LOKI: Trapped in a Tragic Loop | MARVEL Character BREAKDOWN

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Loki is one of the most complex, layered characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Going back to his origins in Norse mythology, the God of Mischief is ever an agent of CHANGE. In this character breakdown, we examine his role in the MCU, as the brother of Thor, and his own path as a tragic hero. he's the MCU's catalyst of change, but he's trapped in his own, tragic cycle of defeat.

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Written and Edited by Pavel Terehovsky ( pavel8866.wixsite.com/pavelt ) ( semost.info/http/F2W.html... )

Hosted by Ryan Arey ( ryanarey )

Кейт Арчер
Кейт Арчер 3 dagar sedan
I think this needs a part 2 desperately now
20 jatin kumar koma
20 jatin kumar koma 3 dagar sedan
I litterely just cried
Jessica Gonzalescr4
Jessica Gonzalescr4 4 dagar sedan
The fuzzy passive extraorally happen because stream natively listen including a blushing forehead. amazing, tacky distributor
Ren Zone
Ren Zone 10 dagar sedan
Honestly Loki is my second favorite MCU character besides pre endgame Hulk
Jane Chiu
Jane Chiu 11 dagar sedan
Love your video on Loki!!!
Justin Ebanks
Justin Ebanks 12 dagar sedan
Brilliant insight
Kaeyra Velez
Kaeyra Velez 13 dagar sedan
But..IS he human though 🤔
Michael Baker
Michael Baker 13 dagar sedan
In LOKI 2 I hope they actually make it about the original Loki. LOKI 1 was about everything but the original LOKI. He merely wandered around like a love sick puppy and he let the female Loki, Sylvie, run his life.
𝐆𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐧 𝐌𝐜𝐏𝐚𝐝𝐥𝐚 𝐓𝐕
𝐆𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐧 𝐌𝐜𝐏𝐚𝐝𝐥𝐚 𝐓𝐕 13 dagar sedan
I just wanna cry ... :'(
Chijaruable 14 dagar sedan
Looking back at this video after the finale gives me a better perspective on why some choices were made in the show that at first seemed not in line with his character, but now make sense. Amazing deep dive 🙌🏼 thank you 👏🏼
AussieSlashFan 14 dagar sedan
"YOUR SAVOUR IS HERE!" is my fave Loki quote
Fiona Lovecraft
Fiona Lovecraft 14 dagar sedan
If Loki has the sword Kid loki gave him, he'd have killed Thanos. Dagger was just a bit too short.
TAKEDA 14 dagar sedan
I said it and I'll say it again , if it weren't for the biggest Loki fan , Tom Hiddleston himself , playing this actor with that much devotion and knowledge about the character, we would never have had such a deep and arguably the best character in the MCU . Thank you Tom
Heather Hanes
Heather Hanes 14 dagar sedan
I always enjoy breakdowns of Loki but I never find anyone addressing his initial, profound, traumatic loss. An infant's identity is found in their mother, and to have been removed from her would create a schism. It would be a large part of the reason he struggles with his identity. I am regularly disappointed in Loki's arcs that the "happy ending" is always about him fully accepting only his adopted heritage, only his Asgardian identity. Like another lie.
amelia delgado
amelia delgado 15 dagar sedan
I swear if this wasn't what Tom Hiddleston talked about in the infamous Loki lecture I'd be very disappointed ifykyk
Roswaal Lexus Mathers
Roswaal Lexus Mathers 15 dagar sedan
The moment he broke through the cycle, he was sent back again
berriegyu 15 dagar sedan
no but the way tom also delivers his lines ,, like you can feel loki through his words
Picrust yum yum Ethan
Picrust yum yum Ethan 15 dagar sedan
This is a theory confirmed because the show is over now and Sylie even mentions the exact words, is a loki a loki because they are born to lose/never win
Marion Baggins
Marion Baggins 16 dagar sedan
*Starts tearing up...* Who cut up the Onions while I was watching...
Ray Morgan
Ray Morgan 16 dagar sedan
good video
Noom 17 dagar sedan
Loki really does bring change, Loki changed the entire MCU at the end of EP 6..... Just let that sink in for a minuet.
Adam G
Adam G 18 dagar sedan
Even crazier that Loki is seen as never being as good as Thor, being adopted and his flaws keep him from being King. And maybe a bit crazier when you realize Tom Hiddleson auditioned for Thor and never got it! Crazy !! 😅
W J 19 dagar sedan
Except...he's not a hero....that's why he must lose. LoL The culture is really going too far with this protagonist villain stuff. Loki is narcissistic and homicidal, remember? I'm pretty sure he wanted to enslave all of humanity or something. Those aren't winning traits. If he's predestined to seek that out then that is tragic but...there is no heroism in it. Everything that comes out of him is personal weakness or misdirective pretense.
Carmen Choi
Carmen Choi 21 dag sedan
This video was made before the Loki series was released! By now (ep 5) this theme of Loki breaking out of his loop and seeking an identity has become evident. You got it so right!
Nicholas Reynolds
Nicholas Reynolds 22 dagar sedan
My theory is it is the same Loki.
GodOfThunder 26 dagar sedan
Fun theory :- (Spoilers For Loki series) The Loki in the Loki Series (2012 version) saw the whole thing that were "supposed to" happened to him , like him being the reason of his mother's death, his father accepting and loving him and his brother equally before dying, him sacrificing himself for Thor and promising him "the sun wil shine on us again, brother" maybe made him realise that he doesn't always need to be the bad guy (also mobius said something like that to him) so maybe after loki series ends, he finds a way to go back in place of the loki that died in infinity war, and maybe continue as if he didn't actually die
Anushka Ahuja
Anushka Ahuja Månad sedan
Marvel saw this and made Loki ep 1 . These were the exact scenes in ep 1
LaurenTheorist Månad sedan
So much of what was said in this video was reflected in the first episode! I love it. 💗
Liberty&Unity Månad sedan
*Just off of title, isn't it like Ragnorok , losing over and over is all about perspective. It was thanks to a Loki that Asgard(the people) survived...I guess he does care😏
Broken Pictures
Broken Pictures Månad sedan
Once again, amazing content 💚
Amber MG
Amber MG Månad sedan
DarkHydriegon Månad sedan
are you sure she grew up in the TVA, because in the episode it shows that she tried to use her powers and failed like she didnt know she couldn't use her powers.
Daniel B
Daniel B Månad sedan
Loki was dope before the Comics. The original warcraft player created custom game mod. The one that was before League of Legends. His playstyle was the same as Nightcrawler from the playstation game. As a Chicano I have always felt like Loki.
Jeremy D
Jeremy D Månad sedan
Great video!
GreyFox23 Månad sedan
Well, the 2012 Loki is at a crossroads when you look at it. Like you pointed out his two big pushes towards his ambituses goals of rule both fell through. The Loki that is stuck in cell in Thor 2 and the Loki now running around in time are at the same point of self reflection. One Loki is left to wallow and ponder his self existence while the other has to literally fight and find himself again while trying to prove his self worth to people who rather just erase him from existence. It'll be really interesting in the Loki series if there will be more parallels like this. In some ways it already has. Both Lokis change and move forward after learning about their mother's death. Reflecting on their actions and looking beyond their ambitions and what they want, and see the world for what it is and what's going on. Both Lokis fight for a greater purpose and while accomplishing some goals, end up losing out in the end. Movie Loki "dies" and TV Loki fails to stop whatever plan Female Loki has planned. Movie Loki escapes his situation by faking his death while TV Loki escapes by following Female Loki. Already so many parallels but with drastically different tones while still fundamentally resulting in the same thing. If that is to be the case then, like the movies, while Loki is reveling in this time as Odin, TV might enjoy his new found freedom. All before being drawn back into the bigger scheme of things. Pursuing small indulgences or purposes before seeing the bigger picture again. Giving up his more selfish desires for more selfless ones.
Rhonda Miller
Rhonda Miller Månad sedan
This is the best piece on Loki that I have ever seen!
Gabriela Sanz
Gabriela Sanz Månad sedan
Can someone please remind me which movie is where Loki’s with the helmet am the vote Loki button and says “what did you expect?” Pleaseeee
Eddie Torres
Eddie Torres Månad sedan
Anyone know the song being used in the middle of the video? I know I've heard plenty of times on other YT videos and would like to know the artist that wrote it. Please and thank you.
bebe yoda team
bebe yoda team Månad sedan
i think this loky will revevie the loki we now and love
James Burkeen
James Burkeen Månad sedan
Me: Why does he keep calling her Randy? (After 2nd viewing): Ohhhhh
captainjacobi Månad sedan
Y’all just crushing it with the backstory, proving that the solid understanding of what makes their characters tick is what makes the writing of the MCU so fulfillingly rich!
Rafael Rivera
Rafael Rivera Månad sedan
I'm liking screen crush more and more. Most of the breakdowns on yt rn feel dated after every new episode but Ryan has me rewatching his videos and the episodes many times over. Keep up the good work guys!
GPJ Månad sedan
another great video Ryan
Grant B.
Grant B. Månad sedan
The line he gave Thanos right before he got his neck snapped hit hard to. “You will never be a god” Definitely a testament to shedding his former self.
Derrick Harper
Derrick Harper Månad sedan
👏🏾 this was such a great vid.
Jacob Antwine
Jacob Antwine Månad sedan
Yo ur voice sounds so nice when u were breaking down Norse mythology I could listen to you lecture me about this for like an hour bro
David M. Cabal Inés
David M. Cabal Inés Månad sedan
Probably Loki is elder but Frank Castle was the first antihero to have his own series.
dan schriver
dan schriver Månad sedan
Steve Rogers and Loki have by far the best character arcs in all of the MCU
Gabby Parr
Gabby Parr Månad sedan
This is one of your best videos I’ve seen. Great work, Ryan. Thank you for this breakdown!
NeverTooBossy Månad sedan
This is absurd. How could you possibly have produced a video this insightful and though provoking before episode one premiered?! I’m impressed. Verily.
mynameisdrpat Månad sedan
no matter how hard you try, you are destined to be a loser. oh sounds like real life
AretnaP 3
AretnaP 3 Månad sedan
54 Idiots...So Far.
Imrose Nayem
Imrose Nayem Månad sedan
Carda Oakler
Carda Oakler Månad sedan
I'm not crying... YOU'RE crying!
kasi raju nallaparaju
kasi raju nallaparaju Månad sedan
What if Loki's death was actually real but the Loki from the present series takes the place of odin and returning the stone at Asgard to correct the timeline. Since he knew he was dying, he built statues of himself so people could remember him.
Kim Heng
Kim Heng Månad sedan
"It was a cruel and elaborate trick conjured by the weak....to inspire fear."
Victoria McCauley
Victoria McCauley Månad sedan
"No, your Honor! The Mind Stone made me do it!" Nat: "YOu kILLed EiGHty-eIghT PeOPle."
Steve Ness
Steve Ness Månad sedan
This is probably my favorite "break down" video to date including other YT channels. Absolutely love the story telling and character study. Just excellent. Thank you.
Rob McLauchlan
Rob McLauchlan Månad sedan
New (old 2012) Loki had the benefit of seeing how his life would play out. He saw that he would be able to reconnect with Thor (The scene from Ragnarok) and how he would have redeemed himself and be accepted. Thats all he ever wanted. He saw that he sacrificed himself to save his brother. I think he will turn out different than the Loki we have known, but close to it. I think just him knowing that he can be accepted like that will push him to strive to be that guy. Loki is a character who can't see the good in himself unless it's shoved in his own face.
Dustin McDowell
Dustin McDowell Månad sedan
“Here I am once again” 🎶
Gmotion EDC
Gmotion EDC Månad sedan
Please don’t turn him into a good guy. How lazy!!! And boring !!!!!
C VW Månad sedan
One of the dopest videos so far
Rick Woodward
Rick Woodward Månad sedan
Loki's the one character that's changed the most but everyone keeps saying, "Nah, he didn't." Meanwhile, they're the ones that's stayed the same. From what I can tell most of the Avengers were selfish at one point and were stubborn enough to cost the potential collapse of the original timeline. Loki's primal in that he's helping the Avengers complete their task in restoring it in by always changing, to make the Avengers stay the same. In a sense, Loki's his own worst enemy.
John McMurray
John McMurray Månad sedan
Awesome video. Tom Hiddleston's Loki is easily one of the best parts of the MCU.
Angel Negron Velazquez
Angel Negron Velazquez Månad sedan
Well, this aged finely!
Jonathan LaRiviere
Jonathan LaRiviere Månad sedan
Dang, episode 1 confirmed that you are EXACTLY right, and he’s just there to create positive change in everyone around him. Now it’s HIS turn.
Jonoab69 Månad sedan
Not sure if anyone has seen Loki episode 1 by now but it seems that they are trying to skip all the time it took for loki's character development and make him similar to how he was later in the movies in just 1 episode, not sure how i feel about that.
J.A. C
J.A. C Månad sedan
how is loki a hero? an anti-hero maybe.
Jeremy White
Jeremy White Månad sedan
This makes me want to go watch all the movies with Loki in them.
Sean Welch
Sean Welch Månad sedan
Pavel and Ryan are crushing it. It's like you can see inside my hobby muscles.
leslievelvy Månad sedan
This video make me cryyy 😭😭
Dolores Medina
Dolores Medina Månad sedan
Loved this. I always loved loki but this made me realize why. ♥️
Adnan Månad sedan
this hit me like a bag of bricks mannn....who's cutting onions in here!😭😭😭
Red Panda
Red Panda Månad sedan
Snuck in that lil Mobius cameo there towards the end, I see you in there!
David Abernathy
David Abernathy Månad sedan
What if as a thank you the TVA allow variant Loki to live out his days in the mcu timeline.
Jubernack Månad sedan
Nope! Loki will always be a mischief. That's why we love him.
matthewJ142 Månad sedan
What doesn't make sense is he should have just ruled Yotunheim...
matthewJ142 Månad sedan
No. Loki is important because he sets things in motion. If they wanted to be cruel they would have let Odin ignore the baby and just have him die there.
matthewJ142 Månad sedan
They did his backstory so well.
Its boyaknow
Its boyaknow Månad sedan
Red Skull was actually the first step to the Infinity Saga.
bradpara Månad sedan
Read an article that called him the Daffy Duck 🦆 of the MCU
I Love Loki♡
I Love Loki♡ Månad sedan
I have always said that Loki wasn't a villain. But there were still these stupid people who wanted to believe otherwise. Its so good to see that I was right all the time lol.
Building on a Budget Models
Building on a Budget Models Månad sedan
This is what happens when your writers plan really well - consistent characters with engaging arcs. Star Wars could learn something from this - what studio owns those films again? 🤔
rahmat 88
rahmat 88 Månad sedan
Booorn too lose!! Living to wiiinn!!
nairagar Månad sedan
yoooooo I just watched Loki and I'm like this video literally called the first episode lol
Kuro myou
Kuro myou Månad sedan
14:56 No! Ok, maybe a little.
Kuro myou
Kuro myou Månad sedan
So Loki is on a loop. But then he gets asked if he is a robot...*Westworld reference???*
Al R
Al R Månad sedan
You know, Thanos is kind of born to lose in the books too. He can only ever go so far before he sabotages himself.
RiskyWorks Music
RiskyWorks Music Månad sedan
Thanos literally got arrested by the local police in a comic… Yeah, they did him justice in the movies
folvenson Månad sedan
I predict he will break his own loop as well as the time loop of the timeline.
S. V
S. V Månad sedan
yoo this is one of your best videos!! was a amazing watch loved it!
Greg Dorsainville
Greg Dorsainville Månad sedan
Dude screen crush essays are at the top of their game.
Greg Dorsainville
Greg Dorsainville Månad sedan
Oh I see what you did there, Scarlett witch is definitely a villain.
Trans Normal Life
Trans Normal Life Månad sedan
oh no.. im a reincarnation.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that explains everything.. lol
Cyberjack Παλ
Cyberjack Παλ Månad sedan
Am I the only one who nearly cried??
Mook Manatwisanwong
Mook Manatwisanwong Månad sedan
Loki should also change by the end of this series. Actually, just in the first episode we can see that Loki in the beginning of the episode isn't the same as Loki in the end of the episode in terms of mentality. Just like Wanda in WandaVision who has come to cope with Vision's death and accepting her new identity as Scarlet Witch and Falcon in tFnWS who has accepted the shield and the legacy of Captain America, Loki will have found the finalization of self-acceptance and change too.
Charles Bourgoigne
Charles Bourgoigne Månad sedan
Your essays are so good. This not only explains marvel; when you understand what it means, you see stories/ literature/ mythology etc in another way. Never thought there was so much wisdom in them.
Ryan Gillego
Ryan Gillego Månad sedan
Amazing essay on Loki! ❤👏👏👏
Yvonne Roberts New Creation Jewlery Designs
Yvonne Roberts New Creation Jewlery Designs Månad sedan
Alright so..let me get this correct: so after all this are you saying Loki can never change that he will forever be a God of Mischief? That he will never achieve change in his life? And #2 What is his fate if he can never go back to his original timeline?
Joseph Kalaivanar
Joseph Kalaivanar Månad sedan
Masterful video and analysis. Nailed it from start to finish!
TheRealVivia Månad sedan
Dope analysis Ryan 👌🏽
chilllzone Månad sedan
I love this video, Loki is the best character in the MCU
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