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The Sony a1 is a technical marvel. But how good is it? In our Sony a1 review, we review things like autofocus, flash sync with electronic shutter, lossless compressed raw, video performance and more.
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Nick Volkers Photography
Nick Volkers Photography 9 dagar sedan
Chipmunk? Thats a squirrel sir haha
T is for Timur
T is for Timur 14 dagar sedan
Has Sony added lossless raw compression yet? sRaw, mRaw?
Michael1984 22 dagar sedan
Why was Chris in this video? Offered nothing.
basspig 28 dagar sedan
No DCI 4K recording is a deal breaker for me.
Rod Inatie
Rod Inatie 29 dagar sedan
Can you go into s35 mode in 4k120??? I use it all the time on my a7iii, and need it to work the same way in the A1 in any 4k mode, especially 4k120
Jack Tunnicliffe
Jack Tunnicliffe Månad sedan
Thanks for the review. Lots of good points. One item I would love to see covered and strangely no bloggers have, that I’m aware of, is the pattern noise and resulting moire issues with these cameras. I own both the A7S3 and A1 and they both have this problem. I’ve been bit on two commercial shoots, pattern noise on an actors shirt and yesterday mesh metal doors in a server room where the moire was son strong on the A1 the footage was unusable and we had to remove all the doors, which seems dumb. Should have run and got my Red or GH5. I know neither of these would have had a problem.
Todd Patterson
Todd Patterson Månad sedan
Quick, Thank you for all that you do! I have been following DP Review and then your separate SEmost channel for many years! A quick no technical question. @ just about the 11:18 time frame, there is A Building behind the car that's reads SERVICE. I think I have been in that area near Toronto (although I think you hail from the opposite cost). I was in middle of either opening or closing a TESLA Dealer Ship. Any chance that where you where? Keep doing what you do so well, Thanks Again, ToddBuff
DM DM Månad sedan
At a $6400 price tag Sony can keep this overpriced toy. I’ll just keep using my A7RIII. Nothing but greed.
siom4l Månad sedan
You look cool with the drums 😉
Kim Honkaniemi
Kim Honkaniemi Månad sedan
lol i thought that was a vidoe but it was the burst :D
Stephen Green
Stephen Green Månad sedan
Does anyone know if this has automatic focus bracketing? It should do at this price. If it's already in the video can you tell me at what point please. I haven't seen the whole thing.
DON LAI Månad sedan
Damnnn.... When Jordan sits near the drum kit, the drum kit looks way cooler...
AntonisK Månad sedan
any reason for no panasonic s5 review YET?
Stacky18 Månad sedan
This dude never blinks.....
Daniel Drejer
Daniel Drejer Månad sedan
Can it shoot stills while recording video? If so, any limitations in size?
dsa Månad sedan
Jordan is AWESOME!! LOL
Blas Payri
Blas Payri Månad sedan
8:44 the wall is in focus, not the face
GOLDEN MAGIC Металлопоиск
GOLDEN MAGIC Металлопоиск Månad sedan
Дорогая камера ..пол ляма ...
For the experience and better knowledge of the Stock market exchange, I'm glad I meet *Metro__kelvinfx* on Instagram he alone was able to satisfy my curiosity in the game. Thanks to him I'm earning massively though he's trading platform
Benjamin Smail
Benjamin Smail Månad sedan
I saw a video about S cinetone glitch when rendering the reds. Looks like you may have had it here also.
Christopher Fascenelli
Christopher Fascenelli Månad sedan
Jordan the cool drum guy!
KEEP IT ALPINE Månad sedan
Did you notice any video limitations with SD vs CFExpress? How much video recording space is on the cards you were using? Just curious which media I will need and what size/how many I will need. Won’t really ever be using burst.
TheJadedFilmMaker Månad sedan
lol the a9 is AWESOME for videos. I have some on my channel to back it up. just because other profiles aren't on there doesn't mean it's bad for video
TheJadedFilmMaker Månad sedan
hidden comment ?? 😲😲
Ada Ma
Ada Ma Månad sedan
Every camera does look smaller in Jordan's hands LOL
Ken Wiberg
Ken Wiberg 2 månader sedan
MegaBits vs MegaBytes ......... :-)
Robert Maoga
Robert Maoga 2 månader sedan
Good Job Jordan
C.G.C 2 månader sedan
He's freezing sitting out there wearing a shitty leather jacket hihihihi
Robert Saca
Robert Saca 2 månader sedan
I couldn't listen to more than 2 minutes because of that noisy audio. A more appropriate scene to capture the video, some noise reduction in post, something, anything.
Hikingsteven 2 månader sedan
man I love you guys so funny
Rod Rocketon
Rod Rocketon 2 månader sedan
When were you in Stillwater?
Voices of Music
Voices of Music 2 månader sedan
Smart shoppers would really like to see a ZCam F8 comparison. tx
Paul Barbera
Paul Barbera 2 månader sedan
How snappy does it feel, like a canon 1DxII or III
Darrin Yo-mama Kimble
Darrin Yo-mama Kimble 2 månader sedan
You look cool from your drum kit, now let’s see if you look cool on your throne! I guarantee you haven’t filmed from that room.
davidhunternyc 2 månader sedan
Hey guys, question for you: Why do you think that Sony is dragging its feet on the A7lV? All of these other cameras are being manufactured before the A7lV though they were announced well after the A7lV? Thanks.
Łukasz Zieliński
Łukasz Zieliński 2 månader sedan
Chris, off topic: what ear plugs are you using?
Whatever Keeps You Calm
Whatever Keeps You Calm 2 månader sedan
Best 8k, best 4k, best photography camera of any mirrorless or DSLR on the market. Not even a close second.
Drknsss 2 månader sedan
Didn't your mother tell you that you'll get piles sitting on cold rocks like that????????
David Love
David Love 2 månader sedan
So basically NOT the perfect camera youtube influencers are blabbing about. Thanks. Video color looks great if you like pink eye shadow. You spent more time making excuses for it or stating the downside to most features and still said it was pretty much the perfect camera. Huh?
Grant McWilliams
Grant McWilliams 2 månader sedan
3:33 Megabytes! Those are 8 times larger than megabits. :-)
Aiglos 2 månader sedan
That thumbnail makes that camera look so fuckin' stupid tiny. It looks like it's the size of a credit card. The $6500 camera not much bigger than a Canonet QL19 from the 60's. Feels about the same in the hands. Should be bigger and have a built in battery grip. Nothing but a PS5 that takes pictures. 5 gens and they still can't design a camera body that looks and feels like a real Pro body. Sad.
Skux 2 månader sedan
All those pixels just so people can watch videos in 480p on their phones.
Le Japon autrement
Le Japon autrement 2 månader sedan
Jordan eyes are so beautiful 🤩 can we get an Instagram with Jordan close portrait only ? Loved this episode !
KillingTheMost 2 månader sedan
David 2 månader sedan
Re: Purple Eyes... it's like some of you have never had to work the day after staying up all night with a newborn ;)
Juan Zamora
Juan Zamora 2 månader sedan
Come on people, we need to help our favorite Canadians. 2 days left for 300k subscribers.
BarTech TV
BarTech TV 2 månader sedan
12:50 some really horrible banding in the background there, where the light falls off towards the edge of the frame. I wonder if it's SEmost compression causing this or whether it's present in the original file. 200Mbps seems awfully low for 8K.
Fernando Gandara
Fernando Gandara 2 månader sedan
Love the blue eyes behind the drum kit.
TwistedGlasses 2 månader sedan
I want to see more shots behind that drum kit!
PYIPF 2 månader sedan
Next time is Christ turn to do BOTH photo and video review on another new camera...haha...
Thomas Santoso Westberg
Thomas Santoso Westberg 2 månader sedan
Jordan is a lot more likable in the solo format videos than the ones with Chris. Strange huh?
Joe Susco
Joe Susco 2 månader sedan
Super cool 😎
traximus08 2 månader sedan
Is it possible to use the ethernet jack and stream video over it using NDI or something similar or is that jack just for tethered photography?
Nathan Snelgrove
Nathan Snelgrove 2 månader sedan
The skin tones look a little off... Hard to say if it's just a byproduct of Jordan being in front of the camera instead of behind it, or if it's an S-Cinetone issue. The cameras they bookend the review with during their Zoom calls look much, much nicer.
Jens 2 månader sedan
Man, this thing looks almost noise free! Hoping that that capability will find its way into the A7R V!
Rene K
Rene K 2 månader sedan
Such a great Camera. Would love to have this. But its so overkill xD. Even more then my A7RIV. Would be so great to have the buffer and the cards on the RIV
Kasper Vang Hansen
Kasper Vang Hansen 2 månader sedan
Would be nice to see some tests of the new lossless compressed RAW. In my opinion something Sony has been missing for years, especially considering the mpix count of the A7RIV.
Isaiah Furrow
Isaiah Furrow 2 månader sedan
Not sure why I even watched this video.... I'm not at all considering rhis camera. But, I still enjoyed the video, the banter, and ...well... EVERYONE looks cool behind a drum set...even an electronic one...
beaubolieu 2 månader sedan
Squirrel! Or do they really call them chipmunks in Canada?
James Hoiby
James Hoiby 2 månader sedan
I love you two guys and I'll watch anything you do! (Except maybe lingerie modeling. Yeah, definitely not that.)
mehdi zoghi
mehdi zoghi 2 månader sedan
You are made for this
Circuits and Cigars
Circuits and Cigars 2 månader sedan
The comments here are nowhere as snobby as the ones at the DPReview website. It's like a less bitter version
A. I.
A. I. 2 månader sedan
My a7iii looks old now. 😔
Lekker Prûven
Lekker Prûven 2 månader sedan
How do you record 8k for 1 hour? Does that fit on the small Sony cards?
Peter B.
Peter B. 2 månader sedan
The greatest camera but it doesn’t have silent electronic shutter? How
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 2 månader sedan
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likhoded 2 månader sedan
2:40 just look at your knees. What is that? blinking effect on a jeens. Should I buy this camera for Video?)
Dustin Abbott
Dustin Abbott 2 månader sedan
Thanks for the review, guys. I can empathize with Jordan trying to film and put on a brave face in extreme cold :)
VidThreeNorth 2 månader sedan
Chris: Some people seem to have long term effects. I think I've heard about concentration, co-ordination and drowsiness. That sounds like driving related stuff. Extra coffee might help. I don't know. I'm just guessing. . . .
Rambalac 2 månader sedan
Wait. 4K 60p is not full sensor readout? But in some specs it says no binning in normal 4K. So, is it worse in 4K than A7S3?
Reshade Gaming
Reshade Gaming 3 dagar sedan
@cogmission It's pretty trivial to transcode though, and then your good with any input codec.
cogmission 20 dagar sedan
Wrong: Sony's "binning" algorithm was thoroughly tested by Gerald Undone, and if you look at the results you'll see there really isn't any difference between the A7siii and the A1 in terms of quality of the final output. It's not "down sampling", but Sony's "binning" algorithm is exceptional. @John Bunani In 8K, the R5 uses an awful codec which takes a serious toll on your editing machine, so it is technically better (higher bit rate and chroma subsampling) but what good is that if you can't edit it? So 8k on the R5 really isn't even worth mentioning.
John Bunani
John Bunani 2 månader sedan
Yes it’s a “full sensor readout” as in full width, but with binning. It doesn’t have the 8k>4k downsample with no binning like the R5. It’s only non-binning 4k mode is when you’re shooting Super 35 which gets you a 6k>4k downsample but obviously with a 1.5x crop. You’re better off with the a7s3 for video unless you want 8k, but even then, you’re getting a super compressed low bitrate 8k unlike the All-I or RAW 8k you’re getting out of the R5, which require cfexpress type b cards for that kind of high datarate. This is more of a stills camera and not a video centric camera. People need to read into the details before assuming it’s better than the a7s3
Alex Armitage
Alex Armitage 2 månader sedan
Hey you guys in Canada do know that you can do a review inside right? You don't HAVE to be out in the cold to make the video.
Elliot אור אליוט
Elliot אור אליוט 2 månader sedan
Skin tones on some shots were hilariously pink, first shots were not in focus. get an iMac Jordan so you can see what you're editing ;)
Dan Sherman
Dan Sherman 2 månader sedan
Get better Chris!
Dan Sherman
Dan Sherman 2 månader sedan
Look freaking froze Jordan.
Dan Sherman
Dan Sherman 2 månader sedan
Squirrel, not chipmunk
Yucannt Hahvitt
Yucannt Hahvitt 2 månader sedan
What is with that face in the thumbnail, creepy
BoleslawDeathinition 2 månader sedan
Great clip! But don't record anymore with this camera please, colours and tones are of, sometimes it looks ridiculous.
korbeano67 2 månader sedan
Reppin that Oklahoma shirt!
lisabethshaw 2 månader sedan
I think that was a squirrel not a chipmunk? The drum set made you look very cool. Thanks for the review!
Felipe Baez
Felipe Baez 2 månader sedan
Quick question, the aliasing on the jeans at 03:02, is it in the original video or just on the youtube export/encode?
Paul Scott
Paul Scott 2 månader sedan
Sony > always trying to be all things to all people . technocracy gone mad. I bet it's heavy and cumbersome. And of course I bet you can't hide the junk in the menus you don't need.
Earth Level
Earth Level 2 månader sedan
why is sony so scared of green??
Jure Tomassini
Jure Tomassini 2 månader sedan
I am waiting for sony A1 R mk4 😉
Sofronio 2 månader sedan
that was huge work for one man. Really really good job!
Tom Altman
Tom Altman 2 månader sedan
Does HSS work with electronic shutter beyond 1/200?
robert 2 månader sedan
Jordan rocks, thx for the review!
monstercameron 2 månader sedan
lol I still remember the dating video a few years ago...
Has Akay
Has Akay 2 månader sedan
Good thing you realized you confused Bits and Bytes ....
Matt PointZero
Matt PointZero 2 månader sedan
Did anyone else see teribble colours and bright purple all over Jordan's face on the drumkit - what was that about?
Tomás Santos
Tomás Santos 2 månader sedan
I use a d70 and :o
jenesuispasbavard 2 månader sedan
Jordan is the coolest.
Paul Foster
Paul Foster 2 månader sedan
That's nice! Thanks for detail information
Batman's Wholesale Acrylic Paints
Batman's Wholesale Acrylic Paints 2 månader sedan
I love Jordan
stureah 2 månader sedan
What's up with the purple eyes and chin when you sit by the drumkit? makeup or camera/lighting issues?
MondoTV 2 månader sedan
10:27 I thought Jordan was overexposed, but apparently he’s just a bright white colour.
M Thomas
M Thomas 2 månader sedan
I applaude Jordan for the effort, and this wife is right. But, why rush this "review" which is only a preview, not even RAW support is out. Why didn't you guys just wait for chis to come back. I expect a proper reshoot, the camera certainly earned it. Also, you are Sony fanboys according to site comments, don't forget 😜
TheReiskaC 2 månader sedan
You're wife is cool - give her credit ;-)
chrisw443 2 månader sedan
Electric drums? Not cool. lol jk. Sorry chris got sick, glad he is okay!
AhmadIzHere 2 månader sedan
Always fun to watch you both
kenfile22 2 månader sedan
What was the AMPIA award for ?
kenfile22 2 månader sedan
@DPReview TV Nice.
DPReview TV
DPReview TV 2 månader sedan
Best Short Film Cinematography. For Levi Holwell’s film ‘Metanoia’.
Jon Burrows
Jon Burrows 2 månader sedan
The greatest trick the chipmunk ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.
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