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The Alpha 1 offers an extraordinary combination of high resolution and blazing speed. Ultra-fast readout from the 50.1 MP sensor allows continuous bursts at up to 30 fps* with AF and AE tracking using the electronic shutter. Perfect for any situation where the critical action is over in an instant.
* “Hi+” continuous shooting mode. In focus modes other than AF-C, effective at 1/125 sec. or higher shutter speed. In AF-C mode, effective at 1/250 sec. or higher shutter speed, and the maximum continuous frame rate will depend on the shooting mode and lens used. 20 fps max. when shooting uncompressed RAW or lossless compressed RAW. A software update may be required for some lenses. Visit Sony’s support web page for lens compatibility information.
**At 240fps, EVF's field of view changes from 41° to 33° and resolution changes from Quad-XGA to UXGA.
#SonyAlpha #a1
About Sony:
At Sony, our mission is to be a company that inspires and fulfills your curiosity. Our unlimited passion for technology, content and services, and relentless pursuit of innovation, drives us to deliver ground-breaking new excitement and entertainment in ways that only Sony can, creating unique new cultures and experiences. Everything we do is to move you emotionally.
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Deane Thomas
Deane Thomas 14 timmar sedan
Raheela 23
Raheela 23 5 dagar sedan
Kepo buka official sony di shopee harganya 91.999.000 ;) ah sudahlah. Emang diperuntungkan buat pro user.
Abhijith BH
Abhijith BH 7 dagar sedan
Has Sony gone crazy?
Dustin Ksie
Dustin Ksie 9 dagar sedan
Just tell others, who is the king of cameras.
L Holiday
L Holiday 10 dagar sedan
Hi Sony. Can you make 24-70 f1.8 GM 70-200 f1.8 GM or f 1.4
JESSROCKED Channel 11 dagar sedan
4K at 120fps and no flickers. Omgod Edit: ok the price is 6x the price of my a6500 lmaooo
jack lichtensztejn
jack lichtensztejn 12 dagar sedan
So... are we getting an A1a with the new LCD screen?
Valerie Joy
Valerie Joy 16 dagar sedan
Where the hell can you buy this!?!??!?!? Everywhere is sold out!! sony can you get your act together and get this to best buy!?! please and thank you!! lol
Armando Severino
Armando Severino 11 dagar sedan
Yeah everyone is saying they are selling out...I think it's just that sony didn't ship many units in the first place. Probably supply parts issues. I haven't seen it even available on best buy period. I pre-ordered Feb 19th.. still haven't received mine.
Ariant Aziz
Ariant Aziz 17 dagar sedan
Sony one, One day it'll be mine
bayram oueslati
bayram oueslati 17 dagar sedan
I don't know if I have a faulty unit, but my Alpha 1 is overheating. 30 Degrees C outside shooting in shade 4K 50p it switched off on me after 15 min. Raw+Jpg photo shooting indoors 21 Degrees C, bracket shoot for apartment, after 30 min of shooting camera is VERY warm to touch Shooting photos on a sunny day, also camera gets extremely warm. I never had such issues with my A7Rii, and was shooting in the exact same modes and settings - except the 4K 50p obviously as that wasn't available. So I wanna know If anyone is facing the same? The personnel in SONY flagship store Dubai mall have been extremely rude and unhelpful. I have the camera only 25 days and they said they ll send it for 14 days for repair. When I said I need it for work and it s too long or whether they can provide some sort of meanwhile replacement, they said: "would you prefer it to explode in your face and go for surgery, or to be without it for 14 days" this was the store manager. I have been a loyal Sony camera customer and user for the last 10 years, promoting Sony products everywhere and this statement from Sony personnel utterly disgusted me. Regardless, is anyone who has the alpha 1 having these issues? I didn't even try yet shooting 8K btw.
lyric Cook
lyric Cook 18 dagar sedan
Yea, I just bought the a7c cause I am poor.
Rama Ramadhan
Rama Ramadhan 26 dagar sedan
Watch from Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium
İhsan Uçar
İhsan Uçar 27 dagar sedan
İhsan Uçar
İhsan Uçar 27 dagar sedan
Joehendra Tan
Joehendra Tan 28 dagar sedan
Me as A7 user can smile 😊👍👍👍
최항성 28 dagar sedan
buy now....
AmusementForce 29 dagar sedan
Great camera for sure. But why not get rid of the crap in the menu system? Why not make it simple? Why not get rid of settings that make no sense?
Armando Severino
Armando Severino 28 dagar sedan
It has been made simpler. The menu system has been upgraded (it is the same as sony the a7siii). Also, this is a professional camera. I wouldn't want missing settings. There are plenty of cameras with less settings/features available.
Luqman Syarief
Luqman Syarief 29 dagar sedan
This is another ridiculous war, ridiculous price, no clients wont pay more, just because camera price(quality? Way to overkill, even a7 will pay the bills, eos R for better lens system and color. You should care for ease of use, colors, Budget lenses, more options for people make money from photography, who the f will buy this camera for living. People still stuck with DSLRs for ovf, even with manual focus, as long it's rich artistic vibrant skin tones. For video, more and more lenses sub $500 oss, more colors, less rolling shitter firmware, and keep G d flippies. Also check your mobile edge app, it's a joke
Ryzen 29 dagar sedan
Come on you have to beat GoPro and some smartphones
박지환 29 dagar sedan
expensive toy
Robbe Symons
Robbe Symons Månad sedan
Derrick RR
Derrick RR Månad sedan
Can ANYONE tell me how long these cameras are going to be on BACKORDER?!? I placed my order on FEBRUARY 4th and somehow that wasn’t quick enough. I can’t find anything on this. I mean nothing on the Internet about it at all. Sony has nothing on their website. It’s like all the pros got theirs and then everyone else doesn’t matter. I just dumped over $15k into this brand switch and my March 4th date became March 9th became “BACKORDERED.” Anyone from the rumor mills care to tell me the latest rumor?
Armando Severino
Armando Severino 28 dagar sedan
Same here. Ordered in mid Feb. Hopefully some shipping updates this week. Sony really wasn't ready for the amount of people interested in this.
mztik Månad sedan
Suddenly, my dream camera appears. Time to sell my car and my left kidney.
J Gopi nath
J Gopi nath Månad sedan
ilv Sony
Randall Bruhh
Randall Bruhh Månad sedan
Randall Bruhh
Randall Bruhh Månad sedan
No flip out screen? Tresh
Baljinder Singh Gill
Baljinder Singh Gill Månad sedan
Future is here
9 Efforts
9 Efforts Månad sedan
魚無牆 Månad sedan
I would like to suggest that please add USB audio interface function in your Cameras products. so we can connect Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 or Zoom LiveTrak L-8 via USB port on Cameras. I hope your company will consider my suggestion. Thank You.
LoL Månad sedan
α+β= -b/a,
Old Bobbie
Old Bobbie Månad sedan
У меня зарплата 400 $ в месяц как её можно купить?)
Bhaskar Patel
Bhaskar Patel Månad sedan
Nice..Sunrise films
Shahriar Niloy
Shahriar Niloy Månad sedan
The one boss who comes when your hp is below 10
Lander Tan
Lander Tan Månad sedan
Guys a1 or a9ii
Armando Severino
Armando Severino 28 dagar sedan
A9ii is completely fine to have. Heck the a7iii is great still. But if you want high resolution and Speed. A1 all day.
Lucas Eduardo
Lucas Eduardo Månad sedan
Another camera that I will never be able to buy ._.)
Life of photography
Life of photography Månad sedan
7150$ body only
canon and nikon left the group... LOL
For the experience and better knowledge of the Stock market exchange, I'm glad I meet *Metro__kelvinfx* on Instagram he alone was able to satisfy my curiosity in the game. Thanks to him I'm earning massively though he's trading platform
Open Eye
Open Eye Månad sedan
Sony is racist - can not focus on brother faces - not even with animal focus - shame !!!
Rajkumar Sirohi
Rajkumar Sirohi Månad sedan
Its a wonderful gear from Sony but......
Rajkumar Sirohi
Rajkumar Sirohi Månad sedan
8 k Movie is not possible to handle or play in real world. This is great for collectors of Expensive gadgets....... Do you know One hour of 8K RedCode Raw 75 amounts to 7.29 TB. That's 121.5 GB per minute for raw 8K footage.......
Armando Severino
Armando Severino 28 dagar sedan
Future proofing. Not really usable now, but wait a few years. Like the heif files on this camera.
lyric Cook
lyric Cook Månad sedan
This camera is competing with canon R5 Not canon eos R1
Yu Zu
Yu Zu Månad sedan
But the question is: “does it blend?” 😁. Naah happy with my old a7II. There is no end to consume products for the average user. Clear the path for pros people.
Hydro Lego Productions
Hydro Lego Productions 2 månader sedan
Imagine taking pictures of a camera using a camera
lyric Cook
lyric Cook 2 månader sedan
Same specs as Canon R5 😂
Ben Beatz
Ben Beatz 2 månader sedan
Canon and Nikon is a better brand sony is cheap stuff
Gerry Cloyd Idulsa
Gerry Cloyd Idulsa 2 månader sedan
I'm Speechless.
slickcross 2 månader sedan
For that price, they should of had 60 fps.
supremeleader64 2 månader sedan
I feel like it´s a flight instruction lmao
Daz Allison
Daz Allison 2 månader sedan
Amazing & Groundbreaking... raising the bar quite high, did I mention Bank-breaking too.
こうさか 2 månader sedan
ChristopherArias Films
ChristopherArias Films 2 månader sedan
4Heed Indeed
4Heed Indeed 2 månader sedan
I guess I'm getting my first Sony camera. Just been hesitant cause of how much money I dumped into Canon accessories
Rupert Cornelius
Rupert Cornelius 2 månader sedan
The Sony sensor technology is world leading. Canon had and still has a great name in fotography for a long long time. Sony is not that present for such a long time. Sony has multiple company branches and is a huge company with a lot of industry branches. They research and develop and compete with cometitors in every of their branches and they are leading or top of the class in most of them. They can bring all the technologies from their other branches into this product. Sony is taking the camera business now more serious for some years. I am sorry to say, but I am sure that the Canon and Nikon days are counted. Just because the camera market shrinks more and more. However, Companies like Sony and Samsung are not dependent on just this branch.
Yane Casouf
Yane Casouf 2 månader sedan
I will buy it in 2050
Chris B.
Chris B. 2 månader sedan
Scheiss Kamera, nie wieder
Jared Doran
Jared Doran 2 månader sedan
That music brings me to another world
Gouse chinnu
Gouse chinnu 2 månader sedan
is these available in indian market a/ what is price of these?
Daksh Seth
Daksh Seth 2 månader sedan
This is gonna be so out of my budget
Jose Krimzon
Jose Krimzon 2 månader sedan
nice camera but holy crap that price, maybe in 5 years, we'll see what happens
Tamonduando 2 månader sedan
I'm gonna wait 20 years so I can get all these features in an RX100 mark XX
nav 2 månader sedan
Looks like a great beginners camera. Probably is going to cost like 600 bucks, right?
Роман Белобров
Роман Белобров 2 månader sedan
Fujiflim: We got GFX100S Sony: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY A!
Namir Deshmukh
Namir Deshmukh 2 månader sedan
the best!!!
Mdemartin 2 månader sedan
mean while, im still using my old dslr canon
Ekon Ezung
Ekon Ezung 2 månader sedan
I wish I have even one camera of sony..... But no balance...
ujwal c s
ujwal c s 2 månader sedan
Setting some impressive benchmark
PLAT UNDERGROUND 2 månader sedan
Shoot 8K, post in youtube 1080 😂😂🤣
Harry Vue Media
Harry Vue Media 2 månader sedan
Alpha 1 is Sony's King Mirrorless camera!!! Nothing comes close right now!
Benas Digital
Benas Digital 2 månader sedan
This is a BEAST!!
harman 2 månader sedan
cries in eos 500D
Ibrahim Ferhadli
Ibrahim Ferhadli 2 månader sedan
One Word - Magnificent!
Usman Sultan
Usman Sultan 2 månader sedan
Waiting for a7 Mark IV
Norman Clarke
Norman Clarke 2 månader sedan
I’m selling my A9 which still look like it came new out of the box with very little snaps. I will be getting this camera since I already have a some G Master lenses.
Radu Dumitrache
Radu Dumitrache 2 månader sedan
*Cries in Alpha 7 Mark 2*
Hasan Siddiqi
Hasan Siddiqi 2 månader sedan
So what’s the difference between this and A7SIII besides the sensor?
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar 2 månader sedan
We are becoming more virtual.
Chordnificent 2 månader sedan
Finally an ad that shows full features
Xray_Media 2 månader sedan
I'm never gonna catch up to the current camera specs at this rate lol. I just got the A7S ii and thought the A7S iii was the next goal. Might as well shoot for the moon.
Farhan Abdul Aziz
Farhan Abdul Aziz 2 månader sedan
insane !!!
awaysounds 2 månader sedan
who is author of this music
Seb Wen
Seb Wen 2 månader sedan
I give 100$
シャルディー Syarudhi - R1000
シャルディー Syarudhi - R1000 2 månader sedan
krishnan srinivasan
krishnan srinivasan 2 månader sedan
WOW :)
İsax Åhmad
İsax Åhmad 2 månader sedan
I enjoyed see things I can’t afford 🙂
arkeyn 2 månader sedan
It's a good thing to have a dream... I gave away my nikon d750 with lenses now I'll give sony a try. (when I'll save) Wishful thinking to everybody be safe.
Yadhu Jithesh
Yadhu Jithesh 2 månader sedan
Is this better than the Canon r5 for Photo and video? someone please help
maneatingseas 2 månader sedan
It's a fable, indeed. That's my tool right there.
Funny and Fail
Funny and Fail 2 månader sedan
mlem mlem
HA 21
HA 21 2 månader sedan
I’m crying
Mihail Angelos Pantouvakis
Mihail Angelos Pantouvakis 2 månader sedan
My phone's camera much more better
dumanium 2 månader sedan
у сони самые ебанутые безвкусные презентации в сегменте камеры при этом выпуская хорошие камеры для съемок
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 2 månader sedan
Me: It may be an entry-level camera that I can buy. Sony: 50 MP 30 fps burst 8k and rocket launcher. Me: Never mind
OBIWANKENOBI 2 månader sedan
Where is A7IV ?
PLANET FAZ 2 månader sedan
Lots of great features but the price tag is ridiculous. End of.. :(
Zoan Dot ID
Zoan Dot ID 2 månader sedan
jadi pengen beli dah... beli a6000 dulu, ga punya duit buat a1 mah wkwk
AS plus
AS plus 2 månader sedan
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 2 månader sedan
Шикарно. Ждём цену))) Я думаю, за 500к рублей перевалит...
Pato aventuras
Pato aventuras 2 månader sedan
Pos regalen me una no??
Son IQ Bükücü İlber Ortaylı
Son IQ Bükücü İlber Ortaylı 2 månader sedan
Simple beauty...
chefkhatib 2 månader sedan
i reckon that if they make it cheaper they will sell more and more of it and thus dominate the market
Luke D'Agostino
Luke D'Agostino 2 månader sedan
alright sick camera and all but what the fuck is the dystopian robot 'ALPHA' introduction at the beginning
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