BTS(방탄소년단) - Life Goes On (Let's BTS!) l KBS WORLD TV 210329

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Sparkle Berry
Sparkle Berry Timme sedan
Am seeing this for more than million times and am crying 😭 continuously Missing them that I could not be able to see them directly 😭
39成寧-師附 2 timmar sedan
ok CREDIT to jimin singing the high parts when taehyung sang his part in life goes on
جونغكوكيه🐰💗 3 timmar sedan
لاتفقدو الامل ايها الارمي سنكون يوما ما في المحيط البنفسجي 😭😭😭💞
Roro Aks
Roro Aks 3 timmar sedan
We love you bts 😍😍 proud army here 🙋🏼‍♀️
Anas Khan
Anas Khan 3 timmar sedan
Jungkook is so surprised and taehyung look so happyyy
Rabiya Khatoon
Rabiya Khatoon 4 timmar sedan
I really proud to be a part of BTS army 🤩🤩🤩 I AM A BTS ARMY
Dancing Queen 💃
Dancing Queen 💃 6 timmar sedan
Their reaction is so precious. We also missed them and they too. Hope to see my boys soon💜🤗😭
Misthi Sharma
Misthi Sharma 7 timmar sedan
Junkook shoked
Misthi Sharma
Misthi Sharma 7 timmar sedan
I loves army ⟬⟭💜 ⟬⟭💜 ⟬⟭💜
Sarthak Patil
Sarthak Patil 7 timmar sedan
Beautiful Lyrics
Beautiful Lyrics 7 timmar sedan
ARMYs are really beautiful!
Tanya Saanvi 460
Tanya Saanvi 460 7 timmar sedan
Everytime they made me fall for them even more😻💜💜💜 Borahae BTS💜
Sußhmæ Bhâgì
Sußhmæ Bhâgì 7 timmar sedan
Tae voice is really unique💜💘
Kb Kbsh
Kb Kbsh 7 timmar sedan
V looks so so soooooooooooo handsome and manly , 😘😘😘😘😘😘 i can't take my eyes from him.........
Sonakshi gaming live
Sonakshi gaming live 7 timmar sedan
I am injured but BTS always help me toget energy.
__Ñáïrã Röy__
__Ñáïrã Röy__ 7 timmar sedan
Really i had goosebumps when army suddenly singing 💜💜
Salma Ben
Salma Ben 8 timmar sedan
ILove you jimin jhope
Kubra Thareem
Kubra Thareem 8 timmar sedan
It literally gives me a goosebumps😍❣️ BTS ❤️
Sunny Guleria
Sunny Guleria 11 timmar sedan
Jk is really shocked .🐇🐇
Sameena Sayeed
Sameena Sayeed 12 timmar sedan
Sameena Sayeed
Sameena Sayeed 12 timmar sedan
It is real
Sophia 1
Sophia 1 13 timmar sedan
A N D R E A 14 timmar sedan
Se me metió army y bts en el ojo 😭
Sanjiwan Jagtak
Sanjiwan Jagtak 14 timmar sedan
V so cute ❤❤❤🔥🔥🥵
nabajit kundu
nabajit kundu 14 timmar sedan
Army rocked Junkook shocked 💜💜💜💜💜😍😍😍
Sujol Hossain
Sujol Hossain 15 timmar sedan
I am proud to be an army....😍😍
Nissi Elisha
Nissi Elisha 15 timmar sedan
JK reaction ARMY singing song wow...
Azalina __
Azalina __ 16 timmar sedan
Loveeee this version 😍😍
RiYa makashre
RiYa makashre 17 timmar sedan
ARMY💜 I Purple you💜 BTS💜
Hannia Trinidad
Hannia Trinidad 17 timmar sedan
La carita de jungkook🤚🥺😍💕
Anton Jasa
Anton Jasa 18 timmar sedan
계속 성공하길 바래 방탄 소년단
Anton Jasa
Anton Jasa 18 timmar sedan
I love BTS
Daniela Garcia
Daniela Garcia 19 timmar sedan
2:47 es ✨ Perfección ✨
bt2__ 1995
bt2__ 1995 19 timmar sedan
bt2__ 1995
bt2__ 1995 19 timmar sedan
zafrul haque
zafrul haque Dag sedan
This gives me goosebumps. Sarang-haeyo BTS💜 Army forever 💜
Mirah Amir
Mirah Amir Dag sedan
It is really feel like we ARMY are there singing with them.. Oh my.. They reaction so precious.. I cannot help my self to stop cry at first i heard it 😭😭😭😭
Mansha Singh
Mansha Singh Dag sedan
Where can I watch the full video?
isha devi
isha devi Dag sedan
Love you so much all
SP Dag sedan
Why did jungkookie have to hide his tattoos I love his tattoos 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 this hurt........
Pawarisa suwan
Pawarisa suwan Dag sedan
Maisa Ruiz bispo
Maisa Ruiz bispo Dag sedan
Ita Ajah
Ita Ajah Dag sedan
April Anne Garcia
April Anne Garcia Dag sedan
Abrishali Ali
Abrishali Ali Dag sedan
Mai Aung Sien
Mai Aung Sien Dag sedan
Naseem Gour
Naseem Gour Dag sedan
Azira Milanisti
Azira Milanisti Dag sedan
Pen Banget kek gini woyy
Manahil shaikh
Manahil shaikh Dag sedan
Jungkook almost harmonizes with every member that so Amazing ✨
Syifa Stn
Syifa Stn Dag sedan
officially make my tears flow😭😭😭
Pooja Kumari
Pooja Kumari Dag sedan
V 💜💜💜💜💜💜
Paola R
Paola R Dag sedan
Thought it was safe to come back here 2 months later but nope! This one still gets me gets me! I have to blink back tears! Ah~ I miss then terribly...
Mohin Uddin chy
Mohin Uddin chy Dag sedan
O my god life goes on is my favorite song of bts I can hear this song million times wow this song is so good
Sushma C R
Sushma C R Dag sedan
Adarsh B
Adarsh B Dag sedan
i am a true bts fan i like all bts members
My love you jungkook
Juliana Silva
Juliana Silva Dag sedan
How beautiful 💜
BTS ARMY💜 Dag sedan
I cried a lot, even though we have a big family, you are the ones who make this family beautiful, we are just the audience, but those audience have 7 handsome angels and that is you💜 BTS 💜 I LOVE YOU
Azira Milanisti
Azira Milanisti Dag sedan
Dua Orang Tua, 5 Anak Kembar
Kyu Noi
Kyu Noi Dag sedan
Wooooo Que hermosooo 🤧💜
tree home tv
tree home tv Dag sedan
I am army
rahf~army 2 dagar sedan
Raman Deep
Raman Deep 2 dagar sedan
Ayushi Desai
Ayushi Desai 2 dagar sedan
Tae:ARMYY Army:surprise Bts:WOW😯
BTS ARMY OT7 Stan 2 dagar sedan
It's beautiful 🥺 I want to sing with ARMY I want to go to their concert 😭😭😭 but when? I just started singing along so I could get a taste of what it feels like to be singing with ARMY for BTS😭😭😭
YOSELIN ANN DIAZ 2 dagar sedan
I love u bts
bảo vân
bảo vân 2 dagar sedan
I love bts
# Avae
# Avae 2 dagar sedan
i wish i was there mike..
Oshadi Vihangi
Oshadi Vihangi 2 dagar sedan
Love you Bts😍😍😍
Bia Avancini
Bia Avancini 2 dagar sedan
Putri Nana
Putri Nana 2 dagar sedan
V: Armyyyy Army: ok im ready
Lola Da Silva
Lola Da Silva 2 dagar sedan
spot 8 boys
Anju Manandhar
Anju Manandhar 2 dagar sedan
Feel so bad coz I can’t understand korean language though i call myself army 😉 hehe…
冰梦.和平精英(国际版) 2 dagar sedan
This good 🎧song
🦋 2 dagar sedan
I'm literally in love with jimins mic 🎤
Sanjay Mishra
Sanjay Mishra 2 dagar sedan
I literally crying so hard 😭😭 Why I can't meet bts this. Is my biggest dream to meet BTS😭😭💜💜
ranveerbisht727 2 dagar sedan
We are real Armies 🥰🥰
Ayasha chowdhury
Ayasha chowdhury 2 dagar sedan
I don't think I'm the only one from Bangladesh :)
u kNow BTS !?
u kNow BTS !? 2 dagar sedan
💜life goes on
Ahlis Bahauddin
Ahlis Bahauddin 2 dagar sedan
Bts like❤ Army
meera 's life
meera 's life 2 dagar sedan
It was emotional when taehyung says A.R.M.Y And they came and sings I was literally crying 🥺🥺🥺
Jhanvi Yadav
Jhanvi Yadav 2 dagar sedan
They look so happy with army start singing 💜💜💜
Bunga Gohanna
Bunga Gohanna 2 dagar sedan
만나지 못해 미안해 슬프다 내 아이돌 우상이 안보여
En Qi
En Qi 2 dagar sedan
The moment V said "Army" then they just show up at the back of the screen Jungkook reaction was like: What the?
Di Ajeng Merdika
Di Ajeng Merdika 2 dagar sedan
eoneu nal sesang-i meomchwoss-eo amuleon yegodo hana eobs-i bom-eun gidalim-eul mollaseo nunchi eobs-i wabeolyeoss-eo baljagug-i jiwojin geoli yeogi neom-eojyeoissneun na honja gane sigan-i mianhae maldo eobs-i oneuldo biga naelil geos gat-a heumppeog jeoj-eobeolyeossne ajigdo meomchujil anh-a jeo meogguleumboda ppalli dallyeoga geuleom doel jul al-assneunde na gyeou salam-inga bwa mobsi apeune sesang-ilan nom-i jun gamgi deogbun-e nulleoboneun meonji ssah-in doegamgi neom-eojin chae cheonghaneun eosbagjaui chum gyeoul-i omyeon naeswija deo tteugeoun sum kkeut-i boiji anh-a chulguga issgin halkka bal-i ttejijil anh-a anh-a oh jamsi du nun-eul gam-a yeogi nae son-eul jab-a jeo milaelo dal-anaja Like an echo in the forest haluga dol-aogessji amu ildo eobsdan deus-i Yeah life goes on Like an arrow in the blue sky tto halu deo nal-agaji On my pillow, on my table Yeah life goes on Like this again i eum-ag-eul billyeo neoege na jeonhalge salamdeul-eun malhae sesang-i da byeonhaessdae dahaenghido uli saineun ajig yeotae an byeonhaessne neul hadeon sijaggwa kkeut 'annyeong'ilan mallo oneulgwa naeil-eul tto hamkke ieobojago meomchwoissjiman eodum-e sumji ma bich-eun tto tteooleunikkan kkeut-i boiji anh-a chulguga issgin halkka bal-i ttejijil anh-a anh-a oh jamsi du nun-eul gam-a yeogi nae son-eul jab-a jeo milaelo dal-anaja Like an echo in the forest haluga dol-aogessji amu ildo eobsdan deus-i Yeah life goes on Like an arrow in the blue sky tto halu deo nal-agaji On my pillow, on my table Yeah life goes on Like this again I remember I, I, I remember I remember I, I, I remember
Obitelj Bendelja
Obitelj Bendelja 2 dagar sedan
Anita Devi
Anita Devi 3 dagar sedan
My Love BTS
Bindu Thomas
Bindu Thomas 3 dagar sedan
Jhope was like he was seeing the universe
Ananya Rai
Ananya Rai 3 dagar sedan
This song really soothes my heart to full extents 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
LoRrAiNe PlAcIeGo
LoRrAiNe PlAcIeGo 3 dagar sedan
Putuli Das
Putuli Das 3 dagar sedan
Butter and old BTS man wow
fan de kimberli loasia
fan de kimberli loasia 3 dagar sedan
Las ARMYS somos ermosas
shailender pant
shailender pant 3 dagar sedan
the smile doesn't go from thier face for a milli second this is called true love 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜i also want to sing but i can only cry 😭😭😭but still i love my life cause my life is btsssss 💜💜💜😭😘😘❤️❤️❤️
GET IT LET IT ROLL !!! 3 dagar sedan
I love this song so much
Anu Blessy :-*
Anu Blessy :-* 3 dagar sedan
This is so cute im soo proud to be a Army
K-pop forever
K-pop forever 3 dagar sedan
All of them look like proud dads
Basit Khan
Basit Khan 3 dagar sedan
When it's butter era but you still stuck to life goes on💜
Sani jamshed
Sani jamshed 3 dagar sedan
Jimin voice dam good 😍😍😘
Adriana Sanchez
Adriana Sanchez 3 dagar sedan
Ahún me dule mucho ,al ver que kooky oculto sus tatuajes :'( .
Nurjanah Gani
Nurjanah Gani 3 dagar sedan
This is army 🥺🇮🇩👰🇰🇷🕌⛪☪️✝️🤵🏼🤰👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👣🤱✝️☪️
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