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Tory Bruno is a Rocket Scientist's Rocket Scientist. He's the real deal. A guy that knows what he's talking about on multiple levels.
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Smarter Every Day 2
Smarter Every Day 2 År sedan
Thanks for checking out the second channel! I would be stoked if you subscribed while you're here. Tory Bruno is a gentleman and a scholar. Checkout the main channel rocket factory tour here:
Vann Holland III
Vann Holland III 3 månader sedan
What camera setup do you use? The mics, etc.. Thanks! Love your channel!
tellsitasitis 4 månader sedan
I subscribed, just curious to why a second channel and not just post on the first?
Drew Santistevan
Drew Santistevan 9 månader sedan
You should rename this channel to “smarter every night” it would be a good complement to “smarter every day”
Kalpesh Wani
Kalpesh Wani 11 månader sedan
1 more question... So many rockets, spaceships, satellites ; what after mission completion ....metal debris clashes- collection any organization onto it?
B R 11 månader sedan
Destin, really cool video. Have you considered doing a video on Ion propulsion technology?
CerebralAilment 5 timmar sedan
What a great guy - You can tell his personality and knowledge has helped propel him into the position of CEO. Guy reminds me of your favorite high school science teacher.
Eric W
Eric W Dag sedan
I guess trump was right again.
Johnny Longfeather
Johnny Longfeather Dag sedan
“Amazing” 47 times
theater of souls
theater of souls 2 dagar sedan
russian tech...
61spindrift 2 dagar sedan
Just wanted to comment on what Tory Bruno said, WOW! He is indeed "The Space Cowboy"!
CardinalKaos 4 dagar sedan
I dunno how i missed this entire series lol
Travis 4 dagar sedan
I'm glad to hear we're not buyin engines from Russia anymore
Cannot Say
Cannot Say 5 dagar sedan
so he ordered his engines from Amazon...hmmmm
Filip Kramaric
Filip Kramaric 5 dagar sedan
I don't like thinking about everything as "possible conflict domain" but yeah reality..
Ian Schroth
Ian Schroth 7 dagar sedan
Mr. Bruno seems like a heck of a man to spend some time talking to. Excellent videos with him Dustin.
Ping Pong
Ping Pong 7 dagar sedan
I would have loved to hear Tony's thoughts on StarShip - that is the biggest game changer in town...
ConfrontationalApistevist 7 dagar sedan
@Ping Pong A conspiracy nut of course, I think your idol is overrated and therefore must be a shill.
Ping Pong
Ping Pong 7 dagar sedan
@ConfrontationalApistevist That doesn't make sense - spacex are delivering real world results which we can all see and judge for yourself. I assume you work for Bezos or Branson?
ConfrontationalApistevist 7 dagar sedan
Yeah, it really isn't. Elon and his companies are 99% optics. While SpaceX is a functional business the level of innovation it's credited with if fraudulent.
Carrie Morley
Carrie Morley 8 dagar sedan
I didn’t even know that I didn’t even know that I love this man!
Kayla Hathorn
Kayla Hathorn 8 dagar sedan
The intelligent pajama traditionally milk because lunge generically detect following a elastic trapezoid. spurious, windy closet
Jon In America
Jon In America 8 dagar sedan
What I heard was: “government money is too good to bother with dish network”
Eric Velasquez
Eric Velasquez 9 dagar sedan
Well with Biden letting China eating our lunch and Dem congress undoing Trump space's polices America is in serious trouble.
Brent Johnson
Brent Johnson 11 dagar sedan
Came here after watching the factory tour. Love his knowledge and humble approach. He enjoys when you are asking relevant questions and seems to be excited when you have learned something. Thanks for bringing us along.
john reid
john reid 12 dagar sedan
Another great video. Both of you guys are brilliant. Tory Bruno is a super cool guy!
Mal te
Mal te 12 dagar sedan
The last bit sounded a little bit like "We're planning on building the Death Star"^^ Cool dude nonetheless
Hossein 12 dagar sedan
Your unlimited passion is just lovely, Destin!
Jim Hoelscher
Jim Hoelscher 14 dagar sedan
Another awesome interview ... Tory is a fascinating guy but you also asked him some great probing questions all the while keeping it professional and interesting. Cheers Destin
Serhii Topor
Serhii Topor 14 dagar sedan
Intresting how americans talking about partnership and diplomacy, business with russians, collaborative work on space frontiers, when Russia in same time is pushing that money in Defence(Offence) Industry, providing crazy propaganda with RT and hate speeches against americans, ironicaly calling them "partners" in quotes, "pindosy"(bad word), eternal enemy that sponsoring color, democratic "revolutions" in russian(soviet) former colonies like Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia etc in order to damage Russia (cause this countries should be owned, annexed by Russia, how they believe). They do everything possible and impossible to destabilize Western democracy, supporting conspiracy theories, producing troll fabrics and fake influencers like fake "Tennessee GOP" in Twitter or "South United" - account based geographically in Moscow. With such a partners you even do not need enemies) In general, this is a very Christian approach, you are very kind even to your detriment
Michael Wood
Michael Wood 15 dagar sedan
Interesting tour! Everything is huge in that place.
SaultheKing 16 dagar sedan
Dear Us-citizens can´t you make wonderful people like him president? You would help the rest of us. thanks and cheers!
Kaushal Sehrawat
Kaushal Sehrawat 17 dagar sedan
Almost all comments 11 months old. Tory is really a genius.
TheMightyQuinn 18 dagar sedan
TIL there's more competition in the rocketry industry than in the semiconductor industry
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 19 dagar sedan
The cyber domain is controlled by the space domain. Cyber Warfare is Space Warfare.
Kyle Kane
Kyle Kane 20 dagar sedan
Torys a crafty feck...
Beyin Kırıcı
Beyin Kırıcı 21 dag sedan
Don't make space a place for war.
Jacques Wright
Jacques Wright 24 dagar sedan
Love how a rocket factory has casually parked tricycles in the middle of the factory 24 dagar sedan
Ya smart buy there rocket upgrade it your own and compete with them ... Fight smarter not harder
Shamane 25 dagar sedan
basically what hes saying is we gonna be seeing some big laser wars going off in space pretty soon here. buckle up. might wanna get water food and a safe place to hold out
Frédérick Pétrin
Frédérick Pétrin 26 dagar sedan
commercial customer like... internet GEOSTATIONARY internet provider??? really ??? It's no longer 2006 Tony....
Frédérick Pétrin
Frédérick Pétrin 26 dagar sedan
we are gonna be wasting many engine, so that they can incrementa 10% on scaling... we see how it s working out for artemis rs25, 4x100m$+ per expendable for a engine that was costing 3x50M$ per space shuttle and was reusable... Governement gravy train...
Mr. Pete Channel needs 900 subbies!
Mr. Pete Channel needs 900 subbies! 29 dagar sedan
Long live Old Space!
Jim Taylor
Jim Taylor Månad sedan
I watched channel one then came here imediately and am subscribed to both. I have three degrees and spent over 50 years in aerospace manufacturing but always learn something from your videos. I had one question while watching the milling operation on channel one. From my own machining experience I know that those pockets cannot (usualy) be finished in one cut. On smaller pieces each would be roughed out to even out the stress warpage throughout the part. Then in a second or maybe third pass through the part, each pocket would be machined to finish dimentions. Did you notice that or did Tory mention it?
Jim Taylor
Jim Taylor Månad sedan
Super Interesting, really nice, open and interesting guy. Loved it !
econojon Månad sedan
ULA's business philosophy: bribe Congress and squeeze our government's money for every dime they can.
eheyanka77 Månad sedan
He must have known Alabama would get space force HQ. Or was prob campaigning for the Alabama HQ at least and it worked out...Huntsville Alabama right down the road from his production facility. It all makes sense.
Paul Young
Paul Young Månad sedan
I thought the interview with Tory Bruno on the "other" channel was great, this was even better!!
MSS432 Månad sedan
At 13:30 . so pretty much we’re setting up the celestial infrastructure.... so we could use the future transportation of similar to tiktack and make space bases... so we could park them outside the globe 🌎
Alex Finn
Alex Finn Månad sedan
Great video. Really nice job! Why is there "2" channels? Thanks.
tim hem
tim hem Månad sedan
this was really interesting, but please explain something. How is it that ULA have this complicated machined structures, but Elon Musk is making rockets from welded stainless steel sheets. Not being a troll, i really dont get it
Christopher Bloom
Christopher Bloom Månad sedan
Will vulcan be able to recover its engines on the first flight?
K McG Månad sedan
Freaking awesome videos, dude!
Krystian Månad sedan
This is one of the most important videos in the topic on your channel. It tells us not only how but answers first and foremost important question - why and what for. Thanks for this additional video Destin. It makes things much easier to comprehend.
Rays shine
Rays shine Månad sedan
Can anybody give me info where I can get a detailed report of the space industry market . I have interest to do business in this sector . I want it highly detailed .
cosmin Månad sedan
ULA lives in the past, SpaceX in the future, simple as that.
Mary Lagua
Mary Lagua Månad sedan
Very good interview with the CEO.
annando Månad sedan
I really would had liked to know what Tory Bruno is thinking about reusability. Currently they are in a niche market where cost maybe isn't that much of an issue. But at some point it will, I guess. I'm no naive SpaceX fanboy, but seeing that - for example - the last CRS mission had been done with a booster that flew 3 times before - and the next crew mission will use a used booster as well. So I think that slowly the trust in using used parts is increasing. So one can assume that at some time ULA will get into problems, especially when Blue Origin will have their big rocket operational as well.
Jan Hilt
Jan Hilt Månad sedan
Wow, awesome $^#!*& Destin. 👍 Keep em coming.
Fredrik Jagenheim
Fredrik Jagenheim Månad sedan
This was super interesting. Thank you for making this! And thanks to everyone involved to make this video happen!
julio120 Månad sedan
skywatcher Santos Dumont
skywatcher Santos Dumont Månad sedan
Thank you for the precious informations. We built rockets without governamental helps. Politicians in Brasil are corrupts, science haters and dirt worms. In the Future, we ( human race) need an other home... far, far away of this solar sistem... good luke for all Rocket Societys.
Oi Meu Chapa
Oi Meu Chapa Månad sedan
at least the VLM will launch in 2021 or 2022
mjpietro 2 månader sedan
Hence President Trump's Space Force. Tory Bruno is the Trump of the space game.
Darrin Gatewood
Darrin Gatewood 2 månader sedan
That guy is awesome. I'm sure he enjoyed talking to you because you're a peer. Unlike me, who is essentially a handy chimp in comparison.
Ploxee 2 månader sedan
He knows something classefided he not wanna share about spaceforce xD
eheyanka77 Månad sedan
Yea it was just announced the Space Force HQ is right down across the river from his factory 😎
K-9,TheCat 2 månader sedan
@SmarterEveryDay2 I worked as a sub-contracted employee for Boeing TotalAccess for 8 years... I helped Boeing/ULA Shuttle employees transition out... Boeing has it's own 24hr Fire Dept. & Police Security with a massive K9 inspection force specifically trained to detect chemicals used in bombs... Their materials and co-opted incoming parts receiving warehouse was set off away from the assembly line to make sure nothing got added to the shipment in transit... I bet ULA has the same security... Boeing also has lots of active military... Back in the day, they had a section called "Phantom Works"... Soo 007.... LOL!!!
Dale 2 månader sedan
this video puts light on why we shouldn't patronize a single rocket company, but to appreciate all of their work.
Michael Chan
Michael Chan 2 månader sedan
He looks a lot like Scott Manley, huh.
Mk. Col.
Mk. Col. 2 månader sedan
So on one hand he says Space is somewhere we still cooperate, then it’s about gearing up for Space force! Bit sad really.
den dije
den dije 2 månader sedan
Wow that says a lot doesn’t it !! (@13:08) they are literally preparing for war in space! ... Did anything change since we crawled out of our caves?!
kspacex 2 månader sedan
Well, spacex is now more capable and less expensive than ula and so on... And as soon as there is the starship, ula will have no chance with vulcan. And blue origin is only suborbital...
Changying Wen
Changying Wen 2 månader sedan
Why did you make a second channel? why dont you dont make a second channel why not you just use one channel?
riDDimann 2 månader sedan
11:10 that's a weird shape for an Atlas booster
Neil Malloy
Neil Malloy 2 månader sedan
I love how he dances around the fact that ULA just grabs other companies technology to avoid costs, yet gets billions of dollars in launch contracts from the government. Not creative enough to develop technology, well connected enough to get massive governmental funding. If your company can't compete in the commercial market, should you really be getting secret government funding? The idea that ULA delivers products that are not available from the commercial market is absurd. More over, the idea that people that don't like this video, must not like science is so self discrediting it's hard to believe a rational person would even say such a thing.
Alien Encore
Alien Encore 2 månader sedan
Basically what he's saying is that ULA is going to focus on government contracts because he knows he can overcharge the government and still continue to under-delivery on innovation. If you're client is currently paying for old, dumb and expensive, then ULA doesn't want to be bothered with having to innovate anything. That's why they partnered with Blue Origin, so they can continue to stay away from innovation and just keep robbing the tax payers blind. Companies like this shouldn't exist at all, and in the future they won't. People are tired of big expensive government contracts that are over budget and always late.
shooter7a 2 månader sedan
So...the Russians designed better engines, but we can make them better.
Mary Lagua
Mary Lagua 2 månader sedan
Science can teach all things for us.
Leigh Chamberlain
Leigh Chamberlain 2 månader sedan
Maaaaate, I watched (and really enjoyed) your video that lead me here. So it seems it was just an hour long lead up to the REAL vid!!!! Absolutely stoked to find your channel that cuts to the chase.
capcen 2 månader sedan
Go do a tour with spacex and elon
EthanTheEx 2 månader sedan
After NROL-108, ULA will need those "space wars" to continue getting government contracts.
Ronnie Baker
Ronnie Baker 2 månader sedan
Tory Bruno is my new hero!!!
AAF 2 månader sedan
Tory is slightly smart...It's kinda like he's a rocket scientist...Gained a lot of respect for ULA with these vids
BlackCell22 2 månader sedan
Great video. Love Tory, but the SpaceX full flow stage combustion engine is far superior to every other rocket engine.
Krishna Ghatol
Krishna Ghatol 2 månader sedan
You see the overhead lights reflect off of Tory's head
Kamal Ahmed
Kamal Ahmed 2 månader sedan
I would have offered you a job by how much you knew if I was Tory
N P 2 månader sedan
I think I like this guy more than Elon Musk. However, I do appreciate Elon musk for really pushing for reusability, something that was not mentioned unfortunately. This could easily have been another 1 hour video, and I would have watched it!
Latch Baldeo
Latch Baldeo 2 månader sedan
Tory Bruno is the dude
J Shepard
J Shepard 2 månader sedan
11:06 Then there is a national security space market, where the government is footing the bill and Space Force doesn't care what it costs...
Forest 2 månader sedan
I wish I had a mentor like Mr Bruno. I am very thankful he is using his mind for good.
Chuck Bradford
Chuck Bradford 2 månader sedan
Good job dude, ty.
Leo George
Leo George 2 månader sedan
This channel should be called "Smarter Every Other Day"
alex hebert
alex hebert 3 månader sedan
So, Destin, any plans to go tour other companies' factories and explore the differences in the manufacturing process?
Ewalt Bouwer
Ewalt Bouwer 3 månader sedan
im a south african and wondered where Elon fits in thanks now i know competterer
Zedex 12
Zedex 12 3 månader sedan
Land, Air, Sea, Space, Cyber. Everyone forgets about the IT crowd until their nuke refinery self destructs...
Zedex 12
Zedex 12 3 månader sedan
In the 70's when data leaked out from behind the iron curtain about those engines it was run past NASA and declared to be counter intel. Literally unbelievably high performance for the era.
Steve Karigo
Steve Karigo 3 månader sedan
Tory: “The brains are attached to the upper stage” ULA: “Yes” Me: Deng it 🤦‍♂️, I have to start all over again. My customers will have to wait for 7 more years
Serai Resana
Serai Resana 3 månader sedan
Tory's competence is off-the-scale - what an impressive mind, and - judging from the way he shows up in these videos - what a powerful and inspirational leader he must be as well, at the same time as coming across as a gentle and humble man - chapeau!
Barry Macockiner
Barry Macockiner 3 månader sedan
Tory is smart enough to understand rockets, and human enough to make it so someone like me can follow along. I like him.
Ernest Gago
Ernest Gago 3 månader sedan
I see what he did there. Staying in the National Security market makes more strategic sense & also guarantees for a fat recurring government contract when Space Force goes up and running full throttle.
dks13827 3 månader sedan
Tory is good.
FaZe_cHiP 3 månader sedan
I like how they eat gold fish in space but then their so Cybernectit and don't eat some fancy food.
Leonardo Saenzpardo
Leonardo Saenzpardo 3 månader sedan
One of the reasons why we like spaceX so much is that it is working towards a market that makes our lives easier for the people, and so much more commercial and sustainable, meanwhile these people are thinking about "space force" and WAR power, with a little bit of exploration
Whiteblade 3 månader sedan
I LOVE THE TECH-side of it! and makeing it understandable to the mainman in the street was epic!!!! =)
Too Cold
Too Cold 3 månader sedan
Such a nice guy . Wish they had as much knowability as much as space X
John McMillan
John McMillan 3 månader sedan
ULA is very fortunate to have Tory running the show. Thanks for the insight into his domain.
Mike Holman
Mike Holman 3 månader sedan
I came by this by accident, and found myself riveted. Brilliant Thankyou.
AllThisStuff 3 månader sedan
Man, I don't want to get political, but I am a mechanical engineering college student who doesn't know too much about the market, so it is interesting to watch videos like this and learn new things (like that companies such as ALE are building for a space force). I also think it's funny how when Trump came out talking about how he was creating a Space Force, all the news media and late night tv hosts made fun of him....but it seems like he was very intelligent for making one and that it is very important he did so.
Tim Bank
Tim Bank 3 månader sedan
Wow, both videos were fantastic keep up the great content.
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