How Every Hazbin Hotel Character Perished

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A history lover's theory on how every Hazbin Hotel character died and expanding on some other theories. If you want to see me do more Hazbin Hotel stuff, be sure to subscribe!

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National Security Agency.
National Security Agency. 5 timmar sedan
Sir Pentious got bit in the eye by a cobra, Hence his Body is shaped like a snake; and he has eyes all over him.
Tearial Bowling
Tearial Bowling 7 timmar sedan
of 1888?????????????????
Ashley Kivett
Ashley Kivett Dag sedan
Love the theories but just a small correction. Vivzi herself said prostitution isn't a reason people get sent to hell ^-^ love the work put into this tho
Nolan Williams
Nolan Williams Dag sedan
I thought sir pentious died from a snake bite since he’s a snake
rat._.child._ Dag sedan
I think Vaggy was graped (no g) cuz she hates men and has x o her buzims) and she oofed herself (the reason she has a eye mark)
Deven Stanger
Deven Stanger Dag sedan
I agree with what you said on Valentino but honestly if I was sent to hell like that I’d definitely embrace the chaos allowed
Artez The Mage
Artez The Mage Dag sedan
I feel for Alastor his death was being hunted down by people due to his serial killings and dogs were used to find him, which eventually they did and was shot, I think the deer aspect is symbolic for how his final moments were treated before being cornered
Kalaxy 2 dagar sedan
i have a theory for cherri: (now dont say stolen comment i have a new theory) the shrapnel on her grenade killed her and some of the shrapnel cut cherri's eye (or damaged it enough to take it out of the socket) out and thats why she has 1 eye
WiseGuy11 2 dagar sedan
It’s funny even in heaven you turn into a furry, the hot ATT lady turned into a deer
James Jaquinto
James Jaquinto 2 dagar sedan
Vaggy theory: In South America late teens especially females are used to lure young teens to be kidnapped and the sent to traffic. They don't last very long so most likely she was executed by shot in the face the 2x in the chest .
James Jaquinto
James Jaquinto 2 dagar sedan
Well done!
Neon Panic
Neon Panic 2 dagar sedan
Could it be possible that Travis died from reckless driving?
MCGod Gaming
MCGod Gaming 2 dagar sedan
who is baxter?
Ray Zero
Ray Zero 3 dagar sedan
Where are all these characters from? Comic? Other episodes? I've looked every where and can't find anything else on Hazbin Hotel besides the first episode and a comic strip about Angel and one about Alastor
ITS_THAT_purple 3 dagar sedan
Michael Woolsey
Michael Woolsey 3 dagar sedan
Vaggie was killed by a child she was babysitting who found its daddy's machine-gun. probably after being disciplined.
SimplyAlaska 4 dagar sedan
Me: watching this Me: *hears Maki harukawa* *subscribes bc me also hazbin hotel, helluva boss and danganronpa fan*
_.hazbin.hotel._ 4 dagar sedan
With cherri bomb the x mark on her shirt could be a bomb mark and I think that she only has one eye because she could of been looking inside bomb or something or went to close and she could of go blind or she burnt that half of her face
_ Kat _
_ Kat _ 4 dagar sedan
Oh I kinda figured sir pentious died from a snake bite
Keidensu 4 dagar sedan
What if Vaggie is the Angel Of The Bottomless Pit?
Mrs Nikiau
Mrs Nikiau 5 dagar sedan
It's not a children video cuz it swears
Rivkah Song
Rivkah Song 5 dagar sedan
Alastor was a serial killer so what if the 'x' on his forehead isn't related to HIS death but a mark to signify his preferred method of killing his victims via a bullet to the head execution style? What if his death was because Alastor was trying to escape prison after getting caught for his murders and ended up running through a forest pursued by police dogs? In trying to pin him down while he was struggling, they may have accidentally tore an artery in his thigh or neck, causing him to bleed to death. This would cover the whole deer thing (hunted down in a forest by a hunting party with dogs), be a death involving dogs, and explain why he hates how he died since being mauled to death by dogs in a forest would be a very gruesome and ignoble death from someone so prideful and put together. If he bled to death it would also explain why so much of his hair and clothes are all deep red, too. Even his jacket and shirt are striped which could be a reference to old fashioned striped prison uniforms and why his jacket is ragged and torn at the hem since that's about the right height for a dog to bite to pull him down to the ground. What do you all think?
mia m.
mia m. 5 dagar sedan
Okay I can’t find anymore hazbin hotel episodes besides pilot and I really liked it. :(
Purvis Family
Purvis Family 5 dagar sedan
I have idea. Vaggie was drunk, broke a window and was pierced in the eye by the glass shard. This could be why she doesn't want bars in the hotel
Maggz 5 dagar sedan
Where can I watch the full show
sodapoure 5 dagar sedan
-Mitsuki- 6 dagar sedan
Where can I watch hazbin hotel?????
-Mitsuki- 5 dagar sedan
@shut up ah, okay
shut up
shut up 5 dagar sedan
youtube, theres only the pilot out though and season 1 is currently being made
Canadian James
Canadian James 6 dagar sedan
I know that I am probably an idiot… But I have not seen very many of these characters are there new videos somewhere else? I noticed what seemed to be panels like from a comic...what am I missing? Please help I really love this series and would hate to miss out!
Lunar Tears
Lunar Tears 6 dagar sedan
That scene with angeldust telling vaggie, “don’t get your taco in a twist” would actually give more credence to your Vaggie theory, especially if she was from a Spanish speaking country and angeldust either knows of her past or has picked up on a few things since she reacts so easily to him.🤔
Lilith Mills
Lilith Mills 6 dagar sedan
cherry bomb died of exploding herself to escape the police after they shot her husband through the door. i think she but the bomb under her and it did the most damage to the left side of the chest. Edit: also the reason why she has 1 eye is becouse she looked down and explosive and it exploded her right eye, she did recover but it left a big scar and she kept her hair covering it so customers didnt get scared of her and leave.
manuela hernandez
manuela hernandez 6 dagar sedan
Vaggie was a baby sister one night she caught her boyfriend cheating on her and she ran out. Then she grabbed a gun with only on bullet and spined the bullet chainber and shot her self that is why she don't give a shit about boys
b gaming just need to have fun and play games
b gaming just need to have fun and play games 7 dagar sedan
Fallen Angels
Fallen Angels 7 dagar sedan
I think vaggie could have been someone’s lover but she didn’t know that the man had a wife and the wife found out and killed vaggie in her sleep which explains her clothes and why she doesn’t trust men
Ethan Dahlberg
Ethan Dahlberg 7 dagar sedan
Velvet should have been voiced by Kate Bush, and as a result, she might have died in the 80s of a stage light falling on her when she was singing, and she used to be an pop singer from that era.
Cottage core fairy
Cottage core fairy 7 dagar sedan
this is my theory on vaggie: so was used for her- YK and basically she might have fell into a depression after getting used a lot explaining why she hates men so much, forcing herself to stab her or shoot herself maybe?
H N 8 dagar sedan
Ethan Dahlberg
Ethan Dahlberg 8 dagar sedan
Can we all just agree that Velvet kinda reminds me of Pleakly from Lilo and Stitch?
Ethan Dahlberg
Ethan Dahlberg 8 dagar sedan
Can we all just appreciate how cute your voice is?
Russel Brownsberger
Russel Brownsberger 8 dagar sedan
Vaggie was running with Scissors. She was a assign and was acting as a prostitut so she grabbed a pear of scissors and killed them then she ran away and tripped and died
shadowdeity 9 dagar sedan
I never even heard of some of these characters and I watched hazbin hotel and am caught up on helluva boss
Ashok 9 dagar sedan
On cherri, the x’s could be entrance of like shrapnel from a grenade Edit: someone else had the same comment as me, I didn’t steal it we just thought the same thing
JayDFlay4809 9 dagar sedan
Stripey 1010
Stripey 1010 9 dagar sedan
I think Mitzi may have been poisoned, and then fed dropped in the ocean and fed to sharks and/or dogs. I mean the time she died, I mean just come on.
Ethan Dahlberg
Ethan Dahlberg 8 dagar sedan
I think she was somehow a robot demon who got eaten by a blob on September 21, 2000. While Mimzy was riding on the HDT Spaceship Rabix, she was having a conversation with an AI (Possibly Crymini) when Crymini interrupted her, so as to issue an intruder alert. She had to grab her gun and kill said blob. Unfortunately, the blob knocked her into space. Mimzy equipped a jet pack, and she has to complete Crymini’s mission objective: Kill the blob. Unfortunately, the blob killed Mimzy while riding an elevator and she died.
Michal Cohen
Michal Cohen 9 dagar sedan
Where can I watch the series???
Lily Toliver
Lily Toliver 9 dagar sedan
I actually thought niffty died from some sort of sickness because of her obsession with cleaning but idk I kinda like both theories
Eva DT
Eva DT 10 dagar sedan
Is there a second episode of hazbin hotel? I can't find it
Sam Chandar
Sam Chandar 10 dagar sedan
yeah vaggie couldve been like a sniper
RedWizardFox 10 dagar sedan
Who are all lthese people? Angel dust has a brother? Who is Baxter? How do you know all this? I'm guessing that you listened to the 6 hour live stream or whatever that they had. Honestly I'm so curious. There is only one episode right??
emma M
emma M 10 dagar sedan
Bro stop saying the bois name
XxBloomxX 11 dagar sedan
I think that the guy that died in the boat when the fishys saw him D E A D they mabey thought he was food and ate him idk im not a good thinker
Ethan Dahlberg
Ethan Dahlberg 12 dagar sedan
The cause of Mimzy’s death is what I would explain. On September 21, 2000, she was riding on a spaceship, when she heard an AI issue an intruder alert. Mimzy explored the spaceship, when she noticed a blob on the starboard engine. She tried to kill the blob, but her gun was ineffective against it. Eventually, the blob sucked Mimzy up while she was riding an elevator.
Ethan Dahlberg
Ethan Dahlberg 12 dagar sedan
Vox: *touches roof of TV* TV: *explodes* Vox: :P
•-Lemon Eater Tea-•
•-Lemon Eater Tea-• 12 dagar sedan
Vaggie Theory: Her father was a ab£$€r and she had to Prostitute to even make small money bc her dad never worked. While she was with A client they were a murderer and seggsly assaulted her (why she has xes on her chest and in Lingerie) then her client stabbed her in the eye (why the x on her eye). (Moth is the same reason you said)
Cosmic 12 dagar sedan
Alastor Is godly, "You're never fully dressed without a smile!"
Katherine Fitzgerald (student)
Katherine Fitzgerald (student) 13 dagar sedan
Me who is named Katie and my username was made BEFORE Hazbin hotel and is killjoy- 🤭
I ам иот яսssiаи sошу
I ам иот яսssiаи sошу 13 dagar sedan
3:28 Could that mean he was a female at some point ? No I get luring people in with pretty lies part but, only females anglerfish have the little lamp on the head. The anglerfish male looks nothing like the female anglerfish.
Grim_king 14 dagar sedan
She said the Wind bro twice, I’m atheist but I literally prayed. I’m not gonna mess with wind bros again no sir
erica11744 14 dagar sedan
I think that maybe Sir Pentious was trying to make some kind of Snake machine? But then it backfired horribly and he exploded, that would explain his Snake-like form and his love of inventions. Or he got and actual snake for another invention and he accidentally dropped it or something and it bit the crap out of him. Anything with inventions and snakes. Alastor was a southern radio host and serial killer from New Orleans, Louisiana. A hunter and 2 or more dogs where chasing him. The dogs, Sensing an odd vibe from him, began to attack- The hunter( Thinking Alastor was a deer) Shot him. That would explain the Radio demon stuff and why he looks like a deer- also the fact he killed a lot of other demons while he was a demon and he killed a bunch of humans when he was a human. (Also according to google he can shapeshift into a deer and is a cannibal. ) Angel dust died from a drug overdose, the drug was called Phencyclidine- Nothing else about him ;m; . Never mind- ( H&M Mich co.) Angel dust could have also died from PCP and kidney failure. If you look at him from a certain angle on his right side near his second right arm you’ll see a little pink X, real small but you can probably see it. So it’s possible he died from both PCP and kidney failure. Vaggie died of her stab wound, to the eye, like you thought- captured and abused by some ugly fishlipped old fart. Nothing else about her either. ( I see a couple comments saying she’s a fallen angel- I sorta agree. And according to google again her and Charlie are a canon couple.) (Chloe Harrod) Vaggies death could have also been sucide. Both her parents where abusive, and one of them stabbed her in the eye. She knew that one of her parents owned a gun so she grabbed it and shot one of them. After, she felt incredibly guilty so she decided to commit die because she felt as if she were no longer needed. That’s why she’s so nice to everyone and is very protective of Charlie because she doesn’t want Charlie to be said and end up in the same place as she did before she committed die. (DaZebraffe) Cherri bomb probably died from her own frag grenade, the X’s mark the spots where she got totally exploded, and It sorta would explain her obsession of explosives. (Rai_Pai) Mimzy’s death was probably by poison. It would explain the whole gluttony idea you had, since she might’ve really enjoyed eating and someone might’ve poisoned her food while she wasn’t looking. The person who murdered her might’ve been jealous of her success because she was getting really famous and stuff so they oofed her. Aight- I’ll finish this later. Possibly never because I’m lazy.
Nifty 14 dagar sedan
Very close. Yet not fully correct.
Tiffani Kriss
Tiffani Kriss 14 dagar sedan
Sir pentious could've died from snake vemon because after all sir pentious Is a snake
adele lise
adele lise 15 dagar sedan
THATS WHY HIS NAME IS TOM TRENCH Because of the trench soldiers used
wolf19 15 dagar sedan
I think Cherri bomb died because of explosions
THE MASTER OF MASTERY 15 dagar sedan
Flak u
Mcmwp 26
Mcmwp 26 15 dagar sedan
Cry mini looks like she was mauled by dogs because she has paw marks on her and she’s a dog
Chloe_Berry01 15 dagar sedan
I believe for Cherri she owned a fireworks shop covering up an explosives black market type thing. When the police or someone getting curious found it I believe they tried to shoot Cherri and missed setting off the explosives and fireworks.
Albert Real Person
Albert Real Person 16 dagar sedan
Staying away from real events but ww1 happened hmmmm
Arty 16 dagar sedan
I have a theory for Vaggie idk if I pronounced it right Maybe she used to be a nanny and she accidentally killed the child she was babysitting maybe because she let the child fall and after the parents of the child found out the father stabbed Vaggie's eye and killed her that's why she doesn't trust men I know it's a bad theory I just had to get the thought out there
Molin J.
Molin J. 16 dagar sedan
13:13 yeah idk how that tracks, since there’s nothing connecting her to anarchism, since it’s one of the few non violent ideologies. Edit: yeah no this is totally a gross misrepresentation of anarchism. I hadn’t listened further but I see no way in which endangering the lives of other people is connected to anarchism.
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar 16 dagar sedan
As somebody who's actually from hell this is surprising to me as the show itself is kinda accurate well except for all the random bs in the show itself I will say Hell actually isn't so bad
Vanessa Vollmer
Vanessa Vollmer 17 dagar sedan
I think sir pentious got bit by some kinda snake while experimenting with there venom or something like that, mostly because he looks like a snake, has venom that makes u high, and he has a hood from like a cobra.
Big Chungus Watches yo kids
Big Chungus Watches yo kids 17 dagar sedan
Black ppl weren’t allowed on titanic-
To Ade
To Ade 17 dagar sedan
I want to add onto Niffty's death. What if she was a maid in her past time (hence her obsession with cleaning and possibly how she was spawned) and was having an affair with the head master of the household she was working with. She might have fell deeply in love with him and had severe jealousy with the mistress (his wife). She could have killed the girl out of jealously and was either shot by the head master or by the police (idk that's my expansion to the theory).
Lea Gasparini
Lea Gasparini 17 dagar sedan
A theory for mimzy- everything that you said but she probably overdosed since she wanted to have a perfect body and took like 20 diffrent pills just so she can reach her goal for maybe being the most prettiest superstar or something? I dunno i just looked at it like that-
Icey Floof
Icey Floof 17 dagar sedan
I Have A Feeling Crymini Died From A Few Dogs Beating Her Or Something
anonymous 17 dagar sedan
Ethan Dahlberg
Ethan Dahlberg 17 dagar sedan
Man I cannot wait to see Velvet in the show cuz she’s so cute who else felt the same way :3
Ethan Dahlberg
Ethan Dahlberg 17 dagar sedan
13:54 My opinion is that Valentino was bored while Angel and Cherri were having a conversation. He decided to imitate the classic 1960 movie Psycho. Dressed up in his father’s clothing and hat while wielding a rubber knife, he began to stalk on Cherri until a rabbit saved her from trouble!
Ethan Dahlberg
Ethan Dahlberg 17 dagar sedan
Who else got Fight Club vibes after seeing Alastor’s death theories? I did :P
Ethan Dahlberg
Ethan Dahlberg 17 dagar sedan
Nobody’s talking about how Mimzy died, instead, they’re talking about the Danganronpa reference during Vaggie’s part and how cool that guy’s voice is and the true reason why Sir Pentious died and Alastor’s relation to wendigos. My headcanon is that Mimzy died after being eaten by a strange red blob while riding a space ship on September 21, 2000. This is because she looks like TOM 1 from Toonami.
Evelina Andersson
Evelina Andersson 18 dagar sedan
i have to disagree with the part about alastor having anything to do with wendigos; not because there isn't any similarities in terms of overall design, but because vivzie seems to be pretty informed and seems to try and make sure her content isn't offensive especially in terms of ethnicity, and it would be extremely offensive to native americans and their culture to make a cartoon character (especially a non-native american one) meant to resemble a wendigo, so for that reason i think it's very unlikely and alastor's features are probably just meant to resemble a deer with obviously stylized elements. edit: this is a more personal opinion, but also theorizing/assuming that vaggie, a lesbian character, was forced into prostitution and specifically had to have sex with men when there is NOTHING at all in canon or from creators of the show stating or even implying it in the slightest, is not appropriate in my opinion. very weird and potentially harmful theory, and i would urge you to reconsider it and also think a bit on why it's the conclusion you jumped to. a woman doesn't have to have gone through sexual trauma to be wary of men, or to not put up with their bullshit. i seriously doubt that vivzie would be insensitive enough to make being sexually assaulted by men a part of her lesbian character's backstory; not to mention that there's already a main character with all of these themes tied into his current situation and backstory in the form of angel dust so that's another reason it's unlikely to be canon.
Hajime Hinata
Hajime Hinata 18 dagar sedan
Funky 19 dagar sedan
They didn't die they perished
Cameron Jordan
Cameron Jordan 19 dagar sedan
How do i find hazbin hotel past the pilot
cherri bomb
cherri bomb 19 dagar sedan
Fun fact: vaggie wears an eye patch
cherri bomb
cherri bomb 19 dagar sedan
Someone said something about Katie killjoy committing suicide but hey who am I to know what's right and wrong I'm not the one who created her 🤣
Tina XoxO
Tina XoxO 19 dagar sedan
I feel like Vic and Vanity never died because they are overlords and if u pay attention it states that Al is the only human soul to become and overlord so…….….……
kiki krsman
kiki krsman 19 dagar sedan
Actually ur quite close for alastors death, but it’s not quite right. Alastor was actually a red deer who was hunted down by hunting dogs and then shot down which led him to a form of a red deer in hell
Rip Tyro
Rip Tyro 20 dagar sedan
crymini was an evil furry i hope i dont affend any furry
Yandere for gay love💖💖
Yandere for gay love💖💖 20 dagar sedan
Theory: What if Alastair was bambi if you watched the Movie bambi you would understand what I'm talking about
IM__—__A__—__IMP Ye
IM__—__A__—__IMP Ye 20 dagar sedan
Question Since sit pentiouns has a snake body i’d proberly say he Got eaten by snakes after a experiment Or that he made a Machine that could combine animals and humans?
Eevee lover 💖💖💖
Eevee lover 💖💖💖 21 dag sedan
You made very good points
Boo 21 dag sedan
My theory about Niffty is that she was a maid and ended up falling jn love with the male of the house then his wife found out and she shoved Niffty into the fireplace. My evidence is that Alastor did pull her OUT OF LITERAL FIRE and she is obsessed with men/romance and cleaning
Boo 14 dagar sedan
Nifty 14 dagar sedan
A lot of you have the same idea about my life before death.
bannedguy somebanned guy
bannedguy somebanned guy 21 dag sedan
Alistor is walt disney
Horizon 22 dagar sedan
Sir pentious could have been killed by the venom of a cobra
Horizon 18 dagar sedan
Wrong video with the tom trench thing sorry
Horizon 18 dagar sedan
And I think Tom trench could want redemption if your guess about how he died is right
Horizon 18 dagar sedan
I’m probably slow for thinking that
Arti Trash
Arti Trash 22 dagar sedan
See Vagie is a lesbian
Nolan zodiac
Nolan zodiac 23 dagar sedan
I like how Charlie would probably go to heaven if she was a mortal soul
Ethan Dahlberg
Ethan Dahlberg 23 dagar sedan
13:55 My theory is that Valentino was a bit bored while Angel and Cherri were conversing. He decided to dress up as “father”, wear a hat, and grab a rubber knife. He went around stalking on Cherri, and attempted to kill her until Fat Nuggets (Angel’s piggy pet) was adopted and he saved the day!
Ethan Dahlberg
Ethan Dahlberg 23 dagar sedan
Holy shit I cannot wait to see Mimzy in the show the reason why is that she’s so cute my theory is that she was a robot on Toonami till TOM 1 killed her off
Maron Poon
Maron Poon 24 dagar sedan
The profuse museum cumulatively annoy because plain temporally poke upon a cut desk. spooky, substantial lead
Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson 24 dagar sedan
In veggies case and in the context you were saying about self defence adultery could be the case and it might also be a case she killed a client or a man who was trafficing her but going to hell for her my guess is adultery or murder tho self defence that doesn't matter cuz God's law is simply thall shalt not kill and I'm not religious this is just my best guess
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