$710,000 Yacht Tour : Nordhavn N41

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28 dagar sedan

The first look at the brand new Nordhavn N41. Is it classic Nordhavn? Let's take the full tour and find out!
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Leroy England
Leroy England 11 timmar sedan
This one's on the wish list.
borjastick Dag sedan
Can't imagine me ever owning a boaty thing but if I did it would be something like this and moored in Greece.
Mokhtar Amin
Mokhtar Amin Dag sedan
Lovely Nord. I thot that Nords normally have a supplementary engine /prop as back-up which this one is missing. But nice cockpit and cabin sizes considering it's length. Good vid Nick👍
Ryan Peck
Ryan Peck 2 dagar sedan
@5:50 You can see that the hanging storage and the long drawer were made so the grain matched across them. Fine details!
Paul Miazga
Paul Miazga 3 dagar sedan
In the past year following Nick, I've learned HEAPS about boating, boat design and the like despite having never sailed aboard anything other than a ferry. 😬
AQUAHOLIC 2 dagar sedan
Next step is to get one! :)
Allan Crow
Allan Crow 3 dagar sedan
Nick knows how all the onboard latch mechanisms work. I've never seen him struggle with a single latch at least not in the final edit. I'm easily defeated by latch mechanisms. :)
7967487 5 dagar sedan
Thank you! I think Elling E4 is more balanced, but this is a very nice vessel!!!
TheBiggerrich 6 dagar sedan
“Tuck yourself away with an iPad and a good Aquaholics vid”
Paul Brock
Paul Brock 7 dagar sedan
I was just reading up the details of this and found out to that not only is this built in Turkey but in Ayvalik which is where İ live.
Mark Adams
Mark Adams 7 dagar sedan
So what is the technical name for the utility room?
Capt Fantastic
Capt Fantastic 8 dagar sedan
Initially, my first impression was that it’s a shallow draft day boat that probably has a couple hundred mile range at best. Boy was I wrong! After watching the entire tour, I’m very impressed with its efficient use of space. The utility / laundry room is a winner and there’s plenty of space in the laz for supplies too. I would probably want the efficiency of electronic engines, but I can understand why the owner chose non-electric, for ease of maintenance especially while on an adventure somewhere in its remarkable 2000nm+ range. Perhaps range could be extended even more with a single main engine and get-home engine instead of twin? Large fridge and extra freezer also quite nice. Looks like a fantastic boat for a cruising couple, one I would be proud to own. A most proper little ship. Well done Nordhavn and Aquaholic!
James Abercrombie
James Abercrombie 8 dagar sedan
The Lord Jesus is real! He loves y'all!
Ian Hood
Ian Hood 8 dagar sedan
Takes my breath a way
Takeoverartist1987 8 dagar sedan
ive never understood the point of putting a washing maching on a boat but not a dryer. like. what are you going to do? hang your tidy whities out to dry in the sun? doesnt sound very luxurious.
Everyday Projects
Everyday Projects 8 dagar sedan
Fantastic tour, Nick! Was there a distillation unit or reverse osmosis for making potable water at sea? Great "little ship".
AQUAHOLIC 8 dagar sedan
It can be fitted
Robert Purdy
Robert Purdy 9 dagar sedan
Dream boat
logan holmberg
logan holmberg 9 dagar sedan
I think they should have eliminated a walkway for some more living space. That cabin looks cramped compared to most Nordhavn's.
Ploffy Kha
Ploffy Kha 10 dagar sedan
Important to note that those are actually Komatsu engines, marinized Komatsus are famous for their durability and are up there with John Deere or even above. Tbh i dont know how well proven these smaller ones are, the 325hp ones are truly legendary, but there is no such thing as weak Komatsu boat engines. These things run 24/7 in fishing vessels, 40,000 hours without overhaul can be done.
Ross Enzo
Ross Enzo 10 dagar sedan
I’ve been waiting for this. Is a 15 year old 47 Nordie a better buy than this newbie? Either way, awesome boat!
Naineet B
Naineet B 11 dagar sedan
There’s no way for that much room space in a 40 footer. Some optical illusion going on here. Great tour btw.
AQUAHOLIC 11 dagar sedan
Thank you!
Stephen Streater
Stephen Streater 12 dagar sedan
Think a lot of people have missed the point here, it’s not meant to be a good looking, gin palace for posing on at weekends. It’s a proper live aboard, blue water cruiser capable of crossing oceans. Your average power boat could cross the channel but not much more. I appreciate this boat for what it is, a great piece of engineering with the kind of built in redundancy needed for confidently cruising offshore I have only ever owned sports cruisers, similar to smugglers but I would love to own one of these one day. Keep up the great work Nick
jeff passila
jeff passila 12 dagar sedan
i just wonder why they put life raft inside the engine room
Genda Minoru
Genda Minoru 14 dagar sedan
nice cabinetry, but the boar desperately needs about another 5-6 feet LoA. Perhaps a good boat for the Great lakes.
CHEUNG CHI LAI OCEAN張至禮 14 dagar sedan
jeff putman
jeff putman 15 dagar sedan
41 ft of AWESOME. I personally am in love with the 65 to 80ish size yachts, However as a day cruiser with exceptional set of legs this one is impressive. I also would switch out the shower with a whirlpool walk in tub .it's same size standing area but will give you a bath on those long voyages ;)
NatureRecycleFlorida 15 dagar sedan
cool boat i like the non electric engines
Roy Kinder
Roy Kinder 16 dagar sedan
Nordhavn is one of the finest boats on the market, bar none. I've looked at Marlow, and a few others and there is no real comparison to these boats. Serious boats for serious crossings.
Ismail Coban
Ismail Coban 16 dagar sedan
Turkish letters at the deep freeze under deck at the door why that
MegaWebsters 13 dagar sedan
These boats are made in Turkey
George Burns
George Burns 16 dagar sedan
Best boat tour
George Burns
George Burns 16 dagar sedan
George Burns
George Burns 16 dagar sedan
Kinda ugly
Chris Ardern
Chris Ardern 17 dagar sedan
Exactly what gap in the yatch market is this ment to fit. It's only just above the Orca (Jaws) boat for looks and style. It's the kind of boat that a lottery winning tree hugger would buy.
Chris Ardern
Chris Ardern 13 dagar sedan
@MegaWebsters they would convert it to Dolphin power by putting a pulling harness on the front.
MegaWebsters 13 dagar sedan
Tree huggers don't do diesel power
Fix News
Fix News 17 dagar sedan
$700,000 caravan/travel trailer. I like the wrinkles in the mactac behind the sink.
Fix News
Fix News 17 dagar sedan
The bow eye is hilarious. 0:07
Devo491 17 dagar sedan
That's got to be the ugliest 'private' boat in the world!
oilio 18 dagar sedan
beautiful boat. no pilot house on this version?
Robert Stancer
Robert Stancer 18 dagar sedan
Finally, Finally, Finally, They have seen sense and fitted 2main engines. For most sensible people the thought of even thinking about a boat that you would cross an ocean in would would have redundancy. I notice other models are now being fitted with 2. All we need to do now is work on increasing the engines' horsepower because speed requires redundancy too. Nick states in his video that a speed of 6kn gives you the 3000mile,atlantic, range. We walk at 4mph, marathon runners at 14mph. 6kn=7mph 7milesx24hrs=168miles 3000/168=18days Whatever you think about Nordhavns' it really is a glorified holiday boat, maybe cruising around islands like, say those off Seattle. Stop trying to sell it as an 'Ocean' crosser, keep to the coastline PLEASE.
Robert Stancer
Robert Stancer 18 dagar sedan
@AQUAHOLIC That's exactly my point Nicky Noo. You've got it, you've really got it, Hurrah.
AQUAHOLIC 18 dagar sedan
@Robert Stancer Then show me a 40ft motorboat with transatlantic range at substantially more than 6 knots. 🙂
Robert Stancer
Robert Stancer 18 dagar sedan
@AQUAHOLIC Sorry Nicky Noo, i haven't missed the point at all, i think you have. If you want to spend 18days bobbing around in the open ocean in a 41ft bathtub with additional crew to cover the watches making damn sure we do not go over 6kn so we make landfall be my guest. Your second sentence explains fully why they are only 75hp engines. Question for your third sentence; were they all under 50ft? You can ignore sailing boats. Nicky, i've got a 37m trawler yacht and this boat. Which one would you prefer to cross the Atlantic in?
AQUAHOLIC 18 dagar sedan
I'm afraid you've rather missed the point of this one. It's the low speed that makes it an ocean crosser, the moment you try and lift the speed above hull displacement speed, your range vanishes. Plenty of Nordhavns have crossed the Atlantic at these speeds, as have thousands of sailing boats.
testicular oxide
testicular oxide 19 dagar sedan
Sr Mix Alot
Sr Mix Alot 19 dagar sedan
Was there a water maker?
Sr Mix Alot
Sr Mix Alot 19 dagar sedan
@AQUAHOLIC ahh ok cool thanks for the reply
AQUAHOLIC 19 dagar sedan
Not as standard
Desmo996 19 dagar sedan
Ok, so why is it “a fuel polishing system” instead of “ fuel filtration system”? Just trying to sound fancy?
Protector H
Protector H 19 dagar sedan
What 41 foot , o it looks much much much bigger , good job and keep the engines without electronics is safety on the ocean, I am an electrical engineer and see a lot of issues with electronics, don't get me wrong electronics are great but sailing on the oceans I prefer this solution in this ship.
8 Bit Kid
8 Bit Kid 19 dagar sedan
Well if I had $700K I would go for the Nordhavn 2011 43 for £543K which is completely surprising what you get with and additional 2 feet, like two heads, decent master and guest accommodation, separate kitchen and lounge and pilot house. I can imagine a total nightmare with kids and a wife screaming, during an Atlantic crossing in very bad weather in that 41 with nothing to hold on to, and knives and hot food items right up into the helm. You couldn't swing a cat in that master cabin. Classic Nordhavn? These remind me of the Nordhavns recently built in Turkey. The engine access is pretty funny when you see what you get with the Nordhavn classic 43., and no small lugger to get you home either. semost.info/award/pIeJgal_g9-Jx2s/video.html - Personally I thought this was an all electric or hybrid boat.
Mats Andersson
Mats Andersson 20 dagar sedan
Love these Nordhavns and your reviews of them! Looking forward to more of those. :-)
Sarah Carey
Sarah Carey 20 dagar sedan
Front. Back. Outside. What happened to fore and aft, bow and stern, outboard?
kclawdog36 20 dagar sedan
Great boat. Great review. Thanks Nick
Ivansgarage 20 dagar sedan
Nice, diesel engines, can't stop a diesel engine, no computers, they will run forever... wow a person with brains, drove truck in 1979, cat engine, only needed one wire to open fuel solenoid valve and that was passable.. with a lever...
Gaurav Mathur
Gaurav Mathur 20 dagar sedan
P Hughes
P Hughes 20 dagar sedan
Don't seem to have used the space well. Outside areas very poor, and slow slow slow.
richtea78 20 dagar sedan
Do they have a water maker on board or do you just have a really big tank if you want to cross the Atlantic for example
richtea78 20 dagar sedan
@AQUAHOLIC I think it would be really handy if I was going exploring. You can always catch fish but water is much harder to obtain. I will add one to my fantasy boat spec!
AQUAHOLIC 20 dagar sedan
It could be fitted
qmmo 21 dag sedan
Quite enthused until I realised it's built in Turkey . . . just a personal thing I have against Turkish builds . . . .
Tuomas Holo
Tuomas Holo 21 dag sedan
Gorgeous interior! Cheers
Ross Enzo
Ross Enzo 21 dag sedan
It’s incredible you can purchase a brand new Nordie for this much! Proper live aboard for under 1m
Roy Heffner
Roy Heffner 21 dag sedan
What a beautiful boat. Pricey for such a "small" boat but I would take it any day.
Harold Schaefer
Harold Schaefer 21 dag sedan
Nice boat oh bouy
omega2469 21 dag sedan
Nick has this special way of presenting the boats that everytime I watch his video I would want to purchase the boat,,, Amazing,,, He knows how to chose his words,,, Great job on a really beautiful little gem,,, VCery well priced for what it offers,,, Thanks,,,
AQUAHOLIC 21 dag sedan
Glad you like them!
John Wick
John Wick 21 dag sedan
Lemme just show you a little something which I found kinda cool.... Proceeds to show the plans to blow up the Deathstar.
Peter Müller
Peter Müller 22 dagar sedan
Looks awesome, but I'd prefer the North Pacific 45. You should check it out Nick, fairly certain you'd like it too
Robert Lindbergh
Robert Lindbergh 22 dagar sedan
I´ve just the hickups... 710.000usd for a 41-footer made in Turkey? I absolutely love Nordhavns but FFS... it´s a 2 person yacht.. Priced like a unlivable flat in central London or NY... Well, i will go back to sleep and my dreams.. Perhaps i should take a kayak over the ocean.. or make it a trikay-cat for room and safety.. BTW when i was a sailor in the merchant navy back in the 80:s the lower bed in the guest cabin was common in merchant ships known as the "drunk bed"...
John Wriedt
John Wriedt 22 dagar sedan
No overhead grab rail in the salon ? Oh well , I’ll have to stipulate that in the order I place after a Lotto win ! , love your tours mate , all the best from Melbourne Australia...
AQUAHOLIC 21 dag sedan
Thank you!
Random 549
Random 549 22 dagar sedan
Has more space than your average $3million dollar NY City or San Francisco condo.
Rick Hunter-Wolff
Rick Hunter-Wolff 22 dagar sedan
What an ugly boat, for 3/4 $ million
Bingu 22 dagar sedan
Wow. Just wow. The ultimate retirement trawler. See the whole world in one boat. The redundancy and mechanical engines just scream practicality.
MegaWebsters 22 dagar sedan
Do you think it would be a good boat for two people to cruise from Southern England, cross the Bay of Biscay and down past Portugal into the Med?
Cheap Ole Gun Guy
Cheap Ole Gun Guy 22 dagar sedan
You've got to love Nordhavns, their "manly" boats. Made for a man, but decorative enough for a woman :)
Colin garner
Colin garner 22 dagar sedan
My understanding is yachts are powered by sails so I consider this to be some sort of launch not a yacht .
Norty Digit
Norty Digit 22 dagar sedan
I think its quite an ugly looking boat, no doubt great seaworthiness. A fishing trawler look to it.
Mopeds 22 dagar sedan
I can’t see how the boat is under a million
Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman
Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman 23 dagar sedan
Screw dat... I ain't payin no $170,000 to tour a yacht
Christos Panopoulos
Christos Panopoulos 23 dagar sedan
Ridiculous arrangements of salon and cabins.👎 I laugh , on your "impartial" presentation........
fin screenname
fin screenname 23 dagar sedan
Should have shown more of the hatch into the salon to remove the motors and such. I look at that engine room and that was the first thought. Everyone knows buying a boat like that is just the start of the costs. That simple hatch can make the difference between pulling a motor and taking one apart and lifting it out piece by piece. Or between a lot of money or a boat load of money.
Arthur Hardy
Arthur Hardy 23 dagar sedan
But so much less space than a N40. I rather have a N40 or an N46.
Derek Warner
Derek Warner 23 dagar sedan
Just the perfect family long distance cruiser / explorer, so many practical aspects in an easily handled package. Amazing!!
derdachev 23 dagar sedan
No outdoor dining area, no upper level, things, that boats twice as cheap have to offer. Not really seeing anything special with that boat.
Norty Digit
Norty Digit 22 dagar sedan
Its quite an ugly boat i think, like a fishing trawler. I'd always prefer to sail across the Atlantic not motor, 18 days or so of engine noise is no comfort
derdachev 23 dagar sedan
@AQUAHOLIC I did not think about it too much, because I won't be crossing the Atlantic with a boat this size :) Is that what is making this boat more expensive?
AQUAHOLIC 23 dagar sedan
Will they also cross the Atlantic..? 🙂
TheHalfcastTuerkey 23 dagar sedan
8:19 which brand is that freezer?
spinnaker5514 23 dagar sedan
IMPRESSIVE!!! Wish that I could afford this boat, just have to start playing the lottery. Beautifully done and well executed, just what you expect from a Nordhaven. I wonder, is this boat available with a single engine? I would prefer that option myself.
UraFlight 23 dagar sedan
Must be a nice smell in the engine room
UraFlight 23 dagar sedan
Amazing boat
David George
David George 23 dagar sedan
Color scheme? You mean white? You would make a great used car salesman.
buhao pengyou
buhao pengyou 23 dagar sedan
The problem with boats is, you pay 100% up front and think you "own" it. But it really owns you.
Ammo Alamo
Ammo Alamo 23 dagar sedan
It is too small for me, and with the usual Nordhavn price it will be too expensive also. When he first went into the salon I thought WTF is this a joke - why so small? Then the kitchen is huge compared to the salon space, so unless you love standing over a stove or sink there isn't much room to play, and the curved settee would have been a better use of space had it been a right angle. Oh well, who cares what I think? When you try to be all things to all people you might end up being nothing to no one, and that is what I feel about this Nord 41: There is hardly any relaxing or entertainment space, only one head, the second cabin is for kids, the main cabin is up at the bow where it will 'Rock Me, Baby, All Night Long!' and even the area to sun on the deck is split up by a couple of hatches. They could have left off most of that deck and swim platform at the stern and used it for living area, and aligned the front cabins to get the hatches all on one side to allow for a better sun platform. The tall hip-high stanchions make for safe walking from stern to bow and back. The crane uses space efficiently. The engine room would be better if it had the power to cruise efficiently at 10-12 kn, but twin 75 hp engines sounds like what you would get in a 41' sailing cat. Realy, Nord, all that engine room weight, space and expense just to get 150 total HP? What were you thinking? Do people really want a brand new boat that cruises at modest sail boat speeds of 6 - 7.5 kn *and* you have to pay to run the engines full time to get that speed? Too small, too inefficient, too slow, and too expensive. What's not to like? Quite a bit, actually. The mechanical engines would be around for a long time, except pretty soon regenerative electrics and superior batteries will take the place of those complex and underpowered diesels and all that fuel polishing apparatus, so the engine tech is too little too late IMHO. This boat was designed by committee, no doubt about it, and probably nobody was satisfied fully. Hey mom - look here - you get to climb up and down a ladder every time you need to load or unload the washer dryer - won't that be fun? Yes, son, almost as fun as you guys trying to enjoy the salon with the noise of a washer dryer running right under your feet.
Ekin Elçi
Ekin Elçi 23 dagar sedan
I love the exterior form factor but the interior looks outdated.
D Lamb
D Lamb 24 dagar sedan
What a beautiful little ship. Nice review Nick.
AQUAHOLIC 24 dagar sedan
Many thanks!
beamer 24 dagar sedan
Too small for its range and accommodations. From what I've seen with sailing vessels, the small boats can do more than what you ever want to do a second time. Same kind of issue here.
Helloverlord 24 dagar sedan
For such amount of money one can buy a serious blue water, passage crossing sailing vessel and pay for the good training using rest of the money. With this N41 you could theoretically cross the Atlantic but it will take 2 months cruising by recomended speed, under 6kts.
Guinness Harvey
Guinness Harvey 24 dagar sedan
I love these boats. And this new n41 is fab!:) ocean crossing beauty:)
skaraborgcraft 24 dagar sedan
The original 40 had a better sea going interior. Someone getting up in the night to make a cup of tea in the galley will ruin the watch keepers night vision, im not even sure if the redundancy of the twin Betas is worth having. The big windows looks more like a styling excercise. I think this is a step back for Nordhaven.
Read My Comment
Read My Comment 24 dagar sedan
This is the one. Stunning and supremely capable. Perfect.
malmotu motu
malmotu motu 24 dagar sedan
Dumb ugly side windows
bobby ray of the family smith
bobby ray of the family smith 24 dagar sedan
Looks like a floating lunchbox from the outside. Not very sleek but the interior is nice enough
SeikiBrian 24 dagar sedan
11:35 Somebody PLEASE secure that flag halyard so it stops slapping against the mast!
SeikiBrian 24 dagar sedan
7:55 "There is a posh name for this..." I believe Nordhavn calls it a commissary.
AQUAHOLIC 24 dagar sedan
That's it!! 😃
Morten Hjornevik
Morten Hjornevik 24 dagar sedan
Knots even
Morten Hjornevik
Morten Hjornevik 24 dagar sedan
They just won’t go..8 knits no good
itkovian11 24 dagar sedan
That "utility room" is fantastic.
Clay Farnet
Clay Farnet 24 dagar sedan
Top notch 👍👍👍
Star 24 dagar sedan
What’s the yearly maintenance and running costs?
Jeff Mundkowsky [Foggy Mountain Workshop]
Jeff Mundkowsky [Foggy Mountain Workshop] 24 dagar sedan
Awesome trawler!!
chofo arrivillaga
chofo arrivillaga 24 dagar sedan
that's horrible
Andy morris
Andy morris 24 dagar sedan
Hey Nick. I am from the Uk and live 5 minutes from Dana point Marina in California the Home of Nordhavn. I saw the first 2 N41 on the dock over a year ago as i was pulling out of the Harbor. They where stunning looking as i was not even sure most people knew that they had Launched this New addition. If i was not going to buy a sailboat this would be my choice for sure. Video is great. Cheers mate.
Stacy Gardner
Stacy Gardner 24 dagar sedan
Wow, just wow
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