1970's Cub Cadet Tractor sitting MANY years (Engine Stuck) WILL IT RUN???

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Diesel Creek

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Saved this old gal from the scrap yard, engines stuck, is it fixable?

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dondale68 9 timmar sedan
Ever take the housing off an engine and a f'n mouse jump out at ya??? Those eccentric locks are used with alot of pillow block or flange bearings, good bearings not the Chinese bearings!
Rob P.
Rob P. 15 timmar sedan
Nice job👍
GetGood 21 timme sedan
Horace Rumpole
Horace Rumpole 22 timmar sedan
Change the freakin' bearing!!!!!
Will Howard
Will Howard 2 dagar sedan
P Savel
P Savel 3 dagar sedan
The 'Glade' comment had me laughing my ass off bud!!! Always a pleasure to watch your vidjas Matt! As a fellow guy that loves to turn wrenches, I really enjoy your channel. Take it easy man. 👍😎
slowstang88 4 dagar sedan
Man, those gear wrench adjustable booger hooks are awesome
stuart watson
stuart watson 5 dagar sedan
its mowes!
Matt Black.
Matt Black. 5 dagar sedan
Don't ya just luv it when a job comes out right?
Jörgen Norrman
Jörgen Norrman 6 dagar sedan
Your neighbors must really love you !! :-))
Zero Cool
Zero Cool 6 dagar sedan
PTO stands for Point The Offer
Zero Cool
Zero Cool 6 dagar sedan
If the area around the spark plug is dirty like it was and you want to blow it off.Stick some paper or a cloth down the hole and then spray the area off.I prefer to use a a piece of rag so if you need too you can use pliers to pull it out when done.
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez 6 dagar sedan
Do you have a link for the allen keys you used?
Beyond The Pines
Beyond The Pines 6 dagar sedan
I recently got three of these and would like to get them all running it’s a good thing i found this
Beyond The Pines
Beyond The Pines 5 dagar sedan
Yea no kidding those bolts on the carb are stupid long and it’s awkward getting to them the whole way
GRUBB MUDD 6 dagar sedan
Hey guys I am sharing a link to SEmost VIDEO.semost.info/award/rKGve6-fo8dtsqo/video.html of a concrete project we recently did. Just simply click the link the view and help support our channel
Руслан 7 dagar sedan
Подарите мне её 🙏🙏🙏
As it Should Be
As it Should Be 8 dagar sedan
great video, thanks!
AIRMANDEBAR 12 dagar sedan
So satisfying to see old equipment running again. Fantastic work.
Ben Venema
Ben Venema 12 dagar sedan
three point hitch huh. the only cub cadets that had a three point hitch were the 782 diesels that one would have a brinely hitch. and optional hydraulic lift and outlets for hydro swing plow.
Ben Venema
Ben Venema 12 dagar sedan
@Diesel Creek I'm just saying we own about as many as you but the only one that has a true three point is the 782 diesel. Cool video otherwise
Diesel Creek
Diesel Creek 12 dagar sedan
3-point/brinely hitch potato-patato... they were available from the very beginning, I have a 1961 original with a lift call it what you will
Crispr Talk
Crispr Talk 12 dagar sedan
I am practicing my powers of predicting the future. I see a chiropractor visit for you in the immediate future.
frank campbell
frank campbell 12 dagar sedan
you need a lift
charlie knox
charlie knox 15 dagar sedan
Mmmm. Based on what I see of the left front tire, at 15:28, make that 3 out of 4 held air. Just say'in. For what it looked like, mouse-wise, it turned out very well, not too bad of a job. Congrats. Thanks for the video.
Jacob Myers (Garden Tractor Crazy)
Jacob Myers (Garden Tractor Crazy) 15 dagar sedan
I had one of those mid 2019. Traded it to a guy (ironically right in your town) for a rear tiller for one of my other cub cadets lol.
Jim the Windmill Man
Jim the Windmill Man 15 dagar sedan
I have a complete motor for your tractor
Dan Aitch
Dan Aitch 15 dagar sedan
Matt's Bumblebee "Yellow" Shop > @40:02, the Cub, the Galion Grill, and an air tank. Almost all the same shade of yellow. Grandma had a '68, with the automotive type snow tires on the rear. Dad would let me loose on it to mow the acreage whilst they sat on the porch sipping brews. Wish I had that tractor now. And she wants to run and shred some grass! 'Barn Clothes' = 'Patina', Derelict Restro....
Ryan Austin
Ryan Austin 15 dagar sedan
I love your channel. I'm not much of a mechanic, but love to see people restore stuff. It's a lost art, people nowadays throw everything to the trash and don't even attempt to fix anything anymore.
jon B
jon B 16 dagar sedan
Nice Job getting that tractor back to working again..
Sara Barnes
Sara Barnes 17 dagar sedan
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John Paquin
John Paquin 18 dagar sedan
it is true that kohlor engines do have a life time warrenty on there engines don,t bekeave me then call or get ahold of a kohlor dealer yourself and you.ll see rgar i,m right i,ve done it more than once in my life that i turn in my blown kohlor engine for a new one and it didn,t cost me a thing thats how i know as i.ve done it myself a couple of times the only part you turn in is the block piston rod and crank shaft all in one piece you keep all the rest of your parts to use on the new engine that you get and you have to go to a kohlor dealer to get this as most small engine dealer and mower shops don,t know about this it only a kohlor dealer thatr can do this o pss it don,t matter how old your engine is they,ll warrenty it
tractor man TP
tractor man TP 18 dagar sedan
I’ve worked on a lot of those old tractors cubs When they were heavy duty , working now on a 54 inch new cub cadet ,it’s just destroyed there’s such a piece of junk now ,it’s not even funny but most people don’t know that less they worked on the old ones like you’re working on and I’ve seen them, & old Toro’s / wheel horse tractors,with the Kohler K series used to refurbish a lot of them & rebuild the engines back a few years ago ,for people for nostalgic reasons, had a power equip store for 20 yrs , mostly commercial eguip, ag , equip repair , still do some, any way ,good work good vids 👍👍might wanna wear a good mask though with that mouse stuff when you’re getting it out because it can make it pretty sick !!
Michael Rickman
Michael Rickman 19 dagar sedan
The music at 37:47 is hauntingly similar to "Time in a Bottle" and The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Good choice in my opinion.
LIT WHEAT THIN 19 dagar sedan
my grandpa has one of these at our lake house i've always wondered how old it was
Dylan Detlor
Dylan Detlor 19 dagar sedan
My 129 locked up today, popped the head sprayed some fluid film onto the piston n valves beat the piston with a piece of 2x4 and a hammer broke it free spun her over put it back together, and wham she fired right up like nothing happened. Them K301's are indestructible by far....my 129 is a 76 with the 12 HP K301
Abel Padilla
Abel Padilla 19 dagar sedan
50$ for it not bad .
Dermot Harvey
Dermot Harvey 19 dagar sedan
Excellent video! I think I detected some rod knock though. I rebuilt a 10 horse Kohler some years ago in a JD 210. The engine runs fine, but I think I have some rod knock also. Maybe this is the nature of the Kohler of this vintage.
Wayne Geordiesdad
Wayne Geordiesdad 20 dagar sedan
Many thanks for this.;...my '72 128 is just being rebuilt as we speak....can hardly wait to NOT see the cloud of blue smoke anymore LOVED the video and fantastic explanations of everything....helped me a lot Cheers my friend from Canada North
Scott Cushman
Scott Cushman 20 dagar sedan
I had the same thing on my snow blower when I opened it up. Found a dried up baby mouse. I have a picture.
Melvin Elsea
Melvin Elsea 20 dagar sedan
You did good job .the guy that was gonna scruff it is a fool
Kirk Rogers
Kirk Rogers 20 dagar sedan
Awesome job Matt, ole kolhler looks great !
Daniel. H
Daniel. H 21 dag sedan
I have a power Pony ride on lawn mower
Robert Densmore
Robert Densmore 21 dag sedan
Did alot of work on these when I was 12
MI Car Guy
MI Car Guy 21 dag sedan
I can smell the Kroil from all the way over here
MI Car Guy
MI Car Guy 21 dag sedan
Also, some great guitar work in there too.
Paul Johansson
Paul Johansson 21 dag sedan
Old Roscoe
Old Roscoe 21 dag sedan
Great video, you make it look easy working on this thing. I doubt I'll every have an old Cub Cadet to work on but if I do I know where to look. It's a shame how many lawn tractors wind up in the scrap yard, especially the old heavy duty ones.
bill porciello
bill porciello 22 dagar sedan
First Every used cub cadet I get needs a headgasket. Second they need a new aircleaner. When the air cleaner is rotted most likely the cylinder is scored from dirt. The PO beat these machines to death. But I find every used cub cadet parts tractor i buy will run. Clean the points, the carb, new headgasket.
Andrew Christ
Andrew Christ 22 dagar sedan
slow hand clap for the the flywheel and how lucky you are mate.
Buckys Powersports
Buckys Powersports 23 dagar sedan
MTD all junk
Diesel Creek
Diesel Creek 23 dagar sedan
Colby Sands
Colby Sands 24 dagar sedan
Hell ya brotha them old Cubs are built like tanks I own some and I use every single one of them they wash have different uses one is my mower the other is my snowblower tractor and I have a garden plow tractor I have one for pulling logs and fire wood they are beast I’ll never sell mine
Kevbish Upstate
Kevbish Upstate 24 dagar sedan
I got a 1972 John deere 70 lawn tractor with a 7hp tecumseh 34'' deck also has a snow thrower attachment. will definitely be working on it after this video thanks man keep it up
Robert Stuart
Robert Stuart 25 dagar sedan
I feel sorry for your poor wife. You coming home stinking of Mouse piss and sump oil every night. I suppose she's used to it. (just Kidding)
beej agpalo
beej agpalo 25 dagar sedan
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David Walsch
David Walsch 25 dagar sedan
The dry radiator totally worry because cocktail approximately mess up before a tidy appliance. glamorous, ethereal chin
John Kemmis
John Kemmis 27 dagar sedan
Beautiful find!!!! Nice work!!!
Jeremy hanna
Jeremy hanna 27 dagar sedan
I need to find me one of these or similar im tired of buying the junk at tractor supply for 2k that lasts about 2 yrs then some part breaks that u can buy and your screwed
Toby York
Toby York 27 dagar sedan
One of the best tractor ever built by IH
Kaidin BZ
Kaidin BZ 28 dagar sedan
This is the fifth time I watched this lmao you need to make another video of getting a old cub going 😂
AncientSalt 28 dagar sedan
This video just gave me a great idea to go find one of these and restore it with my old man (Hes 35 year veteran of collision repair). He likes tinkering on things and I need a rider mower anyway. Plus it would be far cheaper than another car restoration! (Ive already got a chevy squarebody im digging into atm)
Diesel Creek
Diesel Creek 28 dagar sedan
Plus you won’t find a better tractor out there for the money!
pickles 89
pickles 89 28 dagar sedan
Bargain, I love it, looks cool
The Constant Aquarist
The Constant Aquarist 29 dagar sedan
james sullivan
james sullivan 29 dagar sedan
can you re power with a honda gx390?
james sullivan
james sullivan 28 dagar sedan
@Diesel Creek OK a walk behind is different ,and the heavy flywheel of a kolher does give more toque but the quicker response of the Honda Governor is just like toque. All my life flat head engines have always let me down .I love new engines on old transmissions.
Diesel Creek
Diesel Creek 28 dagar sedan
@james sullivan weight is a good thing in a tractor. My Kohlers are all pretty easy on fuel
james sullivan
james sullivan 29 dagar sedan
@Diesel Creek The way the drive shaft mounts to the front would make it too hard I think .I have 5 old gravelys I got rid of the old kolhers and re powered with gx 390"s, lighter weight no battery or charging system less gasoline and more reliable .The adapter kit is $300 though.
Diesel Creek
Diesel Creek 29 dagar sedan
Anything’s possible but I’d take the old Kohler over anything. They have gobs of torque, cheap and easy to rebuild
Cliff Maxfield
Cliff Maxfield 29 dagar sedan
Very nice tractor. I had a New Holland. Quite similar. I sold it. Kicked myself ever since. Oh Well.
Carl Jobson
Carl Jobson 29 dagar sedan
I picked up a 108 a couple days ago and it looks like it has the exact same nest in it, lol. Thanks for the video, perfect timing.
Fox & Georgette
Fox & Georgette Månad sedan
You are GENIUS! I used your slide hammer trick today. Worked like a charm. I've never removed a seal so easy or used the tool I've had for years. Thanks. We love the channel.
Sue Dorning
Sue Dorning Månad sedan
Do you know anything about burns lawn tractors
Sho Bud
Sho Bud Månad sedan
Wouldn't want you working on my machine ... You put things back together dirty & nasty.
Sho Bud
Sho Bud Månad sedan
The PTO bearing is wore slap dab out, and you didn't put the anti rattle spring on the the disc .. ?????
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson Månad sedan
Still never ran the VIN and told us the year
MinnesotaCadet Månad sedan
I've been watching your channel for a while now. I love these old cub cadets. If you have any questions I know the damn thing like the back of my hand.
Ty Hogue
Ty Hogue Månad sedan
When I was a kid we used one of those. We used it to move travel trailers around the sales lot. It had headlights.👍
Precision Machine Shed
Precision Machine Shed Månad sedan
Those old Cubs are like roaches, they'll be around forever! I had grounding issues with my 1450. Solenoid, brake switch, PTO switch or starter grounding is usually where the problem lies
Daniel Cosme Cruz
Daniel Cosme Cruz Månad sedan
no..se..ben..los..bideos se..estan..frisando..mucho
R Poe
R Poe Månad sedan
Love those old tractors, back when things were made to last.
Xavier Ruiz (Chief Run-Amok)
Xavier Ruiz (Chief Run-Amok) Månad sedan
Helluva-revival !!! Good job!
G Wernette
G Wernette Månad sedan
Mowing at night, your neighbors must love you
Jim Kline
Jim Kline Månad sedan
Those old IH Cub Cadets were tanks and the K series Kohlers were built to last. I have a K series on my Gravely and after 30 years I finally had to put a new piston and valves into it so it will go another 30 years.
JB3 TV Månad sedan
Lea Andrade
Lea Andrade Månad sedan
I had a lt1046 cubby. Great Kohler engine.
Джерар Månad sedan
I was smiling at 45th minute of video! Cool! )) Good job. Now it need some colouring ))
Andrew Thornbury
Andrew Thornbury Månad sedan
I have one pretty similar to that one it needs a new home lol you should have it
Andrew Thornbury
Andrew Thornbury Månad sedan
@Diesel Creek I'm up in northern Butler county lol
Diesel Creek
Diesel Creek Månad sedan
Where at? Lol
Wiliamcornell Cornell
Wiliamcornell Cornell Månad sedan
glenn moreland
glenn moreland Månad sedan
Robert B
Robert B Månad sedan
i been looking for a 70s club cadet that gear shit Thanks for the video
D Fresh
D Fresh Månad sedan
Dad always had a Cub Cadet. Good memories.
Anthony Blacker
Anthony Blacker Månad sedan
Ahh mouse poo.. welcome to farm life
Vilian Dan
Vilian Dan Månad sedan
All old engines are designed to work 9 lifes, the new generation, only few years and after...direct scrap metal. I'm glad for you. I feel your joy, every time I start a old engine! Cheers from Romania and excuse my grammatical!
Willie McCollum700
Willie McCollum700 Månad sedan
I got a 129 cub cadet im putting a honda gx390 if you do this swap you're going to have to modify the frame electrical system and even the hood i want to put a honda on it is because I've never seen it done and the honda has electronic ignition not points because I do not have the tools for points and its an experimental project sadly I do not have an original 12 hp kohler which kohler does makes good engines
Diesel Creek
Diesel Creek Månad sedan
It’s been done, look on the IHcubcadet.com/forum
Tom DeFur
Tom DeFur Månad sedan
Well now I want one
Evan Bathon
Evan Bathon Månad sedan
Instead of us a vacuum
Evan Bathon
Evan Bathon Månad sedan
Can you blow the mice nests?
Craig Monteforte
Craig Monteforte Månad sedan
My Grandparents bought 200acres of property inUpstate New York the property was almost divided perfectly even by a County dirt road they picked one side to build their home on and my Grandpa also loved his CubCadets I remember him complaining when they were sold out and not built with all the quality the first ones were he was always modifying one machine to push snow and tuna snowblower mounted onthe front inthe summer months he was constantly playing with additional weight to gain traction for the snow as they had a pretty large driveway that was about a quarter of a mile when they did change in quality I know my Grandfather would drive just about anywhere to get one of the old ones last I knew one of my Cousins was still using one of the machines as a riding mower and he did have some of the accessories from my Grandparents garage
carol Kampstra
carol Kampstra Månad sedan
You said you have many 60s ones. I'm looking for a 1964 international harvester series and its almost impossible to find. You don't happen to no where one is.
Diesel Creek
Diesel Creek Månad sedan
I see them all the time. Those are model 70/100’s try any of the Facebook groups or online forums like IHcubcadet.com that’s where I used to hangout
Waleye Fish
Waleye Fish Månad sedan
A Hanta Virus Tractor. I think you should of cleaned it first with Bleach.
Brian O'C
Brian O'C Månad sedan
Still have an original model 72, still with creeper gear. She cuts grass, and runs like a top! But the Scag does the job 6 hours faster and stripes quite better. I love looking at the deck, seeing the wood deck rollers. It's so nostalgic and a showpiece. When my friend and I were in grade school, we started a business with the 72, 128, and got a 147 as a backup! Those days are long behind us, but that 72 is priceless to us!
dale b
dale b Månad sedan
sure wish you were my neighbor!
Diamond B Gunsmiths
Diamond B Gunsmiths Månad sedan
Grandpa always said "Son, if you want a mower, buy a Snapper. If you want a GOOD mower, buy a Cub Cadet"! That's all I ever saw him own. I've got a new one (Cub) myself, but do fully appreciate the old ones. Thanks for the great video, glad I found this channel. Be well, stay safe and God bless. Rev. D.
Martin Nielsen
Martin Nielsen Månad sedan
Hey, fedt at se denne gamle dame komme til live efter alle de år hun har stået stille. Jeg skal snart selv igang med at bygge en maskine til havetraktortræk, måske vil du hjælpe mig lidt på vej. Kan du evt. lave en video omkring sådanne noget? Mvh. Martin fra Danmark
Ventus Pri
Ventus Pri Månad sedan
when you get the motor out i thought you will brig out to disable but your loss
Alexandra Douglas
Alexandra Douglas Månad sedan
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Parmesana Månad sedan
watching this was bitter sweet..My late brother used to repair lawn tractors and had one JUST like this(but his had headlights) It's just like I was there helping clean the parts..(my extent of motor knowledge)
Marvin Thomas
Marvin Thomas Månad sedan
Great video I didn’t expect it to look that clean after you were done with it it turned out nice for its age
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