Our MOST Embarrassing Gig DISASTERS w/ Tim Pierce

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Rick Beato

Månad sedan

In this episode my good friend Tim Pierce and I discuss our most embarrassing gig disasters.

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Larry Markley
Larry Markley Dag sedan
If you could do this with more pros please 🤣
ZiPolishHammer Dag sedan
My second ever gig, mid size outdoor day festival, spent 10 min trying to get guitar levels but everything sounds thin and shitty, midway through gig step on wah for a solo and I realize what I've done.There are some mistakes you never forget haha
Sean Stevens
Sean Stevens Dag sedan
That's why is musicians relate to This is Spinal Tap.. I've had more than one Spinal Tap moment 😂🤣
E Mills
E Mills Dag sedan
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Season 15: Episode 67
Charlie Trask
Charlie Trask 2 dagar sedan
first of all as a disclaimer I wasn't doing drugs and I wasn't a heavy drinker then just bipolar ADHD before meds. I had 3 gigs 30 miles apart at 3 different clubs: a Moose in New hampshire, a VFW in Vermont, and a American legion in Vermont. The VFW and A legion were at opposite ends of the same parking lot. I got two out of three names mixed up. After an easy 30 mile drive when I got to the legion... karaoke??!! So I drove 30 miles back to New Hampshire to the Moose club. "No band tonight...? " It's on Sunday". Guided by a very and weak signal on my dying cell phone I heard the band say, Verr...ott! Now it's 30 miles up to Vermont again to the VFW! "No band tonight" finally 30 miles back home to the Moose club. "Oh that band plays on Sunday" I finally I dragged myself i to the Sunday afternoon jamboree gig burnt out and discouraged. But I snapped out of it because it was for a good cause and I'm a professional. and the I think I took a sabbatical after that.
Tony Burke
Tony Burke 2 dagar sedan
I did the same thing as Tim did with the bus door except my experience was with a car door and my RHS little finger BUT the door LOCKED and the key was in my right-hand trouser pocket. I had to reach around with my left hand into my right pocket while my crushed finger was still caught and swelling up by the second. The fingernail was pushed back and popped up through the skin. The finger was BLACK AND ACHED FOR A MONTH. And I played piano. I've still got the piano it's an old upright steel-framed Beale. I'm 68 now and was 18 back then making the piano fifty years old.
Larry K
Larry K 3 dagar sedan
Playing a gig at a popular dance club in 1971. I am finishing my guitar solo. A B-3 solo is supposed to follow. I look over to cue the organist and at that moment Marvin leans back and his stool slips off the edge of a 4 foot high stage. Oops!! So I go back into a guitar solo with just bass and drums. Somehow Marvin was not hurt and he returns to stage to play his solo. Hysterical.
Sagan Hill
Sagan Hill 3 dagar sedan
I remember doing a gig at a biker bar one night. We came in that afternoon for setup and rehearsal and our drummer looked like death warmed over. He was sick but said he should be ok by that night. Into our first set all I see is this poor guy turning green. The 3rd song in he threw up all over his kit plus he was crapping all over his throne. The smell emptied the whole venue. He ended up being taken to the hospital via an ambulance. Poor guy.
Muddybagclean 4 dagar sedan
Jesus Loves You All
larry L
larry L 4 dagar sedan
Tim tells great stories.
Joe Gelini
Joe Gelini 4 dagar sedan
Classic 🤘🏼
j 5 dagar sedan
1) so we're in college.. and one friday afternoon I'm 30 miles away when I get a call... Hey dude you wanna do a gig at the vfw ?.. and I say that I cant because i dont have my drums....they're back at the school... but the band leader says.... no problem you tell us where they are and we will bring them.... I say "OK".... hours later and we all meet up at the gig... but they didnt bring the drum throne top ( no seat) no did they bring my box of hardware.... as in... no bass drum pedal and no High Hat clutch, so we had no bottom end thump.... the crown HATED us.... ( more than usual) 2) a different gig ....we are the headliner for a small jazz fest... the afternoon of the concert, we spend a couple of hours on stage getting the mics worked out. Bass snare HH and overheads... plus mic on classical nylon string guitar, amps and woodwind player.... 2a) during the show ...the band before us walks on stage and just grabs mics and re-arranges the stage... and the sound guy had not marked the mics at all for organization.... 2b) we didnt know that as we were back in the chill room when they were playing but we did notice the bad mix.... what we DIDNT notice was that the temp in the chilling room vs the stage was WAY different. ... and out second ( or third) song was a lush beautiful ballad..... the sax starts with 8th note pickups to to a downbeat that get filled in with a beautiful classical guitar long note chord.... but in the time that the guitarist had tuned ( in the chill room) to the time that this sand started... the guitar had SO CHANGED TEMPERATURE.... it was SOOOO not in tune with the sax.... our signature song..... sooooo out of tune. 3) that time i get to the society gig... set up my drums... then go in to the back to put on my tux... I open my Tux bag..... no black pants !!!! AND i AM WEARING GREEN BIB OVERALLS.... I called my mother who lived nearby and and I lowered my throne.... mad it through the first set... got my tux pants for the second set.... didnt get fired... 4) the night I played in a pick-up big band.... Bolling Air Force Base.. South East Washington DC... the keyboard player was Sidney L... at the time she was the keyboard player for "The Note".... as in "The Airmen of Note"... as in the Airforce big band number 1........ she kicked my butt all night.... tiger by the tail stuff.... and she was so gracious.... bruises can be so motivational.
bloemundude 5 dagar sedan
Tim: "It's not like the MidWest . . ." Everyone out here in corn country: Hey!
chrisjaybecker 5 dagar sedan
The thumbnail for this video shows Tim and Rick with a pissed-off-looking Jimmy Fallon superimposed in the middle. But the story was about the Jay Leno era Tonight Show, not the Fallon era. Great stories, though. I love the smoke-filled Budokan story.
Rick Gordon
Rick Gordon 5 dagar sedan
Tim's story about the smoke had me on my butt laughing - wait for it!
cato 6 dagar sedan
Tim and Rick together. Wow. Very cool.
WingtipRepair 7 dagar sedan
this was great.
Preston Rickwood
Preston Rickwood 7 dagar sedan
Why am I thinking of Lou Reed in _Get Crazy_ ?
Oremus176 7 dagar sedan
🦀🦀🦀🦀I’m surprised Tim has the time to play gigs with all the crab fishing he has to do in Alaska as captain of the “Wizard.” 🦀🦀🦀
Mike Davis
Mike Davis 8 dagar sedan
Busted a string on the second song and I didn't bring a backup, so I had to use my buddies kramer. Little to my knowledge that the Kramer Vanguard has 2 input jack positions . one is in (just to prevent it from skipping out) and there's a second (which is plugged in). Played the next 3rd of the show wondering why there was no rhythm guitar. Embarrassing. From that point on, I always brought a BUG.
duHPub 8 dagar sedan
Memories😜 First gig ever, brides brother is to drive us to the reception and got lost. Finally showed up an hour late. No one ever said a word.
All Guitar
All Guitar 8 dagar sedan
Man love you guys both..that was funny as all .watching you both go ummmm..and watching the wheels turning ..pulling blanks for a few seconds ..then pow.."ain't no sunshine ".
einfussganger 8 dagar sedan
Geez...this was priceless. 😂😂😂
Canadian Whitey
Canadian Whitey 9 dagar sedan
OMG the smoke story had me crying hahah!
Alasdair Munro
Alasdair Munro 11 dagar sedan
What Tim refers to at Budokan was euphemistically referred to as ‘light haze’ in the fire training industry!
Dan Letter
Dan Letter 12 dagar sedan
Great stories. I always wanted to be a musician. Threw up before going on stage the first time. Once we got going, had the best time. Just didn’t pay bills with a wife and first child on way.
Darren Z
Darren Z 13 dagar sedan
Not a music gig but a corporate show: the keynote speaker had been repeatedly told during rehearsals not to walk on the floor in front of the front of house speakers. During the show, what does he do? Walks down onto the floor in front of the front of the house speakers. It caused feedback, of course, so his first instinct was to immediately point the microphone away from himself... and straight at the speaker stack which produced the most earsplitting sound you've ever heard. Naturally he blamed the audio tech.
Graham Cruickshank
Graham Cruickshank 13 dagar sedan
Too funny. The video is there too..
that guy
that guy 14 dagar sedan
my wah hates adele. once unplugged my speaker cable when my amp was still plugged in...... shocking.
LegalMaps 14 dagar sedan
Tim's guitar isn't plugged in either.
DOCTOR NOVA 15 dagar sedan
Have done the wah mistake a few times . Painful error. Along with forgetting to plug in my guitar, even though the rest of my rig was running. Turning up the volume on the guitar itself while relying on a volume pedal. Ugh.
Payton G.
Payton G. 16 dagar sedan
CodyMBB 16 dagar sedan
Ricks monitor story had me cringing the whole time. The other guitar player in my band used to never want a monitor for anything. "I just want to hear my amp". Usually it's kind of whatever, we deal with it. And one day we played a festival, on a large stage, he gets put off by himself, and today he decides he wants to sing a few songs, and of course he has no monitor. Right off the bat, he can't hear my amp at all, or my vocals. Then his song comes up and he's so lost, as are we all. It was awful. He always has a monitor now.
Midi Man
Midi Man 17 dagar sedan
The park is called corona park in queens. That is where the worlds fair was a while back.
Midi Man
Midi Man 15 dagar sedan
@Phil Saggitarius *A The official name is Corona Park nick name is Flushing Meadows. I think the whole name is Flushing Meadows Corona Park
Phil Saggitarius *A
Phil Saggitarius *A 15 dagar sedan
wasn't it called flushing meadow park?
climbthatmountain 17 dagar sedan
These interviews...instant classic, pure gold!
TheTroll Mastah
TheTroll Mastah 18 dagar sedan
Aaron Neville? As in, “Tell It Like It Is”?
Chester Hendrix
Chester Hendrix 18 dagar sedan
What?! I went to middle school with Jim Cox! He ran a small radio station out of his home in Thermalito (in 68-69?) when we were kids. He was into music back then - nice to know he finally made it into the big time!
Verrückter Wissenschaftler
Verrückter Wissenschaftler 19 dagar sedan
Warren Messer
Warren Messer 19 dagar sedan
Being a non-musician, that we the most fun I've had listening to disaster stories! Poor guy had a lot of bad luck!
Jim H
Jim H 19 dagar sedan
Moral of the story: Don't do a big gig with a strange guitar.
BryanM362 20 dagar sedan
Tim swinging the neck of that Epiphone toward the Les Paul was making me nervous!
Two Beers
Two Beers 20 dagar sedan
Tim, look at this experience as a blessing in disguise. What if the battery suddenly died in the middle of the song.
logosicon 20 dagar sedan
Love listening to Tim "The Modern Sound" Pierce's stories.
Tom Stclair
Tom Stclair 20 dagar sedan
Tim Pierce shuts down entire tonight show musical section with a 9v battery.. Lol lol lol. Rock on Tim. They always said life is not measured by how many breathes you take, but by how many times your breath is taken away.. That story sounds like one of those moments.. lol lol
Russ Houck
Russ Houck 21 dag sedan
Holy crap !! That is just too hilarious, thanks Tim, made my day...
Evan Hodge
Evan Hodge 21 dag sedan
Under the humor and horror, remains the wisdom of Mr Tim Pierce.
Laura Watters
Laura Watters 21 dag sedan
Love Rick's laugh!! Sooo priceless he's making me laugh!! 😆❤️🤘🎸
Mike Ferguson
Mike Ferguson 21 dag sedan
Great stuff
Cid L
Cid L 22 dagar sedan
What a funny story. I’m sure at the time Tim wasn’t laughing. But time helps make things funny.
Mr25thfret 23 dagar sedan
Wow! My two favorite youtube mentors in the same video! You guys ROCK! Thanks for so many great videos.
Mark Landrum
Mark Landrum 24 dagar sedan
Thank you Tim for putting your pride aside and telling us about those real life incidents. It says a lot about someone who can laugh at their own hiccups in life. Rick, your laugh is hilarious.
gtr1952 24 dagar sedan
That Tim getting lost story must be famous! I've herd it before, but "who it was" was left out, only 'some important player. LOL Well I finally know who it was and that's hilarious!!! 8) LOL --gary
James Schaeffer
James Schaeffer 24 dagar sedan
Fantastic content! Thanks, Rick and Tim!!
Scully 24 dagar sedan
In all fairness to the limo guy, "across the highway" in Syracuse, NY near the state fairgrounds can be "point a to point b" or "go down this way, turn right, turn left, go under the highway, turn right again, go around this way, come back on this other back road, and you'll find the back entrance" kind of thing, depending on where you start. Took me almost 15 minutes to get from off the highway going north to back on the highway going south once. I think all of the civil engineers who designed Syracuse were perpetually on acid.
Paul 25 dagar sedan
What’s that Fender amp in the back on top of the Marshall? A Bassman?
david byerly
david byerly 25 dagar sedan
Tim is really full of amazing stories. Played on so many hits.
SixStringsNoodler 25 dagar sedan
Hilarious ! You made my day guys !!
Lockdown My Town by Kevin John Simon
Lockdown My Town by Kevin John Simon 25 dagar sedan
There is no worse feeling than Starting a Very Important Gig with a LOT hanging on a Good or Great Performance after an Excellence Sound Check, and...............NOTHING, no Sound......Zip...........Zero.....NADA. Then less than a Minute after NOTHING, somebody up in the Sound or Control Booth finally Realizes.........Opps........Maybe I should Turn UP the Master Volume or UNMUTE the Channels, and then ..................BOOM, Suddenly Everything comes ON, Loud as Hell, so Damned LOUD..........that the Band and the Audience, practically Jump out of their Skins. That Sound guy, says quietly to himself......Wow I Did that.........Bummer!
Bryan R Thompson
Bryan R Thompson 26 dagar sedan
Always nice for a little perspective, loved this vid :)
Daniel Griffith
Daniel Griffith 26 dagar sedan
Played hundreds of bar gigs. Had my first NYE gig at a sizeable tavern & it was PACKED..every inch of the bar including the dance floor, right up to the stage front is bodies. We open w Roadhouse Blues by the Doors and BLOW the roof off the joint...and as the thunderous applause starts to subside, my bass player turns to me and says the bass amp head is toast, actually smoking....FN terror !. I tell him to just plug direct into the pa head, bass will run thru the mains. Rest of the night all sounded well, but by the last set the mains (bar owned) were BURPING like crazy...We were sure we blew the bars mains...but came back the following weekend to play and they were fine. But what a moment of total freakin out on NYE..lol
ToneGuy007 26 dagar sedan
Tim's wah story is the best!... reminds me of when I was at a show and had no guitar sound and realized finally that my wireless on my strap was not actually plugged in to my guitar. LOL... Just one of many horror stories we all have!
brainsareus 26 dagar sedan
Oh dear, they had to play 'Jessie's girl' without him...
brainsareus 26 dagar sedan
The former World's Fair grounds; is in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens NY.
D C 26 dagar sedan
Thanks for not wearing masks.
Steven Familo
Steven Familo 27 dagar sedan
I bet this video brought back many funny gig stories for a lot of us. This content made my entire day, thanks Rick!
Trouble 675
Trouble 675 27 dagar sedan
Rick, I'd love to see you interview Dann Huff. I think you guys would be very interesting to listen to! Thanks for the great vids!
Mark Knott
Mark Knott 27 dagar sedan
Funniest stories I’ve heard in a while. Absolutely loved listening to this 😀
Tom-Tom Tom
Tom-Tom Tom 27 dagar sedan
Was playing drums at a gig in the high energy portion of the gig when all of a sudden my face driving stop making noise and I look down in the beater was inside the drum. The band kept playing and we took a quick break after the song and ended up just duct taping it and played the rest of the gig that way and it was fine. Another timer for got my bass drum for rehearsal and ended up grabbing a cardboard box for my truck and we might get that and it actually didn't sound all that bad. 😃
Pat U
Pat U 27 dagar sedan
Flushing Meadow Park Tim
W W 28 dagar sedan
We got there early to set up opening for Hank III at an outdoor show. Stage manager said NOBODY sets up before Hank. Crowd begins arriving, tour bus arrives, roadies set up, Hank's band does a killer sound check. 15 min bf showtime huge crowd, allright fellas go find some place on stage you're on in a few. Total nerve wracking load in, we literally had to turn amps on and go for it. It went well though we got a gift that day🙏🎸
Stephen Dias
Stephen Dias 29 dagar sedan
LOL. I thought of "Ain't No Sunshine" at the same time they did.
drewb anthony
drewb anthony 29 dagar sedan
i love the way you say "ring the bell!!" lol
Fred Chatham
Fred Chatham Månad sedan
Another story from same bar, different night. The Marques outside read THE BAND NAME: YOU NAME YOUR TUNE. That caused lots of problems Friday night, audience expected us to know and play any damn song they requested. On Saturday and Sunday there was the yearly SWAMP CABBAGE FESTIVAL, the bar owner didn't expect any business those days so we were asked if they paid us for one night and we could use the motel rooms until Monday morning, would we tear down and go home? They didn't expect any business. Ok, so we're tearing down, when we finished loading trailer we had a half full house, so they wanted us to set our gear back up and play now. We had our money, I asked the guys if they really loved this gig, they didn't, I didn't, so before we left, I changed one side of the Marque to THE BAND NAME: YOU RAPE YOUR DATE, one of the other guys put THE BAND NAME: YOU ATE YOUR MOMMA on the other side, and another guy put THE BAND NAME: YOU RAM YOUR MUTT on Marque above the door. We were never called back.
Fred Chatham
Fred Chatham Månad sedan
I lived in SW FLORIDA and about 1 weekend a month we played about an hour and a half away. Sometimes I stayed in the motel room provided, I was driving back and forth this weekend. Halfway there on Saturday night, I hit something in the road, destroyed both drivers side tires. I had one of the other guitar players with me, I limped down the road on rims to a little bar, called where we were playing and told them to come get us. About 30 minutes later, a van blows by, slams brakes, comes over, I'M YOUR RIDE! He's drunk, we load our gear and get in. The next city limit is a small town with maybe 3 traffic lights. He runs a red light, broadsides a cop car. He then says he has a warrant for his arrest, but he's ok because he has a Arkansas license. We're pulled from the van at gunpoint, I explain he's there to take us to the gig. Officer takes my and other guys license , runs them, We're clean. The van is drivable, tells me we can leave but that other drunk guy going to jail. Ok, so we pull up at the bar, someone points and yells THERES YOUR VAN, GET 'EM. We're dragged from the van, I'm yelling WE'RE WITH THE BAND, and the driver was arrested for hitting a police car, driving drunk, and having warrants. Who was driving? I told them what he SAID his name was. What happened was he volunteered to pick us up but van owner thought he was too drunk to drive , so the guy took the keys and left without telling anyone. I didn't much feel like playing, so I got turbo drunk and stayed at the motel, got a ride home with the drummer Sunday night. Monday I had to buy 2 new rims and 2 tires.
Dario Nieves
Dario Nieves Månad sedan
I go and hide for ever,this is too much.jaja!!
Brian Yurkins
Brian Yurkins Månad sedan
I actually sold an amplifier because of my wah wah. I realized after it was gone :-(
Jym Britton
Jym Britton Månad sedan
Since TV performances like these often have their own set of quirkisms, how about the top twenty talk show performances? Lauper springs to mind, REM, Petty, etc... Maybe even top twenty per show? Just an idea. Thank you for all you do!
Russell Underhill
Russell Underhill Månad sedan
Loved this.
topp jimi
topp jimi Månad sedan
Played a metal gig where I plugged my amp in and for some reason a soft oldies radio station began playing thru my speaker. No matter what plug I used it was like the building was a radio receiver! I had to turn the amp off between every song until it eventually faded away.
Guitarwizza1 Månad sedan
Hilarious 😂. Live music baby! 💩happens!
johnnypk1963 Månad sedan
I work in live tv broadcasting and I have some horror stories from some mistakes I’ve made...🤦‍♂️but the thing ppl have to realize is u only get one chance to do it right when you’re on-air live. There r no pause buttons or mulligans. No second chances and it lives forever in the archives.
imranqqq Månad sedan
Saw Rick Springfield and Tim in Vegas some years back. They KILLED it.
Hard Core Hope Foundation
Hard Core Hope Foundation Månad sedan
I joined a band back in 2000 that had a badass drummer, bass player and singer. The other guitarist on the other hand was not that great but had potential. I had only heard them in rehearsal. First show comes up and we go on stage and the other guitarist proceed to jump around and sling his guitar around until he finally breaks it, 2 songs in. We finish the set with him grabbing a spare mic and trying to double some of the vocals. I quit immediately after that gig. The other band members thought he was the best. This was also the first gig they had ever finished because he apparently broke his equipment by the 3rd song at every gig. They said he was the most passionate player they had ever met.
Musikman511 Månad sedan
Loved it! Great post. Thank you.
Kick biker
Kick biker Månad sedan
A great entertaining listen. As always.
roy gumpel
roy gumpel Månad sedan
because laughing is the best thing there is.... that's why you remember that stuff. It's great to see Rick here, cracking up.
brightworldmusic Månad sedan
It is SO life-affirming (gig-affirming ?!?) to hear high level performers go thru gig terror. Makes us lower level folks feel good about our flubs !
Jaden McFarland
Jaden McFarland Månad sedan
I could listen to these stories all day! Great vid.
Steve D
Steve D Månad sedan
Cracked me up! Good stuff
Bruno Alcouffe
Bruno Alcouffe Månad sedan
Loved this. Love you and Tim. Fantastic.
Dean Bibb
Dean Bibb Månad sedan
My band did a gig in a church in Kanawha City, a suburb of Charleston WV. They allowed us to use our smoke machine but the place was boiling hot and they refused to turn the air on. Our smoke just filled the entire room and sat there! Our singer Dave Hudnall told the crowd, “Thanks for coming out to see us tonight. Too bad you can’t.”
Martin Cade
Martin Cade Månad sedan
That Budokan moment reminds me of some Little Feat shows I saw. :)
Mini Surf
Mini Surf Månad sedan
Omg one of the best videos 😂😂😂
Dan Rowe
Dan Rowe Månad sedan
haytham kenway
haytham kenway Månad sedan
I played the college fest on a drum kit that kept sliding forward everytime I hit the kick drum. I had to physically pull it back towards me every few minutes.
Wayne Montpetit
Wayne Montpetit Månad sedan
the Tonight Show IS a disaster...
SRHmusic Månad sedan
These are great stories. The limo story is like a bad movie. And, yeah, the classic wah pedals don't have LEDs on them, still. (I had exactly the same problem for a set recently - couldn't figure it out in the moment. Ugh.) And, bring your own sound person if you can(!). Good lessons here.
ummagumma21 Månad sedan
The excess smoke sounds like a Sunn O))) show... they should've just rolled with it and gone into a drop A drone
CardinalEgan Månad sedan
The park in New York is Flushing Meadow Park. It is in an area bordered by 4 major highways, in between LaGuardia and Kennedy airports. It was nearly impossible to get to from the other side of the highway (pre GPS) unless you knew _exactly_ what you were doing. I found out the hard way, driving a small truck with the equipment in the back and two other musicians in the front. In a desperation move, I drove across a pedestrian-only bridge, around barriers, and onto the walkways inside the park. Moms pushing strollers were jumping out of the way and yelling at us... I felt like Mister Magoo, but we made it to the gig.
EliteTeamKiller Månad sedan
"Ain't No Sunshine!" "Woah!" Okay that was one of those great moments of life.
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