The Sony A1---- a Photographer's perspective

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Manny Ortiz

2 månader sedan

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Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia 5 dagar sedan
Hey brother what tripod are you using
Luis Aragon
Luis Aragon 6 dagar sedan
How does it do when shooting at f8 or f10?
Corey Ellow
Corey Ellow 9 dagar sedan
I bet he looks like a black version of Borat without that beard.
J L 20 dagar sedan
3:37 Who's the hot model?
Fred Randle
Fred Randle 24 dagar sedan
If you use HSS anyway it doesn’t make a, you can pretty’s much get a HSS flash for 70 bucks nowadays nobody cares about strain on a flash, and who uses 400 shutter speed inside anyways unless you’re shooting action or something. The 400 sync speed was a rare and dumb reason to justify why the a1 is so much better then Canon or Nikon, sounding like a fanboy IMO. Comparing the A1 and Canon when you were doing a first impression video didn’t make any sense just tell people what you like about the camera no need to start being a fan boy, nobody ever said man what if the sync speed was 400, when there’s so many HSS flashes for cheap people don’t really care about sync speed anymore because the flash tech has change so much. Just my opinion
Ferdinand Hartmann
Ferdinand Hartmann 26 dagar sedan
The slider move looks really nice and the footige as well! But personally, I find it a little bit to fast. :)
Ahmed shoikat
Ahmed shoikat 27 dagar sedan
What to edit after taking a photo with this camera, and what to edit this photo?plz ans me bro
Juan Paulo Magpayo
Juan Paulo Magpayo 29 dagar sedan
I felt attacked when he said "It's like using Premiere on a Macbook." >.
Patrick von Danzig
Patrick von Danzig Månad sedan
Nikon D40 had 1/400 flash sync. First dslr in the world Nikon D1 had 1/500 sync.
Martin Smyth
Martin Smyth Månad sedan
Fujifilm has ambient exposure preview with flash on since the first mirrorless years ago, so I don't know why he got so excited about it. It's not a new technology.
Photo Trekr
Photo Trekr Månad sedan
Great camera. But, I ain't spendin no $6000.00 on no camera. :)
Edwin Escobar
Edwin Escobar Månad sedan
GREAT CAMERA, but sony.... Upgrade that fucking display jesus christ
The Thirdz
The Thirdz Månad sedan
I’m shooting flash with my a7siii. Surprised with how good the pictures are coming out of a “video first” camera!
sarvesh mundil
sarvesh mundil Månad sedan
Gerald Undone tested the A1 and said that if you move the screen outward it overheats less( if I'm not wrong)
Marco F
Marco F Månad sedan
huexley Yannick
huexley Yannick Månad sedan
Glad to see a photographer's perspective. Seems like every review is about video capacity
Adrian Puiu
Adrian Puiu Månad sedan
its pure shit at iso 6400 ...and to much magenta, if you try to correct in post process will bring up the complementary color meaning green ... :D
DomoNation Månad sedan
This is a good camera... it’s an all around so a good balance for videographers and photographers... so if you’re someone that works between both fields, this would be a good camera... but at about 7k lol I’m getting a cinematic camera 😂 (canon c100mkii, canon c200, or even one of Sony’s cinematic line cameras). I love Sony! They do a good job of separating (blogger/vlogger cameras, photographer cameras, and videography cameras, and cinematic cameras). It almost makes you feel like your going down a rabbit hole of which one to purchase. To be honest, all of Sony’s cameras are very similar, and the average person will never use all the functions on many of the high line price cameras. Grow as you go with there mirrorless line, and identify what medium you are using. A Sony a6000 still is very strong, and so is a Sony a7iii. Now if you have the money go crazy, but it’s subjective.
Tomás Santos
Tomás Santos Månad sedan
My Nikon D70 , a 17 year old Nikon has a 1/500 s flash sync ...
Tomislav Miletić
Tomislav Miletić Månad sedan
"This got nerdy really quick" 🤣🤣🤣
SlickRick Månad sedan
Manny, how about if you change your metering timer to 4 seconds? I tried it on mine and the screen went dark in 4 seconds with Profoto A1x on camera and with a Profoto remote on camera. When looking at your video I see you have your Metering timer set to 8 seconds which is what I had mine set to before.
Moshy Friedman
Moshy Friedman Månad sedan
Nikon z6 has this feature that the screen doesn’t go bright when you connect a flash.. I’ll check when I’m home from work the exact setting location
Garfield Crooks
Garfield Crooks Månad sedan
🛑 🛑 🛑 Hi Manny, I enjoy and appreciate all your videos. I am thinking I will get the Fx3 & A1. 🔴🟠🟢 Have you shoot with Hasselblad? If no, how come? Will you in the future? Thanks 🤩 🙏🏾
Donald Schultz
Donald Schultz Månad sedan
Manny you’re starting to bring the Jared Polin energy into your videos i like that. Also great Outro. Thoughts though it feels like canon could simply put out a firmware update to be like the A1 live view Ambient exposure. For a camera that is a price of a used car/loan it should have that feature already. Keep up the great work manny, cheers!
CharlieRunkles Månad sedan
ok Im sold, give me 5 of these
Joe Unsworth Creative
Joe Unsworth Creative Månad sedan
Pre-ordered. Manny, you sold me in the first 30 seconds of this video. Bye bye nikon, hello Sony 😍😍😍
NHZ 05
NHZ 05 Månad sedan
Not a fan of sony marketing strategy. Cameras are not smartphones. Everything is too fast. Sony doesn´t have any spirit they cameras are just computers.
Anna Markiewicz Photography Vlogs
Anna Markiewicz Photography Vlogs Månad sedan
1:20 it’s crazy how the camera is still able to track the eye even thought it was very dark in the viewfinder. Incredible!
todor92 Månad sedan
30FPS is like porn, god damn, hahah
i am cuter
i am cuter Månad sedan
This camera wishes it was an R5. This A1 overheats in the same time as the R5 yet records in a significantly lower bitrate and doesn't have the same color depth nor raw ability, what an absolute fail of a camera.
Carol Teater
Carol Teater Månad sedan
It's like $7000, it better have some nice tricks!!! I am sure the doctors and dentists will love this camera, even though they probably are shooting Canon or Nikon or Fuji medium format. Canon and Nikon better hurry up and get a $6000 body out there!
Jeremiah Hanks
Jeremiah Hanks Månad sedan
How can 121 people NOT like this? I just don’t understand people sometimes 😂
NeVaDaKiD99 21 dag sedan
Canon R5 Fanboys who still waiting for their 8k files to be rendered
yusei151 Månad sedan
Well that s-cinetone argument aint a thing anymore. The A7siii is totally getting it lol. I still am eying this camera pretty damn hard
Burnell Graham
Burnell Graham Månad sedan
Just like canon r5 their a limit on 8k. you can buy two or three camera for this price it might be a better option .
Phillip Erasmus
Phillip Erasmus 2 månader sedan
Hi Manny not sure if I understood you correctly on applying settings to live view, but both the z6 and z7 ii can provide the same. Go to d - shooting and display, then d9 - apply setting to live view and then toggle on or off. You can assign this to the I menu or even to one of of the user presets.
D.rodphotos 2 månader sedan
Mind blown 🤯🤯🤯
DR VEGAS 2 månader sedan
fantastic video. enjoyed it in a heavy snowy day . from Oslo, Norway
Stephen Weems
Stephen Weems 2 månader sedan
Great camera but I’m on a budget, FujiFilm X-S10 it is!
Nigel Harrison
Nigel Harrison 2 månader sedan
I have preordered the A1 to join my A7RIV and A7SIII - I’m must stop buying every time Sony releases an new alpha camera lol
game2572 10 dagar sedan
You must have a helluva lens collection to go with them
davidhunternyc 2 månader sedan
Hi Manny. I have a question for you: Why do you think that Sony is dragging its feet on the A7lV? All of these other cameras are being manufactured before the A7lV though they were announced well after the A7lV? Thanks.
Adam Rivera
Adam Rivera 2 månader sedan
What memory card you using to process that burst so fast???!
Lui Aviles
Lui Aviles 2 månader sedan
@manny how does the M1 MBP handle the Alpha 1 8k editing in Finalcut.
Leo 2 månader sedan
Something very basic but essential to WORK efficient: will Sony finally offer a play (view back) mode with blinking highlights in full screen? I love my a7III and hardly need a upgrade (well, apart from focus stacking maybe) but this is the biggest flaw of the camera and for some reason i never hear somebody about it. I do a lot of location portraits with flash. Typically i set my camera manual for available light (maybe a bit underexposed) and i want to set my manual flash just where it doesn't blow out the highlights in the skin. And then i don't want to look al the settings constantly. I just want to get in the flow of the creative proces BUT, due to some move i did with the light for instance, or the model gets closer, or maybe the available light changes, i want to get a clear visual warning when highlights get overexposed! I want to see this full screen, and not that silly 3rd modus with the rgb levels next to a very tiny image. With one look i want to check eyes, expression, composition and if i'm still good on the flash setting. WHY ISNT THIS AVAILABLE SONY?? And i also don't understand how im the only one missing this.
Suf Cohen
Suf Cohen 2 månader sedan
In the a7iii the is a "live display effect" You can choose to see a good light or thr actual light. Your welcome.
Manny Ortiz
Manny Ortiz 2 månader sedan
Nooo it don’t doesn’t work like that. The option is there but it doesn’t work when a flash is attached
Andy Oliver
Andy Oliver 2 månader sedan
You are wrong when you say this camera is the only only that syncs flash at high speed. Nikon Z7 II can be set to high speed sync - I have just tested it and it syncs at 1/5000th second using the mechanical shutter and 1/2000th second on the electronic shutter. As a former event photographer I have been using it on numerous Nikon cameras for years- this is not a "new invention" by Sony.
Andy Oliver
Andy Oliver 2 månader sedan
@Orville Griffiths The Nikon is full power flash synching at the higher speeds, I used this as professional photographer for over 10 years on Nikon cameras. Look at the DP Review on the Sony A1 - DP review state that Nikon had that flash option on the old Nikon D70 some 17 years ago on a camera costing £5500 less! The Nikon Z7 II syncs flash at high speeds with either the camera mounted on the hot shoe or triggered remotely - it does exactly what it says on the tin! As a working professional photographer the Nikon already does exactly what I need. - and I think DP Review agree with me! So how can Sony claim that this is great new feature on a £6500 camera?
Orville Griffiths
Orville Griffiths 2 månader sedan
This is NOT HSS! Previous Sony mirrorless cams did that - up to 1/8000 sec. (with flashes capable of HSS). This is electronic shutter syncing with FULL POWER flash at 1/200 (and beyond)!
The Photographer Diaries
The Photographer Diaries 2 månader sedan
You know you can turn that off.
Gurmeet Singh
Gurmeet Singh 2 månader sedan
Manny do you prefer A7riv or A1 ?
ekphotography 2 månader sedan
Look at that detail all blurred out on her skin with bad photoshop...
Geno Banx
Geno Banx 2 månader sedan
Try using rotolight HSS flashes. A definite game changer.
Aiglos 2 månader sedan
Sure it's fast but can they build a body that doesn't feel like it has the weather sealing and ergonomics of a Playstation Vita?
Nathan Phillips Photo
Nathan Phillips Photo 2 månader sedan
Love the content man. Making me want to hop onto the SEmost platform with my setups and workflow. This is definitely a frustration I have with My outdoors workflow. Constantly turning off the transmitter just to see the ambience in the shot, then turn it back on to trigger the flash. Studio I don’t see an issue with it, or less I’m shooting in my rain machine which has continuous led lights mixed with a strobe. Hopefully Canon does this with the R1. (if that’s the name)
bene _eins
bene _eins 2 månader sedan
6:40 why dont you use a flash with a modeling light?
MisticKreation 2 månader sedan
Amazing video Mate! Outstanding camera!
girlsvault 2 månader sedan
Godox is bullshit bruh. I’m mad asf I bought the ad 400 flash. And I have to go buy transmitter when I have a photoshoot the next very day. Like if it need the trigger to work why they didn’t add it to it or made it known they sell it separately like Ionn mind but I don’t get why they don’t tell you ow the flash is useless till I get the damn trigger thing
G David
G David 2 månader sedan
G David I love your style of photography it matches my taste in street photography this warm crisp skin toon OMG 😲💓 Quick question I am switching from canon to sony I know nothing about Sony so what the best cheap lens from sony something like nifty 50 but keep me do the same style we share notice I am the lazy editor So I am getting a sony a7iii
Joshua Chubb
Joshua Chubb 2 månader sedan
Are you going to get your hands on the GFX 100S?
Joshua Chubb
Joshua Chubb 2 månader sedan
And what do you think about using a ND filter when shooting flash so you don’t have to use HSS?
Anglitu *Tech
Anglitu *Tech 2 månader sedan
Dan Wall
Dan Wall 2 månader sedan
I can do the exposure preview thing with flash on my xt3...
Dan Wall
Dan Wall 2 månader sedan
I can do the exposure preview thing with flash on my xt3...
Wes Chan
Wes Chan 2 månader sedan
7:45 For the a7RIII and A7III peeps, the setting you're looking for is "Live View Disp. Sel." Although I'm not sure what Manny is talking about when he says you need to hold down the button 🤷‍♂️ i have a a7III and i just press the custom button I assigned it to and it toggles on and off. I also wouldn't call it a hack since it's built in to the system menu.
Juan Solares
Juan Solares 2 månader sedan
Hi nice video, can u share the pic at 1/32k pls thanks in advance, i want to see what u see, got courius.
Vish Kumar
Vish Kumar 2 månader sedan
Should be start calling him Mannequin Ortiz ??
Stuart F
Stuart F 2 månader sedan
Manny, yes you can on the R5. It default initially for focus and brightens the screen and then changes to ambient!
David Shepherd
David Shepherd 2 månader sedan
That 2/3rd stop difference in flash sync is going to set the world on fire. People are just dying to shoot at 1/400th. Nah! The camera is dope on paper and as it appears in person. Certainly will help with video but not believing that photos will see a revolutionary increase in quality. We'll see. I do love the fact Sony is pushing innovation forward.
Mike Lay
Mike Lay 2 månader sedan
Then why are the nothurps bashing this camera?
ShootPDX 2 månader sedan
Manny, can you please share your thoughts on the A1's Eye AF? As you know Sony's own advert demonstrated "Eyelash AF" and another 1-2 reviewers have indicated Eye AF was not as accurate as the R5's Eye AF. I have an A1 pre-ordered, but I'm now second-guessing myself. Did you notice any Eye AF inaccuracies? Thanks for your time.
Makta972 2 månader sedan
Lol you can use electronic shutter with flash on olympus camera. Not a big deal
Alexander Holmfjeld
Alexander Holmfjeld 2 månader sedan
*calls tiff low quality* *Cries*
Lincoln Lordêllo
Lincoln Lordêllo 2 månader sedan
I'll say the same... low quality... what!?!?!
Walaa 2 månader sedan
احييييه يالكاظم
Crescentknight8189 2 månader sedan
I spent the whole video wondering how his wife was standing so still and forget it was the mannequin LMAO
Bigboy Slim
Bigboy Slim 2 månader sedan
Money grab
Gregor Gordon
Gregor Gordon 2 månader sedan
But steel Sony skin tone
Quay Hu
Quay Hu 2 månader sedan
You had me at premiere on the MacBook 😂😂😂😂
Bollywood 2 månader sedan
Preach preach preach ; as much I admire and love photography and style and how you are just a self made man , I get shocked when you just behave like a typical Sony fan boy . I am 200. % sure Manny , even with first generation of A7 , u will just nail it man
Angel R.A.
Angel R.A. 2 månader sedan
Shademan Irvanipour
Shademan Irvanipour 2 månader sedan
You can take photos and videos recordings with any cameras as long as you understand PHOTOGRAPHY
anthony karpinski
anthony karpinski 2 månader sedan
now photography is like the smartphone industry....every six month new camera coming you don't have time to testing and use the camera you buy than a new one coming
Keem Ibarra
Keem Ibarra 2 månader sedan
Is this an overkill upgrade if you're just shooting quinceaneras though? Asking for a friend
PeteyK Styles
PeteyK Styles 2 månader sedan
HOLY SHIT! I'm buying 2 of these!
Mahesh Verma
Mahesh Verma 2 månader sedan
Manny sir I want to know your studio Dimantion please make a video about your studio 👍
FPVLAB 2 månader sedan
Air punch @ 8:30 sold me Manny. LOL IG: @freshouttafocus
kennyacid 2 månader sedan
I Just realized Fuji been had the ability to view ambient light with the flash on.
Moses Angel
Moses Angel 2 månader sedan
1:44 😳 What The ....
Riposte This
Riposte This 2 månader sedan
It looks like a pretty wild camera and it's great that Sony combined their cameras that have been out for the last couple years into one. However, is this camera worth $3kusd MORE than the r5? I dunno. I guess if that flash sync is really worth it to you.
Bollywood 2 månader sedan
Flash syn becomes pointless in studio setting as you can have your strobes plugged in abc they can deal with extra output if go on HSS .
Nathaniel Martin
Nathaniel Martin 2 månader sedan
That live preview hack on the A7III needs to be talked about more. When I first got into flash that was super confusing. Glad to see sony listens and is solving that issue. Hopefully that feature trickles down from this body to the a74 when it comes out. 🤞
Swaylex 2 månader sedan
How u get this camera
Mo K
Mo K 2 månader sedan
At 9:00 isn't banding with electronic shutter typically from fluorescent lighting? Do you have fluorescent lighting on in the studio?
Dresteed 2 månader sedan
Excellent video! I'm a Canon Shooter but I might add Sony into life also
Daniel Francisco
Daniel Francisco 2 månader sedan
Love your thoughts on this. Still not understanding the big deal in the 1/400 flash sync. Perhaps it's too late in the night for me haha.
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia 2 månader sedan
My favorite part was the outro lmao
Roy Bixby
Roy Bixby 2 månader sedan
Although 800 fps is the slowest sync on my medium format cameras i'd love a 400 sync on my Nikons...
Bao Tran
Bao Tran 2 månader sedan
Since when TIFF is low quality file? It's actually better than PSD
Manny Ortiz
Manny Ortiz 2 månader sedan
It’s the beta Sony software I used that made it low quality
DAVIE KAY MUSIC 2 månader sedan
The effects from those lights are so amazing!!! What kind are they?
Shaun Gibbs
Shaun Gibbs 2 månader sedan
I also want to know.
Rod YoungBoy
Rod YoungBoy 2 månader sedan
Bruh I thought this was your girl standing there . I was like ain’t she not tired 😂😂😂
Rod YoungBoy
Rod YoungBoy 2 månader sedan
I would definitely get this if it had a flip screen..🤔
iamthe rjp
iamthe rjp 2 månader sedan
Silent shutter is the best.. I use it at at church photography and at weddings during the ceremony
Jaymes Media
Jaymes Media 2 månader sedan
Love that slider shot
iamthe rjp
iamthe rjp 2 månader sedan
WOWSER ¡!!!! I GOT goose bumps hearing the high speed shutter 😬👍😱😱
FastAkira 2 månader sedan
frequency separation is tight
Zhorell Ski
Zhorell Ski 2 månader sedan
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