OTB Tour Skins #27 | F9 | Emporia Country Club DGC | Dynamic Discs Open

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GK Pro

OTB Sponsored Tour Series Skins #27 Front 9
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2021 Dynamic Discs Open
Emporia Country Club DGC
Emporia, Kansas

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Hosted by Luke Humphries

Nate Sexton
Jeremy Koling
Eric Oakley
Zach Melton

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Facebook: GK Productions
Insta: gk_productions918

GK Pro
GK Pro Månad sedan
Rocket League is free on the Epic Games Store, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch! Download Rocket League here: pixly.go2cloud.org/SH2Lt
Captain Xorro
Captain Xorro Månad sedan
@AIOZIE for all you know, none of those guys want to be on these vids.
AIOZIE Månad sedan
@Mullac everyone's entitled to their own weird fucking logic brother!
Mullac Månad sedan
@AIOZIE so because theyre commentators and youve heard them a lot means they shouldnt be on a skins match where they try and get as many different pros as they can so people can see them interact with other pros? some weird as fuck logic
AIOZIE Månad sedan
@F0rnax and zanierules - Big Jerm, Sexton and Uli are all on all the JOMEZ vids, so I listen and see them in all the jomez coverage and practice rounds -pretty much all their vids (their humor is not for me, but if you like that frat guy vibe/humor they're great for that humor/commentary). There are 40+ other disc golfers they could get for these skins matches (J. Conrad, K. Klein, Barsby, C. Clemons, etc etc...), so its not over saturated with the same 3 guys/players on all disc golf vids that's all I'm saying.
meettheandersounds Månad sedan
Yeah, my kid heard them say “free download” and I had no choice.
powersv2 Månad sedan
“He just pissed on my lie”
0-Mr_ Holmes-0
0-Mr_ Holmes-0 Månad sedan
seeing stuff like this makes me think i could actually be good at DG
Steven Carroll
Steven Carroll Månad sedan
What’s interesting is that Jerm was downplaying the height differences and Nate shuts him up for always talking about height. Bad form Nate.
Justin Choi
Justin Choi Månad sedan
We've all seen players made before. And while there have definitely been bigger physical or verbal tirades, I think Jerm was more mad than anybody. He just held it in. That was nuts!
Justin Choi
Justin Choi Månad sedan
OMG. I knew this foursome would be amazing, but I never knew it would be this amazing haha. Nate disciplining Jerm was soooo GOOD! hahaha
Jonathan Lim
Jonathan Lim Månad sedan
Congrats Zach on the awesome beard award!!! Well deserved.
Rocky Puzo
Rocky Puzo Månad sedan
Melton and Oakley are so tiresome
HowChillTooChill Månad sedan
2:40 did they switch roles for a minute haha
Nikolas Waters
Nikolas Waters Månad sedan
not to be that guy but oakley foot faults every time we see his feet lol
Donald Stoner
Donald Stoner Månad sedan
need kjusa
Adam Leber
Adam Leber Månad sedan
Razzing is fine, but there is just too much constant chatter in this round. Can't do it.
YaBoi Mera
YaBoi Mera Månad sedan
The absolute best skins crew so funny nothing but friendly banter.
Jake Iverson
Jake Iverson Månad sedan
Best skins video. Ever.
Kegan Fisher
Kegan Fisher Månad sedan
Jerms feelings actually got hurt
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith Månad sedan
Teal Calvin Destroyers with Red stamps = 💰
Brian Boyce
Brian Boyce Månad sedan
Big jerm when establishing balance is there any rule saying u cant use your rolling bag.. Please be brief in answering so we don't get the sexton reprimand
MM 15
MM 15 Månad sedan
Absolutely love the fact Sexton put germ 🦠 in his place! Dude needs to just shut up and throw
Omel Borpon
Omel Borpon Månad sedan
Koling is a large man, even before standing on booster blocks to make himself look even taller (time stamp 0.00). Someday he may even grow up (0.08).
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez Månad sedan
Nero Schnee
Nero Schnee Månad sedan
Florida Man joins the competition🙌🏼
C C Månad sedan
Well.. I came.. I saw.. And.. Well.. Hogan is the goodest boy 😊
Mike Guy
Mike Guy Månad sedan
As a fellow southerner, hearing Zach’s constant stream of s*%t talking with that unapologetic accent was glorious. More please.
Sue In Raleigh
Sue In Raleigh Månad sedan
Well, that was rude. I know they’re good buddies and all, but still...
Dominic Ligotti
Dominic Ligotti Månad sedan
I love all the commentators but now one beats the amazing nate sexton. I am sad I have meet most of the pros but I have not got to talk to nate yet I can only hope.
Anthony Cecena
Anthony Cecena Månad sedan
Did anyone hear someone called big jerm big bacteria. I thought that was hilarious. I cant unhear that now
Dana Hill
Dana Hill Månad sedan
Absolute gold Nate getting on Germ... i can only imagine how much they have to cut out of him talking about whatever forehand he’s going to throw. They are buddies for sure so I’m sure they got over it.
John Krzyanowski
John Krzyanowski Månad sedan
Had to turn it off after 15 minutes.
Jason Huckleberry
Jason Huckleberry Månad sedan
Luke you are killing my knees just watching that back flip!!!
Devin Durtschi
Devin Durtschi Månad sedan
Jerm: Do you know how many people have already stopped watching this after hole 1? Me: They've only played one hole?! I swear that was 2 or 3.
Brad Nawrocki
Brad Nawrocki Månad sedan
I thought the Jones Gold Course would have been suited better for the $4,000 Ace Pot. I can only think of 1 hole before starting to watch this that is a legitimate Ace Run... I'm sure this is going to be a stellar watch regardless.. Plus, no Kevin Jones for once... LOL
Viktor Månad sedan
So nice of you to put on a skins match for the senior community, they don't get outside much.
Nate Stone
Nate Stone Månad sedan
I'd love to see a Uli reaction to the Scolding lolol
Brian Harvey
Brian Harvey Månad sedan
This lineup for skins makes it worth there not being a Thomas Gilbert sighting
Joe Flo
Joe Flo Månad sedan
Nate Sexton is an excellent commentator! Nate Sexton and Kevin Jones commentating would be God Tier!
Leland Baxter
Leland Baxter Månad sedan
Actually super stoked on the "old guy" 30+ card. Look forward to more of them in the future.
Kirk Maxwell
Kirk Maxwell Månad sedan
My man Nate has the calves of a god
Steven Ramsey
Steven Ramsey Månad sedan
Luke Humphries is the worst face of disc golf in the history of the sport.
Dave Allen
Dave Allen Månad sedan
My dream skins card is Melton, Dickerson, Gibson, and Matty O.
Dotson6996 Månad sedan
22:55...that's what she said
Jordan Veit
Jordan Veit Månad sedan
Hands down the best OTB yet. I wanna be best friends with Z Melts.
YOLO BUTTON Månad sedan
Big Sexy is SAVAGE!!!! I love it LOL 😂
RingOfSolomon Månad sedan
That was rude of Nate
M _
M _ Månad sedan
Bruh. I love NS, but that shit was so out of line. Unreal. Even bigger issue....GK, why the hell would you not edit that out?
disc golfer 1984
disc golfer 1984 Månad sedan
Well after that happened it is all that was talked about after. Viewers would have been totally lost. I totally understand your point. I hope they atleast gave Jerm and Nate a heads up though.
marshie1337 Månad sedan
eric is looking good. my man tightened up his game and looks like he's dropped some weight. respect
Stuart Walker
Stuart Walker Månad sedan
85k views in 2 days for not a competition round lets go disc golf
FractaLens Månad sedan
Great time with the guys Rail flip to the skies Hogan pissin on lies No way to disguise How these bros fly!
Layout420 Månad sedan
Going to try to stay away from the crazies but is living in the pan handle.... yea good luck bud. The pan handle is FL on Meth x Crack
Seth Heasley
Seth Heasley Månad sedan
Jerm being in a bad mood after Nate gave him a hard time, then getting that brutal spitout is so relatable. Takes a while to shake that stuff off.
Forrest Eldridge
Forrest Eldridge Månad sedan
Nate and I would have had problems. Lol Dude was so out of line.
Dennis Comeau
Dennis Comeau Månad sedan
17 minutes into the video and they're not finished with hole 1. It was more of a disc golf podcast until Nate let everyone know
gogopossum Månad sedan
So there’s a clear “before” and “after” in this video. Not sure if anyone else noticed...
Trevor Hall
Trevor Hall Månad sedan
Zach Melton should totally do commentary.
Stanley Hungerford
Stanley Hungerford Månad sedan
Why was the hole pushed on #6? Eric hit a long putt for a birdie with Nate and Jerm missing their birdie putts and taking pars. Eric should have had the $300 awarded to him. Or did I miss something?
disc golfer 1984
disc golfer 1984 Månad sedan
Eric went OB on his tee shot. Was shooting 3.
Jim Wagers
Jim Wagers Månad sedan
Yea, I’m out. This just sounds like a bunch of childish bickering. I like some smack talk but this isn’t anything I want to listen too. I’ll wait for the next episode. Peace.
PunkHic6 Månad sedan
Very disappointing. Jerm is a big baby. Hes not that good anymore but acts like it and acts more important than he is. Cry cry cry
Rodiath Månad sedan
Even if he's not as good as the top 10 he's still an elite player at #11 in the pdga rankings. That's pretty good in my book.
dennis klauer
dennis klauer Månad sedan
This trash talk is 1100 rated.
Leon Ulman
Leon Ulman Månad sedan
Does anyone know the actor who plays Zach Melton?
Nathan Derr
Nathan Derr Månad sedan
I think you need to attach a camera to hogan and have a "Hogan Cam"!!!! It would probably provide some entertaining clips
DiscGolfHunter Månad sedan
Nate sets the bar, but I really like Philo's commentary, he's just so casual and informative.
Patrick Rutland
Patrick Rutland Månad sedan
20:36 lol just a tank in the background nothing out of the ordinary
Chase J
Chase J Månad sedan
Well this got awkward.....
mickywulla Månad sedan
couldn't have picked 4 funnier blokes for a skins match. love ya work GK !
Alberto Quagliaroli
Alberto Quagliaroli Månad sedan
You almost made better the first throw on hole 9 than McBeth and the other three in the final DDO. Good!
Jacob Belaire
Jacob Belaire Månad sedan
22:53 That’s what she said.
Orinoco -Topic
Orinoco -Topic Månad sedan
Literally love watching your channel and these skin matches ⛓🥏⛓
Kohl Packingham
Kohl Packingham Månad sedan
I haven't even started watching it and I know this is gonna be comedy gold. What an awesome card.
Patrick O'Donnell
Patrick O'Donnell Månad sedan
Hogan !!
Sara Jansky
Sara Jansky Månad sedan
The little "speech" at 45:39 was hard to listen to. The dude getting onto him about discussing his shot is way annoying. I really don't mind hearing the players talk about what they are going to throw and why, that is interesting. But all the rude banter is uncomfortable to hear.
disc golfer 1984
disc golfer 1984 Månad sedan
There was a cut before it happened so we don't really know what all he was saying. He wasn't talking about his shot and that's what annoyed Nate. He was talking/complaing about being tall and not having a window. Not sure how long it was going but clearly Nate got annoyed. Jerm is a great guy but at times he tries to put on to much of a show.
Jacob Belaire
Jacob Belaire Månad sedan
Love how it’s Innova vs Dynamic Disc this Skins match.
John Barrette
John Barrette Månad sedan
Cringe-worthy dynamics really kicked-in on hole 7. Loved it. Real reality TV.
Luke Vaughan
Luke Vaughan Månad sedan
Man Nate had that “I crossed the line and I think Jerm is gonna beat my ass vibes”
Jake Iverson
Jake Iverson Månad sedan
Seemed like Nate completely owned it and still thought it was fine after.
Sam Anthony
Sam Anthony Månad sedan
Because he did. Critisized his personality in front of camera's over an extremely trivial thing. So jerm talks a lot. Thats jerm if you dont like it stop playing with him all the time.
Stephen Carmickle
Stephen Carmickle Månad sedan
Rocket league? Sick!
Christopher Schell
Christopher Schell Månad sedan
Sexton is the best commentator bar none.
Tim Nichols
Tim Nichols Månad sedan
Both Nate and Jerm seem like nice guys, but Nate seemed to get super serious/rude. That’s not a conversation you have with tons of other people around. Super inappropriate, awkward, and uncomfortable. I don’t mind Jerm talking his way through his shot selection at all.
MyBallSack Itches
MyBallSack Itches Månad sedan
23:05 holy shit what is this
Zachary James
Zachary James Månad sedan
Damn didn't do the backflip justice.
Sarah Ann
Sarah Ann Månad sedan
Dude, Jerm threw such a fit! How old are you?! You realize people watch these videos, right?
Sam Anthony
Sam Anthony Månad sedan
I think he just got annoyed and did what nate said. He just threw instead of talking.
Zachary James
Zachary James Månad sedan
Ay Jerms drip is top notch disc golf.
jason1631 Månad sedan
Man. Nate maybe taking it a bit too serious. I mean he complains about Jerm but does the illegal disc flip every throw... Point being this is a fun round even though it's a skins match and Jerm wears his heart on his sleeve and is one of the nicest guys out there. Nate is still one of my favorites and great commentator but he lost his cool over nothing
jason1631 Månad sedan
@Tony Steinbach oh yea nothing wrong with that
Tony Steinbach
Tony Steinbach Månad sedan
@jason1631 ohhh, yeah. That makes sense. I thought you were talking about the way Nate flips his disc in his hand repeatedly before driving and putting.
jason1631 Månad sedan
@Tony Steinbach I'm referring to Nate flipping his disc that is on the ground instead of putting a mini marker disc down. It is a required rule to mark your disc with a mini disc before you throw your next shot or leave it as is and throw from behind it. It really doesn't matter in a practice round though. It's up to the card to decide that. I think you're thinking of something else.
Tony Steinbach
Tony Steinbach Månad sedan
What makes the disc flip illegal? Is there a rule about not releasing grip until you throw? (Genuinely asking).
Nathan Sliefert
Nathan Sliefert Månad sedan
after a few weeks without luke, it makes me even more impressed with how easy the intros are for him.
dretot Månad sedan
Nate is out of line @45:40. This is suppose to be a "fun" skins game. The sh*t talk, ribbing and banter are what makes this cool to watch, it's better than the actual shots. Nate's BS scold of Jerm ruined the vibe of this for me. Totally unnecessary and showed Nate to be a jerk. Keep being yourself Jerm. Now you know how to get under Nate's skin. Next time do it again... and again... and again :)
Sam Anthony
Sam Anthony Månad sedan
Seriously. Everyones calling jerm a baby but nates tone wasnt playful it was scolding and resentful. He was bringing real feelings into it and jerm can damn sure read his tone.
rumplestuntskin Månad sedan
@23:20. What the heck did zack just do?? Sorcery?
Muckertheblimp Månad sedan
55:40 I thought jerm was going for the basket right in front of him lol
Craig Lay
Craig Lay Månad sedan
Nate trying to build jerm back up on 8
Jonathan Kelley
Jonathan Kelley Månad sedan
As a fan, I'd rather hear Jerm go on talking for an extra min than see Nate blow up just zero to sixty like that. Love em both but gotta say, that didn't feel right to me.
Chad Fisher
Chad Fisher Månad sedan
The card changed after Jerm spit out on hole 7. He was furious after that.
Björn Wiking
Björn Wiking Månad sedan
I can't watch this! Everyone's to loud in there mics, sorry. Didn't make it past hole 1
Ziggy25 Månad sedan
That may be the first time I’ve ever truly felt bad for big Jerm when he got pole spit for hundreds of dollars while getting worked by the other guys. Ouch!
Double Bogey Production
Double Bogey Production Månad sedan
Tyler Rhoton
Tyler Rhoton Månad sedan
Shoutout to the 30+ crowd!!! 11:14
Craig Lay
Craig Lay Månad sedan
This is going exactly like i thought it would, ha
Handels Månad sedan
Discount Zach Galifianakis really got under Jerms skins
Jacob Berger
Jacob Berger Månad sedan
TIL that $600 leaves you option-less!
Daniel Penrod II
Daniel Penrod II Månad sedan
#7 is the most dramatic hole in disc golf history. The emotions!
therealjwil5 Månad sedan
Jerm getting scolded by Papa sexy Friends (including sexy) complimenting Jerm the next few holes to lift him back up. That's real life friendship right there
Phil Johnson
Phil Johnson Månad sedan
My favorite commentator is a different Nathan, Nathan Queen.
Daniel Penrod II
Daniel Penrod II Månad sedan
Eric Oakley and Zach Melton? Hell yeah!
ProProfessional Månad sedan
50:03 someone pls make a reaction gif out of this lmao
Walker Kelly
Walker Kelly Månad sedan
Feel bad for Jerm, that spit out was dirty
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