, multiple broken limbs, etc..
luka 2 månader sedan
Episode 6 is gonna be the longest of the first season: 😀 Its gonna take way more time: 😢 Its definetly gonna be epic: 😁
Anime Angle
Anime Angle 2 månader sedan
I love the artwork and I love Angel Jess but I don’t like how this abusive relationship is love to me it seems wrong it may be a different song would be better
David Englund
David Englund 2 månader sedan
or blitz lied to stolas, the most likely explanation.
Autumn Garcia
Autumn Garcia 2 månader sedan
Okay just putting this out there, take everything Faustisse says with a grain of salt, often whenever she says something it's a joke but people take it as fact and put it on the wiki.
vampsarecool 2 månader sedan
i wish you would have talkd about striker and how difernt he is from other imps
Luis Santiago
Luis Santiago 2 månader sedan
Gnarly! Appreciated
Starrynight75 2 månader sedan
If the white spots are scars then I wonder what happened to Blitzo since he has them everywhere on his body
Lilly 2 månader sedan
I mean in entirely possible he didn’t go horseback riding and lied to coverup what he was actually doing. I feel like he’s a lot more open and vulnerable with stolas than verosika. He was probably doing a totally different kinda riding lesson. 👀
Jacaranda 2 månader sedan
Blitz is much deeper than you think, usually his arms are covered but in the latest episode he had his arms out showing that the areas around his wrist are white, possibly because he’s been cutting himself in the past. We see him as a funny character but I think he might have a tragic backstory involving depression, self harm and an unstable mental state
Somerandomguy 2 månader sedan
Remember when blitz got shot but he always has clothes where that wound is, They get more spots the more they get wounded
stargazer 2 månader sedan
So, if there was a third sex in the imp race, would it have grey hair and a horn pattern in between the two given? Or would both depend on their primary genitalia/presentation lean? (aka: how would non-binary imps look? be it natural-born intersex/NB or transgender ones, since this is hell and a cartoon and anything is possible.)
Gadget 2 månader sedan
this is a populare show, so analyzing it into oblivion is only natural. Still kinda funny to watch this video, you talking about the different species of imps, their trademarks and implications of these when a similar video about rl humans would get you instantly a shitstorm of epic proportions. not wanting to diminish the video. I really like it, well done and good delivered.
iKat Randomness
iKat Randomness 2 månader sedan
Sure that helluva boss is not an inspiration from Homestuck?
Virgils _Red_Boots
Virgils _Red_Boots 2 månader sedan
I disagree with the thing about White hair spots on Millie’s sister (I forgot her name), because although everything else fits to perfectly show her being trans, Millie also had a white hair spot in the pilot episode. It disappeared at some point, but I don’t think the hair color has a lot to do with imp gender. I mean, just look at the imp lady at 4:37. And then there’s the factor that she and other imps sometimes have red horns. There’s just a lot of details (I really love details) that need to be taken into account
Ethan Crytzer
Ethan Crytzer 2 månader sedan
What I think the white spots are..... are tattoos
I ам иот яսssiаи sошу
I ам иот яսssiаи sошу 2 månader sedan
Could there be an all white imp if the scars theory is t true ? Like, so many scars it covers the entire body ?
Gamer Lion Arthurlin
Gamer Lion Arthurlin 2 månader sedan
The part where he said volcanic inviorment makes me think of Mustafar from star wars
Tounushi 2 månader sedan
It would make sense for each Ring to have their own population or breed of imps with their own cultures. Millie's family seems to respect aggression and confrontation as a basis for social interaction. Which makes sense, since they're from the Wrath Ring. Wally Wackford is likely from the Greed Ring, since he's clearly a huckster. I can buy Blitzo being from the Lust ring. That leaves Pride, Gluttony, Sloth and Envy breeds to be ascertained.
I'm a person on earth
I'm a person on earth 2 månader sedan
I have an impsona oc with white curved horns and she's female 🥲. I ain't changing it tho, worked to damn hard
Monika 2 månader sedan
If we give the show the benefit of the doubt regarding the possible continuity error regarding Blitz saying he's been in the Wrath ring before in one episode with Verosika, then that he's never been in episode 5. There could be another explanation: It could be an indication that the story Verosika told of Blitz stealing her credit card for horse back riding lessons in Wrath ring wasn't true. Now, Blitz would obviously defend himself and reject the idea if it was a lie by Verosika, so that would mean that Blitz would have been the one to lie to V, about what he did with the money. Obviously, it's probably likely just an unintentional error. However, if it isn't, it could be a sign that there's more to the story of Verosika and Blitz, and that maybe Blitz didn't just go on a wild joy ride, but actually needed the money for something he couldn't tell anyone about. Considering how little we know of his past really, and his surprising talent in episode 5, it could be that Blitz has a secret past we haven't been told about yet.
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