I Built a HUGE Lego Railway - Up Stairs & Underwater!

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Half-Asleep Chris

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I built a 100m Lego train track around my entire house and garden, including up the stairs, through a swimming pool, through a light tunnel, and through a rainforest dome.

Merch: halfasleepchris.com

Geodesic Dome Tutorial: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ym138...

Half-Asleep Chris
Half-Asleep Chris 2 månader sedan
FAQs: - Is there an unedited GoPro video of the train ride? Unfortunately not. I had to aim the GoPro slightly differently at different bits (such as angled left inside the rainforest dome), and occasionally edit it so I wouldn't be in the footage myself when I followed it around. Next time I'll invest in a 360 camera like many have requested and record a complete one! - How did you do the TV thing? I used the game Planet Zoo to build the cliff / waterfall / trees / train track. This meant I had complete control over the camera angles. I connected my laptop to the TV with a HDMI cable to perfectly match the real and digital track up, and then experimented with the timing. This is possibly my favourite part of the video :) - Where are the cats during the train ride? Asleep on the bed - Is this video sponsored by Lego (or Flex Tape)? No!
Jenny Bruce
Jenny Bruce 18 timmar sedan
Owen Hickok
Owen Hickok Dag sedan
At least you get track from the set the hogwarts train doesnt give you track…
Nason Fein
Nason Fein 4 dagar sedan
you make everyone look bad at everything let's go
Tony Peppermint
Tony Peppermint 5 dagar sedan
Spooky channel for skid and pump
Spooky channel for skid and pump 7 dagar sedan
Qjplayz 5674
Qjplayz 5674 Timme sedan
This the frost video I have ever watched from you
Joeblx Timme sedan
I was here at 120 views now it has 5.2 million
Roberta Horton
Roberta Horton Timme sedan
And a GoPro Hero 9 Lego train 📷🚅🚃🚃
Roberta Horton
Roberta Horton Timme sedan
A Lego train going through your house cool 😎🚅🚃🚃
Electroman Gaming
Electroman Gaming 2 timmar sedan
Landon Favero
Landon Favero 2 timmar sedan
r.i.p reggie -salutes-
Waylon Jackson
Waylon Jackson 3 timmar sedan
Great job on the train!
T- Ross
T- Ross 5 timmar sedan
They should have this in LEGO land
The Aziz Show
The Aziz Show 7 timmar sedan
Fab bridge! 😃👍🏼 I love Ralph and Bella 🐈🐈‍⬛
Sam Poetzsch
Sam Poetzsch 8 timmar sedan
It's super helpful for inclines to put rubber bands around the wheels for traction
Half-Asleep Chris
Half-Asleep Chris 3 timmar sedan
@Sam Poetzsch Thanks a lot!
Sam Poetzsch
Sam Poetzsch 6 timmar sedan
@Half-Asleep Chris awesome video btw, the biodome thing i found especially cool
Half-Asleep Chris
Half-Asleep Chris 6 timmar sedan
Great tip! I will bear this in mind for the next one :)
Dyllan R
Dyllan R 8 timmar sedan
100 Boxes of lego traks
Grayson Huff
Grayson Huff 9 timmar sedan
So cool
FishGamingGuy 9 timmar sedan
ME WATCHING VIDEO: hmmm me not under standing a word he says: HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
Clarabelle Chin
Clarabelle Chin 11 timmar sedan
You no minecraft
Frxnch Kxby
Frxnch Kxby 13 timmar sedan
R.I.P. Reggie We will miss you even know I never knew you
Connor Wyatt Cutts
Connor Wyatt Cutts 14 timmar sedan
I love this dude's channel, it's clean, funny, and interesting!!! To my opinion, at least...
Evan Bruneio
Evan Bruneio 17 timmar sedan
People: lego is for kids Me: shows them this video
Jenny Bruce
Jenny Bruce 18 timmar sedan
Why is he named half asleep quiz
David Gunn
David Gunn 18 timmar sedan
this is so awsome i have no words for it.
samplays mc
samplays mc 21 timme sedan
Half sleep Chris your one of my favorite youtuber
Clara Kelly
Clara Kelly 22 timmar sedan
52 pieces!
zahra jaffe
zahra jaffe 22 timmar sedan
dude thats soo sick
Gaming & Freinds!
Gaming & Freinds! 23 timmar sedan
Sorry about Reggie :(
Kirsty Geoghegan
Kirsty Geoghegan Dag sedan
wow amazing
Jordan Dag sedan
This gives me LittleBigPlanet vibes. Super fun! Why does obstacle number 4 like wearing that donut so much?
King George The Third
King George The Third Dag sedan
reggies golden gate bridge made me cry
kristupas rubezius
kristupas rubezius Dag sedan
I also love Lego:-)
Em Dag sedan
This is my childhood dream, my brother and I used to build a wooden or plastic train track from our bedroom to the living room and that's as far as we could go 😂
ZGA MEMEIN Dag sedan
Gggrandpa Dag sedan
This person has made my childhood dream true 🥺
Lunime Tube
Lunime Tube Dag sedan
thats _dedication_
mathias billing tranholm
mathias billing tranholm Dag sedan
i wonder if the train fell off wail filming the end lol
Suiko Dag sedan
it's so amazing
Linas Borunovas
Linas Borunovas Dag sedan
Gearless rails
Ruth Dunn
Ruth Dunn Dag sedan
The furry furtive block interstingly empty because firewall preliminarily breathe towards a bizarre link. soft, polite maid
Liza Ahmat
Liza Ahmat Dag sedan
Poor Reggei :( But u still have the golden bridge A sad moment :(
Master Peanuts Lego Builder
Master Peanuts Lego Builder Dag sedan
I love it I have a idea were you could make a lego plane that can fly.
blox5fun Dag sedan
How many money buy these lego train tracks that a lot!!!!!!!!
Ashton Reyes
Ashton Reyes Dag sedan
So good. I can’t wait for him to reach 900k subs, and hopefully 1M
Antonio P Valles
Antonio P Valles Dag sedan
I like the tune and pool
Antonio P Valles
Antonio P Valles Dag sedan
I miss Ralf and Bella?
Antonio P Valles
Antonio P Valles Dag sedan
Where is the cats?
VividRouge Dag sedan
Asleep on the bed
Owen Hickok
Owen Hickok Dag sedan
Bob Nolan
Bob Nolan Dag sedan
I love lego so much and the lake/pool track was so cool I just want to be a lego man and hop in that train and take it for a rise
popular guns
popular guns Dag sedan
Rip your 🐈
Alen's Day
Alen's Day 2 dagar sedan
reggie would be proud
Ashen Morayas
Ashen Morayas 2 dagar sedan
The tunnel was literally VR! Amazing Work Mate!
charane1988 2 dagar sedan
That would cost a lot of money too get all the pieces!!
Syed Fazle Hasan Abdi
Syed Fazle Hasan Abdi 2 dagar sedan
This is literally a masterpiece
Edwin Clarke
Edwin Clarke 2 dagar sedan
our master
Jude C.J
Jude C.J 2 dagar sedan
Imagin removing all the screwed wooden platforms
Jude C.J
Jude C.J 2 dagar sedan
Holy cow u deserved more views
Jana Holmanova
Jana Holmanova 2 dagar sedan
Home School fun
Home School fun 2 dagar sedan
I loved it! It was great
evelyn alindayu
evelyn alindayu 2 dagar sedan
You Voice Like Tommyinnit!!! :D
MyNameGray 2 dagar sedan
Do you guys think this guy voice look like tommy from minecraft
amazingadventures20 2 dagar sedan
This is crazy you earned a sub
Aaswertuiol Xsrtyuionu
Aaswertuiol Xsrtyuionu 2 dagar sedan
The fretful parsnip microscopically waste because need lovely guarantee across a inquisitive sagittarius. superb, phobic land
Who else favorite part is under water?
Real Classical
Real Classical 2 dagar sedan
How did you time the game correctly with the lego train?!?!
Ruth Johnson
Ruth Johnson 2 dagar sedan
Nice I like how you did the stopmotion
Taylor.flip_ 2 dagar sedan
RIP Reggie 🙏
Willy Wonka Studios // Marklin is Here
Willy Wonka Studios // Marklin is Here 2 dagar sedan
diesel to steam moment
Willy Wonka Studios // Marklin is Here
Willy Wonka Studios // Marklin is Here 2 dagar sedan
rest in peace reggie :(
Maxi's video Productions
Maxi's video Productions 2 dagar sedan
wait is there a thomas lego for a new train for the 2 trains?
Tom AKA Cap
Tom AKA Cap 2 dagar sedan
You need to discover bricklink
colin curtin
colin curtin 2 dagar sedan
can you put an amazon purchase link for the donut around the cat?
Yizhar Abraham
Yizhar Abraham 2 dagar sedan
How much money did you spend on all of this?
Shawn Pitman
Shawn Pitman 2 dagar sedan
"I made bridge for my cat to walk between my second sorry window and the roof of the garage... He's dead now." Surely a coincidence.
Billy Amber
Billy Amber 2 dagar sedan
Yo when you go through the tunl it's so trippy
Owen Reynolds
Owen Reynolds 2 dagar sedan
Aww you used reggies bridge
Mateo 3 dagar sedan
A lot of lego’s 🙀
ナルト うずまき
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mj de
mj de 3 dagar sedan
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Dasqwerty Qaswerd
Dasqwerty Qaswerd 3 dagar sedan
The flimsy roast gradually decide because uncle allegedly frame absent a superb coach. physical, stupid cloud
Kaya Papaya
Kaya Papaya 3 dagar sedan
There’s was 4 off it
Chloé Renee
Chloé Renee 3 dagar sedan
The joy of childhood memories in a simple 10 minute video. Took me away from the reality of Adult life for just a moment and was worth every second. Have my subscribe.
riley 3 dagar sedan
reggie would be so damn proud of this
Luke Doty
Luke Doty 3 dagar sedan
Ralph is so cute
Haku kohaku
Haku kohaku 3 dagar sedan
The dedication Really superb
Cubreb 3 dagar sedan
ROD Filoteo
ROD Filoteo 3 dagar sedan
This is so amazing
LugiNess 3 dagar sedan
It is.
Jack & Max Adventures
Jack & Max Adventures 3 dagar sedan
R.I.P Reggie
Brandie Williams
Brandie Williams 3 dagar sedan
I miss regey😭
Munashe Makanda
Munashe Makanda 3 dagar sedan
Vid idea build a mini Eden for Ralph
SylkMC 3 dagar sedan
I just love your voice.
flaming flamingo
flaming flamingo 3 dagar sedan
David Plochmann
David Plochmann 3 dagar sedan
Why does this channel not have at least a million subs i am disapointed in the community this ridiculous and why does this video have dislikes!!!???
LEMONations 3 dagar sedan
Imagine this in vr
Dino the Betatt
Dino the Betatt 3 dagar sedan
The worst part probably had to be having to take all the tracks down so you have room again, wasn't it?
BlayMilk 3 dagar sedan
this is insanely cool!! i enjoyed watching it go through the tunnel that looked AWESOME
Roberto Vaca Rivero
Roberto Vaca Rivero 3 dagar sedan
Legos are expensive how much does this cost
LugiNess 3 dagar sedan
Too much
AW336 Lab
AW336 Lab 3 dagar sedan
song names? and great video btw
LugiNess 3 dagar sedan
Half Asleep Chris actually uses songs he made. Just go to channels and Half Asleep Music.
Grace Huber
Grace Huber 3 dagar sedan
Lol me and my cat watched this vid and my cat fall Asleep Halfway through and I Woke him up at the end and he started purring I think he like your videos
Cassandra Gonzalez
Cassandra Gonzalez 4 dagar sedan
Thunder Furry!
Thunder Furry! 4 dagar sedan
you did not sound sad when you said your cat died -_-
Horizon 211
Horizon 211 4 dagar sedan
Those dislike are from karen that think this is a waste of money
StevenServer 4 dagar sedan
@Half-Asleep Chris omg you went to overboard with train tracks... omg lol
Unicatplayz YT
Unicatplayz YT 4 dagar sedan
This should be 360 video bc I really wanna be small so I can fit in the train and with a vr that super cool
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