Top 10 Things to Remember Before Loki

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In case you need a refresher, these are the things to remember before "Loki." Our countdown includes Loki's origins, the Tesseract's journey, no resurrections... kind of, and more! Are YOU excited for "Loki?" Let us know in the comments!

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Kommentarer Månad sedan
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Casey Koroyanis
Casey Koroyanis 29 dagar sedan
I want Thor to make a cameo
Interrupted Trailers
Interrupted Trailers Månad sedan
In a way, Loki is a lot like Theon Greyjoy from Game of Thrones: both were children of the hero’s enemy, both betrayed their adopted families, both ruled over their homes for a short time, and both died trying to kill a powerful, non-human being, when they tried to stab them
Sushma Burujupalli
Sushma Burujupalli Månad sedan
Loki did see the reel of his life, he’s not going to side with thanos after that even if he hasn’t experienced all that yet
ErcbaLL Samah
ErcbaLL Samah Månad sedan
Just watching it for entertainment. What the heck i wanna take seriously thier fcking fantasy story line.
Randall Petroelje
Randall Petroelje Månad sedan
Imagine Disney. They will buy up the next franchise. Thongs may go well with brilliant minds behind projects; but certain things should be left alone.
Reacting Too Movies.
Reacting Too Movies. Månad sedan
Honestly ever since Avengers started I have loved the idea about Loki ;)
Samiksh Ghodke
Samiksh Ghodke Månad sedan
so Captain America didn't break the flow of time when he stayed with Peggy in the end?
Anton Scott
Anton Scott Månad sedan
Shouldn't the teserak be burning hands when they pick it up in Mongolia
Faraz Danish
Faraz Danish Månad sedan
Well after looking at loki's full story...i gonna say that the dark world is way much better than few mcu movies.
Ted Bates
Ted Bates Månad sedan
All of this means that the original timeline that happened in Infinity war still exists and half of the universes population is still dead. All Endgame did was create a new reality. They didn't solve anything.
David Anthony Franco
David Anthony Franco Månad sedan
Just watched Loki episode 1... So, he knew that he'd get his mother killed and still did so??? 🤨🤔
Famos Favour
Famos Favour Månad sedan
I will like to see how he ended up with that grand master and...
Michael Wargo
Michael Wargo Månad sedan
Cyclops Was Right
Cyclops Was Right Månad sedan
Just because Thanos said Loki can't resurrect doesn't mean he can't. Thanos isn't in charge of who can and can't resurrect. It makes no more sense than saying Bruce Willis couldn't win at the end of Die Hard because the bad guy said he couldn't.
Cyclops Was Right
Cyclops Was Right Månad sedan
without the gauntlet, Thanos probably would have just destroyed the entire planet Earth out of spite. He wouldn't have had to fight the Avengers, since he could have just destroyed it from space using the other stones.
Oasis Rules
Oasis Rules Månad sedan
Tin Foil... Owen Wilson is Loki. What I mean is Owen Wilson is a older variant of Loki that has been working for the TVA and slowly manipulating them from within for a long time!
Nerd 101
Nerd 101 Månad sedan
#1 Your disney+ password
NightWave Månad sedan
Law Abiden Citizen ?
Castia Vermarhym
Castia Vermarhym Månad sedan
At this point in TIME. we have to ADMIT.,.. there's no LOKI without Tom Hiddleston. There's no time machine can change that.
D Cat Dad Channel
D Cat Dad Channel Månad sedan
Ethan Crierie
Ethan Crierie Månad sedan
I kind of hope Loki ends with him rejoining the Original Timeline
todd vincy
todd vincy Månad sedan
so loki is just like adjustment bureau movie
marcusduck Månad sedan
hah they recapped it for you in a really emotional scene
mineung Månad sedan
Number 1 is good and all but we all learned from the previous 2 Marvel series to not expect more from the shows.
Pokadeyia Manokerija
Pokadeyia Manokerija Månad sedan
The rambunctious condition unpredictably park because hippopotamus ultrastructually include as a massive push. bewildered, lean pruner
Bleach Btch
Bleach Btch Månad sedan
God I REALLY hope we get A LOT of cool crossovers on this series, can’t wait!!🙏🙏
F C Månad sedan
If Loki is a god, doesn't that mean he is essentially immortal? Even when Thanos killed him, wouldn't he still be able to come back somehow somewhere? Regardless of what Thanos says.
Blaire Månad sedan
It’s 11:45 pm on Tuesday night, so a perfect time watch this 💚✨🖤
Blaire Månad sedan
@Faraz Danish it released on Wednesday at 12:00
Faraz Danish
Faraz Danish Månad sedan
What is so special about it??
Pranjal Shukla
Pranjal Shukla Månad sedan
Marvel showed us the wrong eternal punishment LOKI got, If you dont know what I mean, he got Baldur killed by misltoe by tricking another god, and Frig wanted revenege, all the other Norse god came a killed his children made a unbreakable chain out of his childrens intestines, tied him to a alter, and put a snake on top of his head which spews venom on his face for the eternity, his other childrens, Fenris the wolf was minding his own buisness all the gods tied him up from chains that drawves made which is also unbreakable as noone can match his strenght, The world serpent was thrown in the ocean and Hel was sent to the Underworld. they did this out of fear that Loki and his children will bring about the norse gods end AKA Ragnork, the god did these deeds and now they are all waiting for Ragnork, it is said Fenris the Wolf will kill Odin, and the world serpent will kill thor
joekenorer Månad sedan
Seems off that they belittle a very wise god at many turns, but then again most Comic books are essentially about gods. I would hope the lessons found in great Loki's sagas aren't overshadowed by this entertainment version of him.
newageBoundhippie Månad sedan
it's actually confirmed we'll see alternate reality versions of characters we already know in the MCU 😁
emersonleon85 Månad sedan
1. He’s gender fluid/non binary 😐
Ph@tMantv Månad sedan
Ronin or Thanos are more interesting villains for a tv show. I hope the show is meh, so we can move past this overrated character.
David Evans
David Evans Månad sedan
I'm thinking Loki is going to Abit wiser, in that he knows he can be killed and there's more powerful beings than him. He's not going to align with evil powers as quickly. Going to stay true to his Asgardian roots.
Mr. J
Mr. J Månad sedan
11:42 in short, it is Loki who will revive the Phase IV of MCU and we all can't wait for it anymore
Ro Morales
Ro Morales Månad sedan
Imagine that Loki kills Thanos and become the main villane of that timeline
Dustin Kestner
Dustin Kestner Månad sedan
Marvel: Trys to kill Loki over and over again Loki: So I took that personally
Sadman Plays
Sadman Plays Månad sedan
I don't think Loki will run into Thanos because his timeline's Thanos travelled into the future and died there 😎
chanel henderson
chanel henderson Månad sedan
Cannot wait TOMORROW!!!!
Arlette Hermosillo
Arlette Hermosillo Månad sedan
The thick disadvantage contrastingly bathe because timpani retrospectively announce times a colorful cricket. , damp sing
DPTAZZZ Månad sedan
Loki killing tens of thousands of NY'ers so he can rule the world as our God... yet is STILL a fan favorite... kinda tells you what people think of NY'ers these days.. tee and also hee ( i was born/raised on Long Island, so i can talk shit about NY'ers)..
Endre Vass
Endre Vass Månad sedan
u should only watch thor 1 and avangers for know everything about this loki version, after that what happend is not part of this Loki
Damian Starks
Damian Starks Månad sedan
Mcu Loki is the shit.
Jay Hardy
Jay Hardy Månad sedan
You know who else messed up the timeline, deadpool
TJ Makes
TJ Makes Månad sedan
Are we not talking about how Loki tried to commit unalive at the end of Thor 1 like gddamn
Santos II Yap
Santos II Yap Månad sedan
Over rated much
bigbaddawg101 Månad sedan
I was going to say, didn't they kill of that timeline's Thanos, but then I remember branching timelines are a bitch to keep track of.
Nita Cruise
Nita Cruise Månad sedan
Want to see Thor know Loki is still alive 😥
MissHellblazer Månad sedan
There's goingo to be a Loki?!?!?!
Anthony Porcelli
Anthony Porcelli Månad sedan
Yes I loved this, and hope to see some of them
Comic Collector Geek
Comic Collector Geek Månad sedan
Good summary. Really excited for the show.
Erin Myers
Erin Myers Månad sedan
Okay screw the Russos. First of all Loki didn’t die. Dying is for the pathetic. He’s a god. Secondly if he grabbed the Tesseract he never met Thanos again. And yes they can change the past because that’s what they were doing. Loki is alive.
Shabbir Akhtar
Shabbir Akhtar Månad sedan
9 doesn’t really makes sense because none of that happened in the new Loki’s timeline
Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises
Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises Månad sedan
Will there ever be a more wonderful insult than Loki calling Black Widow *"a mewling quim"?* I love that!! 🤣👍🏽
Robert Stone
Robert Stone Månad sedan
Let mischief be the best way of this series.
Miguel Diaz
Miguel Diaz Månad sedan
Mid Knight
Mid Knight Månad sedan
So excited for Loki !!!
gingaddict Månad sedan
chase manley
chase manley Månad sedan
Why does anything last avengers matter tho like I thought it was a whole new timeline that picks up right after avengers
Dayna Heleto
Dayna Heleto Månad sedan
The MCU likes KILLING loki hahaha
Wes Månad sedan
Marvel movies are shit should be number one.
dell cruz
dell cruz Månad sedan
Loki is easily the Joker of the MCU,you can't help but like the character lol
Fantastic Fictions
Fantastic Fictions Månad sedan
Theory - Once Loki variant fixes the timeline (The parts he ruined), he might get merged with the original Loki but the other variants will die as this variant matches with original Loki a lot but the other variants do not.
Cyra Niccals
Cyra Niccals Månad sedan
“Imagine if Loki teamed up with Dr Strange and Scarlet Witch.” Clearly someone knows fuck all about the comics.
Rachel Segue
Rachel Segue Månad sedan
Something else to remember with Loki BAMFing out with the Tesseract: he wouldn't have been imprisoned and wouldn't have helped the Dark Elves out of spite when they assaulted Asgard. Meaning Frigga would not be dead.
Kimberly Jeanne
Kimberly Jeanne Månad sedan
I’m hoping to see this Loki be shown the timeline of the “original” Loki and realize if he doesn’t change something he’s going to end up dead too. I’d also like for him to see Frigga before she dies (if he can’t save her) he got cheated of that in the Dark World
Cobra Månad sedan
And all this happened today
Scott Wagner
Scott Wagner Månad sedan
I have a question for anyone who might have any ideas; How was the Ether transformed into its Infinity stone equivalent? Wasn't that just sort of glossed over with that device that Rocket extracted it from Jane with? And didn't that change the timeline for what happened due to it being in her? Okay, technically two questions.
t r
t r Månad sedan
Are Gods biological beings? Is Thor the biological son of Odin?
Dhalma Hernandez
Dhalma Hernandez Månad sedan
In Norse mythology as well as and the comics and film, Thor is Odin and Frigga's biological son. Loki is Odin's son in the mythos, but not in Marvel and the MCU. Also, in the mythos, Loki has disguised himself as a woman and an animal; once, he transformed into a mare to whisk away a bifrost giant's horse...and got impregnated by him. He gave birth to two horses and gifted them to Odin
Josh Manchester
Josh Manchester Månad sedan
Hopefully loki will reunite with his brother
Madeline Garber
Madeline Garber Månad sedan
I just want lots of Loki sass and maybe some of hin and Thor.
Passive Agressive
Passive Agressive Månad sedan
Dark world is the only MCU movie I haven’t seen😂😂🤔
Nightmare_Death Månad sedan
Good that movie is shit
joey ferman
joey ferman Månad sedan
since this can't be as what the at times as wandavision then again this is the START of the multiverse WHICH changes EVERYTHING. i'm as ready as i will be which is FULLY ready
daydream Månad sedan
i think about the fact that you’ve met tom holland a lot
TheDamnWinner Månad sedan
The version of loki featured in the show never experienced the events that took place after avengers 1, so this list is dumb
Hriatkima Siakeng
Hriatkima Siakeng Månad sedan
Changing the past doesn't effect the future in MCU like other time travelling movie you should know that..if he take the tesseract it doesn't change what already happened in the present timeline,it only create a different timeline.
CaptainCryptid847 Månad sedan
You forgotten to mention that it’s the perfect place to introduce deadpool to the MCU because last time we saw him he was up to all kinds of time shenanigans.
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme Månad sedan
Deadpool isn’t going to be in this series. Lol.
Olle Selin
Olle Selin Månad sedan
Discord should have his own webseries as well
Blaire Månad sedan
Me remembering the Tom Holland interview when he meets the WatchMojo person and asks her to do the intro... also Tom if you see this you are the best :D Sorry Marvel video, just wanted to bring this up, I know it’s not Tom Hiddleson. He’s great too
Blaire Månad sedan
@Melanie Hoyt it’s crazy to me, a big famous actor like him so excited over a SEmost voiceover person. I mean, the guy has RDJs number in his contacts
Melanie Hoyt
Melanie Hoyt Månad sedan
Such a fun, honest, fan moment. It was adorable:
Dainie Gbuduwe
Dainie Gbuduwe Månad sedan
Like professor hulk usually said "the past doesn't change the future".
Muhammad Habibie amiro
Muhammad Habibie amiro Månad sedan
We are so close
Danielle Wolfe
Danielle Wolfe Månad sedan
He is the most likeable villian, besides 1990's/2,000's celebrities and their managers. He is funny too.
Pankaj Singh
Pankaj Singh Månad sedan
Boi's adventure to multiverse..
VGBC P3rs0na
VGBC P3rs0na Månad sedan
I want to see Beta Ray Bill
Joemer Kho
Joemer Kho Månad sedan
Tom hiddleston can be the nxt james bond due to his personality...
TurquoiseInk Månad sedan
He would make that franchise breathe new life.
andrew davis
andrew davis Månad sedan
11} Marvel has been trying to push wokeness with all their shows so expect no better from this one XD
andrew davis
andrew davis Månad sedan
@Nightmare_Death what is in particular. Everything said except for the wokeness comment? You're right.
Nightmare_Death Månad sedan
@andrew davis Its an opinion
andrew davis
andrew davis Månad sedan
@Christie Blackwood That's not politics, it's a fact XD Shut up and grow up if your feelings can't handle simple facts child
Christie Blackwood
Christie Blackwood Månad sedan
Shut up and get your politics out of here
Nightmare_Death Månad sedan
linkan91H Månad sedan
I don't know what it is but I am so hyped for this show!
Varun Srinidhi
Varun Srinidhi Månad sedan
I wonder how many seasons this show will have?
Nightmare_Death Månad sedan
2 I think
Ginger Psycho
Ginger Psycho Månad sedan
I swear to god if someone doesn’t tell Loki about his sacrifice against Thanos I will lose my shit. He had finally come full circle, matured and became a genuine brother to Thor. They accepted one another and loved one another instead of rivals. This Loki doesn’t know any of the loss his alternate self did. As much as I love little shit Loki, I want character development Loki back
Y S Månad sedan
Saphari Haney
Saphari Haney Månad sedan
Martin Malatesta
Martin Malatesta Månad sedan
8:55 is that the living tribunal???
Martin Ferril
Martin Ferril Månad sedan
So this alternate series connects through the mcu movies, doctor strange time alternative disturbance, peter parker assistance to doctor strange? And time travelling of fantastic four?
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme Månad sedan
Fantastic 4 don’t exist in MCU….yet.
Deepak Bisht
Deepak Bisht Månad sedan
What about black widow in trailer?
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme Månad sedan
Or is it?
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake Månad sedan
This is going to be so confusing now
margareth michelina
margareth michelina Månad sedan
Loki is Kenny of The MCU
Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston Månad sedan
Hello my gorgeous fan, how are you doing today. I hope you're having an amazing weekend. Thank for your continuous support and love through the years I really appreciate❤️❤️❤️
the one who woke up
the one who woke up Månad sedan
I've been falling for 30 mins!!!
Evanjuleen Månad sedan
Auto caption: "Low key, give back the cateract". 🤣
Ariel fangirl Mendez
Ariel fangirl Mendez Månad sedan
Maybe he can cross paths with wanda and dr strange
Bella Salceies
Bella Salceies Månad sedan
If you need me, I'm going to be under a rock until the series premieres next Wednesday...
Paw Printz
Paw Printz Månad sedan
I now know why Odin made Loki look alike he does and not like Thor, it's because he wanted Loki to look like Hela, his daughter the goddess of Death + 6 episodes is not enough, why only 6, we used to get 22 - 24 episodes of tv shows, now because of all the fx, the cost, we get fewer which isn't enough of the fun & enjoyment.
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme Månad sedan
More next season. Don’t be greedy.
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