BTS - FULL LIVE CONCERT (Day 1) - Wembley Stadium, LONDON - 1 June 2019

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Lana Leksa

2 år sedan


syamily shalu
syamily shalu 17 minuter sedan
When jin start to sing Epiphany the crowd and the scream bring me to another world its really insane. After finishing this full concert I feel like something bcz i cant find a name for this feeling its amazing. The people who attend their concert they are the luckiest 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
ms Soliman
ms Soliman 9 timmar sedan
June 20, 2021 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 My first concert ❤ After running out of numerous BTS videos to watch 😉
TelibBear Movies Collection
TelibBear Movies Collection 9 timmar sedan
I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs. BTS............ SARANGHAE....
Carmen Santana
Carmen Santana 16 timmar sedan
Thank you for this video I enjoyed it love these boys so much they bring so much joy into my life 💕💕 miss them can't wait for them to come back.
Alistair Johannes
Alistair Johannes 17 timmar sedan
Fraulein Enriquez
Fraulein Enriquez 20 timmar sedan
thank you so much for recording and sharing this here
호호 22 timmar sedan
꺅~~~~ 소리지르고 싶다♡bts
Silvia Lopes
Silvia Lopes Dag sedan
They are Definitely my Babies. Love BTS.
elisa maria dominguez torrea
elisa maria dominguez torrea Dag sedan
2019... ¡Dios! lo que nos deparaba el 2020... Menos mal que BTS con sus conciertos, aunque sea solo en video, nos trasmiten su alegria y optimismo.
Juppalieu Dag sedan
Absolute hystery from 1:16.:00..Jin is amazing and so talented.
WINDY Dag sedan
This might be a dumb question.... but i'm curious why RM always say Mic Drop is the last song? Anybody? tyty
WINDY Dag sedan
or does he mean... it's the last song before "Encore" ???
ayumy 2 dagar sedan
prativa gurung
prativa gurung 2 dagar sedan
Jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope jhope 💜💜
Cathleen Avila
Cathleen Avila 2 dagar sedan
Wembly can make you feel very small. It seats 90,000 if I remember correctly. You have to move like crazy. I have a few friends who saw BTS there. They were comped the tickets because they work in the industry. They could not stop talking about them. One of these friends also performed there multiple times. He tells me they worked out for an entire year before their first performance so they could move on the stage. This is the new Wembly that demands that performers are also athletes. Sound quality is a big effort also. The old Wembly was just a stage, so movement wasn't such a big effort.
경미 2 dagar sedan
나의 버킷리스트하나 추가요~~ 방탄콘서트가기!!!꼭~~!!!
Mariefrance Dubois
Mariefrance Dubois 3 dagar sedan
Vous avez mis le feu à ce concert,vous êtes vraiment fantastiques... 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Lai Cnp
Lai Cnp 3 dagar sedan
ur clip was better than their dvd. Thank you so much ♥️
Mariefrance Dubois
Mariefrance Dubois 3 dagar sedan
Merci pour ce concert vous êtes comme toujours magnifiques.......super super 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Sonam Roy
Sonam Roy 4 dagar sedan
Jhope was born to become an idol, period.
MINAL DEOGADE 5 dagar sedan
My eyes only watching to jungkook performance like an he actually flying in air just like a our king 👑👑👑👑
HAPPY SOULS ONLY 5 dagar sedan
They really deserve Love.....!!!!
Sriyani Samuel
Sriyani Samuel 5 dagar sedan
All 7 for them solo super awesome
kristen army
kristen army 5 dagar sedan
Still with you_Kookie
Still with you_Kookie 6 dagar sedan
Thank you for uploading this video.I have become ARMY 3 months ago and I am exploring all BTS videos..I have never experienced any kind of concerts in my life..Just only one I want to attend now and that's BTS..❤️😭 I want to see them through the screen at least have this beautiful live experience..😭❤️❤️
Ruth 6 dagar sedan
I miss concerts so much😭😭
하하하하 6 dagar sedan
종합 예술
Lucky Musukwa
Lucky Musukwa 6 dagar sedan
KIM YOON 7 dagar sedan
Thank you army 💜
Brightina Sam
Brightina Sam 7 dagar sedan
Let's pay our hearty thanks to the one who recorded this and posted🙏
泰子 滝口
泰子 滝口 7 dagar sedan
ghcgxgcg ghcgsnsj
ghcgxgcg ghcgsnsj 9 dagar sedan
I love you Bts.I respects bts
Ritthika 9 dagar sedan
BTS...they are Good singers , Good dancers Good performers Good entertainers And that's y they have a good and big fandom
Fan of ninety-nine plus kpop idols
Fan of ninety-nine plus kpop idols 9 dagar sedan
46:27 Jungkook spoiling Butter LMAO lol, i know its not a spoil. they didn't originally planned releasing the song butter HAHAHA BTW STREAM BUTTER GUYS! LET'S GET NO.1 AGAIN ON BILLBOARDS
Fan of ninety-nine plus kpop idols
Fan of ninety-nine plus kpop idols 9 dagar sedan
*Watching this again since I miss this kind of interactions. It's been 2 years :(* Edit: THEY JUST HAD SOWOOZOO MUSTER(?) AND IT WAS FUN! THEY ALL POPPED OFF. -we got ot7 daechwita, dis-ease, stay, fly to my room, you never walk alone, moving on, wishing on a star, not today trap remix, This whole thing feels like a fever dream. Also their outfits was insane. JK looking like a Rockstar+ tatoo peeking +eyebrow piercing. Blonde Yoongi. Yellow Rm undercut. Black haired-sexy-cutie Jimin. Jin looking so young 😌. Tae light-brown hair+. curles
Moko HMM
Moko HMM 9 dagar sedan
💜🙏👏Complimenti per la registrazione. Un bellissimo video con un bellissimo concerto. FOREVER YOUNG BTS 👏🙏💜
ssd머슴신가 (다이어트될까?)
ssd머슴신가 (다이어트될까?) 10 dagar sedan
보고싶은영상 방탄 웸브으을리~~~
Lidiya Radchenko
Lidiya Radchenko 10 dagar sedan
小野寺光子 10 dagar sedan
Jana Jem
Jana Jem 11 dagar sedan
Okay, I have one thing to say. The stylist or whoever picks the attires, this person surely does an awful job. Guys it was 1st of June in London, it probably was over 30 C° at this time, and if you see the everyone in the public is dressed up whits t-shirts, shorts, dresses and in general summer outfits. Bts are overly dreesed up, almost winter fitted outfits. I don't care if it has to be some protocol for a specific type of clothes so the look matches up with the whole theme of their performance, it's rediculous to make them wear so warm and heavy clothes in that temperature and also don't forget that they are so kinetic, dancing, singing and doing all of these acrobatics, guys, it must feel like death for them, what the hell, that's criminal's doing. It's the stylist job to find the fitting outfits according to the weather and in general the special sircumstances the performers may have to deal with, it's stylist's job to look out for the correct attire for the performers so they can do their performance with ease. Guys, looking for the weather so we can dress up accordingly is the most simple and common thing, everyone does that subconsciously,, it's the common sense, and here, a professional, is unable to do the simplest thing that everyone does out of common sense? What drama is this? Where do they find these kind of "professionals",, is a talent, a gift to be able to make such an absurdity.
Guadalupe Panatex
Guadalupe Panatex 11 dagar sedan
💜💛 This is what gives our guys synergy, this is what they live for, performing for their fans (ARMY) all over the world, Wembley’s concert is one of many , this feeds our BTS members, you can feel it even through the filmed performances, waiting for the next encounter 🤗🤩💫💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛
Venera Ogay
Venera Ogay 11 dagar sedan
당신은 모두 좋은 친구입니다! 나는 당신을 존경합니다! 당신에게 좋은 건강과 당신은 항상 정상에 있습니다!
Гульмира М
Гульмира М 11 dagar sedan
Концерт высший,какие световые эффекты💟💟💟💟💯💯💯💯💥💥💥💥💫💫💫💫💥💫💢💫💫💫💫💫💥💥💥💥
bernichi aya
bernichi aya 11 dagar sedan
bts is my live , my heart, my true dream , my everithing
Catherine Mcintosh
Catherine Mcintosh 11 dagar sedan
Wish i was there!💜
Catherine Mcintosh
Catherine Mcintosh 11 dagar sedan
Im in my 50s, but you have no idea how much they meen to me! They cheer you up! No other Group have cheer'ed me up since forever! Im in my 50s! I love them so much! With covid and lockdowns, they have helped me! Im an army and will never meet them because a lot of Army's want to meet them! So im happy just to watch! On you tube! But no what my age is ! Keep loving each other! Life is short! Love you all BTS unconditionally! 💙❤💜🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Chem Guerrero
Chem Guerrero 7 timmar sedan
indeed a total performers.. i love them too.. though its kinda late for me to appreciate them but even in my late 40's i still groove in their dance moves.. love their visuals.. thank you SEmost i got to watch them over and over again keep iy going BTS I am an Army too..lovelots BTS best ever performers on stage.. a true performers...
TIZIANA NOVIELLO 11 dagar sedan
Grazie mille !!¡ Thanks a lot.
권세욱 11 dagar sedan
방탄여러분 멋진 메시지와 퍼포먼스 감사합니다. 당신이 최고입니다.
Supu Tamang
Supu Tamang 11 dagar sedan
Taehyung with endless talent and unique personality 🔥😍❤ boraahae💜
rian galung
rian galung 12 dagar sedan
Rindu rindu konser mereka💜💜
rian galung
rian galung 12 dagar sedan
Rindu rindu konser mereka💜💜
이순형 12 dagar sedan
내삶의이유 BTS!!!!
Patrícia Mikócziová
Patrícia Mikócziová 12 dagar sedan
I need six more eyes so i can see everyone and all of them at the same time 😂😂😂
cherrykavya 13 dagar sedan
Oh my god they perform 2 hours non stop hats off to them
Thị Gấm Nguyễn
Thị Gấm Nguyễn 13 dagar sedan
Giọng ca của Jin nghe da diết làm tôi khóc mỗi khi nghe cảm ơn em với bài hát thật tuyệt vời❤️❤️❤️❤️
Max PW
Max PW 13 dagar sedan
These boys are on 🔥. They are the real deal without a doubt. I understand the reason why they are international SUPERSTARS!
Sharon DeAngelo
Sharon DeAngelo 14 dagar sedan
მია გაბელია
მია გაბელია 15 dagar sedan
its Wembley? or Japan? i dont understand .pls rrply
მია გაბელია
მია გაბელია 15 dagar sedan
Isn't it Japan??
배준수 16 dagar sedan
람스타인이 울고가겠다....니들이 람스타인도 울렸고...나도 울렸다...방시혁 대표 고맙소....세월호 아이들을 기억하고 있더군요...어찌 사랑하지 않을수 있겠소...사람냄새 물씬 풍기는 진짜 자본주의자 방시혁...사랑한다🫂🫂🫂
강영진 16 dagar sedan
얼쑤 좋다~! 지화자 좋다~! 덩기덕 쿵더러러 얼쑤~!
army2134 Forever
army2134 Forever 16 dagar sedan
L B Penney
L B Penney 17 dagar sedan
Love this, this is the best fan video ever. thanks, Lana
Marisol Portillo
Marisol Portillo 17 dagar sedan
K lindura de chicos dos horas sin parar k profesionales dándolo todo por sus fans por sus fieles ARMY merecen mucho respeto porfabor no los defraudan ellos merecen lo mejor ya sufrieron mucho en sus comienzos
오인조 18 dagar sedan
우리나라 아닌거 맞죠??? 헐..
이현석 18 dagar sedan
방탄화이팅요 학교퐁녁싹스리요 이현석생긱 🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🤑🤑🤑🥰🥰😇😇😇😇😇🥰🥰🥰🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌍🌍🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌍🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🎗🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😑😑😑😑
Martha Chamorro Motta
Martha Chamorro Motta 18 dagar sedan
Jin se lució en este recital den wenbley!!!
Ruth Salcedo
Ruth Salcedo 18 dagar sedan
BTS The Best 💕 Amazing performanced All were The Best Perfectly Great!!!!
Angie Procter
Angie Procter 19 dagar sedan
I remember this concert fantastic memories will never forget 💜💜💜💜
Maria Rezende
Maria Rezende 20 dagar sedan
Que show mais lindo👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😍😍
Shivraj Chougule
Shivraj Chougule 20 dagar sedan
I can't imagine but can feel the sound quality of their songs during this concert 😨
Mhalu Banales
Mhalu Banales 21 dag sedan
The are realy admirable you can see they are a good performer ang so kind to their Army ..i'm a senior citizen but i like them how they perform in stage they know how to make their audience enjoy..wishing they humble & kind ...God Bless You All ...BTS
อาคารา เฉิน
อาคารา เฉิน 21 dag sedan
I watched the whole video thank you sweetheart this is a great view 🙌❤️
อาคารา เฉิน
อาคารา เฉิน 21 dag sedan
Wow the truth untold, epiphany, tear and triva love really shooked me the most 🥺✋
Beatrice Koomson
Beatrice Koomson 21 dag sedan
The back up dances are really cool Bts is the best
TheLatifoglu 22 dagar sedan
Thank you for filming the whole concert and sharing it with us. I was very happy watching it and enjoyed it incredibly. Sorry to meet BTS so late, hope to attend the concert one day.
김영완 23 dagar sedan
멀어서 잘 안보이지만 관객들 열기와 호응은 진짜 뜨겁다..
Nessie 1735
Nessie 1735 23 dagar sedan
I hope i get to go to at least one if their concerts in the future and that they still perform for a few years (ik they are getting a bit older and might want to do something else with their life eg marry or not have the energy to perform cos it is very tiring and taxing on their body etc) so i get the chance after covid goes and after their military service. Even if i dont i still love these guys they are so passionate about what they do and literally shine on stage! I wish all of BTS the best!💜
MegaWillio 23 dagar sedan
love them guys
baby Olman
baby Olman 23 dagar sedan
Expensive group to fly around to give concert
charlotte 24 dagar sedan
정말이지 2시간 30분 가량을 쉬지 않고 공연을 한다는 자체만으로도 너무 대단하고. 우리 탄이들 존경스럽네요! 콘서트를 하는 가수들 중 대부분은 무대 전환이나 쉬는 시간을 게스트를 출연시키는 것이 보통이죠. 또 그룹일 경우 개인 무대는 다른 가수의 곡을 노래하거나 댄스 무대로 채우기 마련인데. 방탄은 진정 자신들만의 곡으로 각자의 개인 무대를 또 저렇게 멋지게 만드네요! 저런 가수가 또 얼마나 있을까요? 무대 무대마다 개성 넘치고 라이브 역시 대단합니다! 탄이들! 건강히 오래오래 무대에 있어주길🙏🏻
PadmaRS Lahri
PadmaRS Lahri 24 dagar sedan
our dawn ain't hot
our dawn ain't hot 24 dagar sedan
from thumbnail it looks like some very old legend vid;; happy me living this history lol
Tanchan 24 dagar sedan
Дьявольский дом.
TennilleE82 25 dagar sedan
I wonder how the 7 of them feel knowing they're about to give that many people the best hours they'll ever experience in their whole lives.
Debbie Co
Debbie Co 25 dagar sedan
So pa iyan ha😊
search for truth
search for truth 25 dagar sedan
I treasure all of them. But no solo can beat Jin's Epiphany. 😭. Bye.
Kathy Hussey
Kathy Hussey 26 dagar sedan
I am always hit with such an overwhelming feeling of admiration and feeling proud of Seokjin, every time I hear him sing like think he started without any experience in dancing or singing when BTS members were being picked and signed, with no lessons or professional stuff at all as far as I have heard, and that he persevered no telling how many lessons & practices until he could excellently hit such high notes for extended periods like he does now...well it just makes me want to find his momma and give her the biggest hug ever because I just know she has to have her eyes about to brim over with tears beaming with pride over her son every time he is on stage, on screen, etc. To be as talented as he is now and such a wonderful eldest guy of the group, (the "hyung" to all of the other 6 guys) and to see how he's always looked out for the younger guys as if he was their flesh and blood older brother, from the very beginning, and how he's cared about them all & is such a great example to millions of young men on how to be a nice, fun, good man all around.... she must be so moved every time she sees her Jin get on stage, I know I would be.
Kathy Hussey
Kathy Hussey 26 dagar sedan
I would've paid the ticket price just to see the JHope's "Just Dance" and our JK, Cookie's flying somewhere overhead on that thing in the sky...omg he is an angel in pink..and he "don''t give a uh, he don't give a uh uh" (lol from ON song, Suga's part) about wearing pink like a lot of guys would never wear pink and just look at what they have been missing out on ! Ha ha. It's such a pretty color on dark haired people (guys or women) and I love that he wore it for Euphoria....then dear Lord, here cones Jimin singing that beautiful song part.."just let me love you" now who else could sing that note so perfectly, in the entire world ??
Abida Sultana
Abida Sultana 27 dagar sedan
Aural Ratana
Aural Ratana 28 dagar sedan
Saranghe bts
Lisandra Sanchez
Lisandra Sanchez 29 dagar sedan
Bts I love you all
Lisandra Sanchez
Lisandra Sanchez 29 dagar sedan
Btw I love you all
Fabiobio Cornejo
Fabiobio Cornejo 29 dagar sedan
BTS lo máximo todos cantan muy lindo...tanto como solista y grupal...La Performa de JIMIN se pasó super bien..en demasiado sexy todo el es más lindo.
Jillian Ann Nia
Jillian Ann Nia Månad sedan
Thank you for this 🥺 I 💜 you
gang som
gang som Månad sedan
How on earth did this shit fill wembley?
Dharchika 💜💖
Dharchika 💜💖 20 dagar sedan
@gang som hongkong singer and rapper...
Dharchika 💜💖
Dharchika 💜💖 20 dagar sedan
@gang som why r searching for a transport system here..? Aren’t u supposed to use google,,?
gang som
gang som 20 dagar sedan
@อาคารา เฉิน micheal jacksons wang
อาคารา เฉิน
อาคารา เฉิน 20 dagar sedan
@gang som a what? the only Gentleman ik is jackson wang okay you are more than rude calling bts shit plz
gang som
gang som 20 dagar sedan
@Dharchika 💜💖 i was searching for Bangkok Transport System then found this shit.
E R Månad sedan
Organizing that many dancers must be crazy.
Zonish Bano
Zonish Bano Månad sedan
This concert was amazing! I watched it and I loved it! Kust the fact that it was in the Day 👎
위스키와이키키 Månad sedan
BTS정말 최고. 자랑스럽다💜💜💜💜
이성애 Månad sedan
I miss ARMY more than BTS ....
Krystalz Videos
Krystalz Videos Månad sedan
BTS💜Army😌Forever🌏 Amazing choreography, vocals and stamina🤩😍💜 Extraordinary BTS💜 Hey fellow Armies, I would really appreciate it if y'all could subscribe to my channel and like any videos you find interesting🙏🏽💜
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