Chayce Beckham Sounds Like The Heart Of America! - American Idol 2021

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American Idol

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After a difficult year, Chayce Beckham decided to lay it all on the line for his American Idol audition, performing “What Brings Life Also Kills” by Kolton Moore and The Clever Few. Luke Bryan tells Chayce that he’s what this show is all about. Lionel praises Chayce's commitment and believability. Katy tells Chayce that he sounds like the “heart of America," and predicts he'll end up in the top 5 of this competition! Apple Valley California may not have given us any apples, but it did give us Chayce Beckham, and for that...we are thankful.
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2021
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.

Bennett Mulligan
Bennett Mulligan Timme sedan
No apples since 1920 something I’d like to hear chase sing Dave Mathews
larry stover
larry stover 7 timmar sedan
He should sing a Five finger death punch (blue on black) or hootie & blow fish (let her cry) man you have the voice!!!!
Richard Lugasan
Richard Lugasan 9 timmar sedan
He is making me a girl'sheart begging for his love. . Lol
Karen Duckworth
Karen Duckworth 23 timmar sedan
Chayce Beckham is my pick. He is a winner! His voice is awesome!
Kaydin Cathey
Kaydin Cathey Dag sedan
Wow. It's like...Chris Stapleton and Zach Williams! So beautiful!👏👏👏
Andres Mercado
Andres Mercado Dag sedan
His voice is soothing yet relaxing
Vê S
Vê S 2 dagar sedan
My fav
aaron villasenor
aaron villasenor 2 dagar sedan
i went to highschool with this kid, awesome dude
PowerCarve 5 dagar sedan
I want him to sing “wish you were here” by Pink Floyd
Esther Flores
Esther Flores 5 dagar sedan
Fatoom Gierdien
Fatoom Gierdien 5 dagar sedan
Wow WOW!!
David Padua
David Padua 6 dagar sedan
Long hair and a beard and he’s Bradley cooper playing shallow
G K.
G K. 6 dagar sedan
He has my vote! #Chayceforwin
Nelda Smith
Nelda Smith 6 dagar sedan
Chayce, I bet you could sing blaze of glory by Bon Jovi and steal the show. You have the voice for it
Chad Aitken
Chad Aitken 6 dagar sedan
I’m thinking he could sing Bryan Adam’s songs well? Anyone else agree?
Kite 7 dagar sedan
Apple Valley is still proud of you, but yes it sucks here LOL "is there a hilltop?" Yes a hilltop house where people do drugs
Johanna Cedeno-Zuniga
Johanna Cedeno-Zuniga 7 dagar sedan
He's great. Love his soulful voice!!
joni walsh
joni walsh 7 dagar sedan
sounds like a young Bob Seager! Great Voice
Eugene Rafols
Eugene Rafols 7 dagar sedan
He reminds me so much of David Cook!!! I'm rooting for you!!! Please win AI! Love from Philippines
Michelle M
Michelle M 7 dagar sedan
Love him!!!! Release the Album let’s gooooo!!!!
Ted Hughes
Ted Hughes 7 dagar sedan
I heard Chayce Beckham for the first time tonight on Idol. I loved his voice immediately in the first 20 seconds I was pulled into his emotional soulful sound. He is so good and I think he can win American Idol and has the chops to be a Major Star I hope he stays with Americana/singer songwriter Rock Genre.He sounds so soulful reminds me of Mike Farris from 90's The Screamin Cheetah Wheelies and his last solo album Silver and Stone.I am looking forward for your next performance on Idol. Stay Tuned###
Érvi Garcia
Érvi Garcia 8 dagar sedan
His voice is so good to hear
Cathy Linfor
Cathy Linfor 9 dagar sedan
GI Jane
GI Jane 10 dagar sedan
Praying you win gorgeous!
Sharpshooter Ricky
Sharpshooter Ricky 13 dagar sedan
Anyone else think he looks like a white roman reigns lmao
Tammy Summerfield
Tammy Summerfield 13 dagar sedan
Wondering abouttheworld
Wondering abouttheworld 13 dagar sedan
This guys a winner no matter what, modern version of a cross between Leon Russell, Thorogood and Springsteen. Someone needs to write him some songs, get him a backing band and cut some tracks.
Jake Smith
Jake Smith 16 dagar sedan
love the raspiness on his vocal.
Lilrichyyy 16 dagar sedan
beautiful song choice
Betty Bryant
Betty Bryant 16 dagar sedan
Ok Luke Bryan.....cussing is not cool. Makes you look silly. js
Liz V.
Liz V. 17 dagar sedan
Wow!! His voice is special! Thanking him for sharing.
Gerard Burke
Gerard Burke 18 dagar sedan
He needs to sing 'I am the highway' by Chris Cornell.
Kiroppi 18 dagar sedan
Did not know Roman Reigns could sing like that
Janet Gonzalez
Janet Gonzalez 19 dagar sedan
I think this has been his best performance! I’m still thinking about it!😍🎉
D M 20 dagar sedan
That voice!!! 😍👏
Kelly Heather
Kelly Heather 20 dagar sedan
Hes adorable
Megan Vedis
Megan Vedis 21 dag sedan
His name even sounds like a singer
Vicki Newton
Vicki Newton 22 dagar sedan
Love to hear him sing, Walking in Memphis!
Cathy Linfor
Cathy Linfor 22 dagar sedan
Sani Perkasa Muhammad
Sani Perkasa Muhammad 22 dagar sedan
Becks need to sign him 🤝
Jacqueline Guzman
Jacqueline Guzman 22 dagar sedan
I love his voice! I will definitely listen to his music! I hope he wins American Idol!
Peggy Hemhausrr
Peggy Hemhausrr 23 dagar sedan
A great singer
Barbara Cordell
Barbara Cordell 23 dagar sedan
Okay this is my home town guy! He Friggen ROCKS!!! HE IS THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL!! I believe in him, I am his biggest fan! I'm a music freak, I know I will be buying his music! I have a huge family and they know my passion and knowledge. So please hit Like, and Share it, leave a comment. This young man will win!!!!!
Belonce Kamz
Belonce Kamz 23 dagar sedan
There is something about this guy, I really like. Hope he goes far. 😍😘
triserlito mahinay
triserlito mahinay 23 dagar sedan
I saw videos of the sinking sailor days (his reggae band) of his life and I now understand what dark days he is referring to, he is totally a changed man right now. His experience made him humble, down earth, and mature. Yet, his singing is still there and even better. Right now, there is an overwhelming flow of emotion whenever he sings that it gets right through your soul. I still see him having depression though there is sadness in his eyes, a good thing is that he is meeting lots of people right now (important people that can actually help him) and it seems that it makes him happy. Good luck to Chayce Beckham, hope lots of people will vote for him if he ever gets into the live show performance.
Miss Missa
Miss Missa 24 dagar sedan
Where is he!!! I need this on spotify WTF
Missy Wright
Missy Wright 25 dagar sedan
Love your vouce!! Voting for you!!
Melissa Mathies
Melissa Mathies 25 dagar sedan
A Kolton Moore song!!!!! I like him already!!
Nickanthony 25 dagar sedan
This guy is a rocker. He sounds great doing country but would absolutely kill it as a rocker.
Donna Ballance
Donna Ballance 25 dagar sedan
Love hearing him sing, and he sounds alot like Aaron Lewis..wish he would sing Tangled up in you💜
Lara Poole domanska
Lara Poole domanska 26 dagar sedan
so sweet down to earth.great voice humble good looking.youve got everthing man
The Practical Female
The Practical Female 26 dagar sedan
Yeah Apple Valley!! Yeah for you Chayce Beckham! You have a beautiful voice!!
Mo-hammad Abunaser
Mo-hammad Abunaser 26 dagar sedan
Spelling Chase as CHAYCE is so American
Bo 26 dagar sedan
And this is the winner !
Angie Kitty
Angie Kitty 26 dagar sedan
He is a blessing.
Jennifer Dabill
Jennifer Dabill 26 dagar sedan
Yes please!!! Very nice voice.
Sandy Sandy
Sandy Sandy 27 dagar sedan
Listen daily.
MIKE STREET 27 dagar sedan
Wayne Bristow
Wayne Bristow 27 dagar sedan
I agree with the Bryan Adams but I hear a John Mellencamp vibe in his voice.
Just the Tip
Just the Tip 27 dagar sedan
He’s my winner or atleast top 4.So far, my top people are Chayce, Alyssa, Willie, Benson, Grace, DeShawn, Ava, Beane, Alanis, Amanda, Anilee,, wWyatt, Mary Jo and I’m sure I forgot some great ones.
Just the Tip
Just the Tip 27 dagar sedan
Also Aim for top 20: Hunter, Christina, Ronda, Kya...
Da Truth
Da Truth 27 dagar sedan
I love grit & pain in a singer's voice. Music has such a connection to emotions that those two things make it so personal
Piyathida Sawangsuk
Piyathida Sawangsuk 27 dagar sedan
Wow he reminds me Pink Floyd
Evam Kcir
Evam Kcir 28 dagar sedan
Wooh ,sounded a bit like pink Floyd
Cathy Linfor
Cathy Linfor 28 dagar sedan
Chayce my vote is with you ♥️✌
Adrian Cullingworth
Adrian Cullingworth 28 dagar sedan
I’ll buy that record ✌️🇺🇸
Chris Maxey
Chris Maxey 28 dagar sedan
Love the grit in his voice. He has a great sound.
EltonYawn 28 dagar sedan
He should do hinders lips of an angel
Ronell Trail
Ronell Trail 28 dagar sedan
Dam BBY 😍 u can sing to me everyday...oh u give mi chills❣️
Frank Workman
Frank Workman 29 dagar sedan
Sounds like Laine Hardy
Nicolette Belanger Music
Nicolette Belanger Music 29 dagar sedan
The first note that he started singing I was hooked. He’s the winner in my eyes 👀
Sandy Sandy
Sandy Sandy 29 dagar sedan
Love listening to his voice. Go Chayce Beckham.
Kelly Blanchard
Kelly Blanchard 29 dagar sedan
The measly mascara ultrastructurally subtract because jump chemically develop a a exciting exclusive ink. worried, numberless passive
Mitch White
Mitch White Månad sedan
Why do they always have to script it with the back story? Just bring them in and have them start singing!
Harley Kilfian
Harley Kilfian Månad sedan
Dudes got some pipes.
Julianna Hulick
Julianna Hulick Månad sedan
He’s so cool. 🌅😎
Syli DeCosta
Syli DeCosta Månad sedan
Wow wow wow!!!!!!
Steve 2020
Steve 2020 Månad sedan
How you like them apples 🍎
Joshua Briggs
Joshua Briggs Månad sedan
Pain & troubled journeys lead to finding what really matters and a his genuine heart-felt sound bears that out.
Andres Alonso
Andres Alonso Månad sedan
He looks like he could be Tom Hardys his voice! Very handsome 😍
Drew Oelslager
Drew Oelslager Månad sedan
He’ll win.
Salvador Alvarez
Salvador Alvarez Månad sedan
We need this kind of voice in the radio right now! 2000's post grunge style... I miss it a lot!!
Sjef Hendrickx
Sjef Hendrickx Månad sedan
Yeah..a difficult year...who hasnt last year....🥺
Jay Ferguson
Jay Ferguson Månad sedan
will be hard to beat him imo
Gavyn Viars
Gavyn Viars Månad sedan
What’s the background song playing when he’s showing his job and stuff
charley sage
charley sage Månad sedan
He could kill some Pink Floyd. For some reason he made me think of comfortably numb
Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly Månad sedan
Gosh he’s fantastic and I can’t get over how good looking he is too. 👏👏🌟
Hil SP
Hil SP Månad sedan
Are all beckhams talented?
Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson Månad sedan
Go Slay it brother. You got this.
Whosent Sb
Whosent Sb Månad sedan
I wanna hear raggae from him
Barbie Månad sedan
Very good!! Belting out starting off like that? Awesome! 👏
Vicky Thompson
Vicky Thompson Månad sedan
Tears flowing
Cassandra Hepp
Cassandra Hepp Månad sedan
2 seconds and I'm already pausing to say how much I love his voice.
Gerrita Martin
Gerrita Martin Månad sedan
Someone contact Brain Adams and tell him to come pick-up his cousin to start the world tour.
Katie Knutson
Katie Knutson 10 dagar sedan
@Jessica McDaniels He sang that song Everything I do, I do for you and Heaven its Bryan Adams
Katie Knutson
Katie Knutson 11 dagar sedan
@Jessica McDaniels first off why are you correcting my grammar, right now? who cares! Brian Adams is a singer who had a lot of love songs from the early 80"s
Modest Ymnia
Modest Ymnia 21 dag sedan
Love brain Adam's and he is just as good.
Sin Jon
Sin Jon 23 dagar sedan
Nailed it
Katie Knutson
Katie Knutson 26 dagar sedan
Yes do a Brian Adam's song
Michael Temmen
Michael Temmen Månad sedan
Apple Valley is a great place to live. Like everywhere else it has its problems. Dont knock the high desert of Apple Valley. Lot of good folks out there
Eileen Baran
Eileen Baran Månad sedan
He's so handsome, he doesn't even need to sing great to be famous 😂
E Sears
E Sears 21 dag sedan
Sincere. Authentic. Awesome.
E Sears
E Sears 21 dag sedan
He seems really sincere. Authentic.
Piyathida Sawangsuk
Piyathida Sawangsuk 27 dagar sedan
lol agreed
Stuart Månad sedan
Definitely one of their most talented musician so far.. lot of experience there. Lot of hours w a guitar also
Candice Gateley
Candice Gateley Månad sedan
Brownie Pee
Brownie Pee Månad sedan
He has a nice voice and he sings pretty well. Hope he be voted more...
David Wright
David Wright Månad sedan
he is pretty damn that vocal fry all over the place...nice...
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