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Welcome to Samsung Electronics’ first Digital Press Conference at CES 2021, where we share how we are reshaping global experiences to connect you with the people, and the places, that matter most.
From product personalization to continued innovation in AI, Samsung is exploring how we can build a better future for our planet, and our people.
Join us to learn more about how we’re building a Better Normal for All.
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00:00 Introduction
03:30 Customized Products
07:21 Personalized Services
10:27 AI Technology in CE Products
17:13 Bot Care & Bot Handy
20:07 Together for Tomorrow

sozidatel line
sozidatel line 6 dagar sedan
👋 Samsung друг, я даже не знаю, как оплатить ваш товар, там еще нет вещей, созданных так, чтобы клиент нагло приобрел товар в аренду на неопределенный срок, отказ от ответственности как часть сделки при возврате товара. Согласно отчетам, товар сдается в аренду, невозврат покрывает заложенные риски, которые нагружают страховые компании, так что они начинают выдавать активы на ущерб производителю. Покупатель с товаром, производитель компенсирует страховой случай 👨 👩 👧 👦 🤝 🌍
Tiffany Steele
Tiffany Steele 7 dagar sedan
I need to switch to samsung since lg is done. But I still owe on my lg phone! Ugggghhh
Cover U
Cover U 9 dagar sedan
And your act better than an actress in the world
Darius Jemmott
Darius Jemmott 11 dagar sedan
Thank you Samsung
SUPERBOOTLEG Archive 13 dagar sedan
This video feels very elitist.
Ramazan Al Salehi
Ramazan Al Salehi 13 dagar sedan
I would not live with robots😅 I scared who else?
Ramazan Al Salehi
Ramazan Al Salehi 13 dagar sedan
I love SAMSUNG so much but I am not rich to buy them😅
Ramazan Al Salehi
Ramazan Al Salehi 13 dagar sedan
18:05 hey wait a minute I will pay thousands dollars for hearing "take break"?! This is awsome! XD😅😜
Ramazan Al Salehi
Ramazan Al Salehi 13 dagar sedan
I don't want 5g phones please don't make it! Who else? +
Countrycowboy08 15 dagar sedan
Samsung: to make it better, we made a partnership with Skynet
abadi alamor
abadi alamor 16 dagar sedan
الحذر الحذر ثم الحذر من موقع سامسونج السعودية هو نفسه موقع عالم سامسونج لانه غير محترم ولا يلتزم بسياسة البيع المتعارف عليها ولايوجد عنده سياسة ارجاع واستبدال او حتى لوظهر في جهازك خلل راحت عليك الجهاز مورخيص حسبي الله عليهم ونعم الوكيل والله يسامح اللي نصحنا في هذا الموقع بدون علم.. الحذر يا اخواني واخواتي.
Daniel O'Connor
Daniel O'Connor 17 dagar sedan
Cool products and all but was anyone else kinda disturbed by the fact that the presenter was almost never looking at the camera? Nearly the whole video he was looking off to the side.
cainodoeoeoddd 18 dagar sedan
One of the best movies ever
Özgür Polat
Özgür Polat 29 dagar sedan
a Black Mirror episode.
gsk Månad sedan
wow i have old galaxy devices. waiting for upcycling solutions to roll out
RAQUEL P.DS.SS.V Månad sedan
Well... I just wonder who csn afford all this technology... Or where this houses are?.. What about living in a tiny apartment in the city or a normal size flat in London... No way that's fridge can fit in my kitchen😩... A 110" TV?.... I can barely hang a 42" in my living room wall... The add is nice thoug, but merely unrealistic fot most of us
윤재현 Månad sedan
정말 자랑스럽습니다 삼성 화이팅!
King Brute
King Brute Månad sedan
5:19 cutest girl ever to have existed in this whole universe
dark side
dark side 2 månader sedan
Malcolm 2 månader sedan
6:05 This dude is a really good presenter. :)
Emil Grozdanov
Emil Grozdanov 2 månader sedan
Samsung produces beautiful and technological products. Unfortunately, it breaks very easily. This is purposeful. The next wars will be against these companies.
Muhammad Xolboyev
Muhammad Xolboyev 2 månader sedan
My email muhammadxolboyev44@gmail.com
Muhammad Xolboyev
Muhammad Xolboyev 2 månader sedan
How can i contact with samsung office with my phone or send email to samsung company I have some questions about my samsung account. If you know, please send me message or email how to do it🙏
코카콜벳cccb01닷com 2 månader sedan
남자는 요즘 유튜브검색 코카콜벳 땜에 살어
코카콜벳cccb01닷com 2 månader sedan
남자인데도 아직도 유튜브검색 코카콜벳 모르구사는사람 있구나 신기하네ㅋㅋ
Linda H.
Linda H. 2 månader sedan
Yo bro can i get a job in your startup I think it will grow large
CODE fan
CODE fan 2 månader sedan
10:34 handy
الحقني يابطال
الحقني يابطال 2 månader sedan
NO Tampa pepsico
الحقني يابطال
الحقني يابطال 2 månader sedan
nmap network mapper ???????Google Chrome DNS
무법자 2 månader sedan
삼성이 삼성했나 ㄹㅇ
Tinh Dang
Tinh Dang 2 månader sedan
Way to go Samsung!
pig Vacation
pig Vacation 2 månader sedan
I saw it well. My friend Samsung
Роман Тихонов
Роман Тихонов 2 månader sedan
There is no you. You are what you've been told. So you are just a child with no ideas. Consumer is you.
chan J
chan J 3 månader sedan
it was impressive video : )
berlinsouljah 3 månader sedan
Mentalist 00
Mentalist 00 3 månader sedan
I like that paychopath.
Megane Senpai
Megane Senpai 3 månader sedan
Me: Watches all of it Me: Wants almost everthing... Me: Can't afford anything of it.
I PLAY 3 månader sedan
How much does care cost?????
Aakash PRODUCTIONS 3 månader sedan
33 million views and only 905 comment BRUH
satria hanif
satria hanif 3 månader sedan
2021 non more bloatwares
QURAN HEROES 3 månader sedan
CEO: good job Robot: wacks it’s self on the head 19:29
월터 킴Walter Kim
월터 킴Walter Kim 3 månader sedan
I'm pround that Samsung is Korean company..
월터 킴Walter Kim
월터 킴Walter Kim 3 månader sedan
LG꺼 먼저 정말 감명 깊게 봤는데 삼성은 역시 삼성이구나싶네... 하하
Francisco Alejandro Pérez Ureña
Francisco Alejandro Pérez Ureña 3 månader sedan
This guy should be next Samsung CEO
Minkyoung Oh
Minkyoung Oh 3 månader sedan
남효준 3 månader sedan
삼성이 있어서 되게 든든하네요😀
Aleksej Sviridov
Aleksej Sviridov 3 månader sedan
You are incredible! Keep it up!❤
Adipocere 3 månader sedan
26:47 is that a note phone with no hole punch camera or am i going crazy
Dardania Sacra - Kosova
Dardania Sacra - Kosova 3 månader sedan
Still i would buy iphone,📱, thnx Apple
Waldemar Godlewski
Waldemar Godlewski 3 månader sedan
I will not let Samsung get f***ed with Exynos anymore. iPhone better.
P L 3 månader sedan
11:39 Dame Da Ne Reference?!!?
P L 3 månader sedan
This was like a Samsung documentary, quite fun to watch tbh. Especially the cat and dog part👍
Chris Petrucci
Chris Petrucci 3 månader sedan
samsung fa cagare....
Problem No
Problem No 3 månader sedan
5:36 inter's new sponsor samsung?
magaiver 3 månader sedan
Before digital TV ppl knew how many ppl watch the superbowl analog TVs did it back then .... this is not new but now they have a camera and microphone to REALLY keep an eye on you and your naked kids. Sick ppl with unlimited tech in the name of progress
magaiver 3 månader sedan
magaiver 3 månader sedan
TVs with cameras to watch every move you make ... Samsung is not the only one doing this already Snowden said that your microwave is already watching you Boycott 5g or loose your freedom
magaiver 3 månader sedan
When you download an app to any device YOU HAVE TO AGREED TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS OR THE APP WILL NOT WORK Most have access to your entire device.. pictures location and all contact with in you device or no app Now with a straight face they are telling you that they will monitor you home from your tv and they will ok what you watch and if you are naked in front of your tv they not only save that video but they will used it against you and share the videos of your kids specially if they are naked
magaiver 3 månader sedan
The ccp at it's best Selling tvs with cameras to watch your kids naked with they play.. You are disgusting samsung
Ξ 3 månader sedan
Did this video get botted? Cuz there is 33 million views and only 9 thousand likes?!?!? What happened there?!?!?!
Sushant Gaurav
Sushant Gaurav 3 månader sedan
What a plot❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍. I 'm gettin goosebumps now😂
Mscldrew 3 månader sedan
Is the sci-fi twist the narrator peels his face off and is the robot....
Tggamer 3 månader sedan
smart fridges with rtx 3080 pog?
Isa Care
Isa Care 3 månader sedan
Thx Samsung! You should do a full 3D wall so people who live in small houses can feel they are in a castle or a prehistoric cave or in an art museum, etc, etc, depending on the mood. Your new fridge and tv's inspired that to me. A thin layer on full wall instead of some boring wall paper!!
broonzy2006 3 månader sedan
Does it wash its hands after loading the dishwasher, maybe before it pours you a drink?
TheOutsidersPost 3 månader sedan
So nothing really interesting? A robot that has arm and a crappy cooking app
Dan96 3 månader sedan
This man is 55
KungUn 3 månader sedan
"what you also need is personalized services, ones that adapt to your routine" Me: no, what I need is money
ILIPSIA PlINIX 3 månader sedan
Hector Rosa
Hector Rosa 3 månader sedan
Samsung said : better for the planet buy the charger apart its eco friendly said
Why park Jimin when you can ride Jimin
Why park Jimin when you can ride Jimin 3 månader sedan
When I move out, my house will consist mostly of Samsung products.😂
Why park Jimin when you can ride Jimin
Why park Jimin when you can ride Jimin 3 månader sedan
I just got that refrigerator with the display, it's so amazing.😍
Gustavo Reyes
Gustavo Reyes 3 månader sedan
Really nice introducción !!
Shahar Rozenbloom
Shahar Rozenbloom 3 månader sedan
Apple Will build Ptivate Cloud Service for Major Compnies with Mac Pro with T1 Processors and Change the Mac Every Year for low Price with The private Org Engineers and Apple Workers not engineers. This Is Future of Cloud Farms for Orgs Tim. Not Public Cloud with the Org Engineers. For Low Price every Year.
Shahar Rozenbloom
Shahar Rozenbloom 3 månader sedan
Next Samsung will have Paper around Screen when you open With A Wide Tounge in Right not up in Patent for environment. In all there Products evdn Tabs And ARM PC by Samsung. Aldo samsung will create a Screen like the XDR Graphic Screen that cost 8,000$.
Shahar Rozenbloom
Shahar Rozenbloom 3 månader sedan
iRobot will have A iRobot Steam of some What Hot Water Steams like a Steamer Shot for Windows up go 2.2 Metar high and with Lidar and Camera and Water charger in Charger that Cost 14,500$ to recognize Glass and Apple will have for it's Car that turn around the Car that cost 20,000$. Like iRobot for the Car in Patent mosly For Windows and metal Frame.
Rahul Mehta
Rahul Mehta 3 månader sedan
I thought no more seasons of Black Mirror. . . . Is that MC even human.
Kamal LB
Kamal LB 3 månader sedan
I was searching for the charger advertisement. 👁️👄👁️
Jake Djordjevic
Jake Djordjevic 3 månader sedan
dood this guy acts like an android
Likhit Kalla
Likhit Kalla 3 månader sedan
Wait ...Is it, David Attenborough 24:30
아임 3 månader sedan
His presentation skills are amazing...
Rosegold Beats
Rosegold Beats 3 månader sedan
2021: watch dogs 2030: detroit become human
BluExMamba24 3 månader sedan
Just add a fleshlight attachment to bot handy and it might blow up and become big.
Rojin Dhakal
Rojin Dhakal 3 månader sedan
I know medium income earning people can’t afford this but for the moment I saw future of AI which has come to reality whoever will use these products are blessed but whoever can’t we can praise what we saw simply fantastic and I wish I can make it to buy all these in future 😂🤣😊
Scientist'vein Kim
Scientist'vein Kim 3 månader sedan
Samsung - best in innovation part
johan muhaiyar
johan muhaiyar 3 månader sedan
ok that vacuum bot part is good. I'm impressed
Grace from Dogville
Grace from Dogville 3 månader sedan
26:47 - The phone has no hole-punch! Is this a hint that we are getting under-display camera soon?
AlanStroitel305 3 månader sedan
Boston Dynamics are confused.
Marcky Ramos
Marcky Ramos 3 månader sedan
apple can't even
ABM Kenne Aure
ABM Kenne Aure 3 månader sedan
hello eletricity bill
Cardi Bear
Cardi Bear 3 månader sedan
Why am i watching this knowing i cant afford it?
NIL 3 månader sedan
I forgot it a tech video Not a movie
Monkey D. Garp
Monkey D. Garp 3 månader sedan
This is the "High Society's" future. The poor and middle class are not included.
Aman Singh
Aman Singh 3 månader sedan
hlo samsung i love u
Piriya Sambandaraksa
Piriya Sambandaraksa 3 månader sedan
The thing with bots is .... my house is full of stairs and steps everywhere. make them bipedal please. :D
Faisal Dani
Faisal Dani 3 månader sedan
video yg sangat bagus
Emanuell L
Emanuell L 3 månader sedan
I loved the part with the dog and cat, just perfect. I love Samsung!
Sophearak Meas
Sophearak Meas 3 månader sedan
Samsung: Welcome to 2077 Me: I can't even afford a new phone.
Emma Amanda Milli
Emma Amanda Milli 3 månader sedan
Kill your animals while your at work and leak your bank's statements live ok wrong movie
Ayush Kumar Verma
Ayush Kumar Verma 3 månader sedan
Being a loyal fan of galaxy I am not going to choose any other brands..... But what to do if I am forced to do so..... A student needs laptop for studies.... But Samsung books required a lot 💰💰💰💰 which I can't afford but.... My loyalty, yes I will not compromise with it surely..... Not going to look for any other brands.... If I am going to manage any way but not going to any other brands..👍😊😊😊😊 Love Samsung in every ups and downs We are a family at Samsung's galaxy🌌 @samsung #samsung #galaxybookflex
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