I Gave Players Their Dream Teammate to See If It Matters in Rocket League

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Have you ever lost a game because of your teammate? Yes, yes you have. Almost every Rocket League player complains about teammates so I made it my mission to solve this problem through my new matchmaking service. The key is that I did not tell the participant what rank they were matched with. It was solely based on whether their playstyle lined up. So do Rocket League ranks even matter if you have the right teammate?

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Striped Månad sedan
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GM55 7 dagar sedan
A true love story😂😂
Wardgaming Månad sedan
Mak3it a real app
Oliver-Nation Månad sedan
Make the app a real thing
Dern Månad sedan
@Striped When I saw this title I thought of you giving someone a teammate that is at the rank they think they should be at and having them play in that rank so it could only be their fault if they lose. Like say you get a plat 3 and he thinks he should be a Diamond 2 so you give him a Diamond 2 as his dream teammate and have the plat 3 play in a Diamond 2 ranked lobby with his dream teammate and see if they can win or if it’s really the plats fault and not his so called teammate’s fault. Think it’d be a great video
Markluvsu Månad sedan
Please tell wavey I said he gonna make it pro and to remember me when he wins rlcs
Karim Imad
Karim Imad 2 timmar sedan
I think imma be a champ after watching this gameplay
80XD Plays
80XD Plays 22 timmar sedan
Jacob Pennington
Jacob Pennington Dag sedan
LOL couldn’t they have just told each other their ranks during the game
Andy Hamlin
Andy Hamlin Dag sedan
I’ve played with Wavey a few times before. Super solid
Andy Hamlin
Andy Hamlin Dag sedan
If you need someone for a future video I would gladly be available
Pink 3 dagar sedan
Damn, if I remember correctly Tranq was in another one of your videos a few months back when he was gold. It’s insane that he’s champ 1 now and that is just really motivating to think about 🔥
Hayden Carlson
Hayden Carlson 3 dagar sedan
Please make this app! I’ll be your first download :)
Diego Navarro
Diego Navarro 4 dagar sedan
Make it an app now pleaseeeeeeee
Elias Von der Brelie
Elias Von der Brelie 6 dagar sedan
It's so cute that the first dude guessed one Rank above his own actual Rank (to say his partner was better than him) and then the other dude Guessed one Rank above the Guessed Rank from his Partner for the same reason. That was wholesome 😌
Jxcubzz. 6 dagar sedan
Make it a app.
Crimson Shadows
Crimson Shadows 7 dagar sedan
Imagine having a teammate never touch the ball but the enemy team gets a goal so you are losing 3-2 VOTE TO FORFEIT! My brother and I do not choose to forfeit as we have 2 minutes left so our teammate types in chat "We already lost" but we are 1 goal down. Teammate decides to purposefully own goal to get us to forfeit and forces us to lose the game 4-3. If he had not own goaled we would have won (at least got to overtime and stand a chance) so his name is Itz_cole but the 0 has that diagonal line through it. Man I hope you get unwavering piles whenever you meet a possible girlfriend.
MrAntixGT 7 dagar sedan
That app would be buzzin doe ngl
emil bach
emil bach 8 dagar sedan
the mic ahh olz get a new mic
emil bach
emil bach 8 dagar sedan
LaggingMod 8 dagar sedan
As the founding member of lag, I must say, Lagging Lovers did NOT let me down. Just wish they would have lagged a little
SAZ Esports
SAZ Esports 8 dagar sedan
You need to make this app or force landen
littleviking 06
littleviking 06 10 dagar sedan
I would have chose the guy that said i love you
lawlmatty 13 dagar sedan
I'm a plat 1 and frequently hold my own when playing comp with my buddy that's diamond 3. Him and I have crazy good chemistry and read each other extremely well
KIllercant DIE
KIllercant DIE 13 dagar sedan
With me I blame myself lol, I usually mess up shots and every now and again go for the ball double committing with them
Chris 13 dagar sedan
I just want a partner who loves RL and wants to rank up but doesn't get mad
DragonNoRyu 13 dagar sedan
Brice Wharton
Brice Wharton 14 dagar sedan
make chaser a real app
Falcon Space
Falcon Space 15 dagar sedan
Plz make it a app
Dopey Gaming
Dopey Gaming 15 dagar sedan
ThenamesCactus 15 dagar sedan
How old do you have to be to use chased
Andrew Patton
Andrew Patton 16 dagar sedan
I support chaser!
steve stattonburg
steve stattonburg 17 dagar sedan
How many signatures do we need to get this to be a real thing
AMAGAK Gaming 18 dagar sedan
sheep 717
sheep 717 18 dagar sedan
I know the lagging lovers symbol too well😔
JK 18 dagar sedan
Everyone like, if he should make an app of this!
Topo *
Topo * 18 dagar sedan
what decal is the red car in thumbnail
Elijah’s Gaming World
Elijah’s Gaming World 19 dagar sedan
Nathan Forsythe
Nathan Forsythe 20 dagar sedan
What the fuck is the name of the app
Dustin Wooster
Dustin Wooster 22 dagar sedan
I really had a feeling that laggin lovers would win but they didn’t :(
Smaloon 23 dagar sedan
i think they might have told each other their ranks
Goother_ 24 dagar sedan
One day I’ll be in one of these videos!
Scg Zaxfty
Scg Zaxfty 24 dagar sedan
Yes please make chaser a real app
Born. Awkward_3145
Born. Awkward_3145 25 dagar sedan
Make it real real
ThijsGameMan _
ThijsGameMan _ 26 dagar sedan
make it an app i need teamm8s
EnchantX 26 dagar sedan
Chemistry is always super good to have I legit was losing and then winning every match then I found this dude j was playing with and we won every match together accept 1 and it was amazing
Fuscitt 26 dagar sedan
NUTS 27 dagar sedan
can i add you I really want to be on video really bad I dont have discord
Ljilja Pavlovic
Ljilja Pavlovic 27 dagar sedan
Josxf 28 dagar sedan
Make chaser a real thing that would be so epic
Mr Note
Mr Note 28 dagar sedan
Gave plats GC teammates- original tidal
lronY 28 dagar sedan
love the weird videos
Yoshibro26 29 dagar sedan
ImmerUnKreativ 29 dagar sedan
MAKE IT AN APP IF NOT I WILL FIND YOU (no its just a joke luv u
Andrew Lockett
Andrew Lockett Månad sedan
Maybe they inflated their teammates rank bc people are ok shitting on random strangers online and then never seeing them again but when you actually put them in a party they try to be nice bc it’s not a random person
Samtastic Månad sedan
Hello Striped, if you are interested we could discuss this App opportunity with my team.
PAC Molen
PAC Molen Månad sedan
Striped is one of the most underrated and under-subbed rocket league youtubers out there
Evan Willis
Evan Willis Månad sedan
Chaser would be a godsend
cold NoOdLeS
cold NoOdLeS Månad sedan
i think better chemistry outrules rank, 2 plats that know eachother well and are in a vc, can beat 2 diamonds that dont have that chemistry or the comms
J&C Online
J&C Online Månad sedan
Super Soaker
Super Soaker Månad sedan
Its not the we suck and blame our tm8s. We get tm8s that literally wiff all game. Then get that same tm8 3 matches in a row. Then when we finally q with a different tm8 but this tm8 constantly tries to bring the ball over back board and hits the ball straight down to the other team. And homie. This is champ. Epic needs to start handing bans out to boosters for real.
Jett Morgan
Jett Morgan Månad sedan
I just saw an ad that photo shopped guns for the robbers 💀💀
bradly cooper
bradly cooper Månad sedan
I hope he gets ddossed permanatly
Colton Rathjen
Colton Rathjen Månad sedan
I don’t think you’ve used tinder
Peter Szasz
Peter Szasz Månad sedan
I can support ranks not being that important but rather play style and knowledge. I'm plat in 3s yet play with champs in 2s.
Dumb Bo
Dumb Bo Månad sedan
Wavy and jinjan vs ssl????
Nick Olson
Nick Olson Månad sedan
They didnt wanna hurt each others feelings lol
hafa_tatlu Månad sedan
We need that app plsssss lol
Kingz Månad sedan
Crazy content there. Love how each team was supportive by just playing and learning their teammate at the same time. Shows that ideal teammates increases everyone's gameplay and trust within each other
SMIBII Månad sedan
I could do a matchmaker app xd
Wardgaming Månad sedan
Me thinking this was a real app
Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky Månad sedan
devan Månad sedan
Put me in this video
Dallaz Playz
Dallaz Playz Månad sedan
We need this app
witbyy Månad sedan
mine is justin, now give me him and watch me get out of plat
Ryan Jacobson
Ryan Jacobson Månad sedan
Jesus loves you all! If you ignore Him He will ignore you to the gates of Heaven! So preach the Gospel before it is to late!
Dex4y5 Månad sedan
Make it real!
lukas gornik
lukas gornik Månad sedan
100% true, chemistry > rank. I’m c1 for 3s and played with gc1 mates and one time I even carried.
Daniel Cruz Polanco
Daniel Cruz Polanco Månad sedan
lagging lovers keyboards:Help me pls
FloppyCocHoppy Månad sedan
I’m tryna get Leth to carry me to the promise land
Javs Javs
Javs Javs Månad sedan
I mean this app is such a great concept. I'd 100% get it and use it tbh
Javs Javs
Javs Javs Månad sedan
I feel like two d1s with great chemistry can comfortably beat 2 d3s with terrible chemistry so yeah to me it's vital and this app rather solves that problem
Braylon Vellmure
Braylon Vellmure Månad sedan
Jeffery Larabee
Jeffery Larabee Månad sedan
Fr tho Jin Jan don’t play like a c1
Lebron Lee
Lebron Lee Månad sedan
Who I smoke? (Who?) Bibby Who I smoke? (Who?) Teki Who I smoke? (Who?) Lil Nine
Johnny Porkchop
Johnny Porkchop Månad sedan
Where do I download app?
Joshua Hunt
Joshua Hunt Månad sedan
Spencer Dodds
Spencer Dodds Månad sedan
bruh id die to play w leth
Roi Tran
Roi Tran Månad sedan
more pls
T Helm
T Helm Månad sedan
The app would pop off, I dont watch your vids super often but thats good shit
Syetactic Månad sedan
I enjoyed this video, though I must make a comment about these types of videos, it takes a very long time to figure who is who when talking. I have no idea what cars in the game are what name and what voice. Must be a way to introduce players quickly so we don't get lost when you're talking, cracking jokes, and asking questions
JinJanMcFlan Månad sedan
it wasn't long lasting
SpaZz Månad sedan
People: We cant mix tinder and rocket league Striped: Yes we can
GXRLA Prod. Månad sedan
I want my dream teammate...
Ethan Raffield
Ethan Raffield Månad sedan
I would definitely use it If you made it a real app
Wasabi Drew
Wasabi Drew Månad sedan
Oliver-Nation Månad sedan
Make the app a real thing
Lachy the soccer sweat
Lachy the soccer sweat Månad sedan
I know tranquility used to be plat from another vids
Jacker Månad sedan
So like where’s the chaser all
Louis Martin
Louis Martin Månad sedan
Ngl everyday I look threw play store to see if he actually creates the app.
Quality Coke
Quality Coke Månad sedan
They inflated their teammates ego cause no one wants to guess low cause that’s rude lol
divineldc Månad sedan
Yes make it real
Matthew Baetkey
Matthew Baetkey Månad sedan
If you make chaser real i'll love u forever
Just C-Rob
Just C-Rob Månad sedan
Ghoulify is so aggravating, just clicking and not even a single word said
Jomo Månad sedan
yeah it is all in the chemistry me and my friend play all the time he is d1 and I am gold 3 and we still hold our own in matches
HowToVideos— Tech
HowToVideos— Tech Månad sedan
I’m a low rank because all of my opponents have fly hacks.
Mehmet Baskaya
Mehmet Baskaya Månad sedan
FlowstateGG is actually a youtuber
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