Ferrari 512BBi First Wash in 12 years. Only 6420 Miles - AMMO NYC

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My Abandoned Ferrari 512BBi gets it's first wash in over 12 years and the transformation is incredible with AMMO NYC

My thanks to Larry AMMO NYC -
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Ratarossa 4 månader sedan
Thanks so much everyone for watching, hope you enjoyed the cleanup transformation. Please Subscribe to follow the rest of this amazing Ferrari build
Ratarossa 2 dagar sedan
@Dylan A £80000
Dylan A
Dylan A 2 dagar sedan
Do you mind saying how much you paid for it?
Shivam Singhal
Shivam Singhal 10 dagar sedan
How much costing has come to clean it?
John Smith
John Smith Månad sedan
Your music blows.
Hammaad Shah
Hammaad Shah 2 månader sedan
@Callum Stanbridge q g
Obama Gaming
Obama Gaming Dag sedan
6"420" Miles haha!
mini big digger
mini big digger 9 dagar sedan
This channel must be for dummies he is showing you how to use a hoover I've seen it all now
Cole Zunker
Cole Zunker 11 dagar sedan
I wanna see him detail an older jdm car
Chris Lunn, Digity
Chris Lunn, Digity 11 dagar sedan
Wow Rata, what a transformation! Incredible.
João Capucho
João Capucho 15 dagar sedan
You sir are doing a favor to the world, restauring this beauty! Well done, and nice to have Larry! 👏👏👏
Ten 16 dagar sedan
Hi Ratarossa, I would like to report the facebook Page That's terrible & violates your copyright. The Page administrator always copy other people's video clips with high views from SEmost to re-edited then re-post again.
YSOB 18 dagar sedan
try to remove rust from the aluminium with aluminium foil! you wil be surprised
Syafrola Al'aziiz
Syafrola Al'aziiz 19 dagar sedan
you forget the sticker 😂
Jason Turner
Jason Turner 19 dagar sedan
DATSON 1934 DATSON 21 dag sedan
never sell that car it is a masterpiece 😍
Miguel Lantes
Miguel Lantes 24 dagar sedan
When you use your Ferrari like work table
aydeeT 25 dagar sedan
dude you accidently foamed all the neighbourhood. lol jk. I dunno which one is greater. the video or the car:)
Parker Essential
Parker Essential 25 dagar sedan
The truthful trousers focally inject because form osmotically retire within a nervous idea. thundering, domineering libra
luigieme 27 dagar sedan
28 minutes of video and 15 pubblicitary interruptions... F@@k SEmost
jibmoney 27 dagar sedan
This video rocks!!!!!!!!
Red Canvas LTD
Red Canvas LTD 27 dagar sedan
Sorry if I missed it but what was this car purchased for? Amazing find btw and amazing video, having watched the pervious one I had to watch this to scratch the itch.
K C Månad sedan
Just being neglected for so long should dent its resale value out of principle.
Elbert Vermaak
Elbert Vermaak Månad sedan
Well done! I’m curious about the restoration of the engine! 👍👍👍
adrianreyno1 Månad sedan
The 512 looks like new, amazing work. You are so lucky to find that 512, that is one of my most favorite Ferrari. One Italian called it, "IL Monstro."
basilleonardo Månad sedan
Nice to see someone with a more realistically modest garage! Larry's is so huge and perfectly clean and lit you could perform surgery there (and he does!).
Fabiano Rodrigues
Fabiano Rodrigues Månad sedan
congratulations, friend.
Ed Carlos X
Ed Carlos X Månad sedan
6:22 How many hairs inside the car. Was the owner a werewolf?
hellyeaOU812 Månad sedan
I have no idea why anyone would allow a "rare" car to get into such a state.
cihan aydın
cihan aydın Månad sedan
good job bro
AlexRDH Månad sedan
Unskippable ads now? Gah damn.
R Fabio Moreira
R Fabio Moreira Månad sedan
Karen Murray
Karen Murray Månad sedan
wow !!!! that looks amazing i am staggered how mutch garbage was on the car's paint the result is day and night . it's starting to look like a loved car again . keep up the great work
Anderson Reis
Anderson Reis Månad sedan
Muito linda essa Ferrari, parabéns pelo trabalho feito 👏👏👏👏👏
ララクリット Månad sedan
いやいやw エンジン内部も掃除しなさいな
Misdirection Grenade
Misdirection Grenade Månad sedan
Seriously who leaves that car sitting there rotting. All you had to do was buy a car cover. Absolute grub.
Lance Jones
Lance Jones Månad sedan
Please don't change the color leave it white
Timmy !
Timmy ! Månad sedan
I wanna see Larry detail a warbird! Awesome to see this. Now I must do my motor!
Andy Shaw
Andy Shaw Månad sedan
Wowww what a revamp absoloutly beautifull job 💯👊🏼
Joe Schindler
Joe Schindler Månad sedan
I need one of those washers for my car.
9ice one i love it
Douglas Green
Douglas Green Månad sedan
Great job, the Ammo products did a fantastic job..
Anthony De La Rosa
Anthony De La Rosa Månad sedan
the owner could've really done more to take care of this beautiful car! if you don't have a garage you could still cover the car to protect it from the rain, sun, dust, wind etc... I can only imagine how MUCH MORE he could've got for that Ferrari if he had actually taken care of it!
speedbuggy16v Månad sedan
incredible work, doesn't even look like the same car.
speedbuggy16v Månad sedan
What kind of monster leaves that outside for 12 years?
Jim Cannataro
Jim Cannataro Månad sedan
How in God's name do you dislike this video??????
S “GeronimoX” G
S “GeronimoX” G Månad sedan
im still impressed how good the sealing on this ferrari seems to be... 12 years outside... and a lil bit of vacuum and it looks ok... a lil bit of detailing... and it looks amazing... wow the whole car looks so good!
김성현 Månad sedan
페라리에 뭔 개새끼털이 저리만노 밴이나 트럭이면 몰라도 2인승 스포츠카를 개새끼랑타노 ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋ
William Baird
William Baird Månad sedan
Greg Smith
Greg Smith Månad sedan
You can use a razor blade or fine steel wool on the glass. Not the mirrors though. Experience is the word used to describe our mistakes.
Very good
TeaLeaf PG
TeaLeaf PG Månad sedan
who is the incredible genius that designed this vehicle? There are so many fancy elements!?
Greg Jones
Greg Jones Månad sedan
Bravo mate
Milton Ferreira
Milton Ferreira Månad sedan
This thing needs a Dry Ice cleaning
Omar Ilham
Omar Ilham Månad sedan
A Rover 75 2.5 v6 1999 green one🙋‍♂️
Markuss Razgaila
Markuss Razgaila Månad sedan
black supra
Mickey Onong
Mickey Onong 2 månader sedan
Sent go to car wash lol
Aurimas Kerza (MISTERCYBER)
Aurimas Kerza (MISTERCYBER) 2 månader sedan
never seen so many ads in youtubers video....
corsaro1878 2 månader sedan
In germany the police will kill you if you wash a car on a private ground with chemical cleaners.....witch owner let a ferrari rotten like this? OMG
The Scotsman Technology Reviews
The Scotsman Technology Reviews 2 månader sedan
If this is sponsored by Ammo, you need to select that box when you upload the video.
Todd Downey
Todd Downey 2 månader sedan
What a nice job cleaning the Ferrari
Thomas 2 månader sedan
way not use dry ice?
Ctibor Koža
Ctibor Koža 2 månader sedan
I do not understand how someone can leave a beautiful car so neglected and dirty for 12 years, shame such an owner does not respect a beautiful car
Cesar 2 månader sedan
once you get this running, i highly suggest you considering getting the classiche certification, mate... wow!! thanks for sharing this awesome video!
Scott Willi
Scott Willi 2 månader sedan
That is bad ass! Well done mate!
Eduardo Certain
Eduardo Certain 2 månader sedan
Wonderful machine!
Chris Wylie
Chris Wylie 2 månader sedan
felt so good to watch that job come together...lad to have found this channel and it's a really great collab with ammo nyc!
Alex Keohane
Alex Keohane 2 månader sedan
Looks good
شادى شادي
شادى شادي 2 månader sedan
Isaiah Thompson
Isaiah Thompson 2 månader sedan
The little girl was just too cute when she said it’s would take forever😆❤️❤️❤️
Andrew Knutson
Andrew Knutson 2 månader sedan
This is literally a one of a kind car. Why would a person let it get to this condition. Shame on the previous owner.
Энди Ворхл
Энди Ворхл 2 månader sedan
лучше показал бы,как подручными средствами почистить .А ты все хуету эту рекламируешь.Этаж говнина бабки стоит
John1:1-51KJB 2 månader sedan
All this could have been avoided for the cost of a simple car cover... oh well
Marko Feller
Marko Feller 2 månader sedan
i just dont understand the mentality, you have a unique car and you just leave it to rot for 12 years, you cant even be bothered to put it under a cover. i have a 16 year old astra and i treat it with more respect
Gumbolimbo 70
Gumbolimbo 70 2 månader sedan
Come si fa a ridurre così una Ferrari?!?!😔
Damian Brennan
Damian Brennan 2 månader sedan
I would love to no how much u paid for the car in u must be loaded to buy a ferrari in Australia that car will cost u $ 500 000
Bull1the1Great 2 månader sedan
A thousand times better than it was ... Great job ...
neil bingham
neil bingham 2 månader sedan
great job! but i CANNOT believe you just yanked off the original factory Ferrari sticker, oh my days
BAQA DOES AUTO 2 månader sedan
Wow!! Great job.
Jamie Lamourt
Jamie Lamourt 2 månader sedan
Nice job.....👍
Schlorgus Flint
Schlorgus Flint 2 månader sedan
That is a shit tier pressure washer. Poor guys gotta stick the nozzle up the cars ass to get it cleaned
王晓兵 2 månader sedan
hello we are amazon seller we have seen your video, we very like them could you make a video about our products "car cleaning towels"? we could make some commission and provide the towels freely. looking forwar to your message nice day
Nicholas Cone
Nicholas Cone 2 månader sedan
Amazing video, I would like to see how the headliner turns out and how it can be cleaned better
JuanDa2225 2 månader sedan
Thanks for the video 💦
TubeWatcher 2 månader sedan
It kills me that some owners will not sell a car or restore it, but will leave it on display to deteriorate outside till its 2 foot deep in the ground.
John Labu
John Labu 2 månader sedan
"one down. three more to go and that would take you forever" lol
CanalReal 2 månader sedan
toto 2 månader sedan
amigo, quedo re sarpado. parece como cacho, el de la vuelta de la esquina, que lava asi re sarpado tambien
Angela Shuman
Angela Shuman 2 månader sedan
The oval tune assembly suspend because twist inversely interest apropos a flashy history. boorish, combative output
Bruce Shenkel
Bruce Shenkel 2 månader sedan
Less talk please ,and get to cleaning the friggin car......................
Camaraocar 2 månader sedan
top very good
CARWARZtheSHOW 2 månader sedan
Great video, love that car
Gianfranco Iacobelli
Gianfranco Iacobelli 2 månader sedan
Kaj Tengbom
Kaj Tengbom 2 månader sedan
Faen va ni snackar!!!!!!!!!
Rowey 2 månader sedan
Why am I watching this instead of washing my own van 😀😀😀😀 think these make it look easy
Sayit Aintso
Sayit Aintso 2 månader sedan
911 barn find would be incredible
Yogi 77
Yogi 77 2 månader sedan
Why would anyone let such a beautiful car get in such a bad state madness
Chad Bjork
Chad Bjork 2 månader sedan
The alluring bear expectantly shade because risk concordingly bolt of a overt queen. crabby, tenuous study
Wade Giffin
Wade Giffin 2 månader sedan
Who just leaves a car like that outside to rot? I don`t get it. I`m glad you aquired it and saved her. Great job Scott.
PK SVK PK Månad sedan
i have no garage but maybe a cover might help eh...
Jorge Alberto Caldera Rodríguez
Jorge Alberto Caldera Rodríguez 2 månader sedan
IS beatiful saludos desde México
Mak Mak
Mak Mak 2 månader sedan
I paid you tube premium not to watch commercials and he inserted in the video
Brian Potter
Brian Potter 2 månader sedan
Beautiful piece of Automotive Machinery
SJ Douglas
SJ Douglas 2 månader sedan
RESTORATION CAR 2 månader sedan
Nice work you are very talented
sarah jane wilkinson
sarah jane wilkinson 2 månader sedan
Wow amazing job..I need some for m fiat 500 . what a transformation
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